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    If our respective governments did not send so much foreign aid to countries that have their own space programme (To highlight just one example) then maybe foodbanks and homeless wouldn't be so prevalent Griff
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    Thanks everyone for their kind words. I thought I had inadvertently selected some otherwise hidden setting on my Sat Nav today, it would not stop reminding me of things - speed limit changes, bends and even seemed to have some preference to what radio station was tuned into on the stereo. I then realised it was the passenger. What exactly happens to women when they get in a car? Shiela has never uttered a word when on a boat, a train or a bus but the moment I get a car and she is a passenger then I am merely there it seems to listen and obey her instructions as if I am the one pressing peddles and moving the steering but she wants to be in control. Anyway, we had a trip out to Sheringham today - and thankfully I was not the one who had their car written off by crashing into a Steam Train at a level crossing. Lovely place though, with a large real Iron Mongers full of useful things and very knowledgeable staff. Had lunch and then headed back to Brundall. Later we headed out for some more practice at night along to Yarmouth and back taking in the 'Acle Straight'. This was okay going, but on our return twice people took such risks overtaking others (oncoming) which was a bit too close for comfort. Yeah, I know it happens all the time but being 'fresh out of school' the real learning has begun.
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    Indeed it has! In the mid 70s there was a very serious scheme to build a flood barrier across the Haven at Gt Yarmouth. This was about the time they were building the Thames Barrier and so Norfolk wanted one too! It very nearly got built but in the end public opinion (including mine) won over and it was cancelled. What was the reason we were against it? Because it would be fine at stopping surge tides but once it was physically in place, it might be used by all sorts of environment "experts" who would say "Why don't we use it to raise the overall level by 4 inches?" Or alternately - "Why don't we use it to drop the level by 4 inches?" Nowadays, in the upper reaches, we can see clearly how much of a drastic difference that 4 inches can make! We also saw recently that the Thames Barrier is completely ineffectual when it comes to rainwater flooding in the upper reaches and that has the same effect on the Broads. There are many who say that the lower Bure needs deeper dredging to get the flow of water out to sea and I am one of them but the more we discuss it, I am not so sure it is the single solution, on its own. Personally I believe that the problem started when they began to "protect" huge areas of meadow by building flood banks so that the land could be given over to arable crops. The problem was that those meadows had been deliberately used as washlands, to absorb the water from surge tides. Now that these large tracts of land are once again being returned to grazing meadow I don't see why parts of the bank cannot be lowered to allow them once again to become washlands. I believe we would see a big difference if that happened.
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    Driving a car, Being married. Both need a license, now you know why. I am a lousy passenger too, I am another one who "brakes" on behalf of the driver, though only once did it get me into trouble. In a friends 'company car' he, his wife and I were going to a pub. He was driving. As we approached a junction, I braked. Almost immediately I was asked to be the back seat passenger. He was a driving instructor, and the car had duel controls.
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    have regularly hired on the broads since the early seventies but haven't been much lately just booked for next year the lure is too strong.
