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    Thanks for all the comments, he was a incredible person I was lucky enough to spend so much time with , he was an inspiration and will continue to be.
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    So first sorry its been so long since my last video , just been a busy boy but I am still about don't panic . So this one is a quick one I have been asked how do you get the best crackling so here you go . I hope you enjoy it and there will be more cheers …
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    Calypso 28, circa 1974, originally owned and maintained by Richardsons. The lay up is good and solid. It had been in private ownership for 7 years before I bought her and 6 years with me. EllieKnight is in good condition for her age. She was antifouled, fully repainted and serviced over last winter. New batteries this year, 240v calorifier, I have isolated it from the engine but it is an easy fix to reconnect. warm air heating, 240v fridge and microwave. The tv is 240v but I have a 12v tv if required. Holding tank with a manual pump toilet. New thermostatic shower mixer and basin with unit under. Money has never been an issue in maintaining and upgrading her. The engine is a Perkins 407 with hydraulic drive. Very quiet when running. The hydraulic drive was new 6 years ago when I purchased her. The bed has been altered to provide a full 6' wide bed. New 240v ring to rear cabin, kitchen and engine bay for battery charger and engine heater. The saloon floor is teak and looks great. The rear cabin is new flotex. Upholstery is all excellent. Headlinings are all good. Bilge pump monitor, I have an extra winter cover in addition to the front and rear well covers. The engine hatch is missing as it is in a Norfolk yard to be rebuilt. It had gone a bit soft. Ellie knight is based at Yalding on the river Medway, the plan was to use her for weekends, unfortunately we have had to care for a very elderly mother in law for the last five years, we also have a boat at Brundall that we runaway to whenever we get respite cover. We are finding we have little time to use the Calypso and it seems such a waste. I am looking for around 17,000 but I am happy to pay half the transport cost to take her home to Norfolk if I get the asking price. I am sure I have missed things, but these are the main points. EllieKnight is a nice comfortable boat, if we had more time we would keep her. Message me if you would like to see more photos including the hull out of the water.
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    Monday 15th October We left Bramerton this morning shortly before 9am. The wind had dropped again but there was a fine drizzle which continued virtually all day. Pretty gloomy really. Seren has figured out a way of seeing what's ahead. We didn’t see any other boats on the river until we were passing under the Novi Sad bridge. Moored up in Norwich Yacht Station around 10am. We were lucky again and found more than 80p left on one of the posts. We had coffee with Graham before Harry and I set off for a wander around Norwich, whilst Graham took Seren for a walk. By the way, Harry pointed out that the same graffiti that graces (um?) the Postwick Viaduct can also be found near to top of the old gas works near the Yacht Station. I'd never noticed that before...what a mad graffiti'ist! On our way across Bishop's Bridge. Harry and I went up to the Cathedral from Pull’s Ferry and spent over an hour looking around. The organ was being tuned, which got a bit wearing after a while! Went to The Goulash House (Hungarian Restaurant on St Stephen’s Road) for lunch. It was a bit of a trek from the Cathedral, but well worth the effort as the food was good and very reasonably priced. I had Chicken Bakonyi (chunks of chicken breast and mushrooms in a creamy paprika sauce) with Hungarian dumplings and Harry had their traditional Beef Goulash, also with dumplings (you can have boiled or mashed potatoes instead of dumplings if you wish). Not bad for £7.99 each including a (non-alcoholic) drink. They don’t have a licence but don’t mind you taking your own wine if you wish. I recommend! After lunch we had a wander around the streets of Norwich. We thought the Royal Arcade was lovely... and there were some interesting stalls in the Market. We had wanted to visit the Bridewell Museum (free entry), but found it was shut on Mondays. Feeling quite tired, we decided to return to the boat. Before I changed from my wet things, Graham asked me to help him move the boat on her ropes as he had found that the nearest water hose wouldn’t reach. I thought there was a water hose nearer the electric points last year…am I imagining that? We almost lost our spot, as another couple who had moored further down had come along to check out the credit on the posts. Once we had filled up and returned the boat to her original position near the electric, Graham went off for a shower. I made potato and celeriac mash, sausages and kale this evening, after which we watched ‘Autumn Watch’ before turning in for the night.
