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    Not just you Bof, I've been shopping in Aldi's a lot lately, prices are good and their fruit and veg good value but what really, really gets me is when you're standing in a queue that seems a mile long at checkout number one and someone announces over the tannoy that they are opening till number five (no disrespects to older people) but the very same one's I've been dodging and trying to get past for the last half an hour and who are now standing behind me in the queue, move like there's no tomorrow and would put Usain Bolt to shame Grace
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    Short Debrief from the Lads week. Places we stopped at:- Stalham, Acle Bridge, Reedham, Coldham Hall, Thorpe Green, Norwich, Reedham Chain Ferry, Stokesby, Ranworth, Womack Water, Wroxham, Horning, Thurne Dyke, St Benets, Acle Bridge, Potter Heigham. We initially intended to visit the New Inn at Rockland Broad but a breakdown on J3 put paid to that along with no mooring spaces at Surlingham stopped that too. Had to call the engineer out twice to the H.W's craft, Jewels and Evening Light - It should have been more but I fixed them myself. No one fell overboard apart from Barney dog once, and Tally dog twice, Well to be 100% accurate Barney dog jumped in over the transom forgetting we were not stern moored, Tally jumped in once after a ball and then fell in once being too sure of hersen and her paws slipped. Diesel consumption for cruising / heating:- J1 - 81 x Ltrs, J2 - 85 x Ltrs, Evening Light - 101 x Ltrs and 'B.A' 108 x Ltrs. 'B.A' had further to go and was towing the dinghy. 30 x Hrs running which equates to 3:6 x Ltrs per Hr including using the diesel heating system, I have no record of how many hours it was used. The week was declared a success by all concerned and all 20 that attended intend participating next year. 'We are going to need a bigger boat' - Well actually what we will probably do is book the third Jewel and take the crew numbers up to a max of 24. On top of that there will probably be a fourth hire boat with some of our sons & sons mates which will take us over the thirty crew mark, and no doubt another dog somewhere in the mix. Inter boat games played were darts, dominoes, battleships pool, cards. We had a 'Wet the Babies Head' night in the Stokesby Ferry Inn, where a round of drinks cost me just shy of £70 but what the eck, it's not every week ones daughter presents me with a Grandson. Fishing was of course attempted, we had a cinema night in Norwich, our custom dining out night on the last Friday So now we calm down for the next 50 odd weeks and let normal service resume once more. I'll get some photo's sorted in due course Griff
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    I’ll have the steak well done please........
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    I wouldn't be seen dead in Lidl without my crown jewels!!
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    You have to laugh at the above, sadly most of it is true. It is so must better to laugh rather than shake your fist in anger or cry at the injustice of it all. Regards Alan
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    Yes folks it's on! We have provisionally booked Sahouse Broad for the weekend of May 18th to 20th 2018. I have asked for 20 spaces at this point but of course that can increase! We plan to build on the format of the successful 2017 meets so more to follow nearer the time. I am happy to have sign ups as from now, please reply on this thread. Forum Name. Boat Name. Number of crew Friday. Y/n. Saturday.y/n. Sunday . Y/n
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    Thanks to Marina on Friday I am doing the tour of Lords,can't wait.For many years I have been a great fan of the game.I still.have not got to a match,perhaps next year.Now for the rules two teams decide with the toss of a coin who goes in.the team that lost go out,they try to get the team that is in out.When they do they go in and the team that was in try to get the team that was out,but now in out.Then they do it all again.Of course because we invented it we stop for lunch and tea. I am sure Iain would approve Ian
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    No but only be a cause I am not afloat, maybe buy one as a gift for the good Doctor?
