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    These days there are far more miles covered and time spent on faster duel carriages, and also fast country roads than ever before - both in the learning phase and in the driving test. You also need to navigate with Sat Nav and not let it dictate to you - just guide you. You will then also have to follow some signs. I have not updated this thread but in the last two days more progress has been made, and today marked the first of the independent driving. This is where I am told where to go, but otherwise no other input is given until later. This moves up to actual 'mock' tests. These are not true mocks as there is no actual paper the Instructor is using to mark the pupil, but the conditions are the same and the punishment at the end is hearing if you would have failed (or good new passed). Today I would have failed. The first reason was I was on a quiet residential road, clearly marked as a 20 MPH zone. I then came to a larger, wider road and needed to turn left. I stopped at the give way line when a lady coming down the road flashed me - now you are taught to never believe that being flashed means go, so I did not - but she then proceeded to flash me again and 'wave' me out. Clearly this was intended for me so I pulled out, and once I had drove on the new road. The issue was I sped up to 24 MPH thinking it was a 30 MPH zone, but was actually still a 20 MPH area until just around another corner where it changed to 30 MPH. In a test I would have failed for speeding. The second failure was where we were driving along a 40 MPH open road, no traffic was coming up behind or in front and things were going smoothly, all of a sudden I spot a Squirrel running out from the right hand side of the road, quick glance in rear view mirror and a hard brake (not an emergency, just firm) and went from about 38 MPH to 27 MPH and did not hit the Squirrel. I was then told in a real test if that was to happen, regardless of animal, I should never avoid it as this could cause a car following me to brake sharply loose control or plain old hit us up the back, Only take emergency action if it is a person in the road. I would be seriously miffed if I failed my test because I did not run over an animal but would pass if I had. Hey ho, luck of the draw. Other than that its all being going really well. I feel confident even at 70MPH on the duel carriageway and overtaking. Parking is easy, but roundabouts - for some reason I need to think every time if I am going 'straight on' or 'second exit' to steer enough to the left and then to the right so I keep right over and hug the left hand of them, so long as it causes nobody else issue it would only be a minor, but could be a serious (and automatic fail) if it did cause someone else to move over etc. I have more practice on Monday and Tuesday, real mock test Wednesday. Once that is done, Thursday and Friday is London, Saturday and Sunday with my Mum and Simon, and will get some driving in there to keep a bit refreshed. Tuesday then is a 2 hour standard lesson with my Instructor and the next day Wednesday 3rd October is the actual test. I am not nervous yet, but I just feel I have been doing so well and putting so many long days into this I have come too far to fail now.
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    Kingfisher, the OP is the gentleman behind trying to turn this Broadland disgrace into an amenity. He is fighting a nonsensical objection imho. On a personal note, I wish you every success Wehlau.
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    for me, my pension scheme came into force when I was 51 and made redundant, normally it would have been 55 but the redundancy clause cut in at 50. the thing was I used all my redundancy money and pension lump sum to pay off my mortgage, this left a meagre annual pension of £9000 a year, so for me the option of retirement at 51 wasnt viable, so it was back to work, though it did mean I was able to take a step down the rungs of the employment ladder and take a post that I could easily manage with no responsibility and no stress and in which I could excel without effort. to me this is the next best thing to retirement, as I am doing work which I am happy at while keeping my mind active.
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    Oh dear I feel I have to defend dear little Beccles. As a Market Town I think it is one of the best. I think I know of 2 charity shops. In fact when I had a lot of clothes to give to charity I could not find a charity shop in Beccles. If you went to Sittingbourne in Kent you would be hard pressed to find any actual retail. It is all charity shops or empty shops - gross. In Beccles we have lots of little shops tucked away here there and everywhere.
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    That's the easiest thing to fail for on the HGV test. The next easiest is running through a red light. If you are driving a full length artic and the light goes yellow just as your cab goes past, then it will go red before your trailer has passed clear of it. So you have failed! But if you creep up slowly to the light in case it is about to change, then you have "failed to make normal progress". So you just have to pray that all the lights are red as you approach them, and you have to stop.
