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    I don’t usually do ‘Holiday Tales’ but we are just back from a few days afloat which included an ‘interesting’ stop at Ranworth. We arrived around mid afternoon and there was only one space left at the end of the front moorings, the wind was blowing across and after three attempts at stern mooring with the wind blowing the bow round we were successful on the fourth attempt and were grateful for the assistance of two gents that took our lines and tied off whilst I dropped the mud weight. With us squared up there was one mooring post and about three feet of key heading visible from the water. During the rest of the afternoon there was a steady stream of boats cruising along the moorings in the hope that someone might be leaving and saw that although there was not enough room at the end to more a boat of any size especially with the side wind blowing. Eventually up turn a party of middle aged blokes on Tobago 2 and decide to have a go at mooring their 12ft wide boat on a 3ft key heading with one post. After a lot of revving and shouting of directions from their crew together with the effect of the wind they managed to crunch into us and took a chunk out of the side of Evesham Light moored on the first of the side moorings in the process. One of the blokes then got ashore and tried to pull it in which was never going to happen, I asked the bloke on the rope what make then think that they could moor a 12ft boat in a 3ft space (think car park scene at the start of Police Academy 1) and was told in no uncertain terms that it was my fault and that I should have moved over to let them in, a bit tricky when we were fender to fender with the next boat. After a lot of moaning they eventually gave up and moored where there was now a space down the side. The wind started to drop and a small hired Bounty type bathtub with a young couple and a dog tried to more and were successful in getting in square to the key heading so that they had a least part of the stern against it and we gave them some advice about the use of the mud weigh to hold the front which was politely accepted. It turned out the their dog was only six month old and was shall I say adventurous, not only running round they decks but ours as well !. This was not a problem until it obviously caught the smell of food from our oven and literally dived through the open window onto swimbos lap ! . I picked up the dog and asked the couple if they had lost something, they were mortified but we all had a good laugh about it and they went off to The Maltsters. During the later part of the afternoon we say a two Richos boats with youngsters onboard which were obviously together had cruised the moorings but eventually rafted together out in the broad. However one of them together with the crew of the other returned later obviously intent on mooring and came up with the bright idea of mooring stern to Evesham Light as you can imagine this was not well received by those on board but as luck would have it the couple with the Bounty just returned and were going to leave. The crew told us that they were going to the Maltsters and were not stopping all night but did we think it was possible to moor next to us in place of the now departed Bounty. Even though the wind had stopped it was a tricky manoeuvre with a large boat but the helm made a pretty decent job of it and willingly took advice on roping up and mud weighting. They returned later from the pub, thanked us for our help and apart from nearly leaving one girl behind, left without incident to re-raft up in the broad. The rest of the night was uneventful but in the morning when we were leaving we had to get the now very stuck in mud weight up. The dammed thing defied all the tugging that I could muster (which wasn’t much) so we decided to ‘drive it out’, swimbo selected forward and with a few revs we were off. After about 40 ft to be clear of other boats she dropped the throttle and I stated to pull in the rope, not my most favourite job I have to say. After a lot of heaving (and swearing) the mud weight came into sight but somehow it looked totally different to when I chucked it in, not because it was covered in disgusting slimy goo but because it was wearing a pair of red checked underpants !. Over the years of broads boating I have dragged many things from the water but never a pair of pants in the event they were returned to the watery depths. Thus ended our stay at Ranworth meeting some thoroughly nice and by their own admission ‘complete novice’ young holidaymakers and a brief encounter with a dog.
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    The alarm went off at 04.30, up at 05.00, and away by 06.10. Stopped off for the loo at South Mimms services, disgusting, but necessary. A great trip up, and now in The Hogue Farm Shop just after the the A11 / 14 split enjoying a coffee. It's been raining slightly, but who cares, our spirits are up, we're on holiday and will soon be afloat. More to come later.
