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    Now Nelsons calling me back to the Kings Head in Beccles must go.
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    Been on the boat since Monday, working on it though, so not been out but was really tempted. The heater decided to pack up too. Need a new glow plug, the anoying thing is just 200yards from home is a company that has them in stock cheaper than Mikuni too. will have to wait till i get home to get one, just bought another fan heater from Roys for £10 to keep me warm tonight. (whimp).
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    Likewise. I have never had a bad meal there, But a freind of mine we invited to stay with us on the boat had the red snappy in a cayenne pepper source. It certainly made his eyes water. We go via the car when we can't get through Yarmouth to the Northern Broads, you can get more or less anywhere on the broads in 20 minutes or so. Regards Alan
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    September 1990 was the time of the fire. I have found a pic online of the aftermath.
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    That's where I moor for the R.S., It's about a 5 minute walk tops. about the same as from Womack water to the Kings Head. (or is that "Arms"?... I know it's some bit of him!)
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    Interesting topic! I'm a member of a forum dedicated to running diesel engines on either used veg oil or Biodiesel. Used (or waste) veg oil (UVO or WVO) can be used in a lot of the older diesel engines but to work well the engine needs to be twin tanked, switching over to the veg oil when the engine is hot. However the oil MUST be filtered down to 5 microns or finer. New or "Straight" veg oil will be fine without any filtering. Biodiesel (which is what I make) if well made will run in any diesel engine but seems to run best in the older engines. I choose NOT to use 100% my own diesel in my boat as I know the fuel to be biodegradable, and the nature of boat fuel tanks is that the fuel can get quite old, especially in the private craft. I am however quite happy to put some in, up to 50% mix, with what we refer to as "Dino Diesel". If anyone would like more information then I'd recommend the go to www.vegetableoildiesel.co.uk which is the forum I mentioned before. I must however warn you all that my knowledge is in quite a narrow band with this. Do check things out before going down this road.
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    That is how I understand it jonzo. Do we know who was running the pub at the time of the mishap?
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    Oh very true it will. The weather I have always been lucky with (Shouldn't have said that) over 40 years coming down. Sometimes been verging on the too warm! If I lived 300 miles nearer I would have bought my own boat years ago.
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    We hired from Alan and Janet for years. Would have carried on too but dad started showing his age and had to hang up his boating gloves. Still reckon it to be one of the best yards on the broads!
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