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    We have done a forum Update this morning to keep us on the latest version, please let us know if there is any strange behaviour (no not from the members). Thanks
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    Our old solar panel had a little blue blinking light when it was charging. Upon arriving at the boat one evening (dark) the wife said "the solar panel is broken", I ask why, and she said the little light is not blinking, I replired its dark, and her reply "yes I know but the solar panel isnt working....."
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    Well i've finally got me a new restoration project.....The boat we have is a 17' so not great for overnight sleeps so i wanted something a bit bigger, and after looking about decided i wanted a norman 20'I wanted a complete restoration project so i can get the boat how i want it not how someone else wanted it.so after looking on flebay, gumtree & FB i saw 1 on FB cheap, but the trailer was an old caravan so flat and needed loads of work before i even started on the boat.I was meant to be looking at it yesterday (Monday)last week i went on Shpocky and found another for 3 times the amount of the 1st one, but the trailer was good.so after a few haggles i knocked him down to half the price he wanted. and spent the weekend with family in Wolverhampton.drove up to Wigan (just west of Manchester) on Monday and collected the boat.The trailer has had 4 new tyres, new bearings, new brakes etc so i hoped it was good to tow back to Suffolk.I put in the satnav avoid motorways just to make sue all was ok and the M6 was really busy with loads of tailbacks.2 hours later after the stupid satnav took me north of Manchester and back into the city centre and me screaming at it i asked the wifey to go on google maps and get me out of here.I was not best pleased i can tell you.so I left Wigan at 10am and arrived back in Suffolk at 7pm rather shattered and exhausted.dropped the boat off at my storage place, went home showered and went to bed.Went back down this morning to have a look at her and was pleasantly surprised.all the windows, windscreen, bow rail and rubbing strip are there which is handy as they are the expensive bits.We didn't do much today just had a bit of a sort out as, as you can see it was used as a bit of a dumping ground, so lots of rubbish inside.so cleaned the rubbish out, brought the windows & Windscreen home and that was it.Looking forward to getting stuck in now.......
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    As a lot of people on here know Timbo has been restoring Royal Tudor, you may also know he has not been very well this year and Royal Tudor has taken a back seat. Over a drink a week or so ago some of us came up with a plan to get RT restoration going again. I cannot do it own my own so We have decided a work party weekend probably sometime in May but date to be confirmed to get things started. What I’m after is willing volunteers who can spare some time from a couple of hours to the whole weekend who can either do sanding, painting and of course woodwork. I am happy to provide tea and coffee and a bacon sandwich to those that attend I can also offer Nipper as somewhere to stay if you need accommodation overnight. If your happy to help out please either PM me or reply below. I am doing this with Timbo’s blessing. Doug.
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    Ok good people the vlogs will now be every two weeks as i am to busy to do one a week . This week i show you how to make Scotch Broth Soup .
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    The Ram in Brundall do pizza delivery, and very good they are. paul
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    Not a fan of fast food,pubs we go when we can New Inn Horning,both white horses,ferry house Surlingham,waters edge. Just to mention a few.I hear some do fast food as well.
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    the chip shop just off the bridge at Wroxham.
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    yes, a couple of thousand pounds to fly to Austraia to get them...
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    I would also give a massive thumbs up for the Bridge, to me the benchmark of how a good pub should be run The Potter burger van is excellent for a 'stand up' style pit stop. We use it a lot in winter ie out of season and it's noticeable how popular it is with the locals.,
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    Yes I have one of those alarms but she's deaf. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    Peter, Can you make sure it is properly dredged and shore power is laid on, please.
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    Never been 'chronicled' before. Is it painful?