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    During the week, each crew member is responsible for producing one main evening meal for their crew mates onboard whichever craft they are on. (The last night afloat is dining out night for all crews) Some crew members elect to take their crew mates ashore for pub grub, most attempt producing a dinner onboard. I cooked Saturday and produced roast pheasant with the usual veg, followed by Spotted Dick & custard, accompanied by red wine. I had been invited on a game shooting a few days before the Lads week commenced and came home with two brace of Pheasant. The days shooting produced only 6 pheasant in total (But a lot of Partridge) I shot four of the pheasants which Macie dog retrieved so at least two of the birds onboard were mine / Macies As far as I'm aware this is the first time I have prepped Pheasant onboard from start to finish, (although I have taken it onboard before now oven ready). Pheasants hanging in the galley received some comments as expected. The dinner went down very well as I received a 'BZ' from my crew, and yes Macie had some left over mixed in with her tea. Griff
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    I must have a tattoo on my forehead that only women can see that says "If you can't have a pop/moan at your husband/partner, please feel free to have a pop at me". This must start to flash when I sigh, sometimes I admit loudly, after waiting in the queue behind her as she chats to the checkout person, slowly packs her bags, chats to the checkout person, rearranges her bags, chats to the checkout person, remembers her purse is in the bottom of one of the bags, empties said bag, chats to the checkout person, dithers over which card to use, chats to the checkout person, uses the wrong pin, chats to the checkout person, remembers her pin, places purse in bag, says goodbye to the checkout person, starts to move then stops to retrieve her car keys from another bag. At this point, I sigh (again and possibly louder than before) and am rewarded with a stare that would melt concrete at 50 yards, a sniff and a "well really!" as she storms off. Is it just me? Tin hat on!
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    I agree wholeheartedly! I need to get a HiViz jacket or t-shirt with, on the back, "Please do not queue behind me as I will be in the wrong queue!". And another thing, Who else, when in a supermarket queue, lets someone in before them as they 'only have a few things in a basket', only to watch their friend/husband/wife/partner / ? (anyone I've missed?) join them with a full trolly load as they say "you don't mind do you, we're together"? I do mind, but I'm too British to make a fuss. Just me then?
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    Another thing that gets me is when members here keep changing their avatar piccies but not in Jayfires case, I have to say Yes, I know, behave Grace
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    Cyclists not using a million pounds plus cycle way created just for them on a very dangerous bit of road. Then 2 accidents both blamed on car drivers, by the cyclists still using the road........................ grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr ****** cyclist's Charlie
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    Whitlingham strikes me as an under used resource, yes there are some water activities on there and it would seem a good place to walk dogs. If it was connected to the river I am sure a marina complex with real visitor moorings might encourage more crews to visit the area and provide the city and the Southern Rivers with a new profitable resource. Regards Alan
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    All the Whitlingham pits permissions must predate the BA surely? And PW - surely navigation / river access is not the only consideration is it? I regard it as part of the BA's remit to help bring the City closer to the whole area given that even some people in the City have no idea what Broadland is all about and as such that area is a resource which should be available and as well used as it is. At least its perhaps better than spending resources on those areas which have no public access!
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    Nothing more annoying to me than waiting to be served at a bar when a local walks in and the barstaff ignore all others to serve them first . also when waiting in a queue at ,for instance , a customer service counter, the phone rings and the staff ignore me who is physically there and answer the phone and then spend 15 mins sorting out the problem . a few years ago this happened to me and the agent answered a call , and then just before serving me took another call , this prompted me to stand there going “ ring ring , ring ring “ loudly and when asked to keep it down they weren’t happy when I answered that it seemed the only way to get any bloody service
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    Norwich Councils anti car / pro bicycle fixation. Close many roads, reduce others to 20, now let cyclists use the pedestrian precincts. Mousehold heath - reduce the road width to create a big cycle lane, and the cyclists still use the road but it's now too narrow to pass them safely if there's anything coming the other way ( which there normally is ! ) There's shops and services in the City I've been using for 30 years, and I'm now so fed up fighting my way in I no longer use them. If they can't accept that Norwich is a rural hub, where from many outlying areas the only option is to drive ( sorry I forget, from Barton I have one bus a week on Thu mid morning ) then they need to wake up. OK there is the park and ride, and I have used this overpriced service ( per person not per car ) on occasion, but normally I need to be in and out and don't have the time or inclination to faff around. That's it - need a coffee now..... !!
