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    The stillness towards the head of the Thurne
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    ... disturbed only by me
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    And a Waveney sunset August 2011
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    Ah yes, the 3RR, early morning in the virtually windless race of 2014.
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    And I found a couple of sunrises at Hickling, How is it we always snap these??
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    I can think of one or two current candidates...... However for truly terrible beer Brew Ten from Bass took some beating. I think we are all fairly agreed on the nasty kegs from the seventies. But the key is, which a couple of members have spotted, is much of it is down to how the beer is kept. Bullards and Steward and Patteson didn’t brew bad beer. It suffered from bad cellermanship and low turnover. That’s why Red Barrel took hold so quickly. It wasn’t good beer by any stretch of the imagination but it was consistent and sadly a pint of keg is going to be more preferably to an off pint of real ale. That was the reason keg grew in the late sixties and seventies. Peter mentioned Bullards. I suspect the problem there was not so much the beer as low turnover. Mild was in decline in those days and turnover was slow. Mild is also weaker so doesn’t have a long shelf life which all tended to exacerbate the problem I suspect. Fortunately the tide has turned and most pubs now sell real ale and even the keg, the so called craft beers, are a huge improvement on the old style keg products. To be honest, if you get a bad pint on the Broads (or anywhere else) these days it’s almost certainly down to poor cellar standards and lack of staff training. Pubs such as the Bridge Inn, Locks and both White Horses (to name but a few) show how it can, and should, be done. Don’t forget to support your Broads pubs and if you do get served a pint which is clearly sub standard don’t be afraid to take it back! A polite but firm request usually yields results in my experience.
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    Dazzling Light 2 is 44ft long with dual steering, for us most of that was done from the upper helm. I think we only steered once from inside. Once your wrapped up warm with hats and coats it’s much more fun to see around you from up top! I think she is easy to handle, I say this with tongue in cheek as the majority of the helming was done by the other members of the crew J. The front cabin has a split bed one side was a large single and the other side a small single. Still at the front there is another double cabin to the right which was an excellent size, nice large double bed with plenty of storage. Both these two front cabins in our opinion lacked mirrors and power sockets. To the left is a toilet/shower room which was nice and roomy. Then into what we feel is this boats best asset, a large saloon in the centre. The sofa upholstery was excellent quality and the middle pulled out (presumably to make another double bed) but for us it meant we could stretch out and watch tv comfortably. To the other side behind the helm there is yet another seat, oh and the helm seat itself seats two (at a push) and again is very soft and comfy. There are some steps up to the upper helm position, which were narrow but you soon got used to them. A table folded up and tucked underneath the helm seat. The table however when opened up could have done with being a little bigger. (Perhaps they should swop this table with the one onboard Richardsons Commodore, as we hired this last year and the table was so big it meant that you could not sit around it). Moving to the rear of the boat the galley is kind of L shaped and has an excellent almost full sized oven/grill and four burner gas ring. There is also a neat little sliding window so you can grab the ankles of whomever is steering from the upper helm position (its really for ventilation for the poor galley slave who is sweating over cooking meals for the crew onboard)!! The kitchen cupboards were well stocked with all the usual good quality crockery pots and pans etc, however as mentioned previously it did not have any egg cups (a sin for the Norfolk dippy!!) Next is the rear toilet/shower room, slightly smaller in size but has good head height over the front one. Outside the door there is the only good mirror on the boat, so this became the dressing area for the three ladies on-board. To the right hand side at the rear is another bedroom with two single beds, it’s a very narrow room and became known at the torpedo shoot however, in terms of storage you could not fault it. It would make an excellent room for two small children. Then at the rear is the final double berth, the bed is one of the largest doubles we have experienced. There are plenty of storage drawers and a wardrobe which was shared with the broom, bucket and mop, but for us this stored coats. Only one fault with this room was again the lack of a mirror stuck to the wall somewhere and a power socket. Moving up to the top deck which is accessed via steps to the right and again one of this boats assets. There is a sunken table with upholstered seats big enough for 4 people, however we could not make the table higher so you had to squeeze your legs in a bit. Then two sun loungers in very nice thick upholstery and they even made sunken drinks holders which came in handy. Finally the upper helm position which was very comfortable with nice thick upholstered cushions. The upper windscreen also was a bonus which acted as a wind shield too. So overall we thought Dazzling Light 2 was an excellent boat, very comfortable with four good bedrooms. There were a few niggling points as mentioned but nothing major. The heating in the front cabin was not as powerful and didn’t seem to warm up this room, but everywhere else was ok. We are already looking forward to our next visit in September for hubby's "special" birthday
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    Found another sunset - this on the Bure August 2011 from the stern of Albion
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    Ah I forgotten 3RRs early morning, Stokesby 2013
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    And one last one for now at Berney Arms. I found this in my album and I'm not 100% sure I took it. If someone recognises it as theirs then, my most humble apologies!