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    Normal folk and the local population get to work just fine on the trains. Normal folk, local population and tourists that that bring in a fortune to the local economy cruise under bridges just fine. Both coexist with out any issues and have done so for decades but only if railtrack fulfil their legal obligations with regards to the bridges, maintenance and operation. They have been far too lackadaisical for far too long and the Ba have allowed them to get away with it so the situation has now become accepted as the norm. Therefore imho the Ba should use the power of the statute books / laws etc to force them to hold their end up. Then there will be no inconvenience to both rail commuters or the boat fraternity. If there is while repairs / upgrades are carried out, then Railtrack only have themselves to blame. We all know if you leave a small problem too long it soon manifests itsen as a major problem down the river. As has been stated before if a problem with a bridge stopped the trains running they would have it fixed in a jiffy which states just what railtrack think of the boating fraternity - Says it all really Griff
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    Ranworth is for many a very special place. I visit more than many. Winter, Spring and Summer. Sometimes by boat but mostly by car. It is a place visited by many holiday makers in their cruisers, by sail, by motor cruisers, both private and hire. By car, by walkers, even by coach parties from the local holiday camps. School trips by coach. To visit the cathedral of the Broads, to visit the nature center on Ranworth Broad. For some, during our peak period it is a place of frustration, of anxiety, indeed dispair of a lack of help, guidance, advice. Where is the Broads Authority at this very important, focal, integral part of the Broads experience. Sure a Quay Assistant would be good. A Ranger, but these guys come at a premium, very knowledgeable, indespensable. However, at little cost there are those who are the very essence of our culture, our commitment to the Broads. The volunteer. Do not underestimate him. He comes at little or no cost. He will be of an age that brings authority, understanding, knowledge, and commitment. The Broads Authority needs to recognise this assett. Provide him or her, with a uniform, to assist the visitor to moor. Move boats to utilize the space available, to advise on how to moor, to inform, to simply enhance the Broads experience. Andrew.
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    Today I am off to do the tour of Wimbledon. Very much looking forward to it.Since I was very young have loved watching tennis.As yet not been able to visit Wimbledon during the tournament. Will do one year I hope.Have been to the APT end of year at the 02,which was a great event.Will post some pics later. Ian
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    Hold on that train from Lowestoft is definitely needed by the boating fraternity. Having had to go out via Lowestoft this morning thanks to the haven bridge problems (to watch the airshow) my friends have had to overnight at rnsyc because the lock shuts at 5 so we either moored up or missed half the airshow. I had to be home tonight so had to leave them and jump on the train. On time and no hold ups at all. It was great not having to wait for reedham or Somerleton to work!!!! and at £7:50 for an off peak single to brundall not that cheap. There was less than 25 of us on it though ok so I'm being sarcastic. I wonder, and this is a bit of subject creep, I can claim for 2 lock passages at £13 each way and an overnight mooring at rnsyc at about £36 from peel ports? I'm happy to pick up the tab for our overnight meal and bar bill!! shame the BA didn't get the guys at Mutford to do some overtime with haven out and airshow weekend? Nothing is joined up at all.
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    I admit I haven't waded through all of that before replying but I can only see statistics for the top 10 stations (not Lowestoft) and even then the figures are only for the number of people going through the station. It doesn't say where they are going to or coming from. My "educated guess" would be that an awful lot more people using Lowestoft station are commuters going to Ipswich and on to London - or Stanstead - or Stratford (for Eurostar) - than there are towards Norwich.
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    What about the local population who have need for this service. It isnt all about leisure boating. Hardly a common occurrence , weather being too hot. Gosh I wish.