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    That's a shame. I don't go in very often but have found the beer very variable when I do. Although its a busy pub the emphasis always seems to be on meals and beer turnover seems quite low in comparison. I've always suspected they might use polypins could be wrong of course!! Just on the general point of price - wine is always a killer. Even up here in 'ey up' land some pubs near me charge eye watering amounts for wine. But I've said it many times, I'd rather sit in a pub with a pint of quality ale than sit in my kitchen with a six pack of John Smiths. I'm afraid I'll give up drinking before I drink at home.
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    James has described it much better then I.Our boat is hydraulic. The boat works fine we keep a check on the hydraulic fluid and we have the boat serviced every year.All in all no real problems.
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    Presuming you mean hydraulic Andrew, yes there is shaft drive, which is a direct drive, so the output of the gearbox is connected directly to the propellor, or hydraulic, whereby the gearbox drives a pump, this pumps fluid, which then drives the prop, it’s an indirect drive as there is no mechanical linkage between the two. steering is a similar theory, you have cable steering whereby the wheel is connected to the rudder via two (or more) cables or hydraulic which is more like a power steering system in a car. hydraulic drive has the advantage you can place the engine wherever you chose in whatever orientation, the disadvantage is you suffer more transmission losses as it is less efficient, it also produces a characteristic whining noise. hope that helps?
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    Not a good idea, just because you have a tank to spare and want to use it. It would need a filler pipe going to an outside deck fitting and electrically bonded. A vent pipe coming out above the level of the filler and protected by a gauze flame trap. Feed pipe to the engine would be a fixed installation routed away from other hazards. All these pipes will need to be of approved materials and fixings. Not sure that a sight glass type fuel gauge would be permitted either. That's just a few I can think of, off the top of my head. As Dilligaf says, best to read the BSS first.
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    Your best bet is to download and read the bss regs first as I would think they are pretty picky about petrol tanks, as a portable tank you can get away with just about anything, it will also be much harder to find waterside petrol pumps so you will end up using jerry cans to fill anyway. Is there a size limit to portable tanks?
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    Start charging them road tax for all the cycling paths provided, we have to pay road tax so why not them. You would find they cheered up overnight.
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    I would love the double take people would do when think they know what it says then read it again and see what it actually says.
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    Hi Ray, I bet they do not get many footballers taking part with the stingy BBC it would be well under their pay grade. Regards Alan
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    I blame it on the cheese sandwich I had for lunch Regards Alan
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    The marina have just allocated me a different mooring in deeper water, and I have just been down to move onto it. Irronically, the water was as high as it was low yesterday. One extreme to another. But at least I am not so worried about potential underwater damage now.
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    I agree with John (mm) those letters are the only proof that someone is using your identity. I would write to the companies involved and inform them that you are not the people they are after but your address is correct and tell them how long you have lived there, keep a copies of all correspondence and send any letters by recorded delivery. Like the telephone preference service you can get a similar service from the Royal Mail. Before you recycle your paper remove any traces of your name, address an identifying codes on all correspondence. Never fill in or answer any surveys, offers of prizes always come with catches. When you fill in guarantees and the like only fill in the sections of your name and address and the item you bought, nothing else is relevant and you can bet that these details will be sold on. If it continues then you must report it to the Police if only for the incident number, this again is proof of what is happening. Regards Alan
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    I had a right battle a number of years ago now. I was getting junk mail from all sorts of companies then I started to receive mail to our address for a person who had never lived here, some of it was chasing debts too. Our credit rating started to suffer as a result as our address was shown as bad credit rating. I got on the case, it took me the best part of a year to sort it all out. The main culprits was experian who were selling our details with the correct address but wrong name. It was infuriating, time consuming and costly too. I ended up threatening them with court action. Eventually I did get it sorted but could have done without it. When / if you receive junk mail or calls you need to ask the sender / caller where they got your details from, then contact the company selling the details and get it stopped at source. It can be done but will not be an overnight process. Good luck with it Griff
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    Marina, Don't send the letters back but don't destroy them either. The whole thing sounds a bit like a scam. My suspicions are aroused by the letters being meant for someone vulnerable. (poor old chap who can't drive and a child)
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    http://www.edp24.co.uk/news/environment/broads-national-park-flag-draws-criticism-but-it-is-selling-well-1-5240906 It is abundantly clear that the Broads is not, in legal terms, a national park. A national treasure, yes, with its industrial and agricultural past and unique heritage. Dr Packman should concentrate on the Broads for what it is, not what it isn't. He has yet to grasp the ethos and character of the Broads. Conservation is of prime importance on the Broads, conserving the Broads for what they are, The Broads. Not Lakes, not the BNP, The Broads.
