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    Many thanks for all of your kind thoughts and offers of help at this time, myself and the boys (36 and 33 so longer boys) appreciate your messages. Regards Alan
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    Thursday 6th December The Introduction Well here I am again, with a story that seems to recur so often, my week should have started on Saturday the 1st December but once more a lack of staffing at work and not enough drivers meant that my leave was cancelled at short notice, meaning from Sunday to Thursday morning I would be required to report for duty. Fortunately I had been lucky enough to secure the week of the 8th December too so instead of 2 weeks I was still able to enjoy a 9 night break before I return again for the New Year So at 5 a.m. I sat at work drinking a coffee, looking out the window and getting ready to set off back to Brundall, trying to keep my sore eyes open After a couple of large mugs of coffee, and a cheeky motivational talk with the lady (thank you darling ) I finally set off heading back to Brundall and back on the water again just after 6 a.m. The car journey was long, slow and frustrating on my poor tired brain (and there isn't much of it to handle anything anyway) but I have arrived (approx 0930 I'll check back to see) and so it is time for the latest instalment of the exciting, enthralling "A Winters Tale". If you spot me today, I'm sorry I'm a walking zombie so please excuse me, my appearance and my lack of boat handling capabilities Stay tooooned. I mean if you want to, it's not like you have to. And I wouldn't because they are awfully boring, but if you want to you are welcome to come along with me. Ok I'll shut up now, I'll regret this post tomorrow when I've slept More to follow.....
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    Just a quick HELLO and a bit about us, We've hired boats for 20 odd years, back in the days of Blakes and last year took the plunge and bought a Weston 670 which i completely rebuilt (cost 1000's) sold it this year and upgraded to a Bounty 27 Sedan called "Grayling", best thing we ever did, will be spending New years eve / day on the boat. So again "Hello" to everyone on the forum.
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    unless its Broads Suncharm that has radiators but they are useless tiny double radiator to heat the galley and saloon had a cold 2 weeks aboard one April never again
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    Simples , no radiator
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    I'd like to know which voyage of mine doesn't involve pubs
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    Always enjoy your voyages JF particularly if pubs are involved
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    Now you know very well that your tales are always welcomed, whether or not you are ‘compos mentis’. So just enjoy a good sleep and then start your new story. Hope the weather is good to you.
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    Actually I don't think that minimal speeding was the issue, that by itself would surely have resulted in an advisory wave of the arms. In this case the lack of toll and BSS is relevant.
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    In which case it should have been showing trade plates, which the rangers would have noticed. Please don't think I am in support of this person as I am not, but I am left with a few questions : Judging by the photo, the ranger's launch is moored upstream of the Red House at Cantley, where my map says the speed limit is 6MPH although it drops to 5MPH as you pass the Red House. So he was caught as he came round the bend onto Limpenhoe Reach at 7.5 MPH. What was the tide doing at the time? According to the photos, it was at high level. I would think that the ebb (on springs as we are now) goes through Reedham at something like 2.5 MPH and maybe more. So if he had the tide under him at a boat speed of 6MPH he could have been doing 8MPH or more over the ground. Looking at it another way, if he had reduced his ground speed to 6MPH "made good", perhaps with a GPS APP, he would be left with a boat speed of around 3.5 MPH. On a big boat like that, presumably with twin engines, he would hardly have steerage way. This poses the obvious question - is speed to be judged by boat speed, or by speed "made good" over the ground?
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    Hmm... Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
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    Hi Howard, if any time you see Lightning out on the water, please feel free to ask to have a look aboard and ask some questions, i`m sure other syndicate members will be happy to show you around, but you never know, it might be me, but unlikely in December, January, or February. This year, Lightning will be getting very little use this month, and it`s been like that more often than not. Also, she always comes out of the water in early January for her annual overhaul and spruce up, and i believe does`nt get used a lot in January anyway.