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    What say you all, that we do a cruise in company from Ranworth to Salhouse on the day the three rivers race starts.
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    Well my week really,repainting the kitchen.This is the first part of let's get to Norfolk. In just over two and a half years we will retire and intend to move to Norfolk. Next years more decorating.End of the week up to the boat.
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    Thirty five years as a surveyor and property developer and this is what I am reduced to. I have four more to build and none have Building regs or planning permission .
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    but they will collect parcels from online business users free of charge when using tracked services, or for a nomial charge if using Royal Mail parcels
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    Thanks for your messages. My wife is dropping me in Norwich (and then shopping [emoji16]) and then picking me up later as we live on the east coast. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    You also have to consider the time spent in packing and wrapping the said item and the time spent taking it to the post office , often nowadays it costs more in wages to send an item than the item costs itself. That said, I believe companies need to be more transparent with the total invoice costs and not hide the additional fees in the small print
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    Well just got back in from night 1 of 2 theatre performances that my youngest is singing solo in. Fantastic night with some budding superstars in the making. I'm one super proud dad, now trying to calm the kids down enough to sleep before school tomorrow , obviously you suvverners are already on school holidays Can't wait to take them away next week for a well deserved break, it calls for a late night celebration I reckon
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    Taken from facebook: Robert John Richardson, born 2 August 1923. Robert Richardson, a pioneer innovator in the marine industry, sadly passed away on 20th October 2018, aged 95. In a quote to the team members at Richardsons Leisure Limited the Richardson family announced: "It is with deep sadness that the family wish to inform you that Mr Richardson (Bobby) has passed away. After suffering a stroke on Friday morning, he was taken to Norwich University Hospital where, with all his children at his bedside, he slowly and peacefully passed away at 1:30am Saturday morning. The success of the business and the continuing improvements to land, buildings and boats and the developments of you, our team, were a daily interest to him. He was keen to watch and learn of what was being done and behind the scenes his input continued to be invaluable. We are sure his legacy will be remembered through the success of the business. (As a mark of respect the Richardson’s flags are flying at half mast at their marinas and holiday park.)" Mr Richardson Jnr opened his boating portfolio with the purchase of 4 row boats in the early part of the war before he was ‘called up’ and his father let them for him during the War, in addition to the existing fleet of day boats. In 1944 Mr Richardson purchased their first motor cruiser and early 1944 Mr Richardson Snr and Jnr bought Old Mill House Boatyard in Oulton Broad, from which they let row boats, sailing boats and motor launches. Robert Jnr was in the RAF during the war, stationed in Palestine, Egypt and India. In 1947 he re-joined his father in the boat letting business. By 1957 the Hire Fleet had outgrown the Oulton Broad sites which led to Mr Richardson Jnr looking for larger premises on the Norfolk Broads. During late 1957 the fleet of hire boats was moved to Stalham and hiring commenced Spring 1958. During the next 15 years the fleet increased with the expansion of the original site at Stalham, creating the largest boatyard on the whole of the Norfolk and Suffolk Broads. In 1986 Horning Boatyard was purchased, followed by three boatyards on the River Thames in 1991. The last boatyard to be purchased was ‘Hearts Cruisers’ in Thorpe Norwich in 1992. In 1993 Mr Richardson diversified bringing a new venture to the Group with the introduction of Holiday Villages. His achievements within the marine industry were recognised in 2010 with Mr Richardson being awarded the Boating Business Lifetime Achievement Award by Marine Trades Association (MTA) and Boating Business. For more on Mr Richardson’s amazing history see link below: https://www.richardsonsboatingholidays.co.uk/…/20181022-Boa… Greg Munford, Chief Executive of Richardson’s and President of British Marine commented: “Mr Richardson was a pioneer, innovator and an entrepreneur ahead of his time. One of the founding Fathers of post war tourism in our region. A quiet, kind and true gentleman whose passion for boating and business has allowed millions of people to enjoy our wonderful waterways in Norfolk, Suffolk and the Thames along with holidays on land through his inspired diversification into holiday parks. His business has created happy memories that families and friends will never forget and that will transcend their generations. For those who had the privilege to know him his memory will never be lost. It is with sadness that we will be celebrating our 75th year without Mr Richardson but knowing the man he would certainly want it to be ‘business as usual.’” Mr Richardson leaves behind a much-loved family; his daughters Jess and Laura, sons Paul and Clive and nine grandchildren.