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    I can't comment on the bin situation, but as to the phone signal: The signal improvements in Horning appear to not have made any improvements for EE customers - two people with different phones no service in Horning. However, myself and another person using O2 got 4G which is incredible and very much welcome. I cannot comment on Vodafone users, but Three was performing well with my dongle too. Wroxham on O2 remains terrible as far as data connectivity goes, providing only GPRS coverage. Down to the south and to Loddon - no phone reception on O2, but I was getting good signal on my dongle with Three, so routed all my O2 calls via VOIP using the free O2 App 'TU' which means if someone calls or texts you, it comes through to the App seamlessly. I also made some calls over WhatsApp without problem showing just how handy having MiFi units on boats is to create a WiFi hotspot. Throughout my travels I found once again that Three outperformed all other networks so far as data connectivity. A great example was outside the Ferry House at Surlingham. My EE MiFi unit was showing ‘2G’ speeds (GPRS) which is next to useless. My O2 phone was giving me a single bar of 3G speed – slow but just about bearable to load some Apps with. My Three MiFi was giving HSDPA speeds (less than 4G but better than 3G and about 4Mpbs download speeds) so I was able use this to Facetime Shilea back in London which was nice. I would say honestly that onboard connectivity is now more important than how good the TV reception is, or if a boat has a Microwave etc because in my case it allowed me to stay in touch with people back home both via voice and with video not to mention keep up to date with Facebook groups and post updates there and find out what was going on in the world through my new Apps and know what the weather was doing through Weather Apps.
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    Here it is as requested and, as long as I dont get myself banned or deleted, this one may last the year! I was supposed to run last weeks quiz but had to cancel at short notice when the boss got called up north with work. I did put details on the old thread which then duly disappeared () so if anyone turned up I'm sorry. All this computer stuff is way over my handrails... Anyway, I shall be in the chat room next monday ready and waiting. If it turns up you are all afloat I shall defer to the following week. everyone
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    Favourite place is Bramerton Common. But how about this for a sunset at Stracey Arms
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    The worst I ever encountered was the first time we actually came boating on the Broadss. It was early 70's. We stopped at a pub advertising "Elgoods Fine Ales" and it was truly horrible! Closely followed by the afore mentioned Norwich Bitter and Red Barrel. The best drinks we had that time were in Beccles at the "Loaves and Fishes" but I can't for the life in me recall what they were. Must have been a good night!
