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    It has been a good while, but I thought I would give an update to things since I passed... Firstly, it has been just over a month that I have had my full license, as you know a couple of days after passing it was off to collect 'The Barge' and bring it back to Norfolk. Well, it was a lovely car and I am truly happy to have experienced such a fine car especially as my first, but parking was always an issue, the fact the seats did not even fold down let alone the sheer amount of wasted space in the rear of the car made it just too impractical. I got looking for a replacement. I looked at all sorts of options, even a nice Audi A8 - but I would only find myself once again with a very luxurious car and no practicality. I wanted something with the power of the 7 Series, with as much of the comfort and refinement I had been used to but with the option to carry things - have some better ground clearance, be shorter, and the ability to carry more stuff. I looked at Range Rovers, Discoveries, Audi Q5 and Q7's, but this particular BMW X5 caught my attention. Generally speaking the 'newer' style (F15) from 2013 to 2018 was either too new - late 2017 or early 2018 model which might cost upwards of £40,000 or an older car with a lot of miles on - still costing up to £30,000. Then I found one in Kings Lynn, 2013 model but with under 25,000 miles and two owners - the first being BMW and since owned by a chap form London who hardly drove it. It was the SE trim, but had thousands of pounds of factory options from new which made it a bit rare. We went to see it, and it looked lovely. I was able to have a test drive whereby it was 'here is a trade plate off you go' so no salesman to pressure you. I took it for a spin and had a through look over it. Interior is spotless, exterior too this really had not been driven in its life with very little wear and tear, very few paint chips along the front bumper and things like the Alloy wheels in absolute pristine condition. I was sold, so came back to the dealers and 'did a Robin'. The result was that the 7 series was part exchanged for £5,500.00 - I got £3,000.00 off the list price of the car, and due to a cock up with the new salesman I had signed for a three year warranty - but then was told it was only for one year. Well, I said that is a problem as I was told by this chap that it was three years, and I signed on that basis. We haggled and I got them to agree to two years for a years cost. The cargo cover was missing, I knew this and E-bay had one for £170.00 - the break down cover for three years came in at £159.00 they gave me that for free because the cargo cover was missing. I then got a free MOT and full service carried out and free delivery to Brundall. Oh, and four car mats. I was a happy bunny. Until the next day when the battery was flat. Off to Kwik-Fit, £306.00 later I had a new battery fitted. BMW recommend a new one every third oil change on these cars, and there are two of them - a large main AGM and a smaller one. I had to have the car coded to know it had a new battery else it will self-discharge forcing you to a BMW dealer. Unhappy, I got in touch with the dealers in Kings Lynn, because I was also getting Ad-Blu sensor issues, wrong fluid used warnings and other problems. Under the bonnet I find Ad-Blu has sprayed out over the engine - this because it was topped up during the service. No point for calls, int he car and back to Kings Lynn. Park the car outside and walk in saying they can pay for the new battery, fix the Ad-Blu issue or...They can have the car back and refund me fully. They agreed to fix the issue, even if they would only send the cost of my fuel and battery replacement costs by cheque in the post. Since then, all has been well - well no, not really. I have some issues that come and go with the Day Time Running Lights and the Ambient Interior Lights, this is all to do with coding issues and the car is in BMW tomorrow for them to go over this. I have also had the windows tinted in the rear with a 5% tint. Basically you cannot see into the car. Very professional service from Direct Window Tinting in Norwich (they do boat windows too). I took the car to their centre, they then keep it for a day as they remove the glass from the car to tint it, making it perfect and guaranteed for life to not peel, fade or crack. You really would never know it was not originally fitted as you can see no 'tint line' where they have cut the tint with a razor blade. Cash in hand, great value. to collected from the station by the owner, got talking boats, he has a friend with a Princess 55 and also had been working for Oyster before they went under. Long story short he gets one of the chaps at the centre to run a check on the car with their diagnostic tool - six errors are found, I am given a print out and will take this to BMW to have them know where to look to sort the issues. I then got looking at the tyres - the front are horrid budget tyres, newly fitted but noisy and offer no confidence in the wet. The rears are Dunlop's but not their best, they are legal but the tread is on the way down so I have opted to have them replaced with Michelin Latitude Sport 3's - these are A rated for wet grip, B for fuel and at 70db are 'quieter' than say Continental, Goodyear or Pirelli. They have some very favorable reviews too but are not cheap at over £1,000 for a set of four. The centre who were going to fit them now cannot as their machine cannot cope with the width of my rear tyres, so the next place that can can't fit me in until 3rd January. The car is lovely though, 2.4 tonnes but will get to 60 in 7 seconds. Let us not consider the fuel usage - if I drive in Eco-Pro mode where everything is 'turned down' and life becomes a real bore I can get over 40 MPG. But, in comfort mode it drops to 32 MPG and in Sport will fall to about 25MPG. It has a twin turbo charged 30L Diesel engine with enough torque to tow away Potter Bridge lol. Here is a video of the car inside and out which has taken days to upload because of the slow speed i have here:
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    Hi Jay you might need all three pairs of running shoes just to keep out of Graces hands, shoes , wine and chocolate are sacrosanct. Regards Alan
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    My goodness you have no idea, every time a girl buys an outfit she never has shoes to match so then we have to buy another pair and don't get me started on handbags If the shoe fits buy a pair in every colour, that's my motto Grace
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    I think that once you have been driving a while and experienced a few punctures, you may well reconsider this Robin, if there wasnt a dedicated space for a full sized spare in any car I owned, it would be sitting in the boot.