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    If I have to pay to park then I rarely go there, plain & simple. Judging by the decline of our local high street (Lowestoft) and the growth of nearby shopping centres, with free car parking, I am not alone. Beccles has long had oodles of free parking, we shop there far more than we do in my local town.
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    If the finances would allow, we always planned to retire early. I was lucky because part of my career was spent working for a paint company with a red propeller logo which at that time was part of Courtaulds who's final salary scheme paid in full at age 54! But it was still a hard call as retiring 10 years early does have a detrimental effect on pensions designed to be drawn at 65. However moving from a very desirable Chiltern Hilltop Village to North Norfolk provided a quite large six figure sum that helped. The Swiss arm of a German dishwasher to wind turbine company that I worked for asked me to stay for one more year on full salary for very few hours per week which prepared me for retirement nicely. I can honestly say we enjoyed every bit of our retirement, gardening, walking, boating, days out etc. In my present situation there is not a day goes by that I do not thank whoever or whatever made me retire early. Judith and I had 10 wonderful years together in retirement. Had I carried on until I was 65 we would have had 15 months before her terminal cancer struck. Strange writing this today as it is my birthday, 4 years over retirement age but I have already been off the treadmill for 14 years. I guess the fact that we married so young and had our two sons young also helped as both had completed university by the time I was 50.
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    Well that's me failed plenty of times and a rule I strongly disagree with. Can you imagine being on the Mighty Tiger at speed, then a deer / dog / badger etc appears in the road, I check mirrors, yes nowt behind me then don't slow down or swerve to avoid it? - Result 999 and off to sample hospital food at best. And why not slow down / swerve in a car if the road is clear and no one is tailgating ? Hitting wildlife tends to kill it, or worse maim it not to mention cause damage and expensive repairs to vehicles - A daft rule imho Griff
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    Hi Everyone Thank you for your supporting replies to our Marina Quays project. You may know there is a Public Meeting being held by the "Objectors" at the Yarmouth and Caister Golf Club on Thursday the 4th of October, if you would like to give us your support by attending it would be greatly appreciated. Or just turn up to help me get out alive! TIA Terry Everitt EMS
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    Yesterday we stopped into the brewery shop behind the Fur and Feathers for probably the last time this year. Whilst chatting to the lovely ladies serving us, they mentioned that they are moving. From possibly late October, but more likely late November, and definitely by next season, they will be inside the pub. Sounds like it's a trial as they don't think enough people find them in their current location. And if the weather is bad then people also don't bother to walk round there. They don't want to compete with the pub but are planning also to have a tearoom. I asked if I could share this on the forum and they said yes, please do. I think they are trying to get the message out so that people don't turn up and think they have disappeared. We certainly wish them well with this. If successful they are hoping that they may build an extension onto the pub to house them at some future point.
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    We've just got back from a week in Kent. Thanet must have some of the most expensive parking in Great Britain, outside of London, that is. £4 for an hour's parking in Ramsgate and £3 in Margate near the Turner contemporary. Admittedly entrance there is free . We took our money and spent it elsewhere. Why local authorities don't understand this I'll never know. Then again, perhaps they do, but don't give a **** to the effect on local business !
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    Tesco's has been in Beccles for several years now and arguably Beccles has improved much over this time. Probably because of the pedestrianisation of the road next to the King's head which makes the whole area seem more welcoming.
