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    Actually the Authority officers told Mr Knight that he needn't demonstrate the portability of his portable yurt, presumably so they needn't move their tent either.
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    Because they wouldn't have an argument then would they?
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    Bet the BA loved that Were their feelings Yurt I wonder though
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    Many moons ago I was working my way through Uni with a job at Pizza Hut. We had a regular lady customer who would visit with her large family every Saturday, order large quantities of food, find something wrong with the meal and expect to pay nothing. This used to annoy me, but as a waiter, it was the managers call not mine, and the woman, her six kids, husband, her mother and father ploughed their way every week through copious amounts of free food. Head office noticed the weekly discrepancy, among others, and sent one of their roving troubleshooters to investigate. The troubleshooter turned out to be a young 'go-getter' who had managed restaurants all over London and didn't stand for any nonsense. Saturday arrived and so did the large family. They ordered their usual amounts of food. Over the course of their meal, they tried every trick they knew to get away with not paying. Our new manager was wise to all of them and courteously waited on them himself and made sure everything was exact to their order as it arrived at their table. As the time to settle the bill drew ever nearer the family were starting to get decidedly nervous. The manager presented the bill and retired to the counter to watch them. Finally, the woman approached the till and presented the manager a fingernail. "I found this in my pizza! I'm not paying for any of the food." said the heavily perspiring woman. The manager reached into the till drawer and pulled out one of the envelopes used at the time for customer surveys. The manager opened the envelope and indicated to the woman to put the fingernail inside. He then sealed it. "If no one claims it in forty-eight hours madame...it's yours!" said the manager as he popped the envelope onto his clipboard. "Now shall we discuss your bill or call the police?" The police were called as the family did not have the means to pay the bill. "I'm never coming to this restaurant again!" snarled the woman as the police removed the family from the premises. "You can be certain of that!" said the manager quite calmly.
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    The customer is always right? Wrong! I was reading an article this morning on the boycotting of retailers and businesses by customers and discovered why I would be no good what so ever working in customer service. You see, it's because I'm getting a bit tired of standing in shops listening to the crap coming out of the pompous, jumped up, obnoxious twonks that think that somehow they are entitled to something for nothing. Don't get me wrong, I'm all for a bargain and excellent service when I go shopping, but things are getting a tad ridiculous. I was stood behind a well-heeled woman yesterday shouting her mouth off because the supermarket refused to replace the bottle of gin she had allegedly bought, taken home, and had leaked so badly the bottle was empty. The manager on checking the bottle pointed out that the seal was broken, the cardboard packaging was not gin-soaked, the bottle itself did not leak and the cap fastened securely, and the woman did not have a receipt. Fortunately, it was the elderly lady in front of me that intervened "Shame on you!" she scalded the woman who then quickly left the shop and hopped into her new Mercedes car, this time without her free bottle of gin. This is not an isolated incident. On one of my many trips to a chandlery this year I stood behind a chap that selected quite a pile of 'potential' purchases plonked them on the counter and announced 'you will have to knock 50% off". I started to chuckle when another member of staff served me and pointedly informed me he had 'applied my usual discount'. A bit confused I looked at my bill and he had...10% knocked off, for not being a twonk I assumed. Probably because I'm a smoker, I'm usually loitering outside shops while my better half is doing the actual hard work of shopping. It's my story and I'm sticking to it. I often hear some quite shocking conversations from customers of the shop as they plan exactly the tactics that they will employ to get free stuff or a discount or a refund and still retain the product. A recent one was 'look they have a trainee, keep her flustered and we will get some money off'. To my mind, this is just as much theft as the hoards of shoplifters that descend on shops now that the silly season is almost upon us. In this instance, I sidled up to the security guard in store and passed on what I'd heard. It was with some satisfaction I noticed the store put an older staff member with the trainee and while the couple dithered over till point the manager graciously opened a till just to serve them. In the article, I was reading one Tesco customer boycotted the store because a checkout assistant called her 'darling' which was supposedly belittling and derogatory. When the woman complained and was informed she could use another checkout assistant and one would be made available, perfectly reasonable in my mind, she decided to boycott the store. As the silly season approaches (notice how I avoided the C word there) please spare a thought for the people who work in retail. Long hours, often unsocial, stressful...on their own as their other half is off mending a boat in Norfolk...ahem Now my other half who works in retail would like to point out that not all retail staff are downtrodden. The majority of them would not know what 'good customer service' was if it jumped up and bit them on the bum.
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    Slightly different but a girl I used to work with would have new beautiful dresses and shoes every time we went on a night out/work do, never wore the same thing twice, I used to think she had some sort of sugar daddy tucked away, by chance I found out that she would order the most expensive clothes from catalogues, wear them, dry clean them and carefully pack them back in original packaging sending them back saying they were the wrong colour or size etc, she said I should try it, amongst other things and the fact I thought it was a tad out of order I couldn't be bothered with all the faffing about. Anyway, I'm not so shallow that I would allow a clothes and shoes obsession take over my life Grace
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    I think your pizza hut family now use the ferry inn Timbo. 3 times i have seen the same family pull a similar scam. There is always at least 12 of them and they always seem to cadge at least a free dessert. Makes me irritatingly incandescent to see thispathetic behaviour and if it happens next time i am there I will be so tempted to make a scene to cause them some well deserved embarrasment..Another thing i despise is when people consider shop assistants and waiters / resses to be fair game for abuse. They just do it to massage an already inflated ego and think they can get away with it. Its just so wrong as unfortunately most of the time they do get away with it and it needs to be stopped.
