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    Not so good today, 22kn wind from NE, Force 6, 3m swell Rig is still pushing but only 3Kn where is SOB when I need it?
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    A good day today.. Started nice and early and the rain quickly vanished leaving blue skies! Dave started off by trying to get the bathroom sink on but noticed he left the screws in wickes.. (Plank)... He then went on to putting a bead of silicon around the bathroom edges and did a good job it looks good. Next he went onto to expoxing the back of the oak panels for the bulkheads as last weeks coat wasn't brilliant.. he mixed it really strong and it quickly went off.. Next onto celotex insulation the main bulkhead and finally installed most of these panel (looks posh!) .. I put the privacy film on the bathroom window.. three times.. It was annoying me.. a lot! and I told it about it lol... Finally managed it though (have to really wet the glass.. and I did lol!)... looks good though. In the week dave installed the thru hull transducer tube for the nasa clipper depth gauge.. (It's just a plastic tube body filled to the inside of the hull.. but I just quickly added the oil to it and installed the transducer .. so thats one time consuming job done (although it only took an hour all together)... I then spent the rest of the day sanding and filling the sterndrive to prep it for repainting (it was a bit pitted but it's been saved using strong epoxy filler)... We had a couple of visitors from other yacht club members and they all seem very impressed along with the usual comments of we are in the wrong job and should be doing this ... If only Tomorrow, trip to essex boat jumble.. hopefully we wont spend too much and don't need a lot but we have monday off from work so be nice to have a morning off from the boat too... Pictures tomorrow..
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    Nice pic of Ranworth Breeze, must me a relief to Alan seeing her so nicely moored.
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    The Diamond series of aquafibre designs have a pretty poor interior helm position in both lengths. As has been said, with the sliding canopy closed, it is too claustrophobic with it's raised position and uncomfortable for anyone over average height. The Diamond 43 is a more practical boat than the 35. Although the galley is part of the companionway, the amount of worktop space makes it very usable unlike the 35. I am sure you will enjoy Beam of Light overall.
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    It certainly was a pretty windy old 24 hours, wasn't it? We passed you at Somerleyton at about 06.45 and there weren't too many peeps about!
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    Hi Alan, Aye when the sun shines here, its one hellova nice place to live. Glad your friend has stayed down at the excellent Marina. Probably has sampled all the very good eating places here, and decided to stay lol. We have had some very posh bling jobs out in the Firth of Clyde this week. One came in and moored up for a while. I will take a trip the other way some afternoon towards Girvan and Ailsa Craig, better known to us as Paddys Milestone lol. Glad you enjoyed the pics. Iain.
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    Mickfreakley, I fully understand how one can forget that other peoples knowledge can be lacking in what we, experienced in the sport, take as "obvious", but we should be grateful that the question was asked. The matter may even be more confusing where nearer Breyden Water, sea fish may be caught. Is one frowned upon for eating a flounder caught there? (Rhetorical question) No. When someone explains that they know nothing about the matter, then it is we, who should give ourselves a gentle slap for not thinking to answer important questions, even those that had not been asked.
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    We were moored at Somerleyton by the ladder in after the yacht. We left OBYS on Tuesday morning. Looked for your boat. Looking at the photo of where you were we must have gone past you as we came in and left. Too worried about the wind.
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    You can get great photo,s in winter sunsets come early, this at about 4 30pm
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    Roy! we never had any newspapers left, every Sunday afternoon it was my job to tear it up into squares and thread it on string, saving a couple of pages that I had to tear into strips to make spills to light the range and gas lights, and black lead the range with Zebo, only then would Dad give me my Tanner pocket money,, I can't imagine my Daughter or Grandkids ever doing that, ask them to change a toilet roll and you would think you'd asked them donate a Kidney,, Frank,,,,
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    I took Uncle Albert for a trip out on a Thames barge, can't remember which one, but he didn't enjoy it much as it was very much a case of 'sit there and don't touch anything'. So to make amends I hired the Humber Keel Comrade for the day to celebrate Uncle Albert's 50th birthday. Now Comrade means a lot to Uncle Albert as he was 'the boy' on Comrade before he joined the RN. To be fair I did warn the Comrade crew (five of them) that Uncle Albert would be our guest of honour for the day and they recovered well from the shock of him showing them his 'hidey hole' (ooh er Mrs) above the ledge where he slept in the bow which still contained a photograph and three 'Players' cigarettes. The day turned into a learning session for the crew as Uncle Albert started to move lines and sheets to the correct positions. With Uncle Albert on the tiller, and the now redundant crew relegated to sitting with us 'out from under his feet' and sipping champagne, we made our way with a full sail under the Humber Bridge. fantastic day out...the old boy refused to kick the bucket though!
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    Hi John, Great pictures, I am just trying to place where Ranworth Breeze (you will note she is flying the bungee) was double moored? Regards Alan

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