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    Sadly the forum lost it's ethos. Last Summer it was a real pleasure to be a part of the fun that was the forum, then it seemed to get hijacked by people always ready to see insult where none was intended and responding with aggression, treating differing opinions with contempt and responding with gratuitous sarcasm etc. all of which served to totally spoil what was a thoroughly enjoyable outlet. The effect was that people like myself (I haven't posted in almost a year) and Gracie felt uncomfortable making contributions. Fortunately, some of those responsible for this shift have it seems moved on thus it may be possible to recapture that which was lost as a lot of the "good guys" have stayed with it happily. Let's wait and see. regards, Carole
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    I`ve been a member of this forum now for many many years, and have at times taken a break. Sometimes i`ve made myself unpopular, other times, i`ve thought there are not many posts that i feel i can contribute to, but the one thing is great is the forum is always here, and is something ANYBODY is able to contribute to when you see fit. I do enjoy reading some of the holiday reports, and a lot of the reports about what`s happening on the Broads, so for those matters, i`l be a member for many many years to come. Well, until i make myself unpopular again?.....................................
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    Are you talking about the same Gracie??
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    So we're almost at the end of our second season as caravan owners. We spent another week in the area at the end of August and have had a couple more weekends up there during September. We went back to Beccles ... I always love walking by the river there. Oulton Broad is close by so we get there every now and then for a wander and to see what boats are coming and going. We revisited the Radar Museum in Neatishead and then drove over to Irstead ... never been able to moor there yet but we sat for a while watching the stream of lunchtime boats passing by. We make regular visits to Woodforde's Brewery at Woodbastwick close to Salhouse Broad. Then we go on for lunch ... stopped in Wroxham one day for excellent cod and chips in Greys. And another time we ventured back to Horning to the New Inn ... scampi and chips is always delicious there. We have a number of things going on during October and then it will be time to drain down the caravan and close it up until next year. Some people live on the site for 10 1/2 months, the full open season. But we find that the caravan gets very cold in between visits as we're not there all the time. And you have to be careful to ensure that you don't invalidate your insurance by not draining down or not having heating on all the time once you get into November. In the meantime here's a video of clips I have put together. Hope it plays ok as I haven't checked it since upload.
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    There have been a lot of excellent posts on this thread, but one thing people must definitely NOT do, and that`s to dismiss the "unquallified amatuer" as very often, and quoting MM, "official reports" are often required to prove a personal theory, and if those reports DON`T support that theory, they get ignored, swept aside, or even destroyed by those with a personal agenda. The unquallified amatuer however has no financial gain, and devotes free time to study a subject and give an "unbiased" report. It`s also worth remembering that often, when an "amatuer" get`s involved in something, because they have nothing to gain, they lose nothing when giving an honest answer. I`m not saying that every amatuer is perfect, but i`ve had a serious mistrust of reports on behalf of authority for many years.
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    Carole, I can fully agree with what you say, with a number of Mods stepping down combined with a few awkward members pushing the boundaries, the remaining Mods had a bit of an uphill battle. I have noticed that with the larger Mod team problems get sorted out quickly.. Hopefully the Forum will remain a clam and safe place to engage with.
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    Nowadays I often think we live in a country that prefers to price itself out of business and make no money at all than provide a service for a modest return.
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    Having had a 950 Centre cockpit and a 950 Aft cockpit I can only say that they are well built boats. The 1070, if an Aft cockpit is what you are considering, is a real chore to get the canopy up or down for bridges and is a 2 person job. Not ideal if you want to get under a low bridge when its raining! 15-20 minute job. Even Yarmouth needs careful planning as does St Olaves. Wroxham bridge is a no-no anyway. Also don't believe the air draft quoted with everything down, 6' 8" it 'aint! On the other hand, the Centre cockpit is a lovely boat with a real air draft of 6' 8" and will pass under Wroxham etc. with ease and winding the canopy back and dropping the screen is a real breeze and can be done in 5 minutes whilst still underway by one person. They handle well too. Garry at Wroxham Marine (Sheerline) is one of the most helpful guys you would wish to meet. If you need more info or help, please PM me. Bill
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    I've just added a video to my holiday thread - Broadly Speaking ... Almost There. :)
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    Agreed - the Forum seemed to become infected with 'PC itus'. Not sure it's fully recovered yet.
