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    A woman goes to the Doctor, worried about her husband's temper. The Doctor asks: "What's the problem? The woman says: "Doctor, I don't know what to do. Every day my husband seems to lose his temper for no reason, and it scares me." The Doctor says: "I have a cure for that. When it seems that your husband is getting angry, just take a glass of water and start swishing it in your mouth. Just swish and swish but don't swallow it until he either leaves the room or goes to bed and falls asleep." Two weeks later the woman comes back to the doctor, looking fresh and reborn. The woman says: "Doctor that was a brilliant idea! Every time my husband started losing it, I swished with water. I swished and swished, and he calmed right down! How does a glass of water do that?" The Doctor says: "The water itself does nothing. It's keeping your mouth shut that does the trick...."
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    Having had my comment to the EDP24 news story denied publication by the EDP, I shall reproduce it here: "What an appalling news story. Badly constructed, it lists people's comments without stating who they are or represent. It fails to mention the widespread condemnation of the changes from stakeholders as well as local boating groups and ignores the protest. Did JP go to university with the EDP editor or something as this kind of reporting would register a very low grade in journalism coursework."
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    We are sat in our room at the Hotel Wroxham, Tan is crocheting whilst I am checking up on the forum. Its our boats AGM tomorrow and Sunday we can get onto the boat. We are just going to relax and potter about on the southern rivers. Regards Alan & Tan
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    Day 2, Sunday, and we wake to raindrops on the roof, and a cold boat, except for our cabin, where we`ve had the oil rad on all night. The first thing i do is to go out and turn the heating on for a set time of 4 hours,, and switch on the fan heater, and put the gas kettle on. We do have an elecric kettle aboard, but with the fan heater on, and the radiator on, it would be asking too much of the shore power hook up, plus, with the gas hob burning, it`s an extra heat source to warm the boat. Afetr i put the kettle on, i jumped back into a nice warm bed. When the kettle boils i`m up and making the tea. We`ve arranged with my cousin and her husband to come for a run around the Yare, and to one of the pubs for Sunday lunch. We`re up and have breakfast, then off to the berth holders showers, and then back and waiting for our guests. I`m wondering whether they will come, as it`s raining hard, and the wind is cold, but soon the rain stops, and the cloud disappear, and it`s a lovely day. About 11, our guests arrive, and are welcomed aboard, and have a quick guided tour of Lightning, at which they`re very impressed. We sit down for a cuppa and a chat, and within half an hour, we`re under way, and we take the trip up river to the upper entrance to Surlingham broad. A run through the broad, and back out into the Yare via the lower entrance, and then back up towards the Surlingham Ferry house, but will we get in?. We arrive at the Ferry house about half past twelve, and are lucky to get a table. We`ve always heard good reports about the food at the ferry house, and we`re NOT disappointed. We all have the Sunday roast, well what else would you want on a cold November Sunday?. We finish off with a desert, Karen has ice cream, but me and our guests have the Baileys bread and butter pudding, not wise if like me you`re allergic to alcahol, of which i would pay the price later. Our guests treat us to dinner, and soon we`re back aboard, and Trevor asks if we can go further up river before returning to our mooring. We end up cruising round to the Waters edge in the rain, and turn around and head back. We arrive at base, and sit down for a cuppa, and our guests have to leave us. They`ve enjoyed the day tremendously so i tell them, next time bring some bed linen and they can stay for the week, which they like the sound of. For Karen and i, we take a quick trip back to the Co op, for a few things we`d forgotten the day before, and settle in for the night. The weather is`nt very nice at all now, and we settle down to watch tv. Karen watches the results show for tStrictly come Dancing, and we follow that with a DVD. It`s been a lovely if wet and slightly windy cold day, and as usual, we can hardly keep awake by about 10. I`ve been nursing a headache for the evening, could it have been the sun, what little we had, reflecting off the river, no, it`s that alcahol in the Baileys bread and butter pudding, damn, i knew i should`nt have had it, so i`ve only myself to blame, but tomorrow I`l feel a bit worse. Good night all.