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    Morning all. Can't stop as of to have lunch with friends as its Ruth's Birthday. Vaughan, the new steel pole now provides the power to the island. The old pole was not going to last much longer. There is a story about Roger and the electric which I will relate when I have more time or next time you and Suzi are here. The trees have been reduced or removed to protect the wall and old gaol but while the quayheading was being replaced they caught the wall with the digger bucket and half of it fell down. We had lots of bods with clipboards discussing what was to be done but in the end just a flint wall was put there and no gaol. As Mark has pointed out we have our share of undesirables who during the warmer months think it's their right to mess with the boats moored on the green. Several have been taken only to be recovered in the city. There are many improvements that could be made at the green. The webcam is a step in the right direction but I would not want to moor my boat overnight without being onboard. Anyway, the sun is out and the green looks a picture. The fishermen have moved in and people are feeding the ducks. What more can you want in the middle of November. Colin
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    Spent the day cruising from Stalham wet shed to Ranworth , very quiet on the rivers , glorious crisp November day with clear blue skies . evening spend in the Maltsters , lovely meal , excellent London Pride Ale , wonderful company and now to sleep warmed by our oil radiators and the snuggles of Katie
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    So here we are, November, and the caravan is now closed up until next March. The site remains open but the caravan gets very cold in-between visits. And if we don't get it drained down and sorted out, then we risk invalidating our insurance if we get frozen conditions, burst pipes, any damage etc. Plus our journeys from home would be in the dark now that we're into those late autumn and winter months. All in all, we're very happy to consider the season as March to early November and leave it at that. We'll probably go up for a day at some point next month just to check things over before Christmas. To round off this season I have put together some more photos and short video clips. Avoiding copyright issues with the music can make it harder to find something I like and that I feel fits the atmosphere that I'm after ... putting these together is a new hobby for me now but it's all done on iMovie with music that I own to accompany the footage. You get to go along with my musical taste!! Whilst we only got out on a day boat this year, we have got our old favourite Swan Reflection booked for four days in March and I'm already looking forward to that. Before then hopefully we will have the Nogs Delightful December Tale to follow. Not to mention any lucky syndicate owners who might yet have some time afloat this year ... yes Jay ... I'm waiting for your next write up already ... and the video!! ;) My thanks to those who have been interested enough to read this topic and take a look at my videos ... here's the last one for 2018 then.
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    spoke to him last week, recovered from his pneumonia and was busy filming (young nubile females I believe)
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    It's a shame the same common sense can't be applied. If you want to attract visitors you have to provide facilities for them. And that is the nail being hit firmly and squarely on the head. We all of us know, that is hirers, privateers, anglers, twitchers, canoodlists, cyclists - the whole lot - about the need for basic facilities and applying common sense. I find it infuriating that the powers that be who are 'In control' (Really?) cannot or refuse to apply common sense and get it sorted out. It ain't rocket science, and nowhere near the levels of debate required for Brexit, its just a few refuse points around the system that require managing. For goodness sake. God help the guests if they ever had to organising a party in a brewery Griff
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    I was thinking about whether the situation with regard to boat waste could be likened to any other leisure industry. With holiday camps and caravan sites, the owners pay for the collection of waste. That's the case at the site where we have our caravan. So is that what happens also at marinas where owners have their permanent moorings? Not that you could necessarily be out on your boat for an extended time and keep all waste for disposing of back at base, I understand that. As for facilities at public moorings, one could argue that this is the same as any resort where daytrippers come, spend their money in the local economy, and leave their rubbish behind at the end of the day, handled therefore by local rubbish collection? It's a shame the same commonsense can't be applied. If you want to attract visitors you have to provide facilities for them.
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    That seems to be the unanswerable question. How many members of "relevant clubs" actually live in the Broads. I am such a member and I have a boat, but I live about 200 yards outside the Broads. Do I get a vote? I don't actually think that elections are the answer. I think the Landscapes Review is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to get our points across. We can moan all we like on here, and we achieve absolutely nothing. Put those concerns into the review and they WILL be read. How much notice will be taken of them I don't know, but I've got my draft ready to top-and-tail and submit.
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    Having clocked more hours than most (if not all) on River Green this year I tell you 1st hand what a wonderfull place it is, full of people enjoing the wildlife and views. Sadly it does also have a darker element, TSA has its fair share of undesirables and unfortunates, there is the youth element that have no regard for other peoples things, attempting to gain access into the Islander's post box, and jumping on my day boats (they got a shock, I could see them from the Rushcutters!!), the drunk guy with his huge backpack and can's of budget cider I think fair to say homeless, he fell asleep in the full summer sun (and that day was scorchio), I went to see if this man was ok, he woke as i spoke to him, i passed his glasses that had fallen to the ground and all I can say is I should have let him burn, I did not ask for his rudness. Day after day myself and the town councils ground team would clean up beer cans, bottles and takeaway litter, too hard for people to use the bins that the town council provide and empty. As I understand the webcam plan is to allow the public to view the green and river from the comfort of home, many people seem to like to do this and people are quick to shout when webcams go down, the webcam and some cctv cameras if they happen will give a little extra security to myself and full time moorers paying to use the Green, as well as active deterent to those who wish to misuse the green. The Town Council ground team visit the Green every day, certainly seven days a week throughout the months i was there and often more than once a day, they do their daily duties one of which is making note of the boats visiting the Green, as far as what happends if a boat can't get back under the bridge? that boat will be allowed to stay until the tide falls enough to enable the boat to leave, the Town council numbers are easy to find if you need to inform them, or if its in season you can always talk to the friendly guy with the day boats, he will happily let the council guys know why your boat has not moved on next time they they come down.