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    Today I was due to do a little driving with Simon, and originally that was going to be in his Rav-4 around the wide open roads of the Cambridgeshire Fens until I came up with the idea that I drive my car, the car I have been keeping at their house, taxing, servicing and insuring without having been able to drive, to Brundall. And so there was a quick dash to sort the paper work out - tax was running out 1st October, MOT too (booked in for the day after my test) and the insurance needed renewing too. DVLA website was a breeze to use and another 6 months tax put on, next up Compare the Market then Money Supermarket, then Direct Line - you get the idea - shopping about I found XS Direct Motor Insurance came in the cheapest, £764.79. Expensive, but at the other end of the scale, this is for a BMW 730LD and with me, not even a full license holder yet. We were all set to go, damn it! L Plates would not stick on as they are magnetic and the BMW has a bunch of weight saving aluminum panels. I gaffer taped one on the rear bumper and we set off. First stop Halfrords for some more L Plates and a visit to the local car wash. I was pleased with how things were going, forward bay park at Halfords perfect but then my Mum needed the toilet, off to Tesco it was - tighter, fuller car park, decided for a reverse bay park - got it right on between the lines. Then I had time to contemplate the journey and the nerves began to creep in. A47, single carriageway, duel carriageway, roundabouts, unfamiliar roads... We left and after a tense half hour I relaxed and Simon was commenting on how smooth and well I was driving. He is undertaking ADI training currently hoping to become a driving institutor himself with the AA so was able to practice some questions and get a fee for how may be for him in the future as an Instructor. Well we did have two issues on our drive. Firstly at a roundabout where I had to go straight on, I forgot to indicate as I left the roundabout - the car in front did not, neither did the one behind and as Simon said in a BMW the indicators are usually disconnected anyway. The next issue was judging the width of the barge and the nearside touched the rubble strip as we pulled off the carriageway on the slip road approaching a roundabout. I was so pleased to have done such a long drive, in varied traffic in a new car to me but felt confident and noticed how so much of what I have been taught has now 'stuck'. But it not just what I was taught it is things I have picked up, like being ready and then moving over as cars joined the duel carriage and planing ahead. Tomorrow they drive back without me, but I have a refresher lesson on Tuesday and an hour before my test on Wednesday so I am as prepared as I can be and if anything is going to fail me I think it will be a result of something that happens to me not what I cause. I therefore hope for a good route, and some sensible fellow drivers around me come the day. The Barge and Boat...
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    We need more Holiday Tales!
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    Not Griff, he has eyes in the back of his head. Comes in handy for navigating Wroxham bridge as it turns out!
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    You are supposed to be looking where you are going!
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    I am sure she got tales to tell on wine,shoes chocolate and her love of sailing boats Whatever you are doing Grace,have a lovely weekend. Ian.
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    At one time I had a riverside shop and sold newspapers, initially I made 20% which then went down to 10% and then 0%, that was 40 years ago! I was then charged a delivery charge which I passed onto the customer. At that time I also freelanced as a photographer and writer, the local newspaper paying me quite well so I was content to sell their papers at no profit. However the fees were cut until they too ceased, the paper relying on vanity writers. I stopped selling newspapers!
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    I've taken the odd break mysen so I can understand her position. Something to look forward to when she returns then Griff
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    I to did a few pms,which she replied to. She said the same that she wanted a break.Sadly it seems some of the old guard are not posting as much.I for one miss there posts,Hopefully they will return. I do think in recent months the forum has changed,let's hope old friends return. Best wishes Ian
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    Just found this taken from the same drone which i have. (Not mine unfortunately). Beautiful sunny day.
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    Man and his farm chemicals were responsible for the loss of otters (along with many other species) in the UK. Is it not reasonable that they should have been given a helping hand ? We hear a lot about harmful 'introduced ' species from Natural England, the Environment Agency and others, yet we hear almost nothing about the vicious North American Mink. Could that be because many of today's 'professional tree huggers' were involved in their illegal release from fur farms ??
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    Today was Mock Test day and a bit of a change, since the vehicle I would be used would be different to the one I had been learning in, a larger, newer Audi A3 S-Line (I've been learning in an Audi A1). Also the test would be given by a senior instructor to be more independent and as realistic as possible. Having got used to the car, I found it much the same as a boat - going larger is better and easier to control. It was far more planted, especially on the fast country road section, and at speed on the dual carriageway sat squarely in the lane - the smaller A1 gets thrown about more by cross winds and is far less forgiving over uneven road surfaces. I drove to the test centre having a chat along the way which was nice, as it took away the slight nerves I had. We then proceeded on a real test route which took us right away out on the duel carriageway. We then turned off and did country roads, then some built up driving before I had to perform a forward bay park, and then an added emergency stop for good measure. Back to the test centre and the results were given...A pass. Not only was it a pass Lisa, the Instructor giving the test had to laugh because the only minor she could possible give was on the duel carriageway I was keeping a 3 second gap between the cars - you should aim for nothing less than 2 but only go over 4 seconds on wet days etc. However, as I checked my mirror and blind spot to overtake a car, this reduced to 2 seconds - not at all bad, not an issue but to an Examiner he might very well give a minor for such and so she did to. Her husband and her own the driving school, Chilled and in her time doing these tests and generally instructing said she never met such a confident new driver who handled everything really calmly and safely and she felt very relaxed being driven by. So big up the Rascal eh? But the thing is this is just a mock, the real thing could throw up something stupid that could cause a fail so I am not counting my chickens yet and the fat lady has not sung, but let's just say it is all looking to be going to plan. I have some driving this weekend in the Fens lined up and an added two hour lesson squeezed in the day before my test to keep me refreshed and on top form.
