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    Friday could not come any quicker. The kids finished school at 3:30 and bundled into the car . We are on our way . Traffic was good and we arrived at potter heigham just in time for the chippy . Hours must have changed for winter . Well chips and a few beers . Time for bed . Well it's eight o'clock and charlie is shouting . One up all up. Weather not brilliant a nice cuppa and breakfast ,even with the weather would rather be here than any where else . Well we are at potter ,so a trip to lathhams . The wind and rain is not getting any better . Wife wants to stay in yard but I want to move . John from HW popped in to give us a price to have electric hook up . Really don't want to leave her over winter without it . Just in case the bilge pump runs the battery down . So took the advantage while he was aboard of picking his brains . He has a wealth of knowledge . Can't fault any of HW staff all friendly and helpful . Rain has stopped . Let's go and we were of battling the wind at one point think I was going backwards . Really wanted to get to salhouse but with the wind and rain and the possibility of it being the same tomorrow . Headed into ranworth. Three boats on the staithe and none on the island . We headed to the island moor up and managed to get the stickers on Russet Retreat . The wind had dropped and sun is out . We took over the island dog and kids running about can't beat this . Tea time and get ready for the fire works. The weather is mild sat up on top watching the free fireworks and few more beers . All good things come to end its bed time again it just goes to quick. Well eight o'clock and charlie shouting again who needs a alarm clock lol. Breakfast and a cuppa sun is shinning again . It was really hard to leave the mooring as it means one thing last trip and home time . Well it would be rude not have a cruise so headed for horning before returning to base . Nice to see a few boats out and people in around the cottages . Also plenty of waves from them going to miss it . Top up up diesel a pump out them more her up . Wife had to drag me to the car . On the plus side my daughter said ,I don't want to go home can me and you stay . I wish so sleep well russet we will be back soon.
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    bit uncomfortable! I prepared for all the wrong questions! all achievable with a fantastic team behind me and at the coal face. I think we won it as we had a 5 year plan and have stuck to it, we also work with some great partners in achieving what we do. cheers.
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    This is a warning for anyone tempted to decorate the 'Winterval' ( what a stupid word but we can't use the other word yet) tree early
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    Congrats to Richardsons - not only winning the Business Development Award but also the Business of the Year in the EDP Business Awards on Thursday evening. Clive looked a little uncomfortable on stage and a rowdy bunch they were, but well deserved.
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    Yes its too early.....STOP IT
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    Lots of good advice in here. Servicing is essential if you want to be sure you can rely on your lifejacket. If you don't want to do it yourself there are people who will do it for you. I always have mine serviced professionally as I need the certificate. (Some of my sailing is professional and I also race under ISAF Offshore Special Regulations). I've found Seasafe to be very good and it's only a tenner plus any parts needed. They're on the Isle of Wight but have pickup points around the country, including ADB Services in Reedham. I have no connection with them other than being a satisfied customer.
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    If a priest stops me in the street asking for money, would that be a papal scam?
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    I have just bottled a batch of Christmas beer. Looking forward to it but, if it is any good, it will take great strength of character and determination for there to be any left by December 25th. We have the whole family with us for Christmas, which includes a "picky" 5 year old with a limited tolerance for unusual dishes, a son-in-law who can't eat fish and a daughter who is a vegetarian. Dreading it! Steve
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    Hey All, So hopefully Orca will be back afloat before Christmas, everything crossed. As we sadly missed the autumn we are looking at spending the festive season on her. (Yes sorry we can start using the C world now as bonfire night has gone! ) The plan was originally to go up for Christmas but I guess we will have to the Family run around (Folk's no I don't know what I want) and at least that will remove some thought about finding somewhere to eat on that day, So I guess the next idea will be new year (I hate being at home for new years eve anyway).. As long it's not so cold that the rivers are frozen it's a plan. We are probably going to be moored up north towards Stalham which I understand freezes anyway.. so it would need some thought. But we've never been out on the boat at this time so I've couple (Ok few) of questions which I wonder if any one can help answer: I guess the rivers will be quiet so BA moorings will be easy to come by? I note the water points may not be active.. I'm not too worried about water as I'm sure we will find some somewhere (Or beg the pubs!).. if not just use bottled water.. We have a webasto heater so I'm sure we will be warm (although will bring up a 240v radiator).. I guess the pubs will be open and food will be available but may be busy with locals so can't really be relied upon for meals? Will the breakdown services like Moonfleet and Boulters be about just in case (I need to decide which one to join.. Although Clive can I have a discount as we just kept moonfleet busy lol! (Worth a try))? For new years eve evening is there anyway up there (either accessible by boat or car) which is worth going to.. does anyone do fireworks etc? Do the broadland pubs do live music? (I tried googling but I guess it's too early still). Any hints tips recommendations etc as always highly welcomed!
