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    It was a funny old day yesterday in Norfolk. Blast me that were hot, I dint know what to do with meself what with her a naggen on an on about all the things that need doin. So I though wot I’ll do is have a little sit under me new gazebo. (My last one blew away last year onto Halvergate marsh somewhere). Well as soon as I got settled that started. No not her, Rodgers bloody combine, I knew suffin was up cos everytime he goes backwards in it a loud siren goes orf to tell anyone daft enough not to stand behind it. Well you never saw nuffin loike it A gret old cloud of chaff come out of the thing…………..and fell on me and me new gazebo, and that’s not all, half on it went in me cup of tea that she hed brought me. Well I sed to her I sed come on together I’m orf to Reedham I sed. And so orf we went. To sit on me wall. Well when I got there I hed to go roight down the end, past the Nelson to park me car, you know the bit nearest the bridge. Well no sooner had I got settled than she sed to me she sed we wunt stop long she said cos we hed got a lot to do. I think that she does it on purpose to wind me up I do. The quay was a full of boats, all shapes and sizes, and the tide that wus a cumin in loike I’ve never seen afore. That wus goin so fast some of them boats goin up river could hardly steer and those goin down river well some on em hardly made any head way at all, at all. Now that what I’m about to tell you is the honest truth. In front of me was one of those here picnic boats I dunt know why they call them picnic boats. How the hell do you have a picnic on a boat, there int no where to lay your rug and everyone to sit round it is there? Oi did not believe me eyes. On this boat there was a load of young uns together with an older women. There wuz 2 boys and 2 girls the rest of em bein in the pub. Well they hed all put their swimmin gear on. Trunks and bikinis and all that malarkey. And that’s not all they all had large rubber rings loike you see on a beach. Well I thought that’s a grand old do. I hint never seen anything loike it in me life. They then started to go down the heading to find a space between a boat to get in the water. Now as I said afore, that tide was a runnen fast, they wont had stood a chance. Fust of all they would have been swept up river as soon as they hed got in. And another thing how would they hev got out? Not on the quay or the reed banks further up river and no man or beast would hev been able to have swum against that tide. It would have been all hell up. I dint no wot to do. So I sed to her I sed I think that I ort to have a word I sed, and she sed “if you wish darling.” I wuz just about to say my bit when a long came that new quay assistant bloke. Now that was fourternut fortinut fortunit lucky, cos he has his lunch break up until two a clock. Now I thought that he would hev bin in a bit of a lather with them a wanting to go for a swim orf his quay. But all he sed to them wuz if you go in you wont get out and I wont go in for you. They started to moan but he dint hev any onit and he sed to them he sed get back on the boat he sed. Now wunt that a rummin!
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    Tan and I set off for Norfolk at 6.30pm last night after waiting for a truck that was picking up a jukebox part I had repaired destined for Spain. We had a good journey down at that time with not many hold ups and stopped for some food at the Truck Stop on the A17. A couple of splashes of rain in places almost evaporated in the heat, it was still 27 degrees at 8.00pm with the car windows down, needless we were loaded to the gunnels so the roof down was not an option. We arrived at Brundall a little before 10.0pm and managed to scrape into one of the Brundall Co-op's before they rolled down the shutters, a few provisions for the morning later we arrived at the boat. We just unloaded the basics an made up the bed after doing battle with the mattress topper (what a difference these make to any bed). Coffee and a couple of crossword puzzles later we hit the sack. Sleep seemed to come easier for me than Tan, maybe it was the late meal that gave her grief. I awoke at 5.50am seeing the light I could not sleep in anymore, I got dressed and checked out the forum world and then started to write this blog. More later of our two weeks on the Broads, I just hope all the dampening posts of how hot it has been have not jinxed our tome on the boat. Regarding the heat bring it on Regards Alan & Tan
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    On my bench this morning Pauline!
