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    The boats are up for sale then they are not. Then it's all by tender sealed bid, then it's not. Then the boats are off to a brokers, then not. Then the yard is up for sale with the boats or maybe not, they can supposedly be bought separately. You could be forgiven for wondering whether anything is actually available to buy! Funny way to do business....
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    Friday 25th November 2016 We awoke about 7.40 am and had breakfast and completed a couple of crosswords. I popped along to the Yacht Station office and paid for last nights mooring and electrical hook up, talking to the chap in the office the toilet/shower block upgrade is still on the cards and there is also to be electric points on the other side of the marina for the other visitor moorings, I would have thought while they are doing that they may as well install electric posts for the private moorings. The marina was quite full with private boats on the visitor mooring who had come in for the winter (similar happens at the Oulton Broad Yacht Station). Card stamped (free mooring on completed card, 10 stamps) back on the boat I got ready for setting off by taking the canopy down. Tan had finished the washing up so I took us under the bridge; Tan took over the helm when we got into 6 mph section. While Tan was hard at work on the her helm I was down in the galley preparing lunch, something we have now called Al’s hodgepot, a casserole dish with mushy peas in the bottom, boiled potatoes and carrots, cooked off bacon in pieces intermingled with the vegetables and finished off with a generous stilton and cheddar cheese sauce. I put the casserole dish into the oven on gas mark 3 for 30 to 40 minutes. We moored up at the Somerleyton mooring after the bridge was opened for us. It seemed churlish not to have a glass of wine to wash our lunch down, a couple of crosswords later I set off while Tan did some more washing up. Tan took over her helm after I had gone under Reedham bridge all the way back to Brundall, needless to say I was called upon to dock the boat. Still just light we put the canopy up and then headed up to the shower block. Now clean once again we settled back on the boat for a few games of Rummikub Tan managed to win a few games so ended up just one game down on the week. We watched the next Batman DVD and had coffee before going to bed at 11.00 pm Regards Alan
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    I also purchased a few more spare clamps, some more 1" 4 2" and a couple of 3", these have already come in handy ( the 4x 1" and 4x 2" have already been ground down to fit between ribs), one rib steamed, another glued in place and the other sprung plank is being forced back into shape. I also spotted Lidls still had a couple of finger belt sanders left, so got one to help smooth the hull down later.
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    How can you leave something, that was never there lol?
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    Surely that should say "Caution, Ramp Ahead, you are about to leave the Broads National Park"
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    a couple more pictures- hopefully without any camera shake this time., and I am sanding the keel back to plank level at the back
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    We have been pass Alpha Craft through out 2016 from our mooring's up to the river and looking at Alpha boats, I for one feel very sorry for the guys and staff of Alpha Craft . The condition of the boat just got worse over the season and they would need a lot of repair work on them and that is just on the outside, god knows what the inside of the boat are like, as we could see external doors / windows open . Fingers cross someone does buy and opens it back up . Regards Marina
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    Whew, thats nice stuff, I opened one of my bottles this evening, and I have a very nice (strong) lightly sparkling cider, one bottle at a time will be plenty, its only been bottled for 4 weeks, so I will be leaving the rest to mature (I just had to give it a try though) I will certainly be making more next year, maybe a whole tree worth.
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    In answer to your font question
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    The idiocy I think is in the Chief Exec having no idea of what a National Park actually is or how they are run. The pink sparkly vision Mr Packman has for The Broads is as removed from a National Park as it is from reality.
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    I'm not sure about proposals for 2018, I suspect that we are in for a raft of new ones for 2017, all proposed and seconded long ago by a committee of one. Realistically we can expect new signs for 2017 saying things like 'Caution, mooring reduction in progress' or 'Caution, litter mountain ahead'!
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    In order to reduce costs the Broads Authority are removing the Reedham Ferry, so they are now erecting new signs on each side of the river.
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    Good evening - its me again, another plank started, another plank finished, and a long weekend ahead.
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    ... and any new signs will have to be much bigger to get "...member of the national parks family" across the bottom! If only. The new signs won't of course say that though will they? Nope, on present form they will proudly display to the world - 'National Park' and conveniently omit 'A member of' or 'It's not really a National Park' or 'We were just kidding' or 'If we call it a National Park, I'll get my knighthood' I can see 'B.A' having a regular stock of large thick black permanent markers onboard at the ready, or better still some thick black aerosol under-seal Griff
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    IT IS NOT a National park they keep up this idea I believe in the hope that it will be one.What they need to do is improve the broads for every one that uses it and drop this silly idea that it is a National park
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    I recall, and I may be wrong, but seeing somewhere a black & white photo of a centre cockpit Bounty and it was not on a river or Broad..I suspect it was in the brochure that is no longer available for download from the former site I linked to above. As to Elysian's at sea, here is a video:
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    Pardon me when I say I am not a silver surfer, anything computer related other than switching the damn thing on I am at a loss (just ask Dave, Deebee) but it doesn't mean to say that I don't appreciate the work that goes into running a site like this I have noticed over the past couple of weeks the negative comments aimed at the Forum in general, I would like to balance things up a bit and say this Forum is just the best, beats anything on the telly any day of the week, has some very nice people as members and the Skipper and the team allowing me to have access to the best broads forum on the planet has lifted my spirits on more than one occasion in the past, long may it continue I think most of us have a brilliant on line friendship, any more talk of giving up, you will feel the sharp end of my broomstick, I can tell you Apart from being a damn good Skipper, you're pretty damn cute too Now if that hasn't embarrassed you, there's more where that came from Grace
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    In the first year of marriage, the man speaks and the woman listens. In the second year, the woman speaks and the man listens. In the third year, they both speak and the neighbors listen.
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