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    On our holiday on the Yare last week I was able to join old Wussername for a sit and a mardle on his wall, and watch the passing boats. Turns out, his wall is only few yards from the Lord Nelson! The nice man from the Broads Authority said how much he appreciated our help.
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    This surely, is the point? WRC has planning permission for a camp site, to operate year round and, sure enough, they have erected tents on it! I timed that video, and from de-mounting to re-placement on site, using their own plant equipment and staff, took seven and a half minutes. I agree with others here - the challenge has been accepted, so let's see the BA do the same thing with their "temporary" structure!
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    I could see that you would require planning permission for camping to be able to just pop these up anywhere, but when the site is already a campsite, then asking to apply for planning permission is taking the P.
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    In Oulton Broad the local council have provided seats for us ancient mariners to sit upon and cogitate, far more comfortable than the wall! Funny thing, down my way, 'tis private boats that provide the most entertainment!
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    ...just undoing your belt if you had pudding with a starter and a main? Sorry G...too tempting at this time in a morning!
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    Hi robin. Have been following this with keen interest but so far have been very restrained in jumping in. The important thing to know about marine diesels is that the shorter the stroke, the higher the revs, the lighter the engine then it aint going to last compared to an engine of the opposite qualities. I was in marine engineering for 20 years and saw the old school slow revving, long stroke plodders replaced by the more modern counterparts i.e. cat, cummins, scania, volvo etc. Was this a good move? In a word- no. Example. Small fishing boats in grimsby that had been running engines like Gardner's and kelvins for over 40 years, were persuaded by the new school manufacturers to change to them promising low maintenance costs and fuel efficiency. Did this materialise - no! In fact after anywhete between 5 and 7 years they were looking for a replacement for them. Moral of the story, high revving short stroke engines are bad news in my experience in the marine environment and personally i do not like cats nor cummins for that reason. Yanmars to me on the other hand always seemed to be a reasonable compromise between a modern and old school engine. I know i may sound like a luddite and very old school where this is concerned but 20 years experience teaches you a lot and having seen the shift from the old to the new, it left me quite unimpressed. Naturally in a boat things are diffetent as it is difficult to fit the larger, heavier older engines and i am not recommending any brand here but the principal applies. Thats why beta, nanni etc are successful engines, they are based on tried and tested kubota industrial engines that are designed to run all day long at varying loads and are capabale of sustaining high power outputs for long periods reliably as oppised to an over turbocharged, screaming engine that our american cousins favour. So do my opinions seem biased. Yup - dead rigjt they do and i unashamedly admit they are but more importantly this bias is based on experience as opposed to hearsay but i do emphasise is only my opinion. Just to give you a bit of food for thought mate..... Cheers Trev
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    I agree entirely, and the same goes for big, white, oversize party tents!
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    By the time they have set up a working group and had the multiude of meetings to decide everything from what to have in the sarnies to how many pairs of safety gloves and hard hats they need it will be winter time and they would have to postpone till spring anyway........
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    The BA team were to arrived at 2.30 but arrived two hours early. Reckon that they must have read Jame's invite on Face Book
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    When I take over a hire boat, first thing is stash the pain in he backside aerial somewhere and leave it there - I don;t do telly and DVDs when I've been on my own, I sort of become a different version of me. Mellow, some wine, classic FM on low, cook, look out the window and everything seems just right with the world. Try doing that at home and I feel thoroughly bored and soon am reaching for the TV remote.
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    I am like many men, I have selective hearing Regards Alan
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    A friend of mine heard the Tesco advert stating that they would replace any product without argument. HE wondered if they actually would. He bought an expensive bottle of wine then wrote to Tesco saying that although there was nothing actually wrong with the wine, he couldn't get over how much he'd spent on it and that this worry had marred his enjoyment of the product. Tesco sent him a refund. This he spent on a bottle of whiskey. He wrote to Tesco saying that although there was probably nothing wrong with it, he had suffered a stinker of a hangover the morning after he'd drunk it. Tesco sent him a refund. This refund he spent on a real top range blow out meal, all items from Tesco, He wrote to them saying how good the food had been and that he would be recommending the store to all his friends.... . . . Tesco sent him a refund.
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    Interesting discussion. Two things are perfectly clear to me : 1/. Having passed it by boat twice last week there is no question that the white building on Griffin Lane is a total blot on the landscape of an otherwise beautiful river. Yes, I always remember this as a works site, by Hobroughs and later May Gurney but I have never seen it in such a dis-ordered and ugly mess as it is now. NO-ONE but the BA would ever be allowed to operate on the riverbank in such a fashion, as the BA would never give anyone else permission for it! 2/. It is quite clear that James Knight is now being deliberately persecuted because of opinions he has expressed earlier. He is obviously subject to the same sort of deliberate obfuscation that Roger Wood had to suffer in Thorpe for the last 11 years. The BA may find, however, that James is a rather different opponent than Roger. He is, remember, a planning consultant himself. (FRICS). I just wish I could be there for the site inspection on Thursday. I have always enjoyed a Brian Rix farce!
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    Oh Robin's a special case alright, but that has nothing to do with hiring boats :) :) :)
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    Just an observation from me... Those of us who are "right wing" think the BBC is a bunch of left wing, tree hugging bearded pinkos, whilst those of us who are "left wing" think them to be fascist white supremacist ar*es who'll be the first up against the wall come the revolution. (The "greens" don't own televisions and aren't quite sure who the BBC are, whilst the Lib-Dems know who the BBC are but don't know who's side they're on.) Consequently, I like the BBC. :)

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