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    Day 11 Thursday After breakfast the crew and hubby all set off for a walk towards the church and up the tower for some group selfies and on to the Wildlife walk whilst I stayed onboard for a nice shower. We had more group discussions over where we wanted to go today and decided that we would like to try the Ant. So we cast off, secured Orca safely at the stern and left Ranworth. We got to Ludham bridge with 8ft showing on the height and we needed 8ft, so we moored up just before the bridge and went for a walk to the shop and to do some watching of boats going through. After watching some go through with ease which were similar to ourselves, we decided to go for it. Hubby wanted to helm from inside though just in case, so off we went. With a pip of the horn and a member of crew stood at the stern just to make sure we had sufficient clearance we were through with ease. Then it was full steam ahead (ok diesel) towards Neatishead. We havnt been to this part for for many years as the Ant has mainly been rushed through years of starting off at Stalham, so it’s always been a last night mooring. For one of our crew members Neatishead was a first and it didn’t disappoint, it was lovely to take such a slow pootle towards the moorings at the end and once there we secured the mooring on the left hand side, so our bow was right at the beginning, perfect for river watching. We all decided on a walk to the village to check out the White Horse, after hearing so much about it from a previous chat with a neighbor early on in our holiday. Its easy to see why this pub has won so many awards it was really friendly and welcoming. We ordered drinks and checked out the menu and decided on lunch. Once back at the boat the crew went off for a row in Orca and I enjoyed yet more peaceful river watching from the upper deck. A few boats came down and I witnessed the usual “rope rows” from one couple, wifey jumps off and attempts to tie up whilst hubby does the wheel, then he jumps off to then start shouting at wifey and her attempts with the ropes, he wasn’t happy with her choice of post!!! This type of behavior always makes me smile whilst afloat on the Broads !! The crew was ages rowing around in Orca, even the GoPro went along too, although at the time of writing this tale I still have yet to see the footage. We dressed for the evening and without thinking off we went towards the pub for our evening meal. Oops why didn’t we think of booking first, it was fully booked and even after pleading to be squeezed in any time, alas it wasn’t to be. We stood outside and decided on our next plan of action, we thought about a taxi to Wroxham and it wasn’t far, but our of 5 phones we struggled with a reception, once one was sorted and a taxi firm sourced, we rung them, they had a 5 seater but he said he was fully booked up for our return journey so could only take us there. Hmmmmm what a dilemma, by this time it was getting late and so we decided that we would return to the boat and make a dinner with what we had left onboard. Some pasta, chicken, beans and sausages and a few slices of duck bread, a meal was made J. It was a really lovely evening nice and still and quiet. So after some TV and board games we hit the pillows yet again.
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    Day 1 Tuesday After our usual 3 hour drive, we arrived at Herbert Woods to collect our boat. The Reception Staff were friendly and to our surprise the boat was ready for us ahead of the quoted time. We were shown the way to the Life vest area and once issued we were walking around to find our boat. Dazzling Light II was to be our home for the next 11 nights and she didn’t disappoint. We chose this boat for the lovely spacious lounge area inside and the bedroom arrangement suited our party of 5, giving us spare to use as storage. The handover was good and as we are regulars to boating we declined the offer of a trial run. The Herbert Woods complimentary gift bag with local produce was a really nice touch too. So after unpacking the car boot onto the boat, we just needed a quick trip to Lathams to get the essentials before we were underway. Destination was Acle Bridge Inn …… after a short trip down the Bure we arrived to find one mooring right next to the road bridge, not ideal but we went for it anyway. Moored up fine and then noticed the Broadsman which was moored right in front on the Bridge Inn had just started to leave, so we quickly decided to cast-off and turn around and slipped right in the to its mooring, perfect we were right where we wanted to be! It was lovely sunshine too as we chilled out with a cold beer and started to unpack our belongings before our evening meal at the Pub, ah this is the life !
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    What's your best scenic view on the Broads ? For me its a summer sunrise moored at Ranworth Staithe. (If you can get moored !). Standing outside the boat looking over a misty, still and quiet Malthouse Broad with the missus and a steaming cup of hot coffee.Nobody about, all the boats lined up and silent, dripping with dew, curtains drawn. Paradise or what !! wish I was there now but Septembers hols will come soon enough.
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    I believe it refers to "May" as in the blossom of the "Haw" or Blackthorn. Etc
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    Sadly not much activity on the Norfolk Live webcams today (same for a few days) that the only camera working is Southwold. Another day without a Broads fix, how are you coping Grace Regards Alan
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    Bullards Mild was famously considered to be an evil brew in its time. Couple of pints, a pickled egg or two and a few arrowroot biscuits off the bar were guaranteed to kick a hole in the ozone layer!
