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    Morning all. Syndication of anything works for some, but not others. It relies on everyone pulling their weight and, obviously, taking care of an expensive asset. For those of us who live a fair distance away it is the only way we can get a number of weeks on the broads at a sensible cost. Do your research as Alan has mentioned and just enjoy, whichever boat you go for ........... SueH
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    No I dont think we did - we just drove down yesterday and had a wander after (I think it was Chris) showed us around. We're still getting used to everything. We have the trip from Wroxham over to wherever we decide to go in a few weeks - so need to decide soon and have an early start!
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    Brundall Gardens is very secure, and is nearly fully refurbished. We are out on the river and have never had a problem. The fees are competitive and Sam is helpful. You will soon get the hang of mooring, people will always offer to help and if no one is around to help, at least they can't see you mess up..
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    It was good to see you out, if you did not realise I was the weirdo that gave you a wave as you were heading out of Wroxham! Tingdene does suit your needs, but it would not be my choice for no other reason than I just dont like it, its a little bit 'look how big my boat is!'
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    You'll now see why the name Crackers fits! today Daph turned up with two drakes, out came the food, Judi is feeding Daph I look up to see the two drakes sitting by the side window looking in at me, I tell Judi, next thing I have three ducks sitting (I said sitting) on the deck eating out of Judi's hand, suddenly duck panic!! two little dogs see them and run at the ducks, the ducks fly off and so does Judi, she gives the dogs owner a real telling off, about scaring her ducks and the fact there are notices all over out marina saying dogs must be on leads at all times, the poor owner was 5ft 6in at the start but the time Judi had finished he was around 6in tall, I was actually laughing so much I went and hid in the toilet, pretty Crackers Yes?? well it get worse, at the start Judi had been throwing bread in the water for Daph until she came on the boat, well guess what Judi has discovered fish like bread as well, she spent the next half hour watching the fish feed on the bread, no not finished yet! she has spent the best part of today breaking bread into little bits and feeding the fish, and as soon as they start feeding Judi tells me her boys are here, one day the men in white coats will come for her, I was outside doing some more painting on the boat and I heard her talking, as usual I say What??? her reply! I'm not talking to you I'm talking to my boys, talking to Ducks! a bit strange, talking to Fish, well that's beyond help,,, and people think I'm mad,,, Frank,,,,,
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    Thanks for the welcome Alan. I think Derek who does the organisational work for Lightning is going to have a word with Philip re an advert on the boatshare website. I know the site has a good record of selling shares in narrowboats and I can't see why it won't work for Broads boats. Martin: Obviously the main drawback in starting your own syndicate is that somebody has to fork out to buy the boat. We are happy with our share in Lightning and hope to be with her for many years to come. At the moment we are selling our share in our narrowboat (only because the locks are becoming a little too much for us as we approach 70), when that sale is completed I am thinking of canvassing opinion re a shared boat (similar to Lightning) on the Thames. Roy
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    I went to see about this boat last year whist Les was still alive, while I was looking inside her I realised that the fire in the oil drum outside was being fuelled by the doors,drawers and all the other internal bits of 'Cavalier' ! Most of the hull was in remarkably good nick as she had been extensively worked n before being 'put away' the rest is shot, I was going to cut the sheer down aft and put a open deck on her to make a launch but thought better of it. The stem was split not due to rot but a dumper ran into her in the 90s.. The garden will look a lot bigger now, !
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    Craftinsure for me for over 6 years, £136 for a 32 foot 30k boat, seems very reasonable.
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