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    As Ian said, we popped up to check on Sweet Kingfisher to day. The first time of getting up early to go out in the car and dear Jack Frost had to be thick on the car . Dartford tunnel all good this morning. Driving alone the A140 and we had a family of Grouse (a large family) crossing the road (on the way back there were no dead grouse on the road, good). I was worried how we were going to get up on the boat, but climbing up the ladder was fun, a lot easier than I through it would be . Couldn't walk around the deck or up onto the fly bridge, because of ice. Done some Christmas shopping at Potter and onto Wroxham for more shopping. Lunch was at Woodfords, but the driver (me) could only have a diet coke to drink and the other half Ian had to have a good glass of Woodfords . Then I had to drive home . Good journey. Regards Marina
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    She said she wanted something that can go from 0 to 120 really quickly, so I switched the scales to KG.....
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    Ther`s an old saying,, "sling enough mud and it sticks". Well there`s another one in a similar vein, and that is "deny the truth for long enough, and the people will eventually believe the lie". By witholding all the letters of condemnation, and the FACTUAL figures, people without an insight to the authority will understandably believe all the lies and decete from the hierachy.
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    Given the "Love, honour and OBEY " bit, isn't "1" enough?
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    Love it and so true on all counts, 4 and 7 in particular applies to me. Only one of your five a day indeed, if there is the equivalent of 1 grape in every glass, that equals five glasses, right? Grace
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    "Tan is crocheting whilst I am checking up on the forum"........You're in a hotel room, go have dinner, drink wine and be naughty Seriously, have a lovely time and stay warm Grace
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    Very recently we treated ourselves to a Quantum Dot4 new flatscreen TV. It transpired that MrsG has Amazon Prime, and as a side issue there are programmes that can be streamed to our new TV. This was somewhat of a welcome surprise to me. It also was a surprise to discover my boy has 'Netflix' account so now we have access to that too (Being enjoying catching up on 'Still Game') Anyuroadup, this morning I was awake far too early so I sat, watched and thoroughly enjoyed watching 'The Grand Tour' Yes, Jeremy Clarkson, Richard Hammond and James May are back on our screens. Mr Chris Evans - That is how you make and present a motoring show. I enjoyed every minute. Looking forward to the next one. 'The Boyz Are Back in Town' Griff
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    Hi all, our tale begins, as normal, with the alarm going off at 04,30, and we`re both up and dressed, and finishing off packing the car. I usually pack most of the things the night before, but this time, it`s November and cold, so i made a point of getting ready quickly so i could pack the car in one. With all bags and other accessories for Lightnbing packed aboard, it`s just after 6 and we`re away on time. Being November, it`s dark, and a bitt misty too, but nothing to slow us down, and we`re soon heading along the countless miles of dual carraigeway, which does`nt stop untill we reach Brundall. I know Dual carraigeways can be very tedious, but with them being virtually door to door, it cuts the journey time down dramatically. As some may remember, our journey takes in the A31, then The M27, then the M3, then the M25, then the M11, then the A11, and finally the A47 past Norwich to Brundall. As i said, continual dual carraigeways is tedious, but when you can do around 240 miles, with two comfort stops in 4 hours, they do have their benefits. However, as usual, we will be stopping off to have lunch with John (Hockham Admiral), and Mary Jane, but seeing as we`re so early, and reach their location before 10am, we decide to carry on to Lightning and unpack, make the bed, and put the heating on to warm her up, and return to meat up with our lunch hosts around noon. We`re lucky, as Lightning was`nt used for all the previous week, so we could board her early, so everything worked out fine. We returned to meat up with John and Mary Jane, and had as usual, a very fine lunch at the Eagle. If anybody is in their area, it`s a superb friendly pub, with great food being served. About 3.00pm, we deciced we had better make tracks, as we had to get back to Brundall and get some shopping for the first few days. We could`nt shop at Budgeons, as it`s closed for renovation, but the new Co op just up the road served us well. We also needed to get some keys cut, so we also stopped off at the hardware store in Brundall. It`s a great little place, a real aladins cave, which actually is considerably bigger than what you first think. With the few basics we needed, and some forgotten, it was back to Lightning. It was a good job we did what we did earlier, as it`s now getting cold and a North wind is blowing, so we`re glad we had the heating on. We settle down for the eveing, and have a tea of cheese and biscuits, and Karen watches Strctly come dancing. The weather is cold wet and windy outside, and we`re just about warm enough, as Lightning was`nt built for out of season cruising, so the heating gets supplimented by a radiator in the cabin, and a fan heater in the salloon and galley. Before long, it`s getting towards 10 oclock, and we`re both struggling to keep our eyes open, and stop yawning, so we hit the sack. Thank goodness we made the bed much earlier. Good night all.
