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    Ok so whilst fettling the platter I had a go with the resin and wood combo, for a first attempt I am quite pleased, will make a plinth with a light source to show off the burr timber within, about 3 1/2" diametere
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    Thought I would post this here being as it is Robins archive. Yesterday I was in Brundall with some time to spare so walked round to Robins boat to say hello and introduce myself. Always wanted to meet him having watched all the blogs and learnt so much from them. Well I tell you, a nicer person you couldn't hope to meet. Despite me just wanting to say hello he welcomed me aboard and then gave a guided tour of Indy. Just a real genuine welcoming person, and I thank you. Something else, his blogs just don't do justice to the size and internal quality of the vessel. It just has such a luxurious and warm feel that can't be described. You know some hire boats look better in the pictures, his boat is the opposite.
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    Aww...our very pleasant boating bit of the holiday is coming to an end We're moored at The Ferry at Stokesby and all I can think about is having to give the boat back in the morning! The only consolation is a few days in Norwich before we go back home, with the opportunity to drag NN round a few more shops (I'm joking, of course ). At least we've got the next NB holiday to look forward to in May and if need a fix before that at least coming on here will help! It's just started snowing again, a bit weird with brilliant blue sky...
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    This was what I spent part of the afternoon playing at. It's definitely a dopey triceratops! Maybe I will iron the T Shirt, but there again.....
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    Stumbled upon this forum today, have to say has a real friendly helpful feel to it. thought I'd introduce myself, we will be moving our boat to Brundall towards the end of April. hired on the broads in the past a few times finally bought our own boat last year, can't wait to be cruising on the broads again.
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    Hi there. Not been on here for a while. Have been boating for around 18 years. Introduced to it by expartner. I love it. Had my own boat for 17 years. But because I dont use it that much now, not so much fun on my own I have put it up for sale. I have spent time on North and South broads. Both have their own particular charm. The Norfolk Broads for me is so tranquil and I enjoy all the seasons.
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    I just reread what you first wrote and realise I misunderstood it the first time. Genuinely sorry.
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    That just reminded me to order one, done.
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    Hello and welcome and yes there is I think what Charlie is saying is that we hope members will participate on what is a friendly forum but members can post adverts too. In other words it would be a shame if you posted your advert without us getting the chance to chat with you too! Hope that makes sense, we are a friendly bunch
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    Today being sailing day it was off down to the sailing club, flags up, buoys out, bacon butties had. Then I went out to the buoys again.. Today is the Ramuz trophy and Hong Kong trophy. Back in the 1970s the race was from the club to the Ramuz's house on South Walsham Broad, for the Ramuz Trophy stop for tea and coffee and the return for the Hong Kong. We've run the race either as a down river or up river to somewhere else for some years, but today due to the high winds and freezing temperatures it was decided to use an extended buoy course. So my second trip out was reposition buoys after a discussion with the Officer of the day, assistant officer of the day ( me) and the competitors. So buoy 4 was beyond Dydlers mill, and buoy 1 by the New Inn. Ramus Trophy race course 1p,2p, 4p. Sunny clocked all day, Wind Easterly, b****y cold, tide going out for the first race and in for the second ( as planned for a down river race). All boats started together, sadly only 4 Yeoman started, we of course, we're officiating, one crew came down realized it was a long race, and since the helmsman was in his 80s, and has had heart operations that was not a suprise when they withdrew. I guess others did not turn up looking at the weather conditions. We did have a good fleet of dinghies. I then occupied a rescue boat for a further 1 3/4 hours, during the race a couple of dingies fell over but sorted themselves out before I got there. The race was won by a Yeoman, then there were 2 lasers before the next Yeoman. After lunch, race two was down to 6 dinghies, so I moved buoy 4 back to its normal position at Black Horse broad, I had just managed that when the dinghies came round the bend. After another hour and a half on the river, you could feel the air temperature drop at about half two, I collected buoys, packed up the rescue boat, to find the bilge pump area still frozen with ice. After getting home after about 5 hours in a frozen boat, it was a long soak in the bath, very long, I fell asleep!!
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    FT. up to £900 depending on scale/quality. If anyone wants a display model, you buy the kit and I will make it FOC. This is a kit I adapted to a replica of Zimbi IV. And the real one
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    Maybe this will be the next move, start losing the ‘Broads Authority’ tag. Everything will state ‘Broads National Park’ then in a few years time everybody will have forgotten there ever was a BA. Oh no they won’t!!
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    There are a number of threads on here that hold very little interest for me, so I don't read them. Other people may well find them interesting. This is the case for every forum to which I belong. But I don't try to influence anyone not to post on them, or suggest how they may otherwise modify their on-forum behaviour. I read the content I want to read and ignore the rest.
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    well the sides came out of the clamps, they have about half of the needed curve on them, but I have thought of a way to clamp them now.
