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    Where do I start? People who think supermarket car parks are race tracks and drive round them at 30+ mph. Automated supermarket checkouts that announce "Alcoholic in the bagging area" when you try to check out a bottle of alcohol-free lager, people who ask if it's OK before they do something that will greatly inconvenience you, then do it anyway when you say no. Soppy, politically-correct, virtue-signalling millennials, people who inflect every sentence they utter to make it sound like a question (see previous category), automated switchboards, unnecessary OTT online security - do I really need to provide 3-factor authentication in (username, password and a 6 digit code delivered via mobile phone) in order to check how much credit I have on my PAYG dongle? IT companies that force you to divulge huge amounts of personal information from you as a condition of doing business, then fail to protect it properly so that it ends up in the hands of spammers and scammers. Social Media. Business people who go into "officious pr*ck" mode when you have the temerity to challenge the way they do business. I could go on, but it is probably better if I don't Grrrrrr
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    So do I pure escapism, glitz and glamour. Sue
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    And so say all of us, I have been told that on occasion they dance with male partners, I have not seen this to be the case. Regards Alan
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    Eric, can you meet me at the airport. I need to get away from tv talentless shows here. paul
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    Last night the cradle was unclamped, tidied up and replaced under model #1. model #2 has moved into the workshop in preparation for the installation of the prop shaft support and rudder.
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    I’m spending a lot more time driving than I’m used to or like these days (I used to do a lot years ago but don’t now) so my pet hates are ... Drivers who cut in at the front of queues rather than waiting for their turn like everyone else. There are certain makes of car that seem to do this more than others but I’m way too new here to get drawn into that. Lorries that overtake each other when they have a 0.1 mph speed advantage. Why can’t the one being passed slow down a little or better yet the overtaker live with a 0.1 mph speed reduction? Cars that you pass and speed away from catching you up in traffic and tailgating you as though you’re holding them up. That’ll do for now [emoji57] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    #. is sharp (musical) or octothorpe Hash is corned beef and potato mixture Tag is a label...
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    Sorry folks I love it. It is easy going Saturday night entertainment . Keeeeep daaaaancing. Ian
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    John, hi and welcome aboard one of life's treasures! You'll find that the really nice thing about grandchildren is that they can go back to their parents at the end of the day and I can say that in all honesty because I've got six!
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    Look here you lot! I can't believe just how long you've left the 'old man' hanging after a post like that. Not an 'Ooh 'err Mrs', a raised eyebrow emoticon thingy or even an 'Oh Matron' to be seen. Sorry, John, I'm hoping normal service will be resumed shortly!
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    ABC Artisan, Brexit, Chillax 3 of the most annoying words on the planet. And whilst I'm at it, why is everybody now a master craftsman or artisan baker ?
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    Thanks for your warm welcomes. I will take some photos and do a little write up of our experience on Commodore as there seems to be very little out there on these craft. The plan is to be down on Oulton broad and then Reedham/loddon by the middle of our week, Tuesday is looking like the first decent low tide to get across so will aim for then. Looking forward to seeing what Richardson's have to offer as we have always been with NBD in previous years
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    What I dislike about the X factor (apart from everything) is the talent (some anyway) is overshadowed by the heavily scripted "spontanaity" and the unfathomable inclusion of pantomime judges.
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    The seeming petty nature of some of the costly investigations would suggest that the authority is overstaffed for the amount of work that they have to get through. Idle hands have a knack for finding work!!
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    Errrrt this may get me in trouble but the girls are very nice to watch.
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    As usual, posts on the NBN have had me poking about various documents on the Broads Authority server, as well as actually reading the research cited in those documents. As you've probably guessed it's a dredging question, well, dredging and an old post of Griffs concerning staining on Broad Ambition's hull. I'm currently only a quarter of my way through most of those documents but, there appears to be a trend appearing. I had to chuckle at various stages in Broad Authority reports regarding the Upper Thurne Management Plan where conclusions are drawn from references that are not so much 'vague' as 'catatonic'. I'm told that the Upper Thurne Management Plan is "a technical document to guide the site managers and is available to download on the Broads Authority website", however it isn't available to download. The brief outline Upper Thurne Management Plan for public consumption is your typical BA document both short on fact and heavily biased. I was quite amused to find that according to the document that algal blooms have been on the decrease in the Upper Thurne. Ya reckon? Boating activities seem to be 'tacked' onto wildlife considerations and totally missing from the '20 year vision' for the area. What really caught my attention was references to 'sediment' management. I'm still wading my way through it all...probably because there's so much of it, sediment and documentation. I did find an interesting monograph on 'The Effects of Boat Activity on Turbidity on a Small Broadland River'. In this instance, they are talking of the Ant from Hunsett Mill to Irstead. What I found really interesting about this was that boats don't have any effect above that of algal turbidity. In other words, it's all the algae that are fouling the rivers not the boat traffic. Of course, I'm trying to correlate this information with the Upper Thurne Management Plan that stipulates that rooted aquatic plants stabilizing sediment is the reason for the 'gin clear' waters of the Upper Thurne. I'm still reading but the Upper Thurne Plan, and it's lack of input regarding boating in the next twenty years, is driving the lack of dredging around the system. I'll keep reading!