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    Pumpmedic, There isn't a member on this forum who doesn't need to "get out more" but if we're out we can't post. If we can't post we can't chat to each other. If we don't chat, we get lonely, and if we get lonely all we can do is go out to the pub and actually meet people. Now, be fair, would you really want to inflict US on the general public?
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    The dutch are very good at pumping sediment and creating new land, maybe a new tourist attraction for yarmouth could be formed out to sea using the spoil. Dubai is well known for this. Yarmouth could have this.... Quite fitting I think!
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    Not Jimmy shoes,Gracie lots of shoes
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    Dubarry country boots, Dubarry deck shoes, Le Chameau Chasseur leather lined full zip wellies, pair of Clarks Rocky every day shoes, pair of Churches Oxfords, for weddings funerals etc. Pair of Grenson brogues. SHOE JOB DONE
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    my volvo has the battery under the floor at the back, and a full sized spare. in all of the 3 blowouts I had above, the emergency foam would not have sealed the hole, I could put my hand through 2 of them. if your tyre shreds and the rim is damaged, they may not be able to fit a new tyre onto it, where would you be then, in my pothole incident that would have left me on a narrow country road, between two blind bends. the only reason they dont put spares into cars nowadays is to reduce weight (and cost to produce), this increases the power to weight ratio, and allows the vehicle to actually achieve some of the rated economy that they claim for it.
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    How I agree with you, Chris! When we bought our 6-month old BMW M-Sport 120D X-drive for 10k below list price I accepted the "run-flat" tyres as a sign of the future................ Coupled with shiny alloy wheels they are a nightmare when parking alongside any sort of kerb as they are so low-profile that you can easily scrape the whells. Also the "Norfolk Potroads" have claimed THREE new tyres in two years, which at almost £200 a go isn't very helpful. "Sue NCC" I hear... That's a joke! But one last thing, coming up to the end of her warranty BMW have given her a free 2 hour check in which they replace anything which isn't perfect. In our case an EG-something costing up to £600 was replaced foc.
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    Out of interest, I have been measuring some scale drawings of the wherry Gleaner, built by Clifford Allen. When empty, she drew 4ft 3 over the slipping keel and when loaded "down to her binns" she drew 5ft 6. The Gleaner was only a 29 ton north river wherry. The Albion is a 40 tonner. This gives some idea of how deep the Bure had to be in the old days! The Yare was dredged down to 12ft at low water, for the coasters going up to Norwich. I rather doubt it is as deep as that now!
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    I'm heading up to the boat this afternoon too. I shall be on board from today till Jan 2nd (or perhaps 3rd.) Anyone there who fancies a pint in the Pleasure boat, see you there! Griff and Crew... Hope to get to see you in the shed..... if I'm ever sober enough to drive :-)
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    Very best wishes to everyone for Christmas and the New Year, I'll be raising a Glass in memory of Iain our dear Broadscot on Christmas Day, still very much missed by us all . Carole
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    Hi Grendel, we did similar at the Clark shop in Morecambe a few years back there shoes were on sale at 50% off and if you bought 3 pairs you got the fourth pair FOC. Regards Alan
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    D'ya know, I've just been told that all of this recent stuff is going on without my knowledge Ok, yes I've just acquired two pairs of black shoes and two pairs of dark green shoes (to go with a dark green Radley bag, Grace). However, a lady can never have enough pairs of shoes, matching handbags, knickers, bras, hold ups, perfume.......my goodness, the list is endless!
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    I have two pairs of trainers, one for work and one for best. Thats it, just two pairs of trainers. Then again I own a wooden broads cruiser, I am lucky to have any shoes at all
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    A good blow out on the tiger at speed Griff, especially on the front and you probably might not care how you get home. Ride with care!
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    thats another point worth noting, if you do carry a spare, a jack and spanner to change the wheel are another essential (and another weight saving thing car companies do away with to save costs and weight.)
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    Another convert to the full sized spare gang! Mine came with a full size spare on a matching alloy all neatly tucked away in the boot floor with associated jack and tools.
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    You know that big green square building at RRH Neatishead, well when it was still RAF Neatishead and it had a big green dish whirring around a 4 revolutions a minute on top. The two main floors had 6ft rack after rack of electronic equipment and 99% of it was wired in pink... PS i Remember an officer knocking his 3 sugars tea down the main control panel for that radar (Type 85)....The next days radar test didn't go well...