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    The true picture is it probably incorporates the best of both, there is no one cap fits all and the big attraction is that the Broads are unique in their own special way. Fred
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    Hi, Mrs Nog reporting for duty! xx Howard (Norfolk Nog} has eventually talked me into joining as he is a bit ticked off with me using his account! I love the cat, as I said earlier, and I've used Delilah as my user name as it's our cats name. He's told me no end of times what a lovely bunch you lot are. I understand I've got to be good for 50 posts....and then I can be naughty (hopefully) Lind xx
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    And I agree with that, Grace, you can have dozens all in different colours to match the occasion.......and of course I meant pairs of shoes, not husbands.....but there again, that's an interesting concept xx
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    The sad emote is purely for the thought of Mr Nog having the dreaded shopping dumped on him. Terrible
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    I couldn't resist this one either.....two extremely well fed white geese
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    Hi lind The thought of having to give the boat back is just the worst feeling, I've actually warned Richardson's engineers that they will have to prise my cold, dead hands from the bow rails before I give her up Saw this and thought of you but don't show Mr Nog If you had to choose between a husband and new shoes, choose shoes........they last longer and are easier to replace Grace
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    Thanks, Fred, I do appreciate what you are saying. My feeling is that, for example, we are actually closer to Chichester Harbour Conservancy which, like the Broads, is subject to the Harbours Act.
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    What has to be remembered is that the Broads is the Broads. It doesn't easily adapt to the one size fits all National Parks Act. Whilst some English national parks have some boating I think I am right in suggesting that the Broads is basically a waterway with a relatively narrow corridor of land surrounding the navigable waters and, as such, is a unique member of the NP family. As Bill quite rightly says, 'Not possible to compare'. Other members of the parks family are largely land with perhaps some boating. The Broads are largely wet stuff with a lot of boating. It might be more apt to name the Broads as the national inland waterway, such is its importance to the boating community.
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    Thought this would be useful for some. It's Sandford in action. If you have a read you will see Sandford invoked several times although not in the conclusions. Its easy to find out what the general issues are, just google Thirlmere Zip Wire. A comparison scheme in the Broads?? Not possible to compare, but perhaps a couple of towers and zip wires across Horsey? The planning application was withdrawn, apparently specifically because the MOD said it would endanger their low flying. Which is highly ironic - its OK to fly a fast jet down the lake but not zip wire.... Make up your own minds Thirlmere.pdf
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    WOW, Queren! They used to make 'em hardy but obviously some of you still exist!
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    Welcome Simon! Check out the Spring and Summer Gathering threads.
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    The above was another hire boat from Aston Boats. Originally Aston Mars.
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    I saw a pic of this in the Leeds Canal basin months ago and I found it last week moored at the side of the Royal Armouries in the Dock on the river now called Leeds Dock (formerly New Dock and previously Clarence Dock (renamed it when they built high rise apartments around it!!)) WHY????
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    Welcome! I’m a relative newbie too, so advice is not likely to be my strong point but I can vouch for it being a friendly and supportive group- and there are loads of experts on here who seem really happy to help the newbie crew!
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    Stokesby 1958, not changed much in 60 years. One of Ripplecrafts. Don't know what the other one or the yacht are.
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    So far my day is going badly. Email to say my Microsoft cloud is over the limit! I don't have I have my own personal cloud. Email to say my Virgin internet is going to be disconnected, I am not with Virgin. Email my ebay account is overdrawn, closed it months ago. Now I have just broken my last saw blade while cutting gun ports on the boat! paul Oh and my long lost brother in Nigeria needs to transfer some cash to me and needs my bank details to do so.
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    Go on. I am sure you won't regret it. The performance left me with tears of joy and laughter. Not a bit like the "Shakespeare" that was inflicted on us at school. We will definitely be back in Stratford too. We loved the place!
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    Well done to you and team Indi you have made my weekend its been an adventure for us watching as well as you boys. As for the broads Authority I wish they would respond to other issues on the river as Quick jack
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    Massive well done Team Indy! So many emotions experienced by the Indy crew and us forum crew. Thank you for letting us join the adventure from behind our screens. The words, the photos, the videos. If this was a film, the credits would be endless! Robin, now enjoy your fabulous boat who we have all taken into our hearts. Brave crew, brave Indy
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    "let it be enacted pursuant to "The Act 2018" that this day 6th February 2018 be forever more known locally and nationally as INDEPENDENCE DAY in perpetuity."
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    She is safely on her mooring now btw Griff
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    Independence has now completed at Brooms taking on fuel. She will be shortly moving to her new mooring. The AIS now disabled. So apart from getting her alongside Robin and Independence are now at their new home. Thank goodness for that! Some adventure eh? Griff
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    Team Indy - All home safe,. I walked in at 0130 to have our Macie dog go bonkers as per the norm. It's snowing here good and proper and settling too so another cold morning to look forward to. Back down to earth with a crash, stripping out a shower room in just over 6 x Hrs, I'm so tired it will have to be a shower in t morning. Clay shooting Wednesday evening. Did the adventure really happen? Remind me not to move anyone's boat from anywhere to anywhere at sea ever again unless it is in the summer in sunny calm seas with nowt more then a zephyr, let alone a gentle breeze Thanks again for all your comments / best wishes, proper humbling Griff
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    No Wetherspoons or pints for me tonight, or the rest of the team either. Too knackered. Snacks onboard, tidy up. Then drive home Griff
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    Another 1958 Yarmouth pic. Craig hasn't got this one listed but from the 1963 Hoseasons it looks like Gay Princess. A F.B. Wilds boat passing another Wilds boat. Roy
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    4.5 hour drive to Dunbar in Scotland this morning. Back south tomorrow to Buxton then home Wednesday. Wednesday could be very interesting with the weather! Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
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    Today and tomorrow. 30m2 travertine floor in kitchen / dining room. Not tiling but stripping back / deep clean, then partial grout removal, then impregnate/ seal the trav, then re- grout then seal again. The floor will look brand new on completion. Joy and glee once again Griff
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