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    Thanks Alan. I guess the queitness of this thread indicates the broads really are a low key place for xmas!! Mark .Lol.. we still have out festoon lights up from last year... poor reindeers.. mwahahahah Do you think we still need a heater as well as the diesel heating?
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    Best tip, take a smallish fan heater, for rapid warming as well as a radiant heater, (keep the temp up) Hot Water bottles, Another warm body, We will be up day after boxing day until after New Year .
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    Hi Alan, The only nights I could see regarding An Evening with Bob are:- The Ferry Inn, Surlingham - Christmas Eve - 6.00pm - 9.00pmThe Rushcutters, Thorpe St Andrew - New Year's Eve - 9.00pm (you will need to book in advance.) Regards Alan
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    a couple of years ago we bought a sack of onions for pickling + vinager.... it'll be a few years before we need to any more.
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    The biggest give away to an eBay or PayPal email is they always address you by name not by dear customer valued customer etc etc and they never contain log in links. eBay and PayPal will still help people out with problems even though separate company's since July this year. Charlie
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    Just spotted this on Ship Nostalgia forum : BE AWARE IF RENEWING YOUR DRIVERS LICENCE ONLINE - When going online to the .GOV DVLA website you select the correct one. On Googling for the site quite a few .GOV sites come up. If, as I did you log on to the top one (seemingly) main site and fill your details in etc you will be asked for a 0.90p admin fee payable by debit card. Bearing in mind that all pages look like an official dvla site, it is only when you log off and check your e-mail you become aware of the fact you have signed up to a £29 per month service that has nothing to do with driving licences. The wording on the official renewal form is exactly the same as the scam site. The DVLA is seemingly aware of what is going on but no action has been taken. They have in fact been supplying outside companies with bulk postal licence renewal forms - the end product of your £29 per month agreement - they are free at the Post Office!!! The Bank (Barclays) tell me I can only have any deductions taken from my account questioned AFTER it has occurred. I gave the name of the company to stop anything leaving my account but they wont act until it happens.??? Cheers Ray
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    The only trouble with buying a bottle here and there - for Christmas - somehow they seem to get drunk well before Christmas. I now buy the week before. No good hiding either because there isnt a lot of hiding spots in a bungalow.
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    the reserve will be set at realistic price the 8 k boat will not be start bid at 100 pounds other wise its a waste of time and we will not get nay where the boats will start bid at where we see the start bid will be ... start bids will be set by owner in conjunction with wayford boat sales to be realistic bring yer money ,credit card ,wife ,friends mum and dad .....son and daughter and of cause yer pets too whellis and brolly might be needed..........or not expect a good day or two bring yer sense of humour as the auctioneer will swear and offend ohh dear ......!!!!!!! all small item will be sold in the main shed under the yard sale with price tickets .....simple you want it yer buy it .... some item will go in the auction to break it up a bit ....not too boring i hope large item boats engine etc auction ......if it don,t sell on saturday we will place it in on sunday ..... we still need boat and bits we accept large item now boats dinghies speed boats engine etc etc ..... on land or in water .......we welcome all ................. 01692 582555 07789095032 emial me direct wayfordmoorings@yahoo.co.uk bust week this week make way for boats will take a few weeks to sort this one out ....... classic woodies yachts to speed boat and broads cruisers and of clare a bargain or two ..... we did sell a few project yesterday so we welcome more ..............on it like car bonnet ...!!! regard s................jon are you coming .............???