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    If this is in the wrong section please move. It is not exactly a joke but comical. I couldn't post it in the Jokes section for some reason. 7. The need for the same style of shoe in different colours. 6. Your wardrobe can be overflowing but you still have nothing to wear. 5. A salad , diet cola, and a big slab of chocolate cake make a balanced lunch. 4. Wine contains grapes so counts as one of five a day. 3. Every bathroom scale ever made is faulty. 2. Why we need to go to the loo in pairs. 1. And the number 1 this only women understand - Other women!!!!
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    We popped up to Brundall to day,to see the boat the first time she has come out of the water since we got her in 2013.Shes not to bad ,not sure about the boat next step to us.Satan soul.Theres also a boat out of the water them some of you my know.Then guick trips to Potter and Wroxham. Lunch at Woodfordes. Sadly only a quick visit but very nice day. Here's some pics St Trop or Brundall?
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    oh yes she will, you will be tidying in the wrong way....
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    And that a "damage waiver " isn't someone waving to us, who has a poorly foot.
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    7 things only men understand, but women can`t you have to keep putting petrol in it. if we have`nt got enough money we can`t afford it there must be be at least one opposing player between the player running forward and the keeper when the ball is passed to him when the blue flag is waved at you, the leaders are coming up to lap you watching rugby instead of strictly yes yes yes, i`l do it later when i`m less busy doing all the other things you want done and the best one last, being in a cruiser, we have to give way to sail, and pass under his stern, which means BEHIND him, and when we get to the bridge, we have to lower the canopy before we go under, or it`s going to be very expensive..
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    Mine is number 3 - every scale ever made is faulty.
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    Strangely enough Griff, that is how I have made the model, except my teak is plywood. I have now inserted a couple of slips of wood behind the protruding ends of the stringers / ribs, which will hopefully give me something to clamp to for the front of the planks. The measurements have been taken, and now need to be divided by 12 to divine the width of the planks, the plank lines will then be marked onto the ribs.
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    There is a simple fact that is overlooked generally. Boat Builders often build big boats because there is more profit. There are still small boat manufacturers out there: Hardy, Haines, Shetland, Viking to name four. There are plenty in Eastern Europe too. They are small companies because the profit margins and demand is relatively low and, frankly, to make it into the big market is a massive investment that they likely don't have. I am sure that if there was perceived to be a big market for smaller boats on the Broads, more would be built. The marker responds to demand and there clearly isn't enough. Let's face it, if you can afford £300,000 for a boat, you have probably got enough money to keep it (or not enough sense to realise your don't). I don't hold with this idea that people can't afford to run a big boat; the cost of boating has never been low and never will be. The problem comes in when your costs rise unexpectedly. If you have a £300,000 boat, it's probably no great shakes. But if you have a 44ft 40 year old ex-hire boat worth a tenth of the £300k vessel, the price hike is probably significant. It's about affordability which is not something that the tolls review has considered at all.
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    Cash machines. Customers will be able to withdraw cash without leaving their vehicles. To enable customers to use this new facility, the following procedures have been drawn up. Please read the procedure that applies to your own circumstances (i.e.MALE or FEMALE), and remember them when you use the machine for the first time. MALE PROCEDURE 1. Drive up to the cash machine. 2. Put down your car window. 3. Insert card into machine and enter PIN. 4. Enter amount of cash required. 5. Retrieve card, cash, and receipt. 6. Put window up. 7. Drive off. FEMALE PROCEDURE 1. Drive up to cash machine. 2. Reverse back the required amount to align car window to machine. 3. Set parking brake; put the window down 4. Find handbag, remove all contents onto passenger seat to locate card. 5. Turn the radio down. 6. Attempt to insert card into machine. 7. Open car door to allow easier access to machine due to its excessive distance from the car. 8. Insert card. 9. Re-insert card the right way up. 10. Dig through handbag to find diary with your PIN written on the inside back page 11. Enter PIN. 12. Press cancel and re-enter correct PIN. 13. Enter amount of cash required. 14. Check make up in rear view mirror. 15. Retrieve cash and receipt. 16. Empty handbag again to locate wallet and place cash inside. 17. Place receipt in back of cheque book. 18. Re-check make-up again. 19. Drive forward 2 feet. 20. Reverse back to cash machine. 21. Retrieve card. 22. Re-empty hand bag, locate card holder, and place card into the slot provided 23. Give appropriate one-fingered hand signal to irate male drivers in line behind you. 24. Restart stalled engine and pull off. 25. Drive for 2 to 3 miles. 26. Release handbrake.