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    It depends on what you use the engine for - if you own a Shetland 4+4 and this would be your only motive power you might go for the brand, the backup and so on and you may also consider re-sale value - Honda = known Hongda = Not known avoid. This may make your boat harder to sell on, or attract a lower price. I get that. What I don't get is all the small tenders out there, used a handful of times if that in a season. Deflated tubes, green beginning to spread along the ropes and cover, and yet bolted on the back is a nice, expensive branded outboard. I don't get that. The outboard I shared is at the 'disposable cost' so it runs great for a year and then the following year gives some issues, you find out it needs a small part, unique to this and the seller on Amazon you bought it off is no longer around - you scrap it and buy another. Moving on to the the 'proper' looking, water cooled outboards that are clones on branded models and share branded parts, are doing well and when you see some rescue services with Parsun outboards on the back of their boats it begs the question - how bad can they be? But even then two or three years service out of an outboard that costs you £400.00 before it might give up the ghost, to me is good value and worth it. The same goes for the latest crop of warm air heaters from Russia - cheap and reliable units with increasing UK support makes the big branded multi-thousand pound choices harder to justify. These motors are not for everyone, but for the person who goes for a fishing trip now and then, pops along the river to the local pub form the Marina and does not want to take their larger boat these cheap and cheerful units make perfect sense to me.
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    Jean, you’ve no idea how chuffed we felt when forum member Sue introduced herself whilst we were at Norwich last year. If you see an NBN pennant or poster I heartily recommend introducing yourself!
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    I haven't yet got up the courage to actually say hello to any forum members in person! I did think that there might be friendly natives on board. Will pop in if I spot you again. :)
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    Great video Jean and thanks for including out boat Sandpiper and our friends boat Wiggy near the start of the clip at Beccles, you should have called in and had a coffee, we always fly the NBN burgee on the bow of the boat Alan
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    If your looking in Gracie , you are being missed, let your friends now your ok.Thats an order Things definitely changed round here , nothing stays the same forever. But most folk on here are good eggs . Stay with it, the cream always comes to the top.q
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    Lovely Jean. Really enjoyed your video. Helen
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    I tend to avoid the news and newspapers (haven't bought one in over 40 years) especially when on holiday. Each to their own. Regards Alan
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    Sorry Neil but no. She had to go for personal reasons and it was a sad and reluctant day!! We now have an Aquafibre Diamond 35 which works for us better at our age
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    By BA , I am sure EastCoastIPA is refering to British Airways not our own organisation controlling The Broads.
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    Otters? Maybe they played a small part. I would also like to know what is the effect of poor handling of captured fish by inexperienced anglers.
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    Even after 60 years of coming to the Broads I can't get enough of what's going on around me to spend time reading newspapers.
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    Seems to me that what applies to mink also applies to otters, perhaps even more so.
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    At one time the Broads was Britain's premiere pike fishery. Pike eat fish, lots of them, regretfully the pike population on the Broads has plummeted thus lots of fish aren't being eaten, at least by pike! At one time the Broads eel population was also large and eels eat spawn by the bushel, however the eel population has also crashed. The balance of nature is ever changing! I'm not writing as an expert, just someone who sees what's going on around him!