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    If only we could export things on a "no returns, no refunds" basis................
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    The thing is,it is our post code.My guess is someone in our road and picking our number.The name is not English,and guess changing the odd letter in the name.
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    Never noticed either oh no it's 6:30 time for it takes two
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    Soooo cute and the babies not bad Seriously, congratulations to you and your family, he's absolutely gorgeous Grace
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    Welcome from all the crew of Aboat Time,were all from The Garden of England,we proudly fly the Kent flag on our bow.
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    Sorry senior moment Carole
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    I can find out but I think there is another programme on BBC2 Christmas day
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    A number years ago I came to the conclusion that there is no point in taking out white goods insurance, if you get it to last out the manufactures guarantee all the good, if it fails there after the additional amount you have paid in additional insurance is halfway to the cost of a new appliance. Mind you being handy and a wife who can break anything of a technical nature does have its drawbacks; one of them in repairing the small white god in the utility room oh hail thee washing machine please keep working Regards Alan
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    Can not understand why anyone would watch this rubbish.
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    White goods companies who generously offer you a 10 parts guarantee, but then want to charge you £150 for an engineer to fit it!!!! more annoying when they changed the failed part after 2 months and 11 months later it goes again. Oh, it's gone past the 12 month period now!!!!
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    Debbie McGee won't go far - she's too O-L-D dahlings. Don't tell me that the BBC don't "fix" their competitions - it's in their DNA. Not sure why I watch, but Mrs O seems to enjoy it. Cheers Steve
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    Reality T.V so called because the only thing it isn't is real. paul ps we are watching re-runs of MASH at the moment still funny.
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    But seriously it's good to watch something that is not to serious and is a bit of fun.
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    Welcome from a maid of Kent!
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    Congratulations and welcome to the club Griff
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    Have a safe night from Ems and I, as I said in another thread, we were up a couple of weeks back and caught the tail end of Hurricane Maria at Thurne, was a bit of a rough night!
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    Well spotted Geoff, you're right of course. Would it be worth existing contributors to re-submit in 3 separate posts and future ones to do the same?? Instructions from above please!
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    Oh such touching faith. :)
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    People who drag the end of the drinking water hose through the gravel at moorings, it’s drinking water you plum, keep it clean! people who don’t coil the hose back up after using it. people who cruise along at 3mph in a 5 or 6mph zone, who then speed up or weave about if you try to pass them...
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    Hi Tim, Well done so far, I guess it is like wadding through treacle Regards Alan
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    I last saw it at night a couple of years ago.
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    People who have to record their whole day on Facebook. People putting all of their shopping on the checkout belt in supermarkets and then wandering off to get something they have forgotten. People with no manners. OHHHH I could come over as Mr Grumpy on this thread.
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    The closing of all Little chefs..... and turning them into stupid Starbucks... That’s got my Goat up...... Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...
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    More on mobile phones. Mothers pushing prams or buggies a mobile grafted to one of their ears, no regard to the child, no conversation with their child at all, its a wonder there are not more accidents. Regards Aloan
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    Children should not be allowed in pubs is not a rule i could ever accept. Only ever been told children are not welcome once and that was this year, we were told we could use the courtyard, as a family we about turned and left. Not all children are loud badly behaved monsters, mine most certainly are not. Nobody is required to mind their language around my brood, they know all the words but know not to use them, they will sit with adults, be behaved and enjoy their evening, I will stand for nothing less and they know it. Once in a play area they can be and do what kids do. Educate manners and etiquette, not segregate so they never learn any.
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    yes, it is the difference between a decent roastie and a perfect roastie, my daughter uses the sprays. my parents always had a pot in the fridge full of dripping, every week the joint was roasted in it on a sunday, and then it was put back in the pot, mid week the remains of the roast went to become a soup with the settled out stock at the bottom of the dripping pot added. (some of the stock also went into the gravy. its my guess that what was in that pot was a mix of beef dripping and pork dripping (and new lard to make up any shortfall).
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    If goose fat is one of the most unhealthy then, my mucky dripping from either roast beef or pork, must be positively suicidal! Doesn 't half make tasty spuds though!
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    It all about using the correct Potato , Maris Piper or King Edwards would be my preferred choice , keep them all the same size when pealed , part boil for 7 to 8 minutes , drain well then return to the pot put the lid back on and give the pot a good shake to break up the outside of the potato , you can roast straight away but I much prefer to let them cool and dry out so you can do the well in advance , now we come to roast them best fat to use is goose with out a doubt will give you the best flavour and a very crispy roast , however it is one of the most unhealthy and not suitable for vegetarians so one of the best I think is ground nut it can put up with the heat and is not to strong so done not effect the flavour of the potato and gives a beautiful crispy coat , but you can use just about any oil or even butter it is really up to you , so follow the roasting steps in the vlog and you wont go to far wrong , you can baste more often if you wish , hope this is of some use to you kind regards ... cheers ...
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    According to the EDP http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/shock-and-disappointment-as-historic-pub-forced-to-close-at-short-notice-1-5240296
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