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    Shall probably be out fishing in the afternoon, will keep an eye open for you. Have a good trip. I've frequently done Oulton Broad to Beccles and sometimes Bungay in a canoe or kayak but never Norwich, that seems a long way to me!
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    The Shureflo pump we have onboard 'B.A' is used to extract shower water from the shower tray overboard. We inherited the pump when we became the custodians of 'B.A' back in 2002, the pump has been in use for the past eleven years giving sterling service. However recently it's performance started to reduce. So I stripped it down, cleaned it out and all was well. On the Lads week it started failing again. Further investigation revelead the plate and O ring to be past their best. The impeller looks fine but must be worn by now too. So, eventually we found a service kit on Ebay for £30:00. However it has to come from the USA the postage was listed at £40:00 giving a total of £70:00 not including any import tax we may get stiffed with. A new equivilant Jabsco pump is around £100-ish so there was no way I was spending £70:00 on a service kit. A phone call to ASAP supplies in Beccles - they can't supply but are very helpful in giving me a number of a UK supplier that may be able to. On contacting said UK supplier, yes they can supply a service kit for £24:50 and have one in stock, we can order on-line. Bro duly does and said service kit has arrived with a total invoice or £41:40 This is the part where I'm feeling ripped off. How do we get to £41:40 from £24:50? Add on £10:00 carriage = £34:50 then add on vat = £41:40 The suppliers have charged us £12:00 carriage including vat on the carriage. I took the parcel to the my local P.O unopened. Their charge 1st class signed for? £5 in total. So the total invoice should have been £34:40. I know its less than £10:00 I'm griping about, but it's £10:00 in £41:00 which is nowt in the grand scheme of things but this is outright profiteering / Rip of Britain in my book. We won't be ordering owt else from this company that's for sure. IAW the TOS I can't mention them by name, but beware of ordering any items from a pump specialist in Albion Street, Southwick, W. Sussex Griff
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    That's strange as probably half the stuff I buy on the internet comes via Royal Mail or Parcel Force and another 30 to 40 % via Hermes with UPS and DHL making up the remainder a lot of which is either free or around £4 P&P I guess it depends who you are buying from. Fred
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    I dont say this to deliberately disagree as I have read many poor reviews about “Hermitage” etc but using them on a small scale sending around 50 parcels over a few years I have never once had a problem. Might be my turn soon then!!