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    "It used to be thought that mink displaced otters and were part of the reason for the otters’ decline. However, this is now thought not to be true, and although there is evidence that sometimes otters will actually kill mink, mink and otters co-exist throughout Norfolk. "...... " Mink also hunt water birds, such as moorhen and ducks, and a noticeable decline in numbers of birds may indicate that mink are in the area. Mink are aggressive predators and will overkill prey. They can cause significant damage to housed or penned game birds or poultry by killing large numbers, far more than they can eat, and they may also damage fish stocks. " https://www.norfolkwildlifetrust.org.uk/wildlife-in-norfolk/species-explorer/mammals/american-mink
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    Or perhaps not reading it with rose tinted glasses (With equal respect). One of the differences between the resident and the frequent visitor to the Broads is the depth of knowledge one has of the area. Forgotten? No! Was unaware of? sadly, yes. Thank you. That is my view of the vast majority of reports. Somebody has asked for them, those that do not support the requesters view tend not to be published. If the requester is neutral in the subject the report will reflect the view of the majority of the investigators for that report. Is that a cynical view or that of a realist? Another difference between the resident and the frequent visitor to the Broads is that gradual changes are more noticeable to the visitor. I have witnessed the decline in numbers of wildfowl. I have to believe what I see. Not hearsay, not rumours but that which my very own two peepers tell me. I see little difference between the "Amateur naturalist" and the "Serious angler" or might they be the "Serious naturalists" and "Amateur angler". Perhaps we'd be better to refer to them as "Naturalists" and "Anglers". Either way I have been talking tongue in cheek when I write of fish stocks. … may I add that a total cull of mankind was also tongue in cheek! I haven't. That's probably why I haven't mentioned them. As I understand it, whilst they are about , they're not in great numbers either north or south. They need to be got rid of anyway. Nice to see we are both tongue in cheek sometimes.
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    I’m missing Gracie too, though I must admit to having been a bit sporadic in engaging with the forum recently, so sympathise if she’s taking a break from posting.
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    I can't believe you have just said that. Surely that is not the uncorroborated evidence of an amateur naturalist, is it? Good night all!
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    Plenty of grebe up north - probably one of the more plentiful I must admit. There are also quite a few duck,certainly where there are boats, gobbling up bread! Very very glad to hear about the mink - there is some little, unverified, evidence that the mink and otter do not get on too well!
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    Haven't seen a mink in years now, however I do see marsh harriers attacking ground nesting birds like lapwings, during the winter we have sixty or more cormorants on Oulton Broad gobbling up the fish stocks, whilst I'm on the bank at night I both see and hear fox rummaging through nesting areas and of course I see quite a few otters. What I don't see many of is duck, lapwings, moorhens, grebes and coots.
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    Could you kindly modify your language? This is an honest forum discussion about matters which concern those of us who are worried about what we see around us. We don't have to be experts to notice the things that are changing on the Broads. Some good, but an awful lot bad. We also have the the right to express those concerns without being talked down, in such an aggressive manner.
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    There is something worse than a wandering topic: no replies at all. And as long as these people are typing, they're keeping away from sharp things, and their guardians know where they are.
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    Oh, I thought man and his boating loos and boat drains going into the river played a part, I also thought man and his hunting with otter hounds played another part, not to mention man as a gamekeeper, and man as protecting his fisheries. Man treating otters as vermin probably didn't help either. The bottom line is that it was man's doing that the otter left the broads. That I don't deny, but we seem to be avoiding one or two questions here. The Norfolk broadland economy relies heavily on tourism. Which will better enhance this, the shy rarely seen otter or the (used to be) oft seen ducks for kiddywinks to feed? Do anglers come because they enjoy the surfeit of fish, or to see the delights of half eaten fish on the river banks? Ok, loaded questions but questions never the less. Nice to agree with you there, I do wonder about that.
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    I think my father would have said it's amazing what you see, when you haven't got a gun! Not exactly the romantic sentiment of "Ring of Bright Water", is it? This is the harsh reality. I wonder how many of those day visitors, in the middle of Wroxham, who saw that happen before them (and their children) will ever come back to the Broads? I notice that of the animal characters in "The Wind in the Willows", none of them are fish! In real life, Mr Mole, "Ratty" and Toad of Toad Hall, would all have been eaten by their dear friend, the otter! By the way, there is shooting of geese in the winter months on local estates, to try and keep numbers down, but I believe the otter is still a protected species. Anyway, as MM says, some of us think the otter is lovely and others think it is an un-controlled verminous pest. I think back to when the coypu had to be eradicated in East Anglia, but they were not carnivores : they were just destroying crops and damaging flood banks, not charging around killing any other species of wildlife that they could catch. Like the coypu, they have no natural enemies on the Broads. Perhaps we should wait for 3 or 4 years - or even less - and we shall soon see how it turns out.
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    I blame global warming personally. All these "otter" Summers are leading to an increase in numbers of Otters!
