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    Forty seven years ago I married this young lady. Thank you, Lynn, it's been good! To those who thought it would never last, wrong!
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    We will be taking the old lady out and about with a different crew next week. Justin is studying hard for his IB next year and won’t be joining us. But little Eliza and her mum will be along for the float. honk say hi or wave as we pass by. Looking forward to floating . M&F
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    Full cooked English...... Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    Grrr this thread is depressing. Give her a chance. My favourite doctors were Tom Baker and David Tennant. But if the writing is good then I really don't care what flavour the doctor is, it is still a great show.
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    well I left the others heading to another pub, sadly 1 pub too far for me, so I am back to the boat, its been a great day, steeped in alcahol, like the stew I made for our crew, this had Calvados added as flavouring with calvados chasers, followed by a nice rice pudding. unfortunately it was preceded by Robin and crew arriving for cocktails.
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    Congratulations, it would have been 47 for us last May 15th. Good year 71.
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    Chris Evans already had a new job .
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    chameleon is out of the water for antifouling and anodes, good thing too there was a lot of electrolysis on the prop and we had to have it fettled and rebalanced just gone back on pic 2
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    I've been bored today so I've spent all day digging out the decorations and the tree and finally finished it earlier this afternoon. If anyone wants me to come give them a hand with there's giz a bell
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    Sunday 30th September 2018 We were up bright(ish) and early on Sunday morning, as planned. Debbie took the dog for a walk – it would be a long time before we moored again and needed to make sure that she (the dog) had done necessary business before we left and I put the kettle on for my customary cuppa. The sun was rising, so I pulled some clothes on (after first getting rid of the pyjamas!), made my tea and went outside to take some photos. The sunrise was spectacular and I hoped the day would continue to be fine. We cast off as soon as the wife returned with Harley. I set the revs to about 5 mph and headed towards Yarmouth. I was slightly disappointed to find that there was no hot water, especially after our experiences with Grand Girl over the past few years, when there always seemed to be sufficient hot water left in the tank for me to shower as soon as I got up. I suppose that it was either a smaller capacity tank or not as well insulated. However, after about twenty minutes running, the water was heating nicely, so Debbie took the helm (outside naturally) and I went to get ready. We were well past The Stracey Arms by the time I emerged, showered and dressed. The wife and I swapped and I took the helm, whilst she went below to get showered and dressed. We were passed by three craft who appeared to be in a convoy, two from Barnes and one from NBD and I overtook Sovereign Grace, who was also heading towards Yarmouth. The weather was still good, but clouds could be seen in the distance and I feared the sunshine would be short lived. We entered Yarmouth, past the ever more dilapidated Marina Quays and through the yacht station. The early bridge height board showed only 8ft 6ins clearance, so we quickly dropped the screens as we needed 8ft 3ins to pass under. Fortunately, I remembered to duck!! Safely through, the screens were put back in place and we continued across Breydon Water. There was a chill in the wind, but the sun was still shining as we cruised past the Berney Arms and mill, however it wasn’t long before the clouds rolled in. There was plenty of space at Reedham, so I turned Gainsborough Girl into the incoming current and moored between the Rangers hut and Sandersons yard. Harley had the opportunity to stretch her legs and I wandered into Sandersons to see if they had a bulb to replace the one that had blown earlier that morning in the forward toilet. I’m not sure who I was talking to there, but he had a rummage in the apparent chaos in the shed and couldn’t find one, suggesting that I should be able to get one in Brundall. I topped up the water, before setting off again, this time heading for Rockland Staithe. We continued along the Yare and had passed the ferry, the turning for the Chet, Hardley Mill and the sugar factory at Cantley when a familiar shape loomed into view from the direction of Brundall. We had been in contact with our fellow syndicate members and I was aware that another couple were aboard Moonlight Shadow that week. They were also aware that we would be on Gainsborough Girl, so agreed (by email) to look out for each other. Sure enough, Moonlight was heading towards us, so we waved at them from the upper helm and realising that it was us, got a friendly wave back. It seemed slightly strange to see the boat that we own a share of being used by someone else, but also felt a sense of pride in the knowledge that we were co-owners of her. We carried on past the Beauchamp Arms, that seems to have a new name, which I cannot now remember, turning left shortly afterwards down Short Dyke and through Rockland Broad, to moor at the staithe. There were only a couple of other boats there, so there was plenty of space. I climbed off with my camera, but soon a heron landed on the wooden staging and started fishing. I hurried back to the boat, fully expecting it to fly off, fitted my long telephoto lens to my camera and took several shots whilst it stalked along the staging, before it flew across the staithe, landing on the quay heading on the other side. It flew off again when someone walked across the green. We had bacon rolls for lunch and decided to see how far it was to walk to Short Dyke, so we got ready and walked along the path, spending a few minutes in the bird hide on the way. There was an abundance of birds there, ducks, geese (greylag and Canada), grebes, cormorants, swans and coots – that’s where they had all been hiding!! It took less time than we thought and decided that it could well be the overnight mooring on Monday, with the potential to eat in the New Inn, too. We wandered back to the boat, cast off and headed for The Ferry House, at Surlingham, where I had booked a mooring and a table for our overnight mooring and meal. We arrived shortly after 16:00, found the allocated space and moored safely. The weather had remained grey and cheerless, so we set up the TV aerial, I read and Debbie started a new cross-stitch. At about 18:45 we took the short walk to the pub, which was warm and welcoming on what had become a chilly evening. The pub was busy, but not packed and we soon found our table, next to a piping hot radiator. We ordered food and drinks, prawn cocktail for Debbie and whitebait for me as starters and we both had liver and bacon with mash and vegetables for mains. I must confess that I am getting the taste for Ghost Ship! With no room for dessert, we paid the bill and left, walking along the lane to the houses at the end, before turning and walking back, to allow Harley time to do the necessaries before returning to the boat. We watched TV for a while, before the customary hot drinks and bed. The plan was to be in Norwich the following morning, so there was no desperate need for an early start.