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    Hi Simon, We in the Lightning syndicate have our AGM in 2 weeks, and are introducing the "Rolling block" allocation system. It`s the system where you draw the same week number for each season, shall we say for example, week 1, which means for this year, you will have week 1 for Winter, Spring, Summer, and Autumn. Then for next year, you automatically jump 4 weeks to the 5th following week, so from week 1, you jump weeks 2, 3, 4, and 5 and have week 6 of each season., then the following jump 4, and so on. That means everybody will have an allocation every 12 or 13 weeks, depending on the half share allocation. The only down side will be after you have a late season week, you then go back to an early week, which means when you change from this years, to next years schedule, for one period, you only have 4 weeks between holidays, though this will only happen once every 3 years, and only between 2 particular weeks, and will be the same for every share holder. I`m not 100% sure i`ve got this exactly right, but it`s pretty much as it will be, which is fairer for all members, and will allow all to plan holidays etc, or arrange swaps with relative ease. Matt, I`ve not heard of this priority system, and have never heard of being in use on Lightning, though i do think it`s a good idea. I`l raise this with our Chairman a bit later, as we`re putting together our schedule for the AGM in 2 weeks. As i`ve said before, if anybody is interested in buying in to a syndicate, i can wholeheartedly recommend it, as it`s a great way to get into affordable boat ownership. If anybody is interested in buying a share in Lightning, and would like to go on our waiting list (should there be one at the time) please pm me, and i will put you in contact with our chairman. Regards and best wishe to all. .................................. Neil.
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    I did laugh at that bit, I doubt I would pass a test these days, my last lesson was 40 years ago.
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    Quite a bit has happened in fairness... The brand has been repositioned to appeal to a broader audience and they have been busy building the new bottling plant. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    I can think of at least seven, if not eight charity shops in Beccles! Not that I am regular Tesco customer, Lidl more my style, Tesco's car park at Beccles has really reactivated Beccles town centre.
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    At least in Beccles the Tesco is near the centre, so it’s easy to visit other shops too. Far better than an edge of town development in my opinion. It may even bring in extra custom to nearby stores. If there wasn’t a Supermarket in Beccles I wouldn’t be surprised if lots of people would go to Lowestoft or wherever has the nearest supermarket. The sad reality if that I can’t see a working Mum or Dad doing all or most of their shopping in small local shops nowadays, even though I’m all for preserving town centres. I love Beccles, it’s got character, a lovely range of shops and seems a very friendly place. Helen
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    I am fully in favour of the development of this eyesore and wish the development all the very best. This again could be a beautiful area in close proximity to Great Yarmouth, the races and the gateway to the southern broads. Cant wait to see the development get started and it bringing this area back to life
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    Yes indeed for many years the old marina quays,has looked like a bad advert for Great Yarmouth. What are we talking about eight houses 'redevelop the moorings.The only problem I can see is access.I wish you good luck.
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    Yes, sorry Kingfisher, I too think you might have the "wrong end of the stick". I have no idea of the details of those plans but given that at the moment the site is a fine example of urban decay, I am another who is in favour of it's development, and wish Wehlau good luck.
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    Hi Terry, I`d love to come and support you, but i`m just outside Poole in Dorset, so it would be one hell of a drive. I wish you all the best, and hope everything goes your way, that place has needed someone with a vision to make the place more inviting and successful for a great many years, good luck.
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    What I meant was that all of this class of Alpha design were built around the original Wilds hull mould tool. I believe that the original deck mould was also used, with a new "plug" for the cabin superstructure. Almost all of Alpha's boats were built on original Wilds hulls. For instance Sweet Kingfisher, which has the hull of a Wilds "Calypso". I remember Langford saying to me one day - "They don't owe me a bloody penny, boy!"
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    I have to say this, Beccles is a delightful town the likes of which are disappearing fast. It has a selection of independent shops, several butchers and some decent pubs all of which seem to be doing well. Now I hear that if someone has to pay a couple of quid to park they won't bother. That would be a shame. Use it or lose it is a term often quoted and it applies here. You have a Tesco's there which will soon make all those independent shops things of the past unless they get custom. Don't believe me? Go look at Stalham. See what Tesco's has done to that!
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    I recognise the hull of a Wilds Bermuda, circa 1968!