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    Draught Double Diamond was the equal of Red Barrel imho.
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    You're right there Robin. Funnily enough I popped into the Gardeners this afternoon (just passing) and yes, it hasn't changed that much at all! Beer was Ok though.
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    I have long since learnt not to consider ordering the steak at the Swan, and as to service, they simply don't learn. It doesn't matter how quiet it is or how busy but you always have to wait to be served. Sometimes the food is good, sometimes okay and sometimes poor but for convenience I keep using it. As to the New Inn it is very good but I know exactly what Robin means - they also need to learn at times. As to the Ferry despite its dire food ratings I find the food remarkable tolerable although this portion of potatoes did cause a few laughs. My sister in law asked if you could have new potatoes with her fish rather than chips...........
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    That's the boy Robin, thought you had been in there It was an oasis for quality Tetleys back in the day.
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    Agree, the Locks is a must. Superb pub. I've heard a great deal about the Cantley Cock (all good) but a bit far for me on foot sadly. A car job I think. I believe the pub has been in the same hands for a good while and built up an enviable reputation.
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    Our binmen have now gone on one day strikes ! Grrrrrr!!!!
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    A lot to do with good beer or not so good beer, is how well the cellar, pipes and pu#mps are looked after... all of the beers you think best can be made not so good just by bad cellar and beer line management....
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    One of my favourites taken from Nicholas Everett Park!
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    Day 12 Friday Today was our last full day and after a superb night sleep in the peaceful setting of Neatishead and breakfast consumed we slipped our mooring and went on towards our first stop off at Irstead. A boat had just pulled off the staithe so we quickly turned around and moored up for a quick walk to the church and to see if there were any lovely hand-painted plant pots to purchase. Again such a lovely peaceful setting even the horse in the field was friendly J. Back onboard with purchased plant pot, we set off again for our next destination, How Hill. I enjoyed a coffee on the upper deck watching the boats float past whilst the crew went off to run some energy around the gardens with a football. Before leaving we made sure the upper deck windscreen was flat before we pootled towards Ludham bridge. 8ft and a quarter excellent this should be ok so we went straight for it, under without a hitch. We switched from downstairs helm to upper deck and secured the upper windscreen. The wind seemed to have picked up again although the sun was shining and not too many clouds were in the sky. We got to the end of the Ant and turned left towards Thurne, “bye-bye River Ant, until next time”. We turned left on the Thurne and then left again towards Womack Water. The dredging has made this an open entrance now and one can’t help but think it’s been spoiled, but I guess it’s been done for a reason and in time it will grow over again. We carried on down towards Womack Staithe and moored stern on. A private boat was moored fairly close-by and we admired the paintwork, it was obviously an old boat probably a 38ft aquafibre type but it had a lovely pale grey paint to it, this looked really nice against the dark black windows and black fenders and the black “under water bit” not sure its technical name - antifoul maybe. We went off for a walk towards the village to stock up on some steaks for our final night onboard. After a pint in the Kings Head and lunch we then popped into the church. We had a chat with a lovely old lady, 92 and going strong bless her. We went off to the butchers and they had a superb piece of fillet, so 3 were cut to size, along with a piece of lamb and a steak burger being the other choices, we headed back towards the boat. Once there Orca was launched again for a quiet row around. A few boats had started to moor up, quite a few from Herbert Woods like ourselves, their last night too I thought. We enjoyed our steaks etc which I cooked with some oven chips and peas and a peppercorn sauce, yummy – all done. Before retiring to bed we did a little amount of packing and watched some TV and played our last game of Trivia. Day 13 Saturday We awoke early and after a swift breakfast I started to pack the rest of our belongings, we set off for our last bit of motoring. It wasn’t long before the red roof top of Herbert Woods was in sight and this marked the end of our holiday. We moored up and the staff were quick to fuel her up, we had used a total of £170 so we needed to pay the extra £20, but considering we had 11 nights and travelled to Norwich, Beccles, River Ant and the usual northern stop-offs we didn’t think this was too bad. Also heating was on every night too with it being so early in the season. The coldest temperature we woke to was 3 deg and we heating it to a nice ambient 19/20 so this probably used a fair amount of diesel. Once the car was loaded up we said fairwell to our lovely boat, Dazzling Light 2. Boat review to follow ….