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    The full text of Dr Packman's ramblings are as follows, make of it as you will! Reedham and Somerleyton Swing Bridges On Wednesday we had a meeting with the engineers from Network Rail. A number of interesting points came out from our discussion about the performance of the two bridges. Reedham Swing Bridge is apparently in a much better condition than Somerleyton which has a current problem with its centre bearing which is causing the bridge to rock. Network Rail is planning to commission work to deal with the problem in the near future. I asked about the potential to install a sprinkler cooling system but the costs, potentially over £100,000, look too high to justify the expenditure. This is because of the need for a desalination system. The engineers would not want saline water spayed on the bridge and there is no fresh water supply available at Somerleyton. I also asked about ‘summer rails’ which have been mentioned by a number of people. This isn’t a term the engineers recognise. However, the company paints the end of the rails white which apparently reduces the temperature of the rails on a hot day by 2-3 degrees. They also ‘double clip’ the rails to the rail base plate which also reduces the amount of thermal expansion. They will be instructing the bridge operators to improve the wording put on the electronic signs so that the cause of any delay is displayed, as well as the anticipated time when the bridge is expected to be able to let boats pass. Regarding communications, I am told that next year when the improvements to the signalling are complete the bridge operators will have more time to take calls from boat owners. In terms of the Authority’s preferred option of replacement bridges, there is no funding available to Network Rail in their current planning period which runs from 2019 to 2025 and we have committed to work with them to support the case for investment in readiness for the next window of opportunity from 2025. We will continue to monitor the performance of the bridges and have agreed to a further meeting with Network Rail’s engineers in August. My view is simple, the Authority has two relevant Acts of Parliament of which both apply. One, the Broads Act that requires the BA to protect the interests of navigation and the Railways Act which very clearly requires the railway company to maintain the right of navigation in regards to the Broads Bridges. Both Acts are quite precise in their wording, there is no need for phaffing around. Packman makes it clear that he is working with Railtrack, consider that the problems associated with the bridges has been around for a long time now and Railtrack just continues to drag its heels. Working with is no longer an option, insist that Railtrack upholds the relevant terms of the Railways Act. 2025 is seven years away, Packman is hopefully not going to be around then, problem is quite simply being brushed under the carpet for the next person rather than getting on with it now. The lack of insistance rather highlights the good Doctor's woeful attitude towards the boating community. We can be quite certain that if the bridge had broken down in the open position then there would be no waiting around until 2025. Re those summer rails, the darn things lay on the ground, near the bridge, waiting to be used, if Railtrack can be bothered!
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    I can assure you that the population of grouse moors go up and down like a yoyo. The Red Grouse is a wild bird. It is given a helping hand by heather burning to promote young shoot growth in the breeding season and keep parasites down like fluke but a cold wet spring can virtually wipe out a breeding season. One moor that I know well that is along and at the top of Arkengarthdale has lost three shooting seasons since 2004 and others have seen their number shooting days seriously curtailed. The above is the main reason why Grouse Shooting is the top end of game shooting. Pheasant and Partridge being much more affordable due to being reared and released. On the 1st May this year I was on Hathor from Wroxham to Ranworth. The river was very quiet and we saw virtually no Mallard, Moorhen or Coot. We did see however four apex predators in the form of Otters. The Marsh Harrier has also become very largely non migratory and the roost at Hickling now has huge numbers of birds, young waterfowl are very much on his menu. Ten years ago, if you sailed from Stalham to Ant Mouth, you would be chased by Mallard chicks looking for food all the way down river, when did you last see that? The Mallard is not exactly a retiring bird, it will nest if full view of humans so the argument of they are in the water where there are no boats does not hold water where Mallard are concerned.
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    Well not for me doesn't. From my window I look upon fields of wheat and barley. Oak trees provide a Capability Brown landscape. When I first came here some thirty years ago I enjoyed the sound of the sky lark every morning when I took the dogs down the lane. I enjoyed the barn owl screeching at night and hunting along the hedgerows in the morning in order to sustain its young. Grey Wagtails, Yellow Hammers, Tawny Owls. Swallows and House Martin's would swoop across the fields of corn. Today..............nothing. Well I say nothing. That is not strictly true. Trundling across the fields today tractors with large booms were spraying a mist. Insecticides, weed killer. Who knows. However what I do know is that I now live in an agricultural desert. Devoid of wild life. I am not sure what is meant by population dynamics, or indeed global warming. I do however suspect that the farmers tractor has a significant part in what I consider to be responsible for this dramatic change in our country side. And for that we all share a responsibility. Andrew
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    Lots of good advice. I like the swimming pool mooring which is short but tends to be empty in my experience. It's an easy walk to the town too and in April I climbed the church tower for the first time which was well worth the effort for the view. At Geldeston, as well as the Locks if you want a quiet spot the other Dyke to the right where it splits is lovely.