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    This will be my second year camping at the Hickling campsite, visiting on numerous occasions throughout the year. As Grendel says it has a real family feel to the campsite. It is also spotlessly clean and very well maintained. There is also, I believe, a fridge/freezer available to use. The site is a leisurely walk away from Hickling village, the Greyhound Pub which I thoroughly recommend (book a table) and the Pleasure Boat. The village also has a mobile fish and chip shop on Friday Evenings. I highly recommend the Hickling Campsite and the showers are superb after a days work in the boatshed, with plenty of hot water and no messing around with coin-operated boxes!
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    I've packed my rubber ring for the launch tomorrow morning!
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    I am loving it, it reminds me of the great heat of 76. ( which tv show am I thinking about?) The lawn looks like sand from a distance but it will recover, not the back one though. Max the dog has taken the opportunity to dig for water in that lawn. Chill and enjoy the ride, it may be another twenty years before the next summer that lasts more than a weekend!
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    I always aim for slack water at Yarmouth going South and 15 minutes after going North when tide tines permit. It's not just the diesel savings, it's a whole lot quieter and is an easier helm as the flood gently helps you on to your destination. For the sake of 60 - 90 minutes, I would take the quiet option every time when possible.
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    Cheers, I like learning about all things boating as I'm just a newbie and that's the beauty of this forum I still don't get the relevance of boat height here though, I know the limits of navigation for me this time are Wroxham Bridge, Beccles Yacht Station, Potter Heigham etc and my choice of boat this time was to actually get the height so I could see over the top of the reeds etc. but the downside is the bridges are a barrier. Swings and roundabouts. I don't even want to go through Yarmouth at anything approaching High water, the timing of tides this time around mean their only relevance is the speed of water through Yarmouth and as a newbie, I wanted the wiser more experienced viewpoints to decide when I could transit this bottleneck due to the water speed not the bridge height, because that determines how much of the river system is available to me. Truth is I really only get the chance to hire a boat every other year, my wife chooses the next holiday and she likes cottages in Devon so I want to make the absolute most of it. For example, an additional 60-90 minutes gained by not waiting for LSW as I travel south is the difference between getting to Beccles in time to wander round the shops or not that same day, something we've never done. I can take my time sure, visit Beccles the next day but then the thing I would have wanted to do that day is compromised etc. When I return north, punching the tide up the Bure might mean bagging a wonderful mooring at Thurne or Womack instead of a less attractive one at Stracey Arms, so I wanted people's opinions on how that would be, for me and the boat. This time just for once my budget is a bit higher than normal and I want to see as much of the rivers as possible in the nicest boat I could afford, so I don't mind using more fuel. Next time my ambition of visiting Geldeston Locks will be realised by hiring a suitable boat to get through Beccles Bridge. It's no problem, it's the broads and I'm on holiday so I'll do whatever is feasible but before I didn't know something, now I do and I'm grateful as ever for the benefit of other's experience.
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    I didn't used to handle the heat well but since I had a heart attack a few years ago I've been taking blood thinners and all I can say about the sunny weather is bring it on. The downside is that I feel the cold like never before and the slightest sign of a frost and I'm wrapped up like an eskimo. :)
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    as some of you might have guessed, the work done on the DIY SOS did not stop, that work was essential, without all of the helpers we would have been unable to proceed to the next stage and the next. what followed would not have been possible without that initial push, many thanks to everyone, each persons role from sanding to feeding the crew was essential, it got us to where we needed to be to get the rest done, I am sure Tim will thank each of you in turn. but now we needed to hit specific targets, and employ specific skills, a select team was picked to crack on with those tasks, and for the other general skills that were required, the ability to turn their hands to anything. that crack team has been back to the boat shed several times with one target to aim for - that of getting all the necessary jobs done that could only be done while out of the water. as Tim has said she goes into the water wednesday, so we hope we have done everything, when I left yesterday, she had bilge pumps, but the wiring was still in progress. the skin fitting for the new toilet is in, with the sea cock shut. There are still jobs to be done, these will no doubt be tackled once she is on the water. we dont have many pictures as the days have been full on. sanding and painting have been done, but the main push has been getting everything that was needed before launch, painting has been done just before we left the shed for the night, the rest of the jobs have been electrics, plumbing, bespoke woodwork, saturday I was told we needed a new dashboard, I was given a handful of gauges and switches, and told to copy the dashboard, but add these additional parts, a complete new layout was worked out, then laid out and then cut out, over half a days woodworking on one dashboard, but it will look nice.
