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    I joined the NBN nearly ten years ago, mainly because it was a friendly forum about boats on The Broads. I see today that I've averaged 1000 posts per year and I really must try to put more effort into it! We had just moved from sea-going to river-going boating and although we had a fair bit of Yare-bound sailing twixt Brundall and Gorleston we knew little about anywhere else on The Broads. Earliest Friday Girl, our Fairline Holiday, here shown when we visited St Peter Port in her with Daughter and Son and returned to Brundall! Sea-going, our trusty old Freeward 30, Friday Girl 2 Our "Froggy", Friday Girl 3, in Vlissingen And now Broads Bound until last year when I needed (and have since had) two new knees: I can honestly say that I've enjoyed every hour of it, be it sail, motor, sea or river! One day I'll finish the saga of all the adventures we've had in them all!
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    Charlie, for you and all who live in God's County! (Apologies if you've seen it before).
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    Beautiful weather so we ran down from Potter to St Benets, had a picnic lunch on board and then walked the dog round and had an interesting chat with some guys who were conducting a detailed survey of the ruins. A dead slow cruise round South Walsham Broad taking in the peace and general loveliness, then back up to Potter and finished the day with one of my rare half decent stern moorings! Does it get any better :)
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    The only good part of this is that I have just booked Jayne from Martham boats for the spring meet weekend, as a solo hirer - I have had the confirmation email, and nothing yet asking questions (give them time I hear the cry) this is going to be a big adventure for me as a first solo hire, though not my first time on the broads.
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    with a special appearance by Timbo on the organ no less.
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    JohnK, I have read your posts with interest. It appears that you have come to this debate rather late and are playing 'catch-up'. Forgive me if I have misread your situation. You will not get all the answers to this, simply by reading the discussion on here and asking questions. The debate about whether or not the Broads can be a national park goes back decades. It isn't a national park, for the reasons that have been explained. There were no attempts to push through any change in the legal situation until after John Packman was appointed CEO in 2001. In order to fully understand how we have arrived at today's situation of calling the Broads something it is not, and the palpable mistrust of the Broads Authority in general, and its CEO in particular, that exists among many (not all) boaters and boating organisations, it really is necessary to go back to historic documents, such as Defra publications, Hansard, letters from Ministers, minutes of meetings of Broads Authority committees. I'm sorry that there is no shortcut. It's not just about one side calling Yah-boo sucks at the other. It is a serious matter, which could have serious implications for the future of boating on the Broads. I hope you have read the email exchange between John Packman and me. Doesn't the fact that he hasn't responded to any of the points I put to him (and Fergus Collins) tell you something?
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    I no longer get involved with Facebook as I found the intrusive adverts among other things made the site impossible to use. This is the Norfolk Broads Network Forum and like you Vaughan I expect Broads related discussions to be on here where all can see them. Not hidden away on Facebook.
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    By the way, I gather Clive has said it is difficult to expect his staff to decide on a person's competence. In which case, the instructor seeks advice from his management, doesn't he? When I am doing a trial run, I reckon I can tell within about 10 seconds of going on board, whether the party know about boats or not. I am sure Wussername would agree with that!
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    I don't think that Richardsons would do anything that would impact their business without a great deal of thought and, as they see it, justification. I am actually quite surprised that so many people want to go solo! What also surprises me is that Clive, normally an affable sort of fellow, hasn't come along and explained this new policy as clearly it effects a number of forum members, especially as the forum has for so long been staunchly pro Richardsons.
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    I think he was looking at her bush
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    Progress report.... Roof in cabin to strip back. Sides in cabin to clean up. Windows & rubbers to replace. New decals to order & fit. Lots of tidying up to do as well. Sharp blades are really sharp!! Planning on making new windows myself. Plenty of polishing has been done & quite a bit more to do... All in all though, things are moving along quite nicely. Some of the more stubborn jobs are taking longer than hoped, but they haven't halted proceeding yet. Half day tomorrow to purchase carpets and accessories etc. Antifoul going on in the afternoon, so should start to look half decent from there onwards. It's been a bit of a slog, with long days and the one injury (I just can't multitask!) but it gets me out of the washing up for a few days...