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    So, after leaving Somerleyton heading for Beccles just before the cut to Oulton Broad we came across a boat mud weighted in the middle of the river waving like mad, assumed they had a problem 😂. Yes , run out of fuel. Long story short towed them back to Oulton Broad before continuing our trip to Beccles .
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    Just having to suffer this awful weather 😂. This morning in Oulton Broad. all on our own. now on our own at Somerleyton. More to come on the way back to Beccles.
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    Sadly in my case , any item of clothing loses its shape as soon as I put it on , Adonis I am not
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    Discrete packaging.....that will stop the neighbours gossiping
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    well ,everyone waiting for stickers or burgees, i took aunty pat to the post office yesterday and they were all sent out (in plain brown envelopes !)
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    I for one would definitely be interested in T-shirts and fleeces, But quality not cheap sometimes the extra expense is worth it in the end, for instance washing a cheap T-shirt/Polo shirt will lose its shape after the first wash and look crap, Just a thought, We are a quality Forum and should have quality goods.
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    No... He needs a miracle.
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    Er, does he need assistance? Griff
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    If they did it would be a question of bring your own booze because it would be beyond them to organise a decent bar.
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    Being a NagNav I would offers ain't a sexist thing, male or female alike are equally capable of it. Being on the receiving end of it - if you are driving, concentrating and also trying to enjoy the journey - It ain't nice. Anyroadup, in our particular situation it is now cured and sorted. As for helming the boat - I wish, MrsG rarely takes the helm, I wish she would do more of it Griff
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    Just as on the boat, we share the driving when we're out and about. None of this sexist nonsense in our house!
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    Hi Thiswan, welcome to the forum and yes you're right there, the Norfolk Broads has an almost magnetic effect once you've tried it you've just got to keep coming back even though sometimes there are those gaps in between, we used to book the boat again If available for the following year when handing back, so guaranteeing next year's holiday, Then we bought our own boat which meant freedom of when to go, but ultimate poverty as a result LOL
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    I reckon that if you had the water low enough to get under Potter you'd then run aground on Hickling.
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    I am sure that my question has been raised before. If you have to leave the Thorpe St Andrew river green mooring immediately after your 24 hour period has elapsed, what happens if you are unable to go under either of the railway bridges because of the tide. Or, indeed could squeeze under but lack of confidence prevents an attempt. Ask the audience, phone a friend, go for 50/50? Or ring the Parish Clerk? Andrew
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    Now the Sun's going down and we're only just heading towards the WRC it will be dark before we get to Beccles.
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    I’m confused about what you’re confused about! If it’s any help, the definitions of various classifications of craft are to be found in section 25 of the 1988 Broads Act, for example: “commercial vessel” means any vessel which is not a pleasure craft; “passenger boat” means a pleasure craft which is carrying, or is available to carry, members of the general public for hire or reward; “pleasure craft” means any vessel used for sport or recreation, whether hired or privately owned, and includes a houseboat. Classification of waste is a different matter altogether. Paragraph 2 of Schedule 1 of the 2012 Controlled Waste regulations http://www.legislation.gov.uk/uksi/2012/811/pdfs/uksi_20120811_en.pdf classifies the various types of waste by source. Waste from a private boat is classified as ‘household waste’ – collected and disposed of at no cost to the producer. Waste from a hire boat used for self-catering accommodation is classified as commercial waste – collected and disposed of at a cost to the producer and collector. Norfolk County Council say they can’t tell the difference between the two, once it's been deposited in a boat waste bin, so charge the local authority for collection and disposal from all boat bins. The 2012 Regs are a direct result of an EU Directive which introduced the policy of 'the producer pays'. As things stand, nothing will change after Brexit. That’s very roughly the situation.