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    or just read it online then it's always up to date... https://www.gov.uk/browse/driving/highway-code-road-safety PS, I won't have a car without a full size spare either, having had an exhaust sized hole punched in a tyre, a six inch nail through a new landrover tyre ( on the A140 Boundary road junction!!), and several others over the years that a mere can of gunk wouldn't fix. As for space savers, the cost of a duff tyre when 400 miles from home at night with no tyre place open is just not worth the risk.
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    If you have a spare in the boot, please ensure it's well strapped down, preferably to somewhere solid. In an accident it will become a (very heavy) missile.
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    On my last Saab I got 3 spare alloy rims off of Ebay one to replace the space saver and the other two I had winter tyres fitted. Like many of the forum members I always have a full sized spare. Regards Alan
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    Now here's a first Mrs Nog has returned from holiday having bought a mere 2 pairs of shoes! Mind you she ordered another 2 pairs from eBay Mrs Nog claims a lady can never have enough shoes
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    well add it to a beef pie then, at least you could almost claim it as a steak and ale pie. (thats about all that stella is good for anyway)
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    Robin, I visit Sutherland you can be 30 miles from anywhere and no mobile signal. I have a family problem in Murcia that will most likely require me to travel through very rural France and Spain in the new year. With the greatest of respect I have had my licence for 53 years and there is hardly a country in Europe that I have not driven through. Add to that America and Australia. Please believe me cars need spare wheels. Like being at sea, proper sailing, not playing on rivers. One should be able to get yourself out of trouble and be equipt to do so, up in Sutherland I would carry two spares if I could.
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    Well if you put it like that ...............
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    I will not have a car without a full size spare. Used a can of gunk once, it went all over the road. The camels back was Aberystwyth to home in Norfolk, 301 miles on a space saver. Someone was looking after me, dont know how I got back there was nothing left of the tyre after 300 miles.
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    For our narrow boats trips the ladies bring ready made chilled pastry, tinned steak,so they can make meat and potato pies, we also take the smoked bacon joints from Morrison's, they have two or three weeks fridge shelf life so are ideal. We do try to eat out but finding a pub or moorings is never a given, so backup food is a must. Regards Alan
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    Today is my last working day wall/floor tiling until next year. YAHOO. Got a porch floor in quarry tiles to commence / complete this morning. But something to look forward to and I'm not driving down / back for a change either:- This evening will see mysen, Bro and Robin onboard 'B.A' for another upgrade weekend through to Sunday afternoon. Apart from an hours run or so to trial a new digital internal aerial (As long as it ain't raining) as no signal inside a metal clad shed, we will be staying on her mooring for the weekend. Plenty of graft during the day to around 1900 then social evening onboard on completion Cream bun and a cup of tea anyone? - You bring the cream buns! Griff
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    I haven't hired from Maycraft, Neil but I did ask about Mayfair in a thread a few months back and I was told customers park in Lathams car park and are collected from there. I must admit that did put me off somewhat.
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    I always used to book direct with the yard, and had done so for at least 20 years. When you deal direct with the yard, you can often negotiate a better deal, especially if booking late, or very close to the time you wish to go. Also, if booking direct with the yard, especially a small family yard, they can give you much more in depth information regarding individual boats than an employee in an agency booking office 100 or more miles away. I`ve booked boats in this way from yards such as Maffett Cruisers, Pacific Cruisers, Summercraft, Kingline Cruisers (no longer hiring) , Bridgecraft, Moores, and Astons, the last two also no longer hiring, and have most of the time got at least a free tank of fuel, and in many cases, a larger boat than we needed for the same price. It`s also worth remembering that staff in a booking agency sometimes work under a bonus scheme, where they get bonuses based on the hire fee income percentage, meaning the more they can get, the bigger their bonuses.
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    Not to further BA bash, but doing piling and dredging for a living gives me some insight. 50000 cube, for an operation on that scale is pathetic. Toll payers are already paying for an efficient dredging solution, however (and this is fact rather than just BA bashing) certain individuals within the authority have decided on a preferred method irrelevant of efficiency.
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    "We have no data to know if the bridge at Potter has itself sunk and if it has by how much. In the 1970s there were steel braces and wooden dams over the two smaller archers - this was to try and stop the bridge 'spreading' outwards. I have no idea if this worked and that is why the bracing was removed, or if it did not and was just done to try and stop it." We do, indeed, have the data. Such data is collected regularly by Norfolk County Council Highways' Bridge Inspection team. Potter Bridge has not sunk since measurements were first recorded. The bridge was inspected again last month. I can vouch, too, for the fact that the recent spate of exceptionally low tides was just as evident above Potter Bridge as below it. The EA's Repps gauge almost certainly bottomed out as did the gauge in the Pilot's Office at Potter.
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    I’m the same as Monica on this one. Hubby does the ropes as he is stronger and more sure footed than me. I’m at the helm for mooring up and getting away. We’ve watched so many couples doing it the other way round and really struggling for the lady to manage getting off. Or one man simply doing it all while everyone else on board sits and watches! Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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