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    I just found out the same company has a similar site at Dilham a few miles down the road called Canal Camping and is right on the Dilham to North Walsham canal if you fancy a change https://www.canalcamping.co.uk/
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    Now I understand a bit more about your intention, let's leave aside the bridge heights and the priority issues and look at the timing. The tide turns on Breydon an hour before it turns in the Yacht Station. So you time your arrival in the YS to about 15mins after slack water. This gives you good control against the current under the bridges but even better, when you turn onto Breydon you have a good flood tide under you. If you go earlier than this, even though the tide has turned, you will overtake it again before you have crossed Breydon and will then punch it all the way up the Waveney. So you really won't gain any time by going through earlier. Assuming you spend Friday night at Acle, if you leave there around 0845 this should put you about right. This should also put you into Beccles, with the tide under you, in the early afternoon. On the way back on Tuseday, you want to be at the bottom end of Breydon at 1230, which is slack water on Breydon and low water in GYYS. You can then either wait for an hour on the BA floating pontoon or punch the last of the ebb up to Stracey Arms and wait there for an hour while it turns. I fear that Womack may already be full by that time but you might be lucky at Thurne. Hope you have a good holiday!
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    Sydney was feeling it this weekend. He hasn''t been too bad so far but over the weekend there wasn't even a breeze to keep things a bit cooler. We ended up taking him swimming a few times (and he fell in a couple of times we think on purpose to cool off!) We were tempted to get in with him and cool off ourselves. Mind you the thermometer on the boat was telling us that the water temperature was 26 degrees so that wouldn't even had felt cool!
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    Good morning all. The Museum is indeed getting a new electric trip boat with a transparent roof. Bearing in mind how good most boat windscreen wipers are they haven’t gone for one on the roof - a bit of elbow grease will resolve that one?. They are also getting a new steam engine for Falcon and the current engine will go on display. The wheelchair will be used with the accessible electric trip boat. Thanks for flagging this Springsong, and Timbo I am sure Uncle Albert would have approved. Its all good news for the Broads and for a fabulous indepenent museum. Have a lovely sunny day all.
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    Neil, must admit l'm not happy in this sort of heat, but we've not been too bad on Lightning. We're just into our second week. We sleep in the front cabin and as you know the window openings are really tiny. I've kept it cool(ish) by opening the Houdini and leaving the cabin door open to create an airflow while travelling. Admittedly a bit warm at night as we have to rely on what bit of breeze comes through the tiny hopper windows (Chris won't have the Houdini open overnight - she's not keen on flying bugs etc).
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    Few more from a while back including the bargain poo tank
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    So, while working on Royal Tudor with Tim, last weekend I booked a pitch at this campsite, meeting up with Tim on Friday night ready to work Saturday. I arrived in the afternoon, and basically there arre no laid out pitches, just choose a spot you like the look of and put up your tent. One thing to note at this juncture is that it is purely a camp site, no caravans or motor homes. the facilities on this site are good, but there is no electrical hook up, at night lighting is provided by low intensity led solar powered lighting. this gives spectacular views of the stars and milky way at night. there is a shower block, all hot water is supplied at one standard temperature, but it is a nice shower. there are sinks for washing up, and a toilet block with 4 standard toilets. The site also has a selection of glamping huts, which looked nice and comfortable. I did notice that there was a large range of ages camping, from families with young children, to groups of adults - to three old gits working on a boat. people arrived on foot, on bicycle, motorbike and car, there was a really family feel to the site. the site provides metal fire pits for the pitches, there is seasoned timber from sustainable sources on sale on site, with firelighters (one only needed it says, and that is quite correct) and to top off the experience marshmallows to toast over the fire. having a wood fire not only keeps the bugs away, it really is a part of the experience. http://www.hicklingcampsite.co.uk/
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    The bottom wetting process has begun.
