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  2. You know there is a very strange thing about equality! It's not always equal! but then that's life I suppose. https://gender-pay-gap.service.gov.uk/Employer/2MrgDKVT/2018 Interesting reading.
  3. Goodness. That could certainly make life interesting, to put it mildly.
  4. I think most people don't take privacy to the level that they never mention their boyfriend/girlfriend/husband/wife/etc. to their colleagues. So if someone is in a same-sex relationship, it generally takes some rather contorted English not to reveal that.
  5. Today
  6. you are quite right, but unfortunately there are individuals who make a point of attacking anyone who they feel is 'different' , I suppose in this i would exhibit the typical American religious group response that use their religion to attack anyone who they feel departs from their code of morals, and who are particularly active against LGBT individuals. rather than treating them as people with different views, they attack and denigrate them, I guess this is why the LGBT community feel obliged to stand up in their defence of their sexuality. Slowly the world is changing to accept people for what they are, but as long as there are bigots and racists out there, there will be others who feel they have to stand up and shout their differences to all. Companies should not have to make statements saying they are pro this, anti that, It should be a matter of course that these things are taken as read, but the world hasnt quite reached that equilibrium just yet. * I use the American example as these groups seem to exhibit the excessive attitudes I mention above, but really it is any group or individuals who attack others actions and beliefs.
  7. Surely the most important thing is, can they do the job, the rest is irrelevant in terms of their employment.
  8. Well there was me thinking we are in August when its actually April 1st. Fred
  9. The bit I find difficult is sexuality (whatever that is to an individual) ought to be an incidental part of existence in this world. Why does the LGBT community feel they need to have be so honest about anything?! Isn't anything private anymore! Its nothing to be ashamed of but why should anyone need to be honest about their sexuality in the work place or otherwise.
  10. Actually that isnt the direction we are headed, eventually all natural gas appliances will be converted to run on hydrogen, and the gas pipes will contain hydrogen, that is the position we are looking at going forward, but that may still be some time in the future as they have to make the delivery systems idiot proof before we get houses exploding left right and centre.
  11. And I believe the move is supposed to be towards all-electric houses...no gas heating or cookers...
  12. Funny you should mention a hairdryer....
  13. Our supplies are the same that were provided between 1934 & 1939 when the houses were built, back in those days there were two 15 amp surface sockets (the old type with the switch on the front) and lights in every room (position of the lamp holder so that you could not be silhouetted by the light). I know of some houses that have not been rewired at all with additional wiring mixed with the old. When we debating electric cars it was mentioned that the infrastructure could not cope with the demand and as Grendel correctly states modern showers, dual electric ovens and electronic goods all over place take their toll on our limited supplies. Regards Alan
  14. When we had our hand-over, we were told that on no account should we use a hairdryer on the boat. The message was slightly undermined by the fact that there was a hairdryer in one of the cabins. Hard-wired, and no doubt 12 V, but....
  15. this is for lead acid batteries, some heavy duty ones can withstand a deeper discharge, and other chemistry batteries can be discharged lower before recharge without damage, (I think Robin delved deeply into this on one of his videos when he was looking at various batteries.)
  16. a 1 kw heater uses about 4.2A at 240V, at 12v that is 83A, on a standard 110AH Battery that will drop the batterry chage below the 50% minimum reccomended in under an hour - in the hour it will take the battery down to about 25% charge (about 11.6V), at this level when charged it wont recover to its full 100% capacity (you may get away with it once if you are very lucky).
  17. Indeed. It's not just a question of how beefy the inverter is...
  18. I do have the advantage of access to the local electricity network cable records, but that apart, there is a website called linesearchbeforeyoudig, that will give you access to records of underground services if you put a search in for your property, a query on there will return a comprehensive response from all the local utility providers, plus will provide a list of non participating providers with contact details. this is pretty much an essential step if you are doing any digging deeper than a spade length to indicate where to go carefully.
  19. Very much so. If you can put a regular plug into it then it must work, right? I had an interesting discussion the other day where someone was under the impression that the reason you couldn't run an electric radiator off a particular boat's inverter was because the boat was old, and that on a new one it would work much better. Obviously, you don't know what you don't know, but I was surprised by that one. In case anyone is wondering... A 1KW electric heater (ie not a very powerful one) would damage (not just flatten) a single boat battery in well under an hour. 1KW at 12 volts is 83 amps, probably more like 100 by the time you've added in the conversion losses of an inverter.
  20. I wonder how many people would know how to investigate the supply network? I wouldn't!
  21. To some extent I think it's one of those damned if you do, damned if you don't situations. After two weeks on the Broads, I can quite understand the desire to charge an extra damage deposit to groups of young lads out on a boat together. Putting an age restriction on would probably be illegal. You could leave it up to discretion when booking or taking on the boat...but that becomes contentious. A blanket policy is easy to implement, but then leads to the implication that a same-sex couple are more likely to do something silly to the boat then a heterosexual one, which is unfair. Thinking about it, a policy of an extra deposit for any same-sex group of three or more might work better. At least then you'd only get the anomaly when two or more same-sex couples share a boat, rather than just one...? Herbert Woods mention damage deposits for same-sex groups, but also mention for any non-family group. But that could also be a can of worms - what is a "family"? Of course the easiest solution is to charge everyone the same damage deposit. I looked recently at hiring on the Caledonian Canal and they wanted £500 from all comers. I think we paid a fairly hefty deposit on Lough Erne.
  22. And as I found out if two heterosexual single males want to hire a boat you have to pay the same sex extra deposit!!! When I asked for extra bedding as there would be guests joining us for the first weekend and we would need to be able to convert the settee in the saloon I was asked the sex of that couple as well! When they found out it was a heterosexual couple suddenly the extra deposit was waived. All a total nonsense really. Not naming the yard as it was 16 years ago and the ownership of the yard has changed now anyway.
  23. thats called the Breydon water agreement..
  24. And surely there can't be a Norfolk Back Stop where the sea fish can mingle freely with the coarse fish
  25. Surely to a degree this conflicts with some yards hiring policies . if two heterosexual couples wish to book a four berth cruiser then there are no added conditions or deposits requested , whereas if two same sex couples wished the same then they would be requested to pay extra deposit at some yards thereby being discriminated against for being in a same sex relationship ?
  26. Made a bit of a mess with that posting from the EDP. But you get the gist. Simon Altham was the MD until the take over by Awaze where he is now CPO. He has always been completely honest about his sexuality in the workplace.
  27. Tell us more..... Actually don’t. Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
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