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    The Buck has had a chequered history, and was a Bullards pub in the 50s. I remember the beer being delivered by their dray, with two white Shire horses and the wooden beer barrels all stacked behind the bar. The landlord was Wally Moore, followed by Ted and Daphne Rutter who went on to have the Coach and Horses on Rosary Corner. Then Jack and Connie followed by Connie on her own when Jack died. The best all of course, was Patsy Dashwood. In her day, people were parking in the Rushcutters car park and walking along to the Buck to have lunch! I reckon I can say I was a regular as my first visit was when I was about four, and was left to play in the little snug at the end while parents were in the main bar. I managed to fall off the table I had climbed on to and ended up with my head in the coal fire. I still bear the scars! Since Patsy there have been various management teams but they have all been unable to show the profits expected of them by the grabbing landlord. I am told that efforts are being made to find a suitable purchaser, so we will have to hope for the best.
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    Of course, part of the problem at Womack is you were emailing the wrong people!!! Try the people who are supposed to collect rubbish and that is North Norfolk District Council!!! The Parish Council has been working hard on this as have others like Horning, and I am pleased to say Womack bins have been restored. Not sure of the exact details but somehow the situation is the PC have leased the bin storage and now the NNDC will collect! Cannot see the difference but that I believe is the case now - until the next round of cuts I guess!
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    Yes that is right Vaughan, I will get a proper thread going today, it's been on my 'to do ' list for a fortnight!
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    If only we could export things on a "no returns, no refunds" basis................
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    Not much of a recommendation. We also exported the Spice Girls, Piers Morgan and Rover Cars!
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    With the first one Marina, chances are it's a kid been caught without a ticket and they have picked a random address to give to Transport Coppers or ticket inspector along with a fake name. Look to neighbours with the same postcode with kids. I thought I was the victim of identity theft when I started getting tons of loan applications, two summons for non-payment of council tax and a parking fine. After quite a bit of digging, I discovered my local council were the culprits. You may notice that recently your local council has been asking on several occasions for you to confirm your entry on the electoral register. Having done so once in 2017 I didn't respond to the next two requests. The councils, in these unstable times, have been 'massaging' the electoral registers for profit. In my case they had assumed that as I had not replied I no longer lived at the address and had somehow managed to mix my entry with that of my Dad, who had passed away, as all of his correspondence and bills came to my address. I was having bills for the new occupant of Dad's flat forwarded to me, for me to pay. I was left in the ridiculous position of standing in the council offices with my birth certificate, passport, driving license, qualifications and any other document with my name on it trying to convince some half-wit I was not dead. The conversation did include the phrase 'perhaps if I smacked you round the head a few times it may convince you I am indeed alive'. All sorted now, although I might look like a corpse.