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    Sorry Martin, I don't agree. If you look at Cockshoot broad for example, where the boats don't go, whilst you might glimps the rare migratory Rosy Breasted Notscratcher, but, of the standard ducks coots etc, you will see few. They all live where the boats go and the visitors with their crusty loaves of bread live.
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    Thank you for your replies. Our boat is Eve, built by Porter & Haylett in 1958. Her wheelhouse is not original but similar to the hardtop version of P & H's Astroline (see Eve's entry in Craig's list). I am attempting to include a photo: hope it works.
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    All looks very innocent, but this is just how Admiral De Ruyter's 1667 raid on the Medway started. I shall be on my guard.
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    Hells Bells Charlie. Have you walked under a black cat or something ?. Hope things get better for you mate and more importantly that the tiger comes off the critical list very soon. Cheers Trev
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    Thanks Maxwellian. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    Bought some special ketchup from the hogue farm shop, then back on the road. Not far to go now as we broke the back of the journey. Next stop sainsbury's at Thetford for some flowers for Mary Jane, and some allergy tablets for me, which we duly got. Next stop the St Georges Distillery for some English Whiskey for Karen, then round to see John and Mary Jane. We haven't seen each other for nearly 2 years, and it was a pleasure to see them again. We left the Hockam Eagle just after 2, and arrived at Brundall between half two to three, and loaded up Lightning. We were'nt hungry so had a bag of chips between us and a pancake roll. We waiting for the rest of the crew who we expect to arrive about 8.30 pm, but they arrive early. The weather is now very warm, with no rain, so we settle in for the evening. None of us will be late for bed tonight, it's been a long day with a long drive, It's going to be another busy day tomorrow with BSB at Snetterton, which is only half an hour away. Last year, we did the same, and when we got back to Lightning, we had a stunning evening cruise down to Reedham, so let's hope for the same tomorrow. But now it's time for bed, good night all.
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    Wow, those pics don't look real. Look more like computer enhanced. Tennis reminds me of some years back, when my mate, in an attempt to attract the females playing on the court next to us, announced the score as.. Love, Duece.
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    So if theres no chance of the line being closed either Network Rail will pay for new swing bridges or in years to come the bridges will surely have to remain closed, they wont last forever. If we are saying half then roughly 225000 folk a year are using the norwich-lowestoft line which works out to around 616 passengers per day or with 24 trains a days (save for sundays) its about 25 passengers per train.....viable really? So most of the time 100s of people per crossing closure numbering millions over the year are being inconvenienced for 25 folk on a train who could just as easily get a bus. I see it closing and the sooner the better for me.
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    We've managed to get on the staithe mostly out of season. Made our minds up last October that we would have a short cruise day leaving early from our previous mooring and arrive around 10.30 to 11 and then stay all day. It worked out really well but we still got one of the last spaces until people left after lunch.
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    I thought bumble bees were protected? I would hope they are. 'Ours' most definitely are. I wish my Tiger had been Griff
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    To my mind the responsibility entirely lay with Railtrack. Like many structures of similar vintage the bridges were massively over engineered and took a lot more and heavier loads than they do today. The problem is that because they were so well built in the first place they have not had sufficient maintenance and we have now ended up with the problems that require large amounts of money to fix and provide a reliable service to both train and river users as they did in the past.
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    Wonderful write up. Thank you for sharing. Ranworth is certainly so popular that people will do all sorts of strange things to try to get moored there. Personally unless I am desperate for water or shopping I prefer the quiet of the Island to playing sardines at the staithe!
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    I wouldn't be too sure. Two very expensive bridges on a short thus low fare route might not stack up well when the costings are done. However, don't blame us boaters, Rail Track have ignored their investment for far too long.
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    Interesting, where did you get the figures?