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    I was going to buy the wife a bicycle, when We went in the shop I asked if the bicycle would be suitable for the larger woman, the assistant assured me that the frame would take anyone, but said that thewheels might not turn round. Why I asked, what shape would they go, I will never know the response, I just woke up surrounded by nursing staff in A&E
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    I wouldnt dare buy any scales that measured in tons - new or old that would be asking for trouble.
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    Hilary Franzen, one time BA press officer, was married to the editor of the EDP.
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    Speedtripple has a point to an extent. However, as living standards rise, so do expectations. Smaller boats have less space; people prefer more space. New, luxurious boats book quickly, despite their high price tags. They still get you from A to B like an older one, are rarely any more comfortable (in real terms) than an older one. Many are no less fuel hungry than older ones either. But they are shinier than older ones and they do convey a degree of "status" too. Bigger and easier profits? Don't you believe it. A brand new boat is only likely to earn 4-5 times the revenue of an older boat but costs 4-5 times the amount of the older one to buy or build. The boats are being built for future-proofing the business and to meet the demands of the customer. It makes good sense for an operator to have four or five £30k boats to spread risk and increase opportunity than one £150k boat.
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    Richard did you mean a post that states what men understand about women?........Here it is........ 7. 6. 5. 4. 3. 2. 1. Women have breasts Grace
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    Really Grace, we are not fooled for one minute!
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    I don't think you have posted in the wrong section, more a case in the wrong forum. Try posting in a forum that doesn't have a Gracie. Lol You have left us men open to posts about things that only men understand. Good luck lol
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    I think most folk are like us when we had our own boat. When we were at Broadsedge an hour away , we always emptied boats that had filled with water, saw to canopies that had come adrift and generally kept an eye for any problems. We would have appreciated anyone doing the same for us. As you say when you move nearer which we did 10 mins away it was easier to just pop down to the boat and check. It must be a concern at times when your boat is such a long way from home, but I am sure that most people are good people and will always help.
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    Strange that, the Broads I use don't seem to have got smaller, except in the 60's I used to go up to Honing Common quite a bit, but sadly, like me, my boat has got fatter!!!
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    In my opinion, a lot of the problems re boat ownership are down to marketing. How many boat builders build boats smaller than 30ft, not many now, or those that still do, are either abroad or very small companies. It`s the same in the hirefleets, or what`s left of them, how many 4 berth boats are there less than 32ft, not many at all. It`s all very well building bigger and bigger boats, but fhe end result will be big boats being unable to be sold, because nobody can afford to run them anymore. The outright cost of ownership is becoming out of reach to the average working man, that`s why we bought into the Lightning syndicate. We have a large boat which costs us less than a weeks hire on the same boat for our share of maintainance each year. To own even a small boat like a Hampton 25, would have cost us a realistic minimum of around £3,500 per annum, and that`s not even counting the cost of fuel and pumpouts etc, so shared ownership works perfectly for us. The only down side to shared ownership is peoples perceptions of it, and so dismissing it outright. There`s a 50 footer moored in front of Lightning at Brooms, and it`s up for around £300,000, and has been so for many months. I wonder, who can afford to keep a boat like that these days, so, with that in mind, what will happen to them, and if they can`t sell them, what will they eventually do with them?. Maybe the boating public should start demanding smaller boats again, to keep the costs down, and hopefully keep them boating.
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    Spot on there Griff.... It was brilliant from the start and what an intro....love the bit when Armie Hammers parachute didn't open and see him hit the ground with a thud and Clarksons face was a picture.... Shame it wasn't Chris Evans hitting the ground ha ha... And the Ebola test track with the old woman's house.. Well it's the old RAF wroughton airbase near Swindon... Its great the 3 are back on the screen I'm so glad I bought my firestick... The BBC must be thinking oh dear what have we done... well they've got Flop Gear with Matt LePlonk... and it's 3 viewers lol... So looking forward to next weeks instament.... of
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    Honestly, the minds of some people What I meant, of course, was to hell with the calories in the dinner and wine, who calorie counts on holiday? Therefore, being naughty Grace
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    You don't need dinner to be naughty!