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    A spot of Googling found this page: http://www.egyptian.net/~raymacke/TG/Bracket.html For me this is a realistic DIY project and this link gives some good pointers.
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    On the afternoon of the 3rd. August 1961 the motor - yacht " Rakes Retreat " which was owned by the television personality Hughie Green who was on board at the time, was seen to be having difficulties picking up a mooring buoy in Friar's Bay. The " Field Marshal and Mrs. Smuts " was therefore launched at 5.25 pm from the Penmon and Beaumaris lifeboat stations, Anglesey, and found that the yacht's engine had broken down. A line was passed across and the yacht was towed to safety.
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    So my father is still busy with Rakes Retreat. The chain locker has been opened up to reveal a solid lump of rusty chain. This had to be broken up with a sledge hammer and thrown out of the window. The forward cabin has then been cleaned and painted ready to be fitted out.
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    I have spent this weekend in Norfolk, sadly writing the funeral service for a dear old friend who lived in Norfolk. Remembrance Sunday always make me a bit maudlin, they only time I remember my Dad crying, silent tears, was during the Cenotaph service. He was a Royal Marine and served throughout the world, from the Pacific to the Far East. He earned an impressive array of medals but never spoke about his service career. A thoughtful weekend
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    I'll second that, nothing seems too much trouble. ( do I get a discount on my mooring now Clive). Doug.
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    ]Hi, there are many arguments for and against for keeping your boat perminantly ready for a day/weekend out in winter,the weekend just gone we decided we were going to get a weekend away on the boat,so a quick call to Que Vadis for weather updates during the week sealed the deal.We left for Norfolk after work friday ,and arrived a the mariner about 7 30pm,oh dear it,s frozen over!!,so a session of ice testing revealed it was very soft ice /slushy, because of the brakish water(st olaves).After warming the boat up, and doing some preparation work we settled down with drinks and telly....outside the temp dropped to minus 8!!! . Morning came so after several cups of tea ,it was time to test the ice again, strangely the ice was creaking and what sounded like screeming quiet loudly too,...the tide had just started to rise it was about 1/2 inch thick,sooooo started the old girl up and put her in foward gear,great large chucks of ice started to break because of the air pumping under the ice,so the decision was made to go for it!.When ready we let go the ropes and gingerly selected reverse...no proplems behind the boat so made the turn to go out of the mariner, the ice wasn,t broken here so it was slowly forward, creaking and craking our way through to the entrance to the new cut,, which had slusshy ice flows coming down it!! .Anyway by this time the sun was shinning and it was lovely and warm under the canvass(after mopping up all the water because it had frozen inside overnight) .We did a left and then a left ,to meet Que Vadis for the trip down to Braydon,ducking under st olaves bridge. The trip down to Braydon was great ice flowing down the river but very soft stuff,there was a heavy frost on the reeds and against a cyristal blue sky looked ....stunning.Braydon looked fantastic aswell with several hundred wading birds on the ice/mud at the edge of the channel.We proceeded up the Yare past reedham,the service from the bridge was very good with very imformative operator(for Que Vadis as is tall boat).further up we we decided we might visit Rockland broad and the New INN ,but there was tooo much ice.So it was back to to plan a . I was kicking myself i didn,t take the camara but Que had a go with his phone ,the river was like glass ,with lying snow and frost.... As you can see the light was fantastic for pictures, we arrived at our chosen mooring for the night ,Surlingham ferry and had a great night ,Yummy!! and lots of the amber necter,Sunday was overcast but brightened later. all in all a great boating weekend.

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