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    Couldnt happen soon enough for me. If the Somerleyton line was closed (permenantly) not only could road traffic move through Oulton Broad unobstructed but Im also fairly sure the need for a third crossing in Lowestoft would dissipate. (Saving the Government Millions) The fact that Network Rail had to be lobied to make improvements to signalling to “try” and alleviate the traffic problems they cause in Oulton Broad (I cant tell the difference) it indicates to me they dont pay much thought to the effect of their infrastructure on others. For me its just a pity Beechings axe didnt reach a bit further. In my opinion the railway and the traffic disruption it causes in this area is stunting the economy and instead of handing out CBE’s its about time some radical new thinking took place
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    I've not posted for a bit, but we will be back on the broads 2 weeks today (after a week in Cornwall to totally chill me out) I tend not to post when I'm too far a away from my holidays and it makes me green with envy! We are with Pacific Cruisers again, and again on Pacific Dawn, whilst I've never hired from anyone that wasn't very helpful and polite (mind you Alphacraft whilst being very nice were a bit odd ) Richard and Fiona take it to another level, nothing's too much trouble! Anyway, maybe someone can help me with a bit of info For the first time we plan to go down to Geldeston Locks, now Dawn has a airdraft of 6'7'' with everything down, how quickly does the river rise and fall at Beckles? Leaving me a little wriggle room (literately) would I be safe in assuming I should be safe an hour before / after high water? Is there anywhere where you can book a mooring on the southern broads within a couple of hours of Yarmouth? I read somewhere that the Lord Nelson books its moorings? is that right? I thought they were all BA! Does The Bell St Olaves book moorings? Just one thing I have to be near a pub/restaurant in the evening, if I'm not allowed to spend at least £50 in a broads boozer I'm likely to melt! ;-) I pull a dinghy everywhere for that reason We are also heading up the Ant towards Stalham as I haven't been past Barton Broad for a few years, I know the answer would be to ring them, but are Richardsons ok with mooring on a Tuesday? the line trotted out seems to be avoid changeover days, but Richardson seem to just about changeover everyday apart from a Sunday these days! Anyway, any info would be most welcome The last time I posted on here was this time last year when we were about to on holiday, we had just lost our 13 year old cocker spaniel, and were devastated, people were very kind, however we now have little Lottie in our lives, and this will be her first broads outing She is only 10 months and is a working cocker, she was rescued from the 'so called' breeder, and has been with us for 7months, we don't know much about her early life but it wasn't good, she is getting more confident now, but she is still very nervous of people, especially men, although she follows me around like a shadow. Somehow if you have had a dog, your home doesn't feel right when they've gone! How anyone can be cruel to an animal is beyond my comprehension, if you see us give us a wave Sorry for the ramble, I'm afraid it's just the way they wired me!
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    I don’t consider myself particularly militant, but when pressure needs applying there are ways and means. How many people are registered currently on this forum? Thirty emails a day (Copied and pasted) from each member to network rail will not go unnoticed by themselves that like to drag their feet. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    That would be easy, change all rails from terminus to terminus for 60ft's instead of the LWR bridge problem solved. But (a) would the passengers like the clippty clip for the whole journey (b) every 60 ft would be needed two track circuit bonds, which need a regular weekly walk through checking. (c) just imagine the out cry at the fair increase for all this old Victorian technology being reinstated. So the most obvious solution to all this (1) Leave as is (2) Or the most logical, change the law weld the two bridges in the closed position, saves all those wages, as there is no longer commercial working ports on the Waveney or Yare problem solved. All broads friendly boats still able to navigate safely, problem solved and money saved. (3) Put a crowd funding up to raise a few million to have built a state of the art 21st century bridge built, no thinking more sensible it should be tens of million's to raise. So all in all I recon its a case of put up with whats there, make do with it as it is a\ Victorian designed bridge that has worked for in excess of a 100 years, and should still be ok for an other 100 years at least. But make sure no water with the slightest chance of salinity in it gets near these historical works of art. Charlie (mods hat clearly off)