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    Shamelessly copied to save having to type it all: For every action, there is an equal and opposite reaction. The statement means that in every interaction, there is a pair of forces acting on the two interacting objects. The size of the forces on the first object equals the size of the force on the second object. The direction of the force on the first object is opposite to the direction of the force on the second object. Forces alwayscome in pairs - equal and opposite action-reaction force pairs. Newton’s third law. why post this? Because the moment people stop looking and stop questioning the force to maintain a position has gone. In this case Mr P could then have a field day!
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    Ah, bless him, he does appear to be uncharacteristically lost for words at the moment though. In the 'other place' JP pleaded for support for his pet project after which he was vociferously challenged regarding the history and legitimacy of the BNP tag-line. The same has happened via a Facebook group and in both cases it appears that JP is either unwilling or unable to respond to what is clearly a well researched, well worded challenge. Perhaps it's only an 'A' level after all!
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    John Packman thrives on misunderstandings such as this. The relevant resolution that was passed by the Broads Authority was: "...that the brand “Broads National Park” be adopted for marketing related purposes with immediate effect..." Richardson's are marketing the Broads, so in that respect I agree, they're doing nothing illegal. The morality of it is, perhaps, debatable. On the other hand, the BA has neither the remit nor the duty to do any marketing. Their duty is "promoting opportunities for the understanding and enjoyment of the special qualities of the Broads by the public". Marketing isn't mentioned anywhere in the Broads Acts. While I'm on the subject, he also claims that the 1988 Act gave the Broads the status of a national park. That too is incorrect. There's no mention of it in the Act. It is simply a created form of words, with no legal authority whatsoever.
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    Thanks for your kind words, Grace and others who've offered supportive words as well. Well, I am sorted! Out goes Symphony from Richardsons, in comes Lady of Freedom from Freedom Boat Hire which I've booked today for the exact same dates. I'm pretty pleased with that because it seems an age since I was last on the South Broads. This will be my first Southern start since 2006 and my first non-Richardsons hire since 2012 (which was with Freedom when they were in Horning). I'm long overdue a change. I spoke to Chris from Richardsons again to cancel the booking and he offered me a £50 voucher as well as the refund which I thought was a nice gesture.
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    It's not a proper restoration unless you have blooded evidence finny
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    Today a start was made with fixing down the first of the side decks, lots of clamps to hold them to the curves.
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    Susie tells me that there is a lively discussion going on on Facebook including 2 statements from Clive, and so this thread seems to have dried up. I seems a bit silly that an important debate about the broads seems to happen half on here and the other half on Facebook. Can't we share the same information? Or am I just showing my ignorance of social media?
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    Another big thumbs up for the smaller yards then. They really do give a level of customer care that the big boys can't/won't
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    For those of us that keep an eye on nature, the Skylark at the back of our house has now started his singing, the Blackbirds are fighting over who's garden it is and some of the Cuckoo's have already started their migration back to the UK a few weeks early:- Cuckoos The indications of an early spring are there but there's still time for a brief cold spell.
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    Not sure we are any closer to the real truth - I guess only Richardsons can tell us that and they apparently do not want to!! Clearly it would appear that there is still more to this than meets the eye I have to say that in the past I have always thought of them as being a relatively progressive company, but at this moment in time there seems to be a lot of "shooting oneself in the foot" going on - still thats down to them but sadly I think this whole episode is beginning to impact their business. But only marginally!!!!
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    Just booked Grendel - Jayne - Saturday night and Sunday night. only picking up on Saturday, from Martham boats, so not too sure when I will arrive.
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    If Richardsons have done it to bring them in line with their booking agent hoseasons,why have I been able to book with Barnes Brinkcraft today (after having to cancel my Richardsons booking yesterday which was due to start in 2 weeks as I was solo) who also use hoseasons as their booking agent
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    I’ve just thought of a great business idea ! I could rent my mum out to single parents who want to cruise with under 18’s, she would need help on and off the boat though. She loves the Broads. She is happy to quietly sit looking out the window at the scenery. Doesn’t mind where you cruise. Doesn’t drink alcohol anymore or eat much food. Is a really good cook. Has good knowledge of the Broads dating back to the 50’s. She does know how to drive a boat but is half blind so it’s probably not a good idea to let her near a steering wheel. Knows it takes 190 turns on the winch to close the roof on Richardson’s San Francisco !! Lots of experience with children and has a frown that would stop a riot in Cairo !!

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