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    https://youtu.be/vLCPxhElsEU try this though it might not work
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    Ray I reckon you will have the sealed type system on your boat(just seen her in another thread), both system types pump water from the river and out of the exhaust it's just what happens at the engine that's different. If you have domestic hot water heated by the engine then you have the sealed type and the potential for a heater too.
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    Our boat Alfa 29 built 1991 uses a heating system that's runs off the engine .It is far from the best and is hard to keep the boat warm.My problem being , spending a life time in kitchen I suffer from the cold We love our boat but she can be cold.Think if she was warmer may well spend more time on her.
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    Its a boat of course its expensive
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    I have one of those suck and pump types... probably for the best!
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    Should probably say that you can't do it on engines that are raw cooled, that is ones that suck water from the river, pump it around the engine block and then straight back out the exhaust. You need the sealed type system where the river water is used to cool the engines own coolant via a heat exchanger(this takes the place of a radiator such as used in a car).
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    You can go DIY and make something up yourself(my Dad had an old Fiesta heater matrix and blower fitted on one of their boats) or you can also get ready made aftermarket jobs from people who supply kit car/rally car type stuff too.
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    Ray, have a look on you tube "the tiller people" he has a radiator system connected to the engine via a alde heat exchanger. Its in a playlist" design series" I think its near the end of vlog number 6.its simple and its free engine heat.can be used in a broads type boat. sorry dont know how to link yet. Paul.
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    Course it can be done - I have. Used a Volvo heater matrix and blower (any other will do) plumbed into the calorifier feed and return. Electric via 3-position switch. Ducting out as required. Result - hot air as soon as the engine has warmed up, same as your car. Many other owners have done the same.
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    Hello Ray, On Narrow Boats if they use a diesel heater such as a Webasto, it is a wet system using radiators, some of course use gas boilers to heat the radiators. Regards Alan
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    Best drink of today. A glass of Jack Daniels and Denton and Curiosity Cola I have just had after getting in from work. Hard earned today!
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    You know the song I'll sleep when I'm dead? Thanks Mrs V, I'll update/catch up as soon as I can
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    Would it not have had it trade plates on display and surely where speeding is concerned isn't that limited to certain areas?
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    Member of the public. perhaps it is on test and for sale with exemption cert/licence. John
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    Many thanks Neil, will keep a look out.
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    Thank you Barnes, I can now get my broads fix over breakfast each day.
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    Pond Soup 6 packs of watercress 1 large pack spinach 2 large onions 1 pint chicken stock 1 block of butter loads of freshly ground black pepper Sour cream or crème fresh melt butter in a large pan , add chopped watercress and diced onions fry until onions transparent and watercress is limp , add black pepper , add cup of stock and simmer for 20 mins over low heat , then add remaining stock bring to the boil and simmer for a further 10 mins , reduce heat and stir in the spinach , turn off the heat , cover and allow the spinach to wilt in the residual heat for five mins , then my trusty hand blender comes into use again until the desired smoothness is achieved , stir in a swirl of sour cream when serving
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    Thanks for the pointer Jayfire. Their Moon Gazer Ruby and Dark Mild look very tempting to drink in front of that open fire in the pub.
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    Very interesting, and being so close it is my intention to combine it with a "discovery cruise" of the Blackwater on a Thames Sailing Barge out of Maldon, either end June or mid July. It will make a very pleasant 3 night break for me. Thanks for your post.
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    Thanks, I will try to visit next summer.
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    How about buying the s/steel you want off the shelf, then taking the lot down to FW Halls for a price - Getting a quote costs nowt. Failing that how about emailing them some pictures with measurements for a quote? Griff
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    Not my cup of tea at all!
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    Ahhhhh , the Vesta Curry brings back memories of using the single gas ring in the boot room at boarding school, feeling like you were preparing a cordon bleu banquet , the smell would last for days and cling to everyone’s clothing in the vicinity , the resulting “meal?” would have a taste and consistency resembling semolina flavoured with undercooked out of date curry powder but we felt like a king , much better than the minions who only managed a mere Tomato soup or baked beans (sans toast)
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    here in kent having to drink bud light (no draght cider available)
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