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    Hello Everyone, Just to introduce myself, my name is Richard, 50 years of age. I have loving partner and she keeps me in order. I started boating on the Norfolk Broads in the early 1980's when my father purchased his dream boat an Ocean 38 (if memory serves correct that is, could have been 42 Im not 100% sure). From the early 80's to the middle 90's I enjoyed regular boating activities during the summer months, during the winter months it was so active but I was there. Then in the middle 90's I started my own family and my job took over everything, boating faded away and unfortunately when dad passed away his boat was sold and the Broads became a distant memory. In 2005 I moved from my home in Downham Market to Cornwall to start a new career as a Paramedic. With children I purchased a Motorhome and have since 2008 been motorhoming around the UK and Europe, then following a visit to Norwich I hired a day boat and then flame was re-lite ! Much google time later I come across the Captains Blog, wow if there was anyone who is enthusiastic about the Broads then that must be that guy (I think his name is Robin, sorry if I have it wrong). I have watched every video several times and the need for a boat is growing stronger. This where my partner comes in......... My partner has been sailing all her life, I must admit I tried it a few times but not really my thing. After much discussion she has agreed that she is happy to sell her modest 60ft sail boat so that I can we can buy a nice boat, so the hunt starts. I live in sunny Cornwall so I have spent a little time in local marina's checking out the brokerages. Plymouth and Torquay have some nice craft but our limit is about £200,000 most of the craft there are out of our pockets. The hunt will continue. Anyway, I look forward to reading and at some stage hopefully having a boat I can enjoy the Broads with again......... Thanks Rich
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    Doesn't look like the tide level is going to improve, it's still going to be high. The low tide was yesterday ( when we should have left Thorpe ) This morning we left Thorpe and almost scraped through under the bridge (less than 10mm). 10 mins later and we would have not made it. Tonight's low doesn't look any better. Is it just coincidental these bridges have failed this weekend!!! We only need Reedham now to do the same. Is it not time to lobby the BA and get them to put more pressure on to get these bridges serviceable if not replaced. We are lucky that we can fold down to 8ft for bridge clearance but one day I might have something bigger. Colin n.b. http://www.ntslf.org/data/realtime?port=Lowestoft
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    Oh geez I feel a tad guilty bringing this back up now.. I think it's far too easy for us all to say how it should be done.. clearly the councils believe (Probably via expensive legal advise) that they don't need to provide this and such stupidly removed it (I think it would be interesting if someone brought legal action on them.. surprised NSBA aren't in talks??). Personally I don't mind paying, but I didn't before why should I now?.. I pay council tax in Medway.. pesky tourist therefore use "My" bins why can't I use Norfolk bins when I'm visiting there?.. I think the easy answer is that river tolls to increase slightly.. the BA provide bins part funded by the councils (as others mention the influx of tourism supports the local area without tourism yup you won't need bins... won't have much more either!). I did raise to ask the question "what on earth are we meant to do", in some way I answered that myself by looking at this link (http://www.broads-authority.gov.uk/boating/facilities/waste-facilities) which shows there are still quite a few places (although this is dated 2014), if that's the case then we should be OK at present. But the swimdeck is going to become the black sack store.. not sure how that will fits in with the "Idyllic" "Unique" landscape of other "National Parks".. it's certainly going to quickly start looking like a tip..
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    I don't mind the local authorities charging a fee, BUT 1. They have already removed services rather than taking this route 2. The whole thing would have to be via the tolls as a levy because otherwise the arguments about who uses their boat and for how long etc will ditch the whole thing. 3 a lot of boat owners are local and already pay so does there then need to be a different toll for Broadland residents?
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    There is another option, and its the same as any other tourist "ATTRACTION" and that is reinstate the bins . Disposal of tourist waste should be a high priority the same as public toilets. Without these facilities the "ATTRACTION" is lost along with the income that tourists bring to the local economy, its a downward spiral after that. No Tourists = No waste problem Hoorah ! oh but wait a minute...... No Tourists = No business = No employment = No income Its time to wake up and smell the coffee !!!!!!
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    It was a joke! And frankly the hire companies should be paying to dispose of commercial waste generated by their clientelle. In the same way a hotel, a caravan site, a guest house, a restaurant and lord knows what else in the holiday business. They got their tolls reduced use that money.