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    I agree. We have a 12v TV on Moonlight Shadow. It has an enormous adaptor. We put a 12v lead on board to plug into the 12v socket so that the adaptor is surplus to requirements. SueH
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    I apologise for the delay in posting the next instalment – this is largely for two reasons: Firstly, we’ve been hit by a spell of good weather so my attentions have been diverted elsewhere; secondly, this instalment is mainly photos, and choosing the right pictures is a lot harder than just writing about them! Anyway –here we go: Cox’s work So just to recap – the work to be undertaken by Cox’s was the elimination of anything rotten (keel, planking, frames) new bent oak ribs, cove line etc. I’ve already described work on the new keel so the next photo shows the stripped out interior before work started: The next photo shows new ribs and two new laminated frames: Actually this picture is a bit out of sequence because it was taken after the starboard planking was completed. After addressing the framing and the keel, next came planking: The majority of the existing planking appeared to be larch but we decided on mahogany because (as Polly has posted) getting hold of good quality larch in quantity is difficult at best and at this stage it was a guess as to exactly how much would be required; Cox’s buy their seasoned mahogany in bulk as complete sawn trees and so have an almost inexhaustible supply at a very good price! I should mention that Cox’s will sell timber as well as using it: http://coxsboatyard.co.uk/top-quality-timber-sale/ And now various shots of the planking in progress. The plan is that the seams above the waterline will be epoxied and those below the waterline will be sikaflexed (as seems to be the fashion nowadays). The following photos cover a period from March 2017 to April 2018. By the end of this sequence the upper planking has been epoxied, the lower planking sikaflexed and the whole given a first sanding down before a second application of epoxy to deal with any remaining blemishes! Coming next – something rotten in that state of the deck and starting work on the interior ….
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    I've got three of these to fit (aft cabin, cockpit, forward cabin), though I will mount them on the panels up the right way...
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    i live in scunthorpe, tim in gainsborough,i am already lined up as transport to and from norfolk as and when, as i can call on my way through,i do ring and call on tim quite often,, if i'm not available you could do the honours
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    I can think of some pretty awful looking, eyesore boats on the Broads, brand spanking new some of 'em!
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    A couple of years back we moored Lightning in Summercrafts yard, for which they charged us £10 for the night, which included water and 240v hook up. Last year, we moored in Herbert Woods for water and pumpout, and they told us we could moor over night plus hook up for £10. Richardsons just told us help yourself, with no charge, and that included hook up. Other people however did report Herbert Woods had subsequently refused private craft overnight mooring full stop. Maybe the forum members could enquire to ALL yards, hire and private, as to whether they allow overnight moorings with what facilities, so we could compile a complete list?.
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    Yes and no. For example Swancraft is now a private marina but they have a couple of visitor moorings. I understand that this was a condition of the planning permission by the BA. I think other private marinas may offer similar but of course are not under any obligation to guarantee moorings particularly for hire boats and will usually charge. Hire yards are slightly different. If they are members of the Hire Boat Federation (which most are) they will offer free moorings for other operators boats but may charge a fee or even refuse moorings for private boats. Some ask boats not to moor on busy turnaround days but the bigger yards may be OK, depending on how many boats they have out. This is the general set up but as Ian says a phone call will usually give the answer. However I always use the personal approach where possible. The yard staff are usually very accommodating and if you ask nicely they will usually try to help. A phone call may get through to someone in the office who might not know the exact situation in the yard and may give a stock answer. Faircraft Loynes is a good example, I always speak to the staff on the yard and have not been turned away yet!!!
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    I'm sure the planners didn't just allow them to drop the affordable homes. There must have been some inducement? Brown envelopes at the ready.
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    Can you guess what it is yet? Yes, with Doug's help I've bought another boat...definately a project boat... An 8' Barrow Boat, full kit and caboodle. A flappy thing! Currently named Moonlight, she will become the 'Gracie Tatie' named for my Granddaughter Grace. A GT to Royal Tudor's RT. Grace is excited even though the Gracie Tatie will not be staying that 'orrible pink colour! Quite a bit of work to do!
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    you should have called it Bear, Then RT would have a bear behind.

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