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    Thanks again for all the help and advice. Danny I've had someone, a very kind chocolate eating woodie , offer to show me the way to bond the batons to fibreglass using fibreglass. Now she is up and running again I've found some real enthusiasm to get her all up to scratch. Grace, jaws is a really bad influence on me, or should I say on Deb. He was the one that said the carpet was unhealthy and he wouldn't sleep on it. Guess what .......... Deb then refused to sleep on it until the lining was replace . Remember, if in doubt .......... Blame Mr JawsOrca Steve
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    Really pleased for you, Steve and Deb......been ripping out carpets, eh? You've been around Jaws far too long Grace
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    What has the age of a hire boat got to do with batteries? It would be wrong to put only new batteries on new boats. ALL batteries are tested using drop testers before fitting and all unsealed batteries are tested using Hydrometers when in the charging process. We keep a number of fully charged batteries on the shelf and charge flattened ones immediately. any of our batteries are also dated so we know when they were supplied and we would never put unmatched batteries on a boat. To do this is inviting trouble which creates an unwanted experience for our customers. I know that the first new Commodore from Richardson's (and I suspect all new builds from now on if the trial is successful, Clive can confirm I am sure) is using Li-ion batteries which are probably fitted for life, but to assume that a boat with shore power will keep its set for life is incorrect. If that boat comes in at 9am with flat batteries and is due out at 2pm, you would have to change the batteries for a fully charged set as a fitted charger would not be unlikely to properly recover them before customers arrive. Battery power is a common problem for us all. We hammer home to people the need to leave the fridge set low, turn things off when they aren't using them, run the engine if using the microwave and often for starting the heating. Run the engine for 4 hours a day, etc. I recall a few years ago that one chap just wanted to moor up somewhere and watch the sport on telly all week. We explained that he would HAVE to run the engine every day for the battery charging and hot water, but he ignored us and complained that "clearly the boat is incapable of doing its job and that there must be a fault; please find it and fix it." He would not accept that it was his expectations of the system that wrong not the system itself. The fault seemed to vanish at the end of his holiday.
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    Good morning one and all Had a trip up to Lady Patricia yesterday. Engine is now in good running order and I spent the day ripping out all the carpet inside the cabin. Now Deb has to choose the required colour / colours of the new lining carpet and make new curtains. A quick question for some of you in the know. I want to fix some batons to the fibreglass while it is striped bare to enable fixing of curtain rails instead of having to use those net curtain wires as we have at present. Is there a contact adhesive on the market that will not react with fibreglass? these batons will then be covered by the carpet so will not be visible. Steve
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    "We would have got away with it but for these meddling kids!" "Zoinks!" In true Scooby Doo fashion British Kids foil the escape of suspected burglars fleeing across a field in Surrey. http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-35948478 Proof positive that not all kids are thick! Scooby snacks all round I think?
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    Just thought I would share my experience after just getting back from a weeks cruising the Broads aboard Brinks Rhapsody 2 this Easter (2016). Collected the boat from Brinks on Saturday afternoon. I would just like to say how pleased with the boat I was. It was perfectly clean and turned out, a credit to the team at Brinks. I turned up a little early and was able to see first hand the amount of work they have on a Saturday trying to turn around so many boats in such a short time. I am going to write a short blog elsewhere on the Holiday but for now would just like to comment on the overall experience and differences between Rhapsody 1 & 2. Control system- This is quite different from the system seen in Robin’s video. The speed is now motor related and not GPS as on R1. So this means you’re back to an estimated speed rather than actual. I had an app called SpeedTracker on my Iphone (a free app that does give you a speed to an accuracy of 0.1 miles an hour, which is very useful at the low speeds involved). In clam winds and low river flow rates the speed reported back by R2 was extremely accurate. But On the lower control you now have a choice of running Electric, Hybrid or constant generated power. I ran most of There is an over complicated way of transferring control from lower-upper deck that on the face of it seemed easy but still took a day or so to perfect. I would suggest that anyone hiring the boat should practice this moored up rather than on the move as we did. This involves making sure both controllers are in neutral and then pressing a control button on the control required. The thing that throw us at first is that the upper controller has a foreign language and was obviously designed for a dual engine set up and there are 2 stops that act as neutral and only one of these allow control to be transferred. Fuel usage £124- Overall I was happy with the amount of fuel we used for the week, but I know if the weather on the first couple of days had been better this would have improved considerably. Also used the heating quite a bit which I understand also uses diesel. We had planned to stay at Great Yarmouth on the Sunday night and leave for the Southern Broads early Monday morning as tides dictated, but after arriving at Great Yarmouth YS at about 3:30pm on Sunday the guy in the office said that due to the expected storm