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    I hope Robin has at least a week before his driving test, it will take that long for everyone to sober up.
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    Well, Somerleyton was still shut. They are due to open today but not till 1800 as we found out. So we went alongside, opened the boats bonded lockers and played inter boat battleships. Sailed at 1440 for Stokesby. Met a full ebb tide at GYA as expected which backed the Jewels down to 2:5mph from 9mph on Breydon. Formation 1 up the lower Bure now burning Dino juice hand over fist and we care not a jot Griff
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    Whilst the actor in the lead role will always grab the headlines for me of equal, or even greater importance is the change of writer. Steven Moffat has been replaced by Chris Chibnall for this series so it will be interesting to see where that goes. Moffat was responsible for some of the best episodes of Doctor Who, including in my opinion the best ever, "Blink", during the David Tennant era. Interestingly, the Doctor hardly appeared in that episode as Tennant was busy doing other work. Chibnall has worked on the Doctor Who franchise before with Torchwood and won acclaim on series like Broadchurch, so he should know what he's doing.
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    Sailed from WRC then onto Oulton Broad yacht station. All four boats moored on the floating pontoons. A spot of fishing n sailing. Some of us didn’t venture out watched film onboard. Today sailed at 0800 for Gelderstone village and the Wherry pub. 3 x Hr DTS playing darts. Then came the fun bit. Four astern full length of the dike - no problem! Now at Beccles for overnight, after dinner and we are in the pub yet again. There is no way this lot, me included will keep this pace up much longer Griff
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    More memories! One of my daughters did the same, hot water soak, which didn't affect her in the least, she's had six children, but the die stained the enamel of the bath and even now, thirty years later, the bath still has a slight indigo tide line.
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    Congratulations to you too! '71 was a good year. PS, what's the secret to wearing well or were you a child bride?
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    God willing, only four more years to go! By the way, mutual congratulations.
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    Well done JM, your Doris one lucky Lady then Griff
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    It was a good year, good vintage. I'm sorry that you didn't make it too. We went for October, end of the sailing season .
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    Many congratulations, lovely photos! I guess you are nearing the end of your probationary period and will soon enjoy full tenure
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    On groupon Norfolk burger and drink for two £14.95 almost 50% off normal price. If anyone is interested.
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    We might have a look at what Roy's have to offer when we are next on the boat at the beginning of December, which is about right for any Christmas shopping. Regards Alan
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    went to the local carver sunday SHOCK, HORROR , they have the christmas tree up already
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    Hi peoples, how's things? life has been busy and i have not kept up with forum life. Summer came and went, Autumn is here and the end of the season is nigh, well what can i say? We started something new in a place that people dont instantly think to go for a day boat, we used boats that were new to the broads, Promotion was lacking and the day to day running was mostley done by a guy who had never worked full time on a hire fleet. We've had customers, we've had local support, kind words and some lovely reviews. I personally could not have asked for more from this year, i'm pretty sure we have laid a solid foundation going forward. This seed may have been planted by myself and i nurtured it a lot as it sprouted, but this has been a team effort and many have played their part, I thank them all (I'm sure Andy does too). A last note to those who have not yet come down to River Green for a little jaunt out in one of our boats, you have until the end of the Autumn half term otherwise you will have to wait until next season starts.
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    Lol guys, was called Dart Tag, now Dart Charge. Or, when desperate, Blackwall Tunnel as alternatives. The thought of me taking the Passat apart and reassembling on the northern bank conjures up many thoughts.