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    Here is an idea... Where I work we have commercial waste - put into pre-paid bin bags (purple for waste and orange for recycling). Of course not everyone abides by the rules, so every day your see the odd plain black bin bag in the mix but in the main it works and the buying of the bags from the waste contractor thus pays for the service (likely with a top up/grant from local council) I think they should put back the bins on the Broads, but all hire boats come with color bin bags - added into the cost of hire, which over a weeks holiday might be an extra £5.00 say spread out over the fleet of boats and season. So, the boatyard buys in bulk the stock of bags - then divides this cost over the the seasons hires so each person hiring is 'taxed' a small amount for the waste they produce. Maybe this is controversial asking for people to pay for waste collection as an added charge to their holiday cost, but how else does the collection of this waste the hirer produces otherwise get paid for? Local residents may argue that their council tax is subbing that of the additional costs of waste collection that the influx of visitors to the area brings - by having the cost of the collection of waste paid for through the hire companies purchase of the bags (then passed to the customers) it would do a lot to raise the needed money to run the service with the local council likely having to add far less 'into the pot' to cover those who abuse the system not using pre-paid bags.
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    This thread is entitled 'My Day' this post of mine should really be titled 'My Week' I have four vehicles I can use at my beck and call 24/7. 'GriffTile' van, Jeep, MrsG's Focus and of course the mighty Tiger (There is also a Dutton Phaeton and a Honda 400-4 but they are Sorned and kept with a mate) My GC Jeep is now getting a bit long in the tooth, so is MrsG's Focus so we have made a decision - Sell both and have once social vehicle to run between us. Two vehicles associated annual running costs when combined and they are doing no more than 6000 miles per annum between them is an extravagance we can afford but really? Lets be sensible. A bit of research puts the Jeep value no more than about £1'300 realistically. So first job, give the Jeep a full years MOT prior to sale. So in it went to my local garage Thursday, two days ago. Phone call - Griff - it ain't worth it mate, there is a list of faults as long as your arm - Get rid, don't even bother getting a years ticket on it, it'll cost as much as the Jeeps worth. So I have as of Friday secured it's sale as 'Spares or Repair' Obviously got nowhere near it's potential value but I bought it cheap so Ce Cera Cera. It should be off our drive by Monday. We are now down to three vehicles Last night at 2330 I departed Donny bound for the wetshed in my 'GriffTile' van as I have a maintenance weekend helping a friend out with his boat. Eta at wetshed is 0230-ish. 2359 and I'm in a Layby on the A1 between 9 miles before the A17 at Newark. Long story short, the turbo has let go. By the time my Lad got hold of a trailer etc we eventually got home at 0430. By 0830 van is in the workshop with a promise it will be sorted by Tuesday. I will have to manage Mon / Tues job out of MrsG's car. What's hacked me of good n proper is that I have let my mate down helping him with his boat not to mention selfishly declaring missing two days onboard 'B.A' We are now down to two vehicles Back to Thursday again and my prized Tiger is booked in for 'Auto Detailing' (It's like valeting but more in depth) with a outfit in the next village, it should have been done Friday but he is really busy and can I leave it with him? - No problem as I don't need it till this coming week as I have promised our nephew visiting from Germany that I will take him for a ride out one evening. Two hours ago I get a call the Tiger is ready for collection. MrsG drops me off on her way to Meadowhell in Sheffield. As I'm walking up the drive to his garage I can see him holding Tiger with another customer. Said other customer then departs. Griff - I'm really sorry I have just dropped your Tiger. Apparently due to the arc of the fall the point of contact was the pillar of the garage door and a set of steps lent up. Fairing smashed, one headlight smashed, clutch cover damaged, gear lever bent, top box (Colour coded) smashed, immobilizer triggered which has resulted in the ignition system now totally inert and no end of issues behind the plastic fairings that I can't see. In short my mighty Tiger is not able to be ridden and needs major attention at the local vets (Team Roberts dealership in Connisbrough). We are now down to one vehicle All this in just TWO DAYS! On top of that I had it confirmed today that we have a Bumble Bee nest in our garage. The exterminator came round, two options, powder to kill them all off including the nest or leave well alone till September when they will have moved on or died with the life span / natural causes. Then clean out / remove the nest. I like Bumble bees - We are keeping them, ( just need to bear in mind our dogs) I shall not be demanding rent and will daily leave sugar water in a saucer for them in the garage but to be honest we both would have preferred it if they had made there home elsewhere. Should I buy a lottery ticket for this evening? is it really worth it? Griff
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