they doubted whether they would be allowing anyone over Monday morning so advised me to set off across there and then. Big mistake! As we set off the wind and rain came. So heading over breydon water we were struggling against quite a fierce wind. So I had the throttle at full which was drawing 125 Amps showing 7ish MPH but in fact we were barley doing 3. So to cut a long story short that one journey used about a quarter of a tank of fuel. In electric mode if you run at over say 50 amps the diesel will cut in when the drive battery falls to roughly 70% however if you are happy to cruise at no more than 4mph the motor only draws 25 amps and on one day a managed well over 2 hours of cruising on electric only. Not sure on the total mileage for the week but we went as far as Beccles and Oulton Broad on the Northern Broads and pretty much covered the main routes on the Southern. We didn’t use any shore power and as Robin has said the generator never needed to cut in when moored up even when using oven, kettle etc. I think this is the main reason for hiring this boat along with the pleasure of near silent cruising (most of the time) TV- Only real gripe on the boat. R2 has the standard TV Ariel which for one thing really spoils the overall look of the boat and also a pain in the **** to get a reliable picture. Found ourselves looking with jealously at the futuristic looking 360 domes on the front of many other boats. Haven’t got a clue as to weather they result in a more reliable picture. `Have also booked Rhapsody 3 for a week in July so will report back any further differences if any. Nige
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    Guilty as charged or should that be carpeted? Iain
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    Thanks for all the replies you wonderful lot. Ive never done anything with fibreglass or resins. Think an hour or so on you tube is required Steve
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    Tena might be the answer! http://www.incontinencechoice.co.uk/tena-men-incontinence.html?gclid=CjwKEAjw_oK4BRDym-SDq-aczicSJAC7UVRtpr3zo59tirOqg5IS8ckDW_7PR5VkcB7OuvFK-n3fFxoCaDDw_wcB
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    Saw this on the news, they did very well and the police made the arrests - Well done to the young uns Griff
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    I have a page on my website featuring what music or other events are taking place on the Norfolk Broads over Easter and April if anyone is interested. The link is: https://www.norfolkbroadsboathire.biz/Norfolk_Broads_live_music_guide.asp I contact the bar owners one per month to ascertain a list of "gigs" so it will be updated at the start of each month and should always show what is on for the following two months. It also details weekly events such as quizzes, bingo, karaoke etc. I will message again each month when the page has been updated. If any bar owner or entertainer/band etc wants to be listed please just P.M. me. Its all free. Regards David
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    Boat works does lots of videos. give this a try.
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    Hi again, didn't look to see what Brinks charge per litre. But like I said I'm sure if you don't get heavy handed with the throttle you would get through a lot less fuel. Also I did use the heating a fair bit and I'm sure during the summer not using the heating would decrease use of fuel even more. After getting across Brendon water the following day we did cruise all the way to Beccles, also very much into a very strong head wind. I can honestly say the more I think about it I was surprised we didn't use more fuel. Brinks do take a £200 fuel deposit on this boat so was quite happy to get so much back. nige
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    And just what do they do with the caravans after they've glued them all together?
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    Good to read that Lady P is back working again, Steve. Iain
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    OK I know what I said wrong The Arial is not in my underpants , but now I have lined up the crown jewels with the moon I am connected
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    I've drunk sufficient for me to stream Broads Authority policy on becoming a National Park through the broadband in my underpants...but not drunk enough to reach the point that the policy makes any sense!
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    Snorker Sandwiches ??? You've been watching "The Cruel Sea" again Iain
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    I wouldn't say that I wasn't a fan, I was, to a degree. Simple, enjoyable, sometimes obvious humour, but rarely amazingly clever. A likable man, easy to warm to, always worth a smile and sometimes a laugh. Just not in the same league as John Cleese, for example. I liked Corbett as a person, it would be hard not to.
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    Yep, based in Warwickshire - they certainly like whacky names eg Gravedigger Ale, Vicars Ruin and Stout Coffin. I will look out for them with interest Dave - I like your fridge - a most eclectic mix I'm afraid I'm not very up to speed on the continental beers but the Blue Monkey and Humpty Dumpty caught my eye, magic stuff. I think Blue Monkey not a million miles from your Manor? Superb stuff
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    Gracie has really educated me today, for the first time she has explained what WiFi really stands for. All these years I have been wrong. Womens's Internet For Idiots. i'll get my coat and passport lol....
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    I also have an aerial in my pants - but it's SHORT WAVE only. lol
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    Oooo, Pops, you are naughty, what was the name of that website again? Dave, you know the saying, "How do you know something smart is about to come out of a man's mouth as he begins to say something?" he starts the sentence with "A woman told me" Grace

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