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    After a week and a day on holiday it was back to normality for me today. 1st day back at school for Jamie so alarm at 7.15, run his bath, make his breakfast, press his uniform and get him to school for 8.40 Things changed a bit after that though. Home for a quick cuppa then a walk down the village. Time to drop into the garden machinery centre to talk about a possible new mower for next year then on the bus to our nearest train station, via every village in between. A journey that takes me twenty minutes in the car stretched to an hour and twenty minutes but I have seen parts of Leicestershire that, despite living here all my life I have never seen before. I had just enough time before my train was due to get a snack from the platform newsagent, err no. The platform newsagent is now a solicitors office with the refreshment needs of passengers now serviced by two vending machines. One, all but empty could supply standard coke, but no diet, that was sold out or Fanta, all at £2.60 a bottle. The other offered a choice of Kit Kat, Mars or Twix at £1.40. No thanks, my dietry needs will have to wait for the buffet car. I could kill a coffee and croissant or bacon roll. I was a bit miffed that British Railways no longer offer the "daytime first" upgrade, of which I made great use when I used to travel to London on business. For a few extra quid you could upgrade your ticket, subject to availability on trains between the peak hours. Sadly not only has it gone, but so have British Railways. I'm afraid I was not going to pay a three hundred percent premium for a half decent seat for a couple of hours journey (especially the as the connecting train had no first class anyway) . So peasant class it was, though at least the train was not busy and so I had a choice of seats "facing the engine", not that there is an engine anymore either. I noted with interest that there was not a single soul seated in first class. I can't help thinking that our supposedly beleaguered Train Operating Companies are missing a trick here. I'm sure I'm not alone in being prepared to pay a sensible supplement to upgrade. My ticket was a barcode on my mobile phone. I thouht I had been quite clever using this new technololgy but after boarding the train it struck me what might happen if the totally inadequate battery on my abysmal Samsung mobile should fail, as it tends to do after not much useage. Having been fully charged when leaving home it was, by now, down to 77%, and that just on standby. I flashed the code at the ticket collector who cast a cursory glance at it. No way could he have read it and known that it was valid on the train I was now seated on. Neither did he have a clever scanniing type gadget to read it. I asked about the buffet car and was met by a startled gaze and the response "no buffet car". Great! I would have to wait until I change trains at Birmingham. The train ran pretty much to time and arrived in New Street just a handful of minutes late. The app on my phone which held my ticket had updated the journey details with platform numbers. I would arrive to platform 6 and depart from 5b. Not far to walk then. Wrong. Some overpaid under brained dimwit has redesigned New Street Station into a series of "Lounges". Platform 6 was in one and 5b in another. You have to climb up to the main concourse, clear the ticket barriers then walk half a mile, back through the barriers and down to the platform next to the one you were on fifteen minutes earlier. To add to the delay the barcode on my phone would not open the barrier so the attendant had to come along with the key and unlock it for me. Repeat that process at the next barrier down to platform 5b. I'm sure it's no accident that the walk from one to the other takes you past the vast array of designer shops which now adorn the station. Not a buffet or takeaway kiosk to be found. There was one starbucks, with a queue out of the door. No time for that! I found my onward train to convey me to the heart of the "Black Country". On Time, the board said, and duly, ten minutes before it's scheduled deperture time the train pulled on to the platform. Again plenty of space so i chose a seat "facing" and settled down for the short wait for it to leave. And waited And waited. Finally, fifteen minutes late it pulled away. A polite voice welcomed us aboard the train in near perfect Queen's English until the list of stops came to Dudley when a sharp black country twang could be heard. I think it is impossible to prenounce Dudley without adopting a "Dudley Accent". No apology or explanation for our late departure. It would have been nice to be told "sorry but the driver needed to use the loo" or "we had to wait for a clear track ahead". My train quickly passed under the M5, a trip which by car takes half an hour done in the blink of an eye and before too much longer my station was reached. I alighted the train and using the last of my fading battery mapped my walking route along the Walsall canal to my final destination. The object of my 50 mile, four hour journey was the car dealership from who we had agreed to buy the new car I have been promising myself for years. After a false start earlier this month when having bought one the dealer called the day before it was due to be delivered that they had discovered a problem and were withdrawing it from sale, I decided I would go and collect this one. Finally, the new car is sitting on our driveway alongside the old Honda. I hope it gives the years of trouble free service that the old workhorse has and hopefully will continue to do as we plan to keep it as long as possible as a dirty jobs vehicle.
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    Good luck Mark, Having seen her I can certainly say she's a very good example. I do love the hardwood flooring you have there, it's a shame we missed that when it was on sale. You might want to try ApolloDuck, it always seems to work well.