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    Ray that’s great. What’s more their annual ticket means you can go back again for free. Seen another example of the old Malsters type bar in the Royal Norfolk and Suffolk and also in a bar in Harwich. It’s a great concept ?
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    Some very well made points there Vaughn. One thing i`m happy to do is to cross Breydon, heading North, on a freshly ebbing tide, which gets you across in about 35 - 40 minutes, then throttle up going up the Bure against the tide. After about 3 miles, you start to overcome the strongest tidal influence, and start reaching slower waters, which are a lot slower than the southern rivers so you can then throttle back a bit. The only down side to this is you MUST be in a low airdraft boat, which by the way, leads me to another valid point. With a low airdraft boat, you can arrive at Yarmouth from the north on a flooding tide, and go under the bridges and turning up the Yare, taking advantage of the last of the flood, which you will have with you all the way up the Wavaney or Yare.
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    Try Bell boats Ltd at Brundall. My eldest son had a DC 30 from the Gt Ouse lifted in there and I had an Elysian lifted out by a truck with an Hiab for transport to the Gt Ouse. The fee was quite reasonable. 01603 713109.
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    Classic stuff Sidney Grapes to a tee
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    Hi just remembered the name of boat storage it's Gallian boat storage, puddingmoor lane, Beccles this would be your best bet for hassle free and bookable quay heading to launch your boat. There are also the two boat yards at St Olaves they will have a cost/charge but hassle free good access,hope this helps. John
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    Thats a point, there is the road/track alongside the newcut at the bridge end where the moorings are, not sure who that belongs to but could be an option!
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    Ee by gum, you do talk funny in Norfolk
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    Hi Hadisco bridge new cut,somerlation quay and yard also, Rockland St Mary stath, old ferry quay heading opposite Bramerton, side of new bridge Beccles, the boat yard in Pudding more lane Beccles forget name they do boat storage and stacking, all have hard standing if boats moored and blocking ???? you could always ask them to move,and fisherman.John
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    Fantastic, that cheered me up no end !! Very funny.
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    Im not so sure the WRC would be likely to let you to use the riverside even for a fee when they have the hoist there but it could be worth a phone call to them to find out. I still suggest Greenway, in terms of cost I doubt very much you will find a more reasonable place.
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    34ft 6” at Postwick. Even we can manage that Griff
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    Indy underwent sailing up the mighty Yare. Triowse rail bridge, here we come Griff
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    Visited the museum for the first time this year during an emergency services open day. Fantastic place, looking forward to another visit Was a lovely surprise to also find the old Maltsers bar there, good memories (some slightly foggy though )
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    Most of the yards and marinas on the Southern Broads have boat lifts and Brundall has more than most. As you know boat lifting is not cheap, but you may not find there is an alternative. Regards Alan
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    Hi neilp, AHWS stands for "Average High Water Standings", and my comment meant that if you hired a boat that was designed and built to go under ALL of Broadlands bridges at HIGH tide (AHWS), you WON`T have any problems, with the exception of Potter Heigham old road bridge. That`s not just low, it`s also narrow too, making going under rather difficult, especially for the inexperienced helmsman. And i repeat, that`s AVERAGE high water, which does`nt include high water springs. As for a boat with enough power, ALL broads hire boats have enough power to punch the tides, even springs, it just means you will go a lot slower, therefore taking much longer, and using a heck of a lot more fuel. It`s doable, but NOT adviseable, as it will be very easy to misjudge the amount of time (and fuel?) to get to somewhere like Loddon say, punching a hard Yare tide. It`s also, as others have said, necessary to keep power on coming down with the tide to maintain steerage way. Many years ago, we were on an Alpha 42 flat top turning up the Bure, against the tide, faced with a sideways on sedan cruiser coming down the Bure, and struggling to get her turned. We missed her by an inch. but to applause from a watching boat at the Yacht station.