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    Thursday 28th September Thursday morning dawned and I was up at about 06:00. I lit the gas under the kettle, climbed the two steps into the saloon, opened a curtain to peer into the gloom and try to see what the weather was doing. It was raining – no sunrise photos again. Debbie soon emerged from the aft cabin and rummaged in the drawer to find the dogs collars and leads and much to my amazement, Iain materialised from the fore cabin in time to help her. Waterproofs on, they soon departed and left me with my morning cuppa. I had said that I would prepare a ‘full english’ breakfast that morning, so went for a shower. By the time I emerged, showered and dressed, the others were back, Rachel and Harry were up and the saloon curtains were open, so I set about cooking breakfast. I don’t often get the chance to have a cooked breakfast, but usually manage one or two when we’re on The Broads. The galley on Grande Girl is okay, but a little cramped, so preparation was not easy but bacon, black pudding and sausages (from the butchers in Ludham), baked beans, fried eggs, grilled tomatoes and mushrooms made it all worthwhile. A veritable morning calorific feast and certainly not one that WeightWatchers would approve of, but it was very good, even if I do say so myself. We had to run the engine for a while to generate hot water for washing up, but it was well past 08:00 and there weren’t many neighbours left to disturb anyway. Washing up done, we cast off and headed up the Ant. The others went to get ready and by the time we chugged into Stalham, everyone had showered and dressed. I headed for what was Monfleet for water, only to find that it had returned to being run by Simpsons, not that it mattered to me. We moored and topped up with water, but as the public staithe was full and we wanted to go to Tescos for the last of our shopping, I checked with the boatyard and was allowed to moor there for a short while, having first moved Grande Girl from near the pump-out point. Rachel set up the Harry’s buggy and with him safely installed, we quickly headed off to the shops. It had, by now, stopped raining and we hadn’t taken waterproofs or umbrellas, a failure that we would all regret on the way back when the heavens opened for what the wife described as ‘a clearing up shower.’ All somewhat dampened, we returned to the boat, put the shopping away and readied ourselves to cast off. As it turned out, the wife’s statement proved correct, thankfully it was the last shower that day. We turned Grande Girl round and set off, with no real plan or destination in mind, but when we reached the junction where we could turn left for Barton Broad or right to head for Wayford, I turned right. In all the years I’ve been on the Broads, I can’t remember ever going as far as Wayford Bridge, never mind Dilham. We passed the once picturesque Hunsett Mill and I wondered what had got into the planners’ minds when they had granted permission to turn the cottage into the abomination it is now. We carried on up to Wayford and it is really quite a pretty stretch of river, however the clearance at Wayford was insufficient to get under and the public moorings were full, so we turned around and headed back the way we had come. We crossed Barton Broad and headed for Gays Staithe, where I planned to moor for lunch, not that I (nor any of us for that matter) was particularly hungry, still quite full from our breakfast. As it turned out, Gays Staithe was full, as was Neatishead. I wondered what was going on! Last night How Hill had been quiet, but today everywhere appeared to be relatively busy. Debbie made up some rolls for lunch, using the last of the roast pork from the previous night and rolls we’d bought in Tescos and we ate them whilst chugging back across Barton Broad. We’d been lucky enough to moor at Irstead a couple of years ago where Iain and Rachel had bought a decorated flower pot from a stand outside a house at the junction of the green at Irstead and the road (near the church). Unfortunately, they had managed to break it and were anxious to moor there again so they could get another. The moorings looked full as we approached, but there was just room to get the stern of the boat near enough to the quay to allow them to get off, buy a new pot and get back on, but as I manoeuvred Grande Girl into position, the owner of the private boat moored there said that he was just leaving, so as he started his engines and cast off, so we pulled the boat into position and moored up securely. The dogs were grateful for some freedom and scampered around on the green, Iain and Rachel selected and paid for their pot and Debbie and I chose another to go with the one we still have. By now, the weather had improved and it was quite sunny, with some broken cloud, but a welcome change from the rain from the morning. I took my camera and headed for the church – really quaint and unusual, with its thatched roof. I spent a few minutes taking pictures and another couple of minutes in silent thought, the memory not only of my dad still quite fresh in my