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    I believe they are doing part of it and seeing how it fairs , and if successful then will do it all
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    When we hired from NBD (or Faircraft Loynes!) they put a bin on the boat with two halves, one for recycling. It did take up quite a bit of room and we kept shuffling the bin around, but it did encourage us to keep as much as we could for recycling which we then put in the appropriate waste disposal bin in the yard when we went back.
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    we had a friend and his front passenger seat was never used cos her in doors was put in back with a book to read
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    Wth a philosophy like that, I'm amazed you've lasted long enough to go "Mouldy"! Carole
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    Miracles we can do! But I think That's beyond repair.
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    Same here. When we share the driving when journeying up to Norfolk, whoever is passenger usually drops off to sleep anyway so I guess we must be pretty comfortable with each others driving.
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    Hello Thiswan, Welcome to the forum. Regards Alan
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    Welcome aboard, Thiswan!
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    Hope the train was OK, it looks like a classic.
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    My Sara does that too. I tell her to get her foot off the brake. After many years of marriage it does tend to turn into background noise.
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    I think there's no way such an idea would happen.Indeed there has been talk about allowing flooding to occur in parts of the broads,in the main close to Potter.Also the cost,my experience of the broads if such an idea to happen then all concerned would no doubt argue about the cost.
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    it would be very difficult to do so, there was a hydrographic survey some years ago. That showed more water came down the rivers than flows out of the GY river mouth, it was found a large amount of water flows out under great Yarmouth as its built on a gravel spit.
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    Ok, I freely admit to doing this too. I also use the imaginary passenger side brake when i feel we should be braking sooner!
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    A couple of years ago now a similar scenario arose whenever I was driving, my MrsG in what seemed like overnight had morphed into a driving examiner and a NagNav combined. I just couldn't cope with it. But what to do? I found the answer. Having left home bound for Stalham on our regular journey we had only gone a few miles and the NagNav kicked in. Once on the A1 way before turning off at Newark so we had only done about 15 of the 160 miles, I pulled into a laybay, got out of the car, walked round to the passenger door, instructed Mrs G to get out which she did. I then got in the passenger seat, shut the door belted up and told her to drive, wake me up when we got to Stalham and keep note of how many 'Directives' I gave her during the journey. She was far from happy but it cured her of the NagNav. On the odd occasion she feels the need to regress I just slow down and ask if she would like to drive? - Sorted You can't do this with Sheila as she doesn't drive, but when she goes into NagNav mode you could suggest she is 'Relagated' to the Barges boot for the remainder of the journey! Griff
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    Yes, it would be great to see some new faces! Rest assured you are unlikely to be last. I scraped 4 points this week and one of those was for turning up.
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    Surely that's Squirrel sh1t
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    Peter, the problem here is only going to be debatable if we keep away from terms like "poodles". I fully understand and of course agree with your sentiments, but we need to try to keep to non inflammatory language. Sorry mate, but that's how I see it.
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    Tell me about it, car parking bays should be a standard 2.4m x 4.8m, this is the standard they should be designed to, many supermarkets amend these sizes to as little as 2.1m x 4m to squeeze as many parking bays as possible in, this leaves little room to open doors and leaves many bigger cars entirely filling a space widthwise, and overhang the ends of the spaces, I know your pain as I drive a volvo estate - these used to be a big car, though even a mini nowadays is taller and nearly as wide and as long (and minis used to be a tiny car). at 2.05m x 4.71m my volvo should fit into a standard parking bay, but in supermarkets I usually seem to be hanging 0.3m out of a parking bay.
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