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    Finally got the aircon fixed on the Lexus today, packed up last week, great timing . The garages have been swamped with aircon repairs lately.
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    North Kent is not forecast rain for at least a week .
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    IT just rained in Fritton............5 drops that was it, it must be dry even our rhodadendorn,s are wilting,and thev,e been about since about 1920!!
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    Just to keep everyone up to date we have just had to close our windows cos it's STARTED RAINING !!! Jeff
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    Still too hot in MK...wish I was back in Anglesey with a lovely sea breeze! The past fortnight in Anglesey has been perfect.
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    Alright...so you jinxed it! Torrential rain here in Lincolnshire at the minute!
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    I think we might need more than that.
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    heres a few of my pictures from this weekend, while the steering is now working, it really needs a new steering cable, everywhere we tried to put a join, it would either bind on another join or catch on a rib, I think the longest section of cable was the 3m section we added in, this was just to clear all the other joins. before that I needed to add about a dozen grease cap fulls of grease to get the rudder moving.
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    awoke around 0630 , beautiful again, but a private boat just opposite us already had his engine running . Im not one to get over excited about this kind of thing, live and let is the way forward, but why, on such a beautiful morning do they not just go for little cruise and back? two birds , one stone and all that. I fished for a little while then went for a walk . Its a smart set up at the WRC , all the amenities are modern , with the glamping and yutes looking top notch . A very short cruise to Oulton broad, another walk , picking where we shall have lunch. back to the boat , where a terrific spell of fishing was had, with a few big fish caught, unusual for the middle of the day. We went to the " copper pot??!!" a new restaurant, on the same side and close to the entrance to the park. Very very nice, highly recommended, something a little different. The main St , and Oulton broad itself is looking a bit tired these days. Such potential here as well, I hope it dosent slide any further . The big tour boat was doing a great trade, so the visitors are there, as was the mooring busy. After lunch we set off and ended up at somerleyton (passing our 2nd otter of the week, the first around brundal). As far as I can remember, I cant recall ever overnighting here, so we made camp and set up for the night. the young lad pulling fish out at fair rate, some good sizes. Me , not so much!! I took a stroll up to the pub , but as expected it was just a place for eating . Looked lovely , but I do like a traditional bar, with darts dominoes and pool . Gave the young lad the bad news , then assisted him for the rest of night , pulling in fish and the odd eel. It was mostly private boats around us, a very friendly atmosphere , in a lovely spot , somewhat sheltered in the fast river. Barbecue for supper, and I think we watched a dvd . My last full day ahead tomorrow , just where does the time go?. I was just beginning to unwind!!!!!!!!
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    So...the story so far... We've gone from this To this Very excited and very nervous...launching Wednesday, fingers crossed! RT has come to mean so much more than an old boat on the Broads. To me, Royal Tudor has come to represent the family and very dear friends, their skills, knowledge and kindness, camaraderie and the community that is The Broads. What an amazing place and what amazing people! Of course, as was pointed out to me, Uncle Albert had the last laugh. The toilet that we thought was empty...was not. Definitely NOT EMPTY! I know it was not me as I only used shore toilets knowing the old boggetry had to be pumped out through the toilet itself and had to be flushed using the shower. Uncle Albert on the other hand...had left us two packets of his pads with which to soak up the latex glove rotting foul mixture that was my legacy! Three bin bags full of inco-pads and the thunderbox was 'drained', with two pads left to soak up anything left in the pipes when they were cut. The problem now being...the thunderbox would not fit through the door to get it out of the boat. It took a man of extreme temerity, fortitude, dexterity and no sense of smell to cut the fibreglass thunderbox in half. Hot...well, you guys fill in the missing! The video is upside down...well it is a video nasty in more ways than one! All ready to fit the new toilet without which there is no way Ellie will set foot onboard RT. The new loo is a total contrast to the old...all porcelain with a control panel more advanced than your run of the mill spaceship! While Ali soldiered on putting tar on the boat's bottom, see how I worded that, Steve sucked the muck out of the bilges. Grendel got on with helping DAve with steering and making the new control panel for the steering position. As for Dave...he spent 48 hours sat in the engine bay trying to work out exactly how thick I was...
