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    May I try and put another slant on this from a purely hirer's perspective, especially IF I were a rookie hirer. Not a clue WHERE to dispose of boat rubbish. What would any self respective person do? Correct go to where you would expect bins to be. Take for example at Stokesby, there is a compound now bereft of bins, the hirer started said holiday at Acle the day before. There is NO boatyard there, but for over 40 years, I personally used that compound. The facility has been removed, but Dave says the boatyards should pay for the service, at Stokesby too? I think not! Heads require being knocked together across ALL Broadland councils etc, and get this mess sorted PDQ! All bins should be reinstated, so we can holiday in a clean and pleasant land. Well a bloke can dream. Iain
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    It may sound simple to you Dave, but folks do not come on holiday to spend all day searching for bins, a BASIC COMMODITY or should be, for gods are it's now 2016 not the dark ages, or is it? Three disposal areas is despicable and anti holidaymakers, boatyard waste or not! Aye and anti privateers too! Iain
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    Dave You are correct it is not The Broads Authorities responsibility to deal with waste but it is the responsibility of the Local Authorities to deal with it. Most of the waste generated from Boats on the Broads is from goods purchased from buisness and shops in the broads area therefore the local authority in that area should deal with it Most hire yards have waste bins in there yard for which they pay for disposal why then should they pay more also remember they pay additional licensing fees for there craft anyway Ray
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    This is my other grandson, whose chosen sport is sadly not sailing - but he enjoys fencing, and is doing very well at it!
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    Holidaymakers like myself bring a lot of revenue to the area holidaymakers stop coming revenue goes down Boatyards and Shops close revenue goes down I live near Folkestone in Kent exactly what as happened there Ray
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    When the BA came along we were in the grip of the great recession of the early 80's. About the first thing they did was to start handing out section 52 agreements like get-out-of-jail cards. As long as you were closing down a boatyard you could build what you liked. But 10 years later, oh dear! No more boatyards and no more service. These yards were the engine room of Broads commerce. If you wanted to empty your bins, you went to a boatyard, where you also got free overnight moorings, free water, free toilets and often showers, ice bottles and a repair service. You could even post your mail. And we DID pay commercial rates to the council. What hire companies that are left are the big ones, with a lot of boats centred on just one yard. That is not the same service structure. Sorry, but it was the BA's policy to get rid of this infrastructure so now they must make up for it.
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    Congrats Poppy, my youngest grandson was 11 on Christmas day....... my oldest takes me to the pub at times lol
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    Sorry chaps but this time I strongly feel that the BA should be providing some sort of facility. The BA want control of our tolls, registration, the moorings, planning, development, Thorpe Island, dredging, Breydon water and every other possible facet of our Broads based boating experience. But not rubbish?!! Now come on here. This rubbish is generated from our usage of the system for which we pay the Broads Authority a substantial fee, each and every one of us. And they cant provide something as simple as refuse management? I ask because I feel I am seeing less and less in the way of service from BA for my pound of flesh yet the costs of the license are more and more each year. With her excellent sea keeping qualitles perhaps SOB could be used to transport our rubbish and dump it at sea? Its probably the only job its actually capable of doing well
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    Charlie, don't wish those first two years away. Grab and enjoy every opportunity that comes your way. This is my latest, nine month old Eddie. By the way, Poppy, congratulation. Are you building a cot in the forepeak?
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    Mark, I like the hoody! In this house it would probably have to read, 'If Granny can't knit you one then no one can'. My two year old Ella with her crocheted BB8 Droid hat & toy: Grandkids, wonderful institution.
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    Poppy, you need one of these
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    How cute is that........I defy anyone not to fall completely in love with little Eddie, he is adoreable lovely picture JM, thanks for posting Grace
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    A tourist area that the local authorities and Broads Authority have turned their backs on with regards to basic facilities such as waste disposal and pubic toilets, they all should be ashamed of themselves. Most of the private owners can save up their rubbish if they are only going out on day trips from their moorings assuming their home mooring provide these facilities. We tend to leave the marina and stop out all week unless we have guests or are training people. The people hiring the hire-boats go out for all their week or fortnight, will not be best pleased after spending all of their hard earned money to be in an area with fly tipped litter all over the place. Litter is a problem that effect us all and overfull or none existent bins costs more in the long run with heavy bills for clearing up operations by the councils. The Broads is a place of beauty everyone needs to help keep it that way. Regards Alan
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    God chefs know that they need slow cooking, perhaps even all deity.
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    Ok, herewith just one slide photo scanned by Bro' and sent over this evening. The year was either 1966 or 67. The boat is Admiral Seven. Location - unknown From left to right, Dave, Candy Dog, Mum, Uncle Vernon, Andrew Fisher, Grandma Griffin, Howard Griffin, Into the dinghy Eddie, and ME! (Griff) We are guessing as to the year as Howard born May 64 so make your own minds up. from the photo only 3 x people still alive, Me, Bro and Eddie Griff
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    Eric, Well of course I knew that, honestly Grace
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    I wouldn't be too sure of that! Dry fly on an exclusive beat on the River Test ,or several thousand for just one fishing pole, can stretch the budget more than a little!
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    Thanks, Gracie, both Charlie/Griff & Poppy have this to look forward to, lucky them!
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    Apologies for the delay in replying to the last comments. Have'nt been sat here wondering how to respond, honestly. Replacing the starboard side should'nt produce too many hilarious moments, simply because that is the pontoon side. However, the port side is a different matter. I don't intend upon turning the boat around because starting is a non option due to winterisation, and not having her lifted because of cost. Therefore, her indoors will have to go down the port side standing up and balancing in the dingy whilst attempting to insert the new tape into the rubbing strip. Now that might produce something special.. Steve.
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    I wrote this about 4 weeks ago on a Broads related FB group, my opinions have not changed so have simply copied and pasted!!! "I just find the whole situation ludicrous. In one breath councils and the BA are trying to promote tourism and then in another breath they are trying to turn or allowing the Broads to turn into a giant rubbish dump. It doesn't add up no one on holiday wants to take their rubbish home (what if they came by train?). It's going to be put in the first convenient place ...... And to close all the public conveniences....."
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    My warmest Congratulations to you and your family, Pops , he's absolutely beautiful Grace
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    There you go Eric. Iain.
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    Just a thought. If it helps, hot water is very good at softening these plastic based rubbers when you fit them. Also works well on hoses that are a bit tight
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    walker rubber used to be the best place and local ..... http://www.walker-rubber.co.uk/ http://www.walker-rubber.co.uk/category/extrusions/#.Vo6_pf3nnIU

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