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    On Thunder we have moved from the first come first served to a priority order. Once you have used a spare week you drop to the bottom. Then if more than one owner wants the same week the one highest on the list takes it. So far seems to be working well. I’m up to second in the list just waiting for that Spare August week! One of the owners has probably more than doubled their allocation this year through the spare weeks- you know who you are........ [emoji2]
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    Not to mention taking weeks that other owners cannot take - not just when you are already on board. On MS weeks like that are put out to the rest of us on a first come first served basis. For no extra charge except fuel/pumpout. Effectively a minimum of four weeks a year, but could be quite a few more!
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    they appear to be using the push and go stick rather than sailing in that picture. of course how hard they are pushing cannot be Quantified.
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    I stayed in Norwich for a couple of nights last weekend whilst attending the Goosander AGM in Horning on the Saturday. I have a new drone, though the same model as the one which failed, and took it with me. I had time to fly it on the Friday evening so I took the train to Brundall and took the following images: Silverline's base with Swancraft just infront. Part of Brooms More Brooms (I think) Brooms with the Yare Hotel in right bottom corner. Looking across the estate.
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    We actually managed to get to the Shed on one of our trips. We were on a hire boat and managed to moor in Faircraft as it wasn't a change over day which virtually limits you to Sunday and Wednesday. Subsequent trips we were on a hire boat and, as Wroxham is pants for moorings and the Shed didn't have their own we gave it a swerve. It's a real shame that Wroxham doesn't really cater for private boats but oh well, there are plenty of other places that want our money.
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    If these "Pay car parks" continue to be ful or near full, then the councils have pitched it about right. If they become empty then they got it wrong. Without those figures then it's hard to justify or condemn those charges. How it will effect the retail outlets may, but only may be relevant. It is something that changes from area to area.
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    Wishing you a favourable outcome. You have my support Griff
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    Different hulls? I think Vaughan has it. Velvet was a Royalls fit out so better quality I suspect.
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    That's a shame, we went in quite often. Preferred it when they had all the beers though. I wonder why it's closing. It has closed in the past so you never know. They should never have closed the Castle!
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    It's a lot more money and having seen Russell Thomson's video I was a bit underwhelmed by it, particularly the drafts he experienced through the gaps next to the sliding roof. It's true it's a much newer boat but not better in my view.
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    Dear All, Just a quick five minutes to let you all know something and explain why we haven’t been on the forum much since August. The firm I work for has been bought by another American firm and as a result our time in Switzerland may be coming to an end. Justin will complete his International Baccalaureate in June next year and then we ( Fiona and Myself) will be free to go wherever the employment takes us. we have lived outside the UK for 15 years now and we must admit To beginning to desire a return to blighty. We will of course go wherever the wind blows and enjoy our next adventure. We would also like to thank everyone for their condolences on the passing of my mum. For those interested in such things she died suddenly and unexpectedly from meningitis aged 86yrs. The family are well, Christian graduated from UEA with a 2:1 in international development. He is working now and on his way to complete independence. Eliza will be 1 in a few weeks, she is now walking very well indeed and even has a few words as well. Helena will be returning to Canterbury in October to continue her studies in Animal Science. After his IB Justin intends to read Military History and Politics in the UK before embarking on a career within the UK military. So it’s all go and all change chez nous, which for those familiar with our comings and goings is pretty par for the course. Many many thanks to you all for a magnificent summer in which we met up with many new friends and supped large with ones of old. This year we did many new things and enjoyed every minute with friends old and new. Next year it’s that bloody bridge or bust.... See you all afloat. Martin Fiona et al.
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    Gosh Jean you are modern. I would not know where to start with that and doubt very much my Windows iphone would even manage to achieve an app for it. Never mind soon be Christmas. So if you are going out anywhere in the UK you can pay by phone. Now that is a good idea. Nothing worse than rocking up to a National Trust Car Park to find that it has gone up another pound. Ok if you carry a load of change around but I dont.
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    Wouldn't do for me. An electric hob and a microwave isn't a replacement for a proper cooker with an oven and grill. I guess its okay if you intend to eat out a lot, but we also enjoy wild mooring and eating on board and however good a combi microwave is, it lacks the versatility of a conventional cooker (imho, of course).