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    It has been a good while since I last wrote here to update on matters with Indy. But there have been a number of things that have taken place in the past weeks so I thought I would talk about them. If you were to see her externally, very little has changed - but the real changes have been going on in her engine rooms - which currently also do not look too different, but the invoices that have been coming through tell a different story. Part of my wish before we left Plymouth was to have Indy in as good a conditioned mechanically as possible - for both safety and confidence. Alas, having arrived here in Norfolk it has been found a number of areas had not been taken care of as had previously been thought or that jobs that I had wanted to be done just had not been. I am so pleased that I decided to use Norfolk Yacht Agency - not because of any recommendation or previous dealings with them, but just how very professional, honest and thorougher they are. I have made a good friendship with Shaun, who heads up their service team and having being working in boat engineering since he was 16 there is very little he does not know, and very few people he cannot call upon to supply something or clarify something at a moments notice. They went over the engines with a fine tooth comb with me wanting them to come up with anything that needed doing - even if it could be left, I wanted it changed and renewed now. The per-service survey took a couple of days and resulted in quite the outcome a number of hoses were going need replacing, some wiring needed to be replaced too, a combined total of 44 engine Anodes may be required and that was before we got to the service of the engines with the cooling system being drained and flushed before all new coolant, oil, primary and secondary oil filters, belts, fuel filters you name it was changed. All new impellers were to go in and new gaskets, a number of new fasteners were on the list as was 150Lites of hydraulic oil for the powering of the thrusters. It would take two men a couple of days labour to complete the overall task. This has now been done and the engines run like they never have - super silky smooth, very much more responsive and virtually no smoke even on start up. I am pleased to say they still have their lovely deep down growl though. I had been put off by the Caterpillar parts costs, and of course people may complain about Volvo Penta parts costing a fair bit too. I can however now report that they have nothing on Yanmar, especially when you are dealing with a commercial grade engine. I had wondered why most Yanmar engines are a metallic grey, but mine are white -- this is because white engines are high performance commercial heavy duty types - able to withstand more continuous duty operation and are usually put in applications where such over engineering is require - e.g. not a leisure boat. This also means that the parts on these engines cost far more than their lighter weight counterparts. Just an example - the lagging over the turbo's was past its best, this just corers the turbo charger - so is not that large, yet each of the lagging units comes in at £355.00 . Those anodes - 22 per engine - are £16.00 each and 6 high pressure braided fuel and oil hoses come in at almost £90.00 each. But I want to raise Indy from an ok example of her type to outstanding, and that means everything however small it may be being changed if required. Now the major mechanical works are over, it is time to move on to the cosmetic element. The engines will be treated to a professional re-spray using several layers of a high gloss, brilliant white enamel paint that is able to withstand high temperatures. The bilges will be cleaned and re-painted too and it would be nice to have the dull aluminum cat walks polished to a deep shine. Meanwhile, externally I will have the boat restored to her original shine, new seating, new canopies and work to the Teak decking too. Then I can begin on the work of the electrics - all new batteries weighing in at 55kg each and having a capacity of 230ah each and then work to be done on changing her auto-helm and chart plotter to updated versions - oh and I am still waiting to hear from Goodchild's as to if they want to work on lifting her, dressing and balancing her props, supplying and fitting the new anodes to the hull and having the hull compounded and waxed. After an initial positive response things have now gone a little quiet so it may need to be Brooms who have the capacity to lift her. I'll share more in time and get some videos up too :)
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