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    Day 4 Friday Today’s destination was the Waveney River Centre, we had phoned ahead to book a mooring, so once the ropes were untied we set off for a leisurely cruise back down the Yare. The tide was very high, especially the New Cut, I’ve never seen it so high. Weather was stunning with clear blue skies and once we got to Somerleyeton the bridge opened for us, perfect !! We turned onto the Waveney and again surprised to see we were the only boat apart from the Barge and a few day boats. Perhaps we were over cautious to pre-book our mooring! There were plenty of caravans setting up for the Easter weekend and one family setting up their tent. It was here we started to learn of the impending Storm Kate! We had a lovely meal in the Waveney Inn, which seemed fully booked. It was burgers all around and again clean “boards”! Back to the boat for a board game and some TV before we turned in for the night. Day 5 Saturday Beccles was the destination today after a leisurely morning enjoying a cooked breakfast and showering in the facilities. It’s a lovely stretch from Burgh St Peter to Beccles and one we haven’t done for many years so we enjoyed it. Once arrived at Beccles we were again surprised but not by the lack of boats this time, more the quantity of them! We managed to get tucked in half way down and the helpful man tied up our ropes. It was here we learned more about the impending storm and our plans to try to get back to the Northern Rivers. We had originally planned to make our way back on the Monday, but after consideration and attention to the weather forecasts, we decided that we would be best to try to get back tomorrow (Easter Sunday). Anyway we all walked into Beccles town and such a lovely town it is. We went into Baileys and purchased some yummy deli bits and also the butchers for some mince steak so we had a back-up evening meal on the boat. By the time we returned to the boat we were feeling peckish so we sampled some of the deli produce! Tonight was going to be a take-out delivery and after a crewmembers vote a Chinese was ordered. After watching some TV and playing some board games we all went to sleep, hopeful that we could secure our crossing over Breydon the next day. Day 6 Sunday Happy Easter!! The sky was good and we decided to start our journey early whilst the sun was shining and the clouds were few. The trip back to Reedham was fairly steady and the water level was much lower than it was when we first came that way. Once secured at Reedham we had lunch of hot dogs onboard, we don’t have them often at home but they tasted really good on water! After a phone call to the Great Yarmouth yacht station we decided to move on again, we knew our height was ok on leaving, so with the extra hour and halfish to go until we get to the bridges we were happy. Once around the yellow post again and under the bridges without concern it was then we relaxed a bit. It was a long old treck getting to Stokesby, but once there it was disappointment as it was full, well if everyone moved up to the next post we might just have squeezed in, but nobody offered and we didn’t want to ask. So onwards towards Acle we went. By this time the sun was well on the way to setting and by the time we managed to find a space in Richardsons Acle yard stern on it was getting on for 7.20pm. The Bridge Inn was full, as expected, but we had planned for a meal on the boat this evening anyway, so spaghetti bolognaise it was. We were all very tired due to the amount of cruising that day so we retired early. Then it happened ………………………………………… 3am I awoke !!! Storm Katie was fierce, I lay there hoping that the ropes would be strong enough; the youngest daughter came through and wanted to snuggle up. At one point the wind worked loose the pins on the upper deck windscreen and the middle section worked loose and crashed down flat on the roof !! then the bilge came on OMG !! At this point I was thinking would I be safer outside, my daughter said she felt safer on her own and I made her feel worse and hubby said we were ok and it would be more dangerous outside than in. So I lay there again for what seemed like an eternity until daylight broke. Day 7 Monday Once up we inspected the roof and the section hadn’t shattered so was ok, also the boat hook and mop were still intact as was the couple of sunbed cushions which we had left up there (e tended to only take in the smaller seat pads at night due to storage). The Staff at Richardsons were all arriving and my next fears were realized when we had a knock to the door “we have over 40 boats coming back in today Love, can you move on” – er the river didn’t look too pleasant and reluctantly we untied the ropes and left. It wasn’t long before we sneaked into the front of Upton Dyke. The wind was still doing her worst and in the end we had all 4 ropes tied to various posts on the side. We rode it out until around 3pm, then it seemed to calm down a bit, so a quick phone call to reserve a mooring outside the New Inn Horning and we set off again! It was a fairly rough journey down past St Bennett’s Abbey and on towards Horning, but soon we were moored up stern on at the New Inn with Gus on ropes we were again secure. Hubby and myself went straight for a drink whilst the rest of the crew stayed onboard for a while. We had booked our table for evening meal for 6.30pm so after our drink we went for a walk into the village popping into the Deli on the way. Our meals were amazing; I chose the grilled pork chop with stilton mash and wilted spinach, Hubby and our oldest daughter chose the curry, daughter’s boyfriend chose lasagne and the youngest had a grilled chicken burger and I have to say they were excellent quality. The weather had turned out really nice now with blue sky, it was hard to believe that the day started out to be totally different. Ah well hopefully this evening we will sleep well.