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    That may have something to do with it, but the size of the yard is also an issue. At best the moorings only hold eight boats, they had been operating with ten. Splitting changeover days between Friday and Saturday aleviates the problem during the season but when they are all back then they have to lift someout or seek other moorings.
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    It really lifted the look of Contessa I think. If you compare what she looked like with lino to the look now with the 'Holly & Teak' laminate, she looks much classier inside. Also with Lino you end up using flotex 'rugs' to soften things up and it's never a good look. Before After
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    Thankfully not! Have you seen their interiors? It's this one, I believe. http://www.broads.org.uk/wiki/index.php5?title=Boat_Details&BoatId=1296&BoatHistory=1422
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    Thanks Hylander , I will try to put something up as often as I can , hope your keeping well ...
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    I really like the Holly & Teak, both on this boat and previous. I think it's a good combination of practicality and looks. Richardsons have been using it for quite a few years now.
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    I think I saw the life jacket in Horning on Sunday, a Fisherman had stuck a pole in a fence with a life jacket on sticking out into the river, (at the kingline cottages) he was a few feet further up river fishing...
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    thanks JA what colour lipstick do i wear when kissing them?
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    Hello Geoffrey, It is good to see you posting on the forum again. Regards Alan
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    An innovator, A legend, A Broadsman. Much respect to 'Bobby' Richardson. Condolences to his family. I did and still do feel it was an honour to have met and chat with him just the once Griff
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    That'll be the Ghostship Helen, you should have had much much more, you'd have slept like a log
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    Hi Polly. If you need names then please put me down for the Spring meet Boatyman AKA Andy. I'll be there on the Sat and Sunday 18th/19th May 2019. I'll let you know what boat in due course. If you could book me a space as we did last year that will be great. Hope all is well ?? Looking forward to seeing you all again.
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    Good to see you back Geoffrey and Austin oh and Steve
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    Hi Mark. Hired from Topline quite a few times through Blakes i think it was and then direct from the boatyard for a better deal. Found it to be an excellent boat for our needs. It had a camera at the rear with a small screen in the cockpit as rear view a bit obscured. Seen a couple of private ones on my travels so was very surprised to see a couple still available. regards David
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    Oh yes, Camp Coffee, Grandma always had that, yummy. There was, however a story..... Grandma's First World War experience was pretty bad,; although Grandad survived severe wounds, she was unforgiving of 'The Hun' and ran her own trade embargo ever after. Cut to the 1950's and our neighbour, Gisela's mother was over to visit. This lady was 'The Hun' in Grandma's book, and spoke no English which was a barrier too. One morning she staggered round clutching her throat and a bottle of Camp Coffee, Gisela was at work and, alone in the house, she had made herself a brew. The taste convinced her that she had poisoned herself and so had come for help. Grandma showed her her own bottle and they shared a sign language coffee morning. Teased by Dad later, Grandma remarked with dignity that she 'had decided to forgive her'.
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    If it can be 'thirded' I do too! Glad you are back. Happy - (aka Alan)
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    My first experience of camping was aged 17, backpacking with our Venture Scout unit in the wilds of Snowdonia, with no facilities whatsoever (I vividly recall trying to find a suitable place to go to the loo one morning after we'd camped on the causeway across Llyn Llydaw, part way up the Miner's Track up Snowdon...not easy!). After that, I thought that 'proper' campsites were quite luxurious. Of course, as you get older your perspective changes somewhat. I can't see us camping again. It was great when the kids were little, but we've grown to like our creature comforts too much to want to go camping again.
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    Not viewed it yet but am so pleased you are posting once more.
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    My daughter spent her day meeting and learning about Billy the Tawny Owl. Billy, a fellow stroke survivor, is coming to stay while friends of ours are out the country for an extended period. Billy is the one on the left. ....
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