mind, but also the effect on my mum, who at the age of 85 and bereaved after 63 years of marriage is still struggling to come to terms with her loss. Iain and Rachel joined me a few minutes later and I returned to the boat to prepare dinner. Beef casserole was on the menu, so I cubed and browned some braising steak in a cast iron casserole dish that we had taken with us, added carrots, mushrooms onions, red wine and I hate to admit it, a packet of casserole mix, before putting it in the oven on a low heat. Debbie kept Harry amused in the sunshine, until the others returned. I was tempted to stay there for the night, but wanted to go back to How Hill and see if there would be a sunset and the photographic opportunities that it would bring, so we cast off and headed back along the river. It wasn’t long before we arrived there and it was soon obvious that there were considerably more boats moored than the previous night. My preferred spot, just past the bend and opposite the mill, was already occupied, so we settled for a mooring along the straight. I feared that we might be disturbed by the usual Richardson’s Rush, but my fears were ill founded, not many other craft passed at all – it wasn’t until Friday morning that it happened, as we found out the following day. Rachel, Debbie, Harry and the dogs went to the field in front of the house, whilst Iain and I headed for the nature trail. I expected not to see wildlife there that I couldn’t see on the rivers and wasn’t disappointed, however for the first time in all of the visits I’ve made there, the secret garden was open. Although the azaleas and rhododendrons has long since flowered, it was a colourful autumnal scene with many of the shrubs turning vivid shades of red and orange. We spent a few minutes looking round and Iain was particularly impressed by the size of the leaves of the gunnera, which looks like huge rhubarb. We returned to the boat, by which time it had cooled sufficiently to warrant raising the roof and we watched tv for a while until the sun began to set. I went out with my camera and suffered disappointment for the third consecutive night when the sunset was less than spectacular again. Oh well, better luck next year!! I returned to the others and we had our casserole, with some broccoli and the odd alcoholic beverage. With the washing up done, we settled down for another couple of games of crib, until I could neither concentrate, nor keep my eyes open. Hot chocolate and bed. All too soon another week was almost at an end - Friday was to be our last full day on the Broads for another year and I fell asleep wondering where the time had gone.
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    this evening the fitting of the prop shaft support started, I didnt want to fix it solidly into the skeg end, as I wanted to be able to remove this, so I devised a method that would allow the bracket to sit in a slot in the skeg, the solid lump will be soldered into the skeg.
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    It makes me wonder than in years to come on the Broads, the bar will be your local Tesco/Asda and the sit down and enjoy your drink will be your boat. For me visiting a broads pub for a good ale and meal makes up a good percentage of my holiday and adds to the enjoyment of my vacation. Too many pubs are closing due to financial issues and people on the Broads are scrambling for moorings on the ones that manage to keep business.
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    I’m spending a lot more time driving than I’m used to or like these days (I used to do a lot years ago but don’t now) so my pet hates are ... Drivers who cut in at the front of queues rather than waiting for their turn like everyone else. There are certain makes of car that seem to do this more than others but I’m way too new here to get drawn into that. Lorries that overtake each other when they have a 0.1 mph speed advantage. Why can’t the one being passed slow down a little or better yet the overtaker live with a 0.1 mph speed reduction? Cars that you pass and speed away from catching you up in traffic and tailgating you as though you’re holding them up. That’ll do for now [emoji57] Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    the bottom of the bracket is just a push fit into the slot in the skeg.
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    Timbo, Ellie and The Beagles...possibly on Royal Tudor, on the other hand, it could be a raft cobbled together from string and twigs!
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    This is worth reading carefully, if you wonder at my cynicism. This doesn't come from the EDP (for obvious reasons) and was sent to me 3 years ago by a dear-departed friend of ours. I have posted it before on the forum but this is a good time to do it again, in case we develop short memories about such underhand activities.
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    I did the Lords tour earlier this year- loved it! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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