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    Today we were meeting up with our fifth crew member at Norwich Train Station so we slipped our mooring and headed off for a slow journey up the Yare. There were four of us to share the helm so we went straight for it and eventually moored up safely at the Norwich Yacht Station. After a quick shop around Morrisons and the other retail outlets for yet more provisions we decided to split up. The young ones wanted to eat Nandos and we opted for lunch at Costa whilst we waited for the train to pull up. Fifth crew member safely onboard we set off down towards our destination for the evening, Coldham Hall. We always cruse slowly past Brooms in the hope that one day our numbers will come up and discuss what would be choose…… ah if only!! Once we turned the corner with Coldham in sight we were again surprised to find we were the only boat moored, I know its early season still but it’s the evening before Good Friday, where is everyone !! Our evening meal was lovely though I chose the lamb tagine and the others the fish and chips. All plates were cleared and we retired to the boat for the evening.
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    Day 2 Wednesday After a peaceful evening sleep we awoke to decide our destination for the day. We had planned our trip ahead of time to coordinate with meeting our fith crew member who was travelling down by coach in a few days. Originally we were to meet at Wroxham, however after checking the tide times we changed our plan and decided to take advantage of the late afternoon crossing today, which would mean we could meet up at Norwich Train Station instead. So plan decided, we took a brisk walk to Acle village to stock up on bacon and something for our evening meal onboard. The butcher’s was well stocked and as we later found out they do some very tasty meat! Back onboard we set off for a slow cruise down the Bure and the obligatory quick stop off at the Donkeys. They are so friendly especially the Goat who almost wanted to climb onboard. Slack water was still a few hours away, but after a quick phone call to Great Yarmouth Yacht Station we were surprised to find out that the clearance was already over 10ft, so we started up and enjoyed a pleasant cruise down towards the bridges at Great Yarmouth. I suppose it must be something to do with the Spring tides, but when we arrived we have never seen such a high clearance, it was over 11ft. We slipped under with ease and turned the yellow post onto Breydon, the water was calm and the crossing smooth. Onwards towards our evening mooring at Reedham, which we were surprised to find empty, we were the only boat for the evening! We had a drink or two at the Ship which was looking nice and fresh from its recent re-paint we had dinner onboard which consisted of marinated chicken kebabs served with rice and vegetables and lashings of chilli sauce, very nice too. We then retired early, what is it with the Broads air that makes you so sleepy!! Day 3 Thursday One fault onboard this lovely boat was that there were no egg cups for our “dippies” <shakes head> so the purchase of the day had to be this lovely knitted Easter Egg family which I found in the Post Office shop in Reedham and including the egg cup they were only £1.50 each
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    And the very worst view of the broads is in the rear view mirror of the car (note to the ladies, that's the bit you use when applying lipstick )
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    Me and the missus are never going to be left to finish our house are we!
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