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    Yes WW your points make perfect sense to me, but I do see some "howevers" in there. Had otters naturally reinhabited the broads, I would agree, but they were not. they were re-introduced by man. Once again, man sticks his muddy little oar in and changes things. It is possible... no probable … that the wildfowl population is returning to a level that it should have been all along and had we not polluted the rivers thus removing the otters we would never have had the high populations you and I have enjoyed over the years. The "balance of nature" is a myth. Logic tells me it has to be. or at least if not a myth a paradox. Is man natural? if so, everything mankind does is part of the balance. if not then everything it does erodes that balance. if it tries to restore that balance, it forces the balance in a direction it was not going. If anyone wishes to restore the balance of nature, there is only one animal that needs a total cull, and I'll leave you to work out which one that is. :) (Clue... it isn't the bloody otter!)
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    Cor Blimey! Five replies in the time it took me to clean the bathroom! I was wondering how much interest there would be from the forum and I am now delighted by the responses. So there may have been some hanky panky going on in the foc'sle then Chris? Well it's had a happy life then! Thanks for the other info guys. I knew Seraphina had been restored and sold and it would be great to take a look around her. I never knew there was a Mr. Harvey and a Mr. Eastwood like most people I guess. Now the good news for Wherrynice: Saturday morning (29-9-18) 5am I'm off from Leicestershire to Bowling, Dumbarton, where she is currently moored on the Forth & Clyde canal. Around lunchtime we go through the sea lock onto the Clde and up 4.5 miles to Clyde Boatyard. Monday she gets lifted onto a low loader. Tuesday she travels towards Norwich. Wednesday she arrives at Brundall Bay and gets craned into the water. We then have a gentle cruise - saluting as we pass Eastwood Marina - and round to Brundall Gardens where I have a berth. I would like to say this is because of my sense of history but in fact it's more down to a happy accident, or it was written in the stars, take your pick. Reading these forums I always assumed it was very, very expensive to keep a boat on the Broads but it's not; it's just very expensive. Moorings near to me were either more expensive, not available or under an airport flight path near a motorway junction. Thanks again.
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    Cough* Splutter *Cough* I'm ill you know *cough *cough As JanetAnne says But just to clear up one or two technical bits and pieces that may be of help in the future either for taking photos for calendars or just for your own pleasure and posterity. Many phones and digital cameras come with an option these days on how the photograph is stored. My phone gives me a choice of jpeg, RAW, jpeg and RAW. I only ever shoot in RAW. Here's why. Imagine the photograph you are taking with your camera is an actual photograph on paper. To store as many photos as possible in your device the manufacturer uses the 'cheapo' jpg to screw the image up as small as it can go. Remember putting an old tenner or a lottery ticket through the wash? When you unfold the jpeg to then use it in print or online, just like the old tenner or lottery ticket, much of the information will be lost in the creases, folds or washed out in the washing machine cycle. There is no way that you will put that ticket or tenner back into its original state for it to be used. With a jpeg, the act of creating a jpeg degrades your images and permanently deletes information contained in them. You can take information out of a photograph in edit but you can't put information into the photograph. Now the RAW file retains all of the information of the original image. Like the transporters, onboard the USS Enterprise the RAW file can 'beam' the image back into its original condition. Software to deal with RAW files is not expensive. It is FREE. Nor is it a long drawn out process, it is quick and simple once you have it installed. Now you all know me, I don't like spending money if I can help it, and in the case of photo manipulation software, the FREE stuff is BETTER than the 'paid for' variety. All that has to be done to use a RAW file once you have the software is pop the card from your phone or camera into your computer. Click on the files you wish to download or view. If you wish to print your photo just print them. If you wish to convert them into a useable format and save them then do so. The thing is...nobody uses jpegs for anything. It's just a cheap method for the manufacturer to store more photos on the device or card. You can convert the image into a jpeg if you really want to, but it's like storing a video file in Betamax instead of an MP4. If you must convert your image to use online or in film or computer game you would use a png, tiff or Targa file. So best to just take RAW files if you can and eradicate the jpeg. Now if your phone or camera does not save RAW files then the best that you can do is make sure all of the settings in your device are set to maximum quality before taking any pictures and remember the old adage about the silk purse and sow's ear. Here's a link to Gimp software, RAW image software and a handy tutorial. https://www.daviesmediadesign.com/project/open-raw-images-gimp-2-10/ Now I'm off back to bed as the antibiotics are not working this time around and I feel battered with bits missing... like a jpeg I suppose *cough *splutter *rasp *cough
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    I love the closed season, no fishing kit spread out all over moorings. No moorings blocked off. No rods half way across the rivers. No grumpy faces on the riverbanks. I know most fisherpeople are considerate and pleasant but we always seem to come across the exceptions! I hope nothing changes.
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