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    For those chaps who aren't getting enough hanging, there is now a telephone help service.
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    So this morning...I was getting a bit desperate for news having had to turn back at Sleaford after discovering Uncle Albert had been discharged and admitted once again to hospital so I never made the meeting...I had a look at the other channel. Two things popped out at me... The first that having 'used' the forum as a by-line to tick the 'consulted widely with boat users' box, received some critical comments on his stupid scheme and made a huge gaff, JP left the building saying he might return if asked. The second was the gaff...now unfortunately for some reason I cannot access the other channel so I cannot reference the exchange but JP admitted spending £45,000 + on a consultation excercise on getting more tolls due to lack of dosh. The response from the owner of the site ran along the lines of 'Are you sh****g me?'. This caused me to laugh out loud whilst drinking hot tea...which I sprayed over my good friend who is also Uncle Albert's solicitor. I explained to my legal friend my personal grievances regarding Dr Doom and how he was sailing close to the edges of, but not quite ticking all the boxes of, all manner of things beginning with 'M' in a public office. My legal friend offered another 'M' for consideration. Misfeasance.'You don't necessarily have to win to obtain your desired outcome!'. Solicitor's eh?
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    Tip for men Your wife won't start an argument when you are cleaning the house...
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    I am flabbergasted that they didn't print that !
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    Great stuff! I loved the opening sequence, and it just went on being fun, we got Prime specially and it was worth getting after all.
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    Our scales are quite old, they use knife edges on the corner and a variable plate capacitor as the sensor, the heavier the weight, the closer the plates get together, thus, increasing their electronic capacity. This is used in an oscillating circuit, where the frequency is proportional to weight. Easy to adjust, one small potentiometer, I took ours into the hospital, and compared it to the electronic scales in hospital, so I adjusted them to suit. They were "weigh" out, our scales showed we were around 10lb lighter than the hospital ones. My wife still claims they were more accurate, and wants them putting back as they were lol... I recon if I left them as they were, I could have sold them on eBay lol... Most modern scales use strain gauge technology that's why some can be made from glass, the problem with these is they are not good with high levels of humidity and fluctuating temperatures. When I was in the weighing industry, we had a saying, no matter how accurate the scales, you can only weigh a dog to the nearest flea. We actually had scales that could do that. Also as a marketing gimmick, mostly at exhibitions, we weighed a clients business card, asked him to sign it... Weighed it again, you could measure the weight of the ink. What the customer then hopefully says... Look the weight is dropping.. not impressed.. That's the ink drying Sir... Now he is very impressed, where do I sign ? Also a clever way of getting contact details lol.... Scales can be accurate, it's just sometimes, we don't want them to be lol. Richard
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    The thought of leaving your boat on a mooring for months on end, especially in the winter, is quite worrying. We were close to 4 hours away from the boat, and a quick return trip in a day is well beyond us now. A friend of ours regularly kept us updated on our boat, we were moored at Broadsedge in the new section, and he walked over from the other side just to check our boat, now you can't get better than that. It was a visual inspection, no steamed up windows, no canopy leaks etc and the antifoul foul still be seen lol. He even took a brush get the snow off the canopy. We will always be grateful to him. Our heart was always in our mouth when we put in a two monthly visit, had the Windows leaked, are the cushions dry, did the dehumidifier crystals hold up? Last winter, due to illness was a very difficult time, the boat had to go 3 months at one point, we planned to go, but hospital appointments for treatment, put paid to that. So this is one of the reasons we moved the boat to Oxford near our daughter. We have been there three weeks, and we visit the boat every week now, mostly to do those jobs you could never get around to. We have shore power, and I have fitted a galvanic isolator and on first measurement, there was 150 mV dc difference across the galvanic isolator earths, without the galvanic isolator, my anode on my outboard would soon be gone. I also checked for earth leakage both ac and dc when the fridge was connected, and when the battery chargers were connected, all seem fine. So for those on permanent shore power, do you have a galvanic isolator? If not, your anodes could be protecting all the boats in the area that share your common earth. If there was a caretaker type person, local to the marina, then they could have a set of keys, have a checklist, to check shore power, wet cushions, bilge water, battery status, etc. You could have a weekly or fort nightly check, now what would that be worth? You