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    Where Locks Lane crosses the river and becomes a footpath at Geldesdon.
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    Nope Peter Capaldi didn't float my boat either as the Doctor and we were very apprehensive about Jodie bringing the female touch but was pleasantly surprised, going to take it one episode at a time as see how it goes.
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    Grendel It's known as roadcraft Something that everyone should use. seems quite a few drivers nowadays. Get in, switch on and remove brain before letting in the clutch.
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    I well remember a friend at college, Harrison by name, who had bought a pair of Levi's that could only be described as already being a snug fit. However not as snug as Harrison wished so he too resorted to the bath treatment, very effective it was, but with complications. Once shrunk they were so tight that he was unable to get them off! He could turn them down enough to perform a 'number two' but they had shrunk remarkably well to his calves and thighs. After four or five weeks even Harrison had to admit that the growing aroma outweighed the perceived attraction of having the tightest trousers in Lincoln! He eventually cut the stitching and once they were off, and washed, one of the girls in the fashion department set colourful gussets into the legs thus creating a pair of 'ahead of their time', outlandish 'loon pants'.
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    I seem to recall a news report from Australia a year or so back when some had "sustained injuries not compatible with living", after rolling around the floor laughing my gruesome bits off at someone else's misfortune I thought what is wrong with good old fashioned DEAD/DECEASED/EXPIRED/CEASED TO BE/EX-PERSON/PINING FOR THE FJORDS?????
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    could someone kindly explain to me how a post expressing concern for the wellbeing of Gracie managed to morph into a discussion about the merits (or not) of washing powder? Priceless!! Regards, Carole
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    Years ago now when Robin Hood airport was RAF Finningley, some of the married quarters displayed a box of ‘OMO’ in a window. Apparently it was to signify ‘Old Man Out’ Griff
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    Going back to the late 60's early 70's when the only Levi's you could buy were the un-shrunk type. A friend of mine to make sure they fitted well decided to sit in the bath with the said jeans on, he thought it would be a good idea to put in most of the packet of soap flakes into the water which ended up almost with him and the jeans stuck in the quagmire of set soap flakes. Regards Alan
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    Seems that the modern culture has become. I'm offended by everything! If it does not fit my point of view, I will be offended and let everyone know so. Social media has made this so much easier but. What ever happened to live and let live?
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    Now i'm going to risk the "wrath of hell" and point out what my mum used to wash my clothes in ..... OMO
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    How true that is! Only in the last couple of weeks someone was nearly hauled over the coals for using the expression ‘whiter than white’. They were accused of being racist! An innocent expression taken completely out of context. At least in that particular case the accuser had to eat humble pie (can I say that or is it discriminatory in some way?) smellyloo uses the term ‘us oldies’ but, with a few exceptions, I have little idea of how old members are or indeed how long they have been members.
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    Bad with Quality Street,,,, but with "After eight" bloody unforgivable !!!
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    In a moment of weakness my wife and I had our first four quid Quality Street selection the other day, they lasted about twenty hours! Is this the first step to being a waddling porker, again?
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    I had a friend at boarding school who not only stuttered but, as he himself admitted, he needed his RRRRs rolled, a statement which always gave much merriment to all but my friend. Us brats always knew him as per, per, per, per Poll Gwave Bwown, or Per for short, perhaps Vaughan remembers him? I was to meet him many years later, his elocution and Rrrrrrs rolling lessons had obviously worked wonders. Was I tempted to revert to stuttering myself, that always started him off! I must have been a horrible child!
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    That reminds me of a joke,here goes. A wine taster went into a bar and asks the bartender for a fifty year old glass of red wine. The bartender pours him a drink, the man drinks it and immediately spits it out, and yells “This is a 43 year old red wine! I asked for a 50”A few people at the bar applaud him for his knowledge. He wipes his lip and says “Its ok. Just give me a 35 year old glass of white wine” The bartender serves him again, the man tries it, and cannot bring himself to swallow the drink. Furious he yells at the bartender “This is not a 35 year old wine, its only 27 years old”Once again the people at the bar applaud his great taste. He then asks for a simple seven year old beer. The bar tender gives him a can and he says “Its not exactly seven years but not bad.”When he’s done with the drink the bartender comes back and says “Some guy at the other end of the bar told me he wanted to get you a drink”He thanks the man and raises his glass to him, and takes a sip. Disgusted he screams “God this tastes like water!” To which the guy at the end of the bar jumps up and asks “How old am ?
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    Can I suggest you only buy red wine to drink then....wouldn't want any, errrrrr, mishaps, if you see what I mean!!
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    Please remember whilst solo cruising the use of your life saver is even more essential
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