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    Oh I forgot to mention we are going to revamp the galley too. Full size oven and separate hob unit. Achieved by moving the cooker forwards of where it is ( into the gangway) nice curved worktop to smooth the lines and Fannie is your auntie. Cant wait for that either M
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    well busy today watching youtube, a live stream of real boat timber steaming - plus some work in the breaks between ribs / frames going in, I am working on the stern well, I have made a pattern for the floor, trimmed the side decks square and fitting supports for the inside sides of the stern well.
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    Yep, this is my recent experience too. I've had to do a drive through and leave as there are no free spaces on at least a couple of occassions. I think 2 hours free parking might be an attractive compromise. In general a town like Beccles needs to attract visitors so free parking is essential for the local economy. Charging commuters for a parking space seems appropriate to me. RANT warning: I really object to the ticket machines that boldly announce "over payment accepted .... no change will be given"!! Particularly when fees are set in such a way that multiple denominations of coins are required to meet the exact fee.
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    I understand some of the comments about Brundall.It for me is still a great place to be based.Most of the nine years moored there.Now at Cove lots of nice follow boats.Okay there are a lot of Gin Palaces around and sadly many yards have gone.What the future of Brooms is still uncertain. Like many we us Brooms for fuel,pump,outs Gas etc.Last week we stopped to top up fuel.We found out Malcolm had to apply for his job,sadly it was given to someone else.That of course is up to Brooms,Marina and myself have always found him helpful and friendly. A trip to Brundall will often end at The Yare(sadly not a hotel).of sorts of boaters from Gin Palaces,middle range boaters,workers holiday makers,locals.We love the broads, but for us Brundall ticks nearly all the boxes. Ian
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    It'd help if the bogs were cleaned now and again!
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    Boat owners at Oulton Broad Yacht Station have to pay to park their cars, nothing new there. What does stick in my craw is that Waveney District Council have accrued vast reserves from both Oulton Broad and Beccles and in neither case are they using even a tiny proportion of that dosh to make good the significant lack of maintenance that both communities suffered under WDC's mismanagement.
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    Hi Simon Good choice I think. I've looked for our photos, didn't realise it was so long ago - we hired Velvet 2 the last February Royall's hired which was in 2009 (time flies). It had just had a new engine fitted, we were the first to take it out. Lovely little boat, cosy but made good use of the space. Sadly I can't find any internals although its probably changed a bit now anyway. It used to have a gas fire (as well as warm air heating) which was very useful although this has probably gone. I believe its a Rhapsody which I guess is some Alpha derivative? Very easy to handle, no problem with solo hire. I really can't remember the air draft, I'm sure its very low, I doubt there's many other boats in hire with much less. I distinctly remember it up at Horsey when nothing else was getting through. I often thought that its a boat I would like to buy if I had the money (ha ha). Do let us know how you get on when the time comes.
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    Thanks for the replies. After much more dithering I finally made a decision and booked Velvet 2 today for a week in 12 months time. I'd have been very happy with either boat but I felt Velvet 2 had a marginally nicer interior plus it's Saturday start which I prefer. I ended up with a better deal than I was expecting. Not only did I get the £10 online discount I'd forgotten about, I got this year's price less 10% when the website is saying 5%. Whether that's a loyalty bonus I don't know but in any case I'll receive a posh food hamper as a returning customer (I have Brinks Jazz in May for the meet). It feels strange to have two trips with Barnes next year as my only previous hire with them was back in 1993. Both trips are likely to be solo so good on Barnes for keeping on allowing solo hirers.
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    Platter and stand now all finished and oiled and ready to go.
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    I used to have a little Renault 4, I called it Phyllis, but that was short for Syphilis 'caus it was poxy.
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    Timbo, If the weather breaks or you find 'camping' is for kids, go to the pleasure boat and use Nyx as a base. you know you are more than welcome.
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    What's wrong with broken boat bits...oh apart from the picture where you first realise you are BALD...and not one of your friends or family told you!
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