would need permission from the marina, but is this a task that they could offer, what happens if something was missed, and damage was sustained, who is liable? Mind you, in one marina we were in, the marina operator did very little, some boats had ripped canopies and water was getting in, they may have informed the owner, and maybe the owner ignored the warning... But my guess was they didn't care. Boats were so badly moored that some were scraping their gel coat against the jetty, no attempt to adjust the mooring lines of inform the owner. The marina had to move our boat once, and when we got there the outboard was bashing the jetty, no attempt to refit our springer. So you would have to trust someone to do this for you, if it was the marina, then it could be any member of staff, better for a private boat owner that regularly visits his own boat, and has the same values as you. Richard
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    Just received a set of these today and they look great, really good quality. a great Christmas present for any Broads lover
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    Stem / Apron - some confusion here with terminology which I will admit to being somewhat confused too. That huge piece of varnished oak you see today on 'B.A's bow, is it the stem or apron? Whatever it's correct name, it was well past it's sell by date. When we got hold of her it was painted. Only once the paint down to the bare wood was removed could we see what we had to deal with, it had been repaired / graving pieces / filled so many times we had no option but to change it. Now then the front of the hull planks are not fastened to it all other than a bead of sikoflex where it meets the planks, then primed / painted over. That lump of oak has two jobs, it forms the bow proper and the other reason is just cosmetic. Behind the varnished oak is where the strength lies. There is another huge lump of hardwood, teak to be precise, it is flat front and back, it runs from under deck level at the top where it is about 30" across right down to the front of the hog / keel at the bottom where it is about 6"across. The stringers are attached to it, the ribs in turn to the stringers, then the planks thereafter. The front end of the planks are shaped in a gentle curve from top to bottom, the varnished lump of oak is then shaped in turn to fit neatly with the front end of the planks. It is then through bolted with long recessed s/steel coach bolts with the washers / nuts on the inside of the teak lump from inside the fwd cabin. Hope this helps Griff
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    I think the vac forming is a good idea, but not quite practical for this particular build, I will approach this with a draughtsmans approach to things and carefully measure and work from there, by marking the plank lines onto the ribs, I can then lay a plank on in best fit and mark the edges straight to the plank (more akin to the old timers matchbox method) then I will at least know the plank will be lying straight, once I have the planks shaped I can restart fitting them, tonight I will prepare the extra bits to allow clamping at the front of the planks. more and pictures later.
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    Well, did you go? Was it what you expected? What are our potions, if any, now. I did attend but had to leave promptly after the votes as needed to be else where it being my wife's birthday, so sorry unable to introduce myself to many others there. Colin
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    You can get paracetamol from most places these days. Give Tan a pack of paracetamol, when she says she hasn't got a headache, you say r I g h t . . . Lol
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    Wroxham or potter? i'm sure theres a chemist not far away if needs be for Tan
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    Fair enough, I'll just keep away from this thread.
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    How about a buddy system, those of us near to marinas could be approached to check another members boat if they are too far away for an ad hock visit. Would obviously be up to the boat owners to decide if they trust the person nearby to check their pride and joy, but it may save expensive damage or a long trip to Norfolk / Suffolk. S.
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    Hello all, Went down last weekend to winterise giddy kipper and just in time too, the temp on fri night in horning briefly droppe,d to minus one and the quay heading be came very icy. This is what i did in the end: Two x forty watt thermostatic tube heaters fwd and aft in the engine room. For info calculated that on full 24 hour cycle they will cost about 12 quid per month to run. Calorifier and water pump also in engine room, so hopefully protected too. Water system drained down, shower trays and pumps flushed through with antifreeze , ditto the jabsco toilets, all bedding and cushions sealed in vacuum bags, engine oil changed, all doors left open, all cupboards and drawers left open, all hopper windows left on night latch allowing ventilation and a crystal type de humidifier left in every cabin, the galley and two in the saloon. Am hoping that does the trick and that we get a very early spring or at least have a mild winter to get some post Christmas boating in. Thanks again to everyone for their advice and input, much appreciated. Trev
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