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    Hi All As a new year's gift I just thought I'd share my Webcam online initally as a trial but if it goes OK I'll leave it there. The Webcam is in Brundall over looking the Yare towards Brooms and I though there is a lack of them on this river. It's not that clear at night but OK in daylight. I may in the future set a movement schedule up as it is PTZ. I hope you enjoy and feel free to share. BTW my website is and always will be free and advertising free even though there is a personal cost to me. Let me know your thoughts. http://catchpro.co.uk/Webcam Cheers Simon
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    Oh my, I go away for a few weeks... Just love it. Jay, we all know what a rascal you are, egged on capably by Grace, and now Jean throws a musical spanner in the works to jog things along more merrily. Love to be reminded of the Ying Tong Song. (Must dry my tears...of laughter.)
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    I tried tap dancing once,but I fell in the bath!
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    Ah, the Walker's Patent Log! A wonderful instrument which was used by ships for decades. What you don't show in the photo is the big brass flywheel which sat just behind the instrument, mounted on the aft taffrail and which allowed it to spin smoothly. The log-line itself was one of the only occasions when right hand laid rope was used on a ship as this allowed it to tighten up against the rotation and give an accurate reading. The word "log" relates to the really old days, when they used to throw a log of wood over the stern attached to a long line with knots in it at regular intervals. As the line ran out, the number of knots which had fed out over a space interval of about 15 seconds, allowed you to calculate your speed in nautical miles per hour, which became known as "knots". The nautical mile (more or less 2000 yards) is a "minute" of latitude. This means it is the only length measure which can be related directly to a distance on the Earth's surface. Anyway, I digress! I agree with others that it is very difficult, if not impossible, to be mechanically accurate at speeds of 5MPH or less so you would be much better to rely on a simple GPS App. Why not? Just don't forget that this will give you speed over the ground, but not "boat speed". As to your depth, if you are going across Barton Broad and seem to think you are going a bit slower than usual, then you have no more depth under the keel!
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    If it looks right it is right. We all use epoxy based glues, modern paints, cozy central heating systems and gps Speedos on our wooden boats. There are Nanni diesels lurking under beautifully varnished floorboards and the modern bilge pump is a blessing none of us would dream of doing without. If someone can knock half the weight off a rigid canopy roof I would be very interested to know about it, especially when balancing on a slippery rain soaked deck lifting the original in place!
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    As most will know, Lightning is self managed, and we have an excellent management team of Chairman and treasurer. I`ve often been on the phone to our chairman for up to an hour discussing how we think Lightning should be run, what we would like to do etc etc. But no matter what we discuss, everything is open to the Syndicate as a whole, and irrespective of what I want, if the majority don`t want the same, we have to respect that and enjoy Lightning as she is. The fact is though, Lightning seems to be a Syndicate mainly consisting of like minded people, and we mostly agree with everything each other says. Re management costs, i noted Matts comment saying their fees for a half share is £900, so a full share is looking at £1,800. Lightnings annual running cost are around £1,400 per annum all in. That`s a saving of £400, which is roughly about the cost of each owners share of the management fee in other Syndicates. We do sometimes do some of the work ourselves so as to save money, and when we were there in November, i rubbed down and varnished some woodwork, and went shopping for some replacement galley equipment, which i was re-imbursed for. Later this year, i will be looking to improve one of the door latches, and re-spray / paint part of the upper helm seat stem. Im also thinking of how to improve the tv ariel mounting etc, as the set up we have resulted in about 3" - 4" lost clearance for bridges. so i`m looking into viable alternatives. Self managed Syndicates are great all the time you have (like we do in Lightning, and as i know, Ranworth Breeze does) a good and dedicated management team who want what`s best for the boat, as they too are share owners. However, management companies are businesses that need to make money to pay for wages, and may be keen to take the money, but do as little as possible for their clientelle. Challenger has given management companies a bit of a bad name, unwarranted maybe, but whenever i`ve discussed Syndicate ownership with other interested people (several NBN members), often the Challenger case still puts some people off.
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    Brundall Webcam added to the handy information - webcams page.
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    But then you can't dance around on it during the lads' week!
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    Excellent stuff, hope to be up there next month, must remember to
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    I'm such a difficult, cantankerous, moody, pedantic old bugger the only person willing to employ me is myself and even that was close By the way, Royal Tartan is not mine. I have asked permission to talk about it on here but its owner, who kindly sent me the pictures, chooses to remain anonymous. I hope it may spur others on to look at restoring these old boats while there are still a few left desperate for rescue before the chainsaw rears its ugly head again.
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    thorough is the word Gracie, we aim to please. though as with some of the links it might be better to right click and open in a new tab.
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    Yes I have no problem with it being shared. The only limit is 40 concurrent viewers so hopefully it won't max out
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    I've just taken a look again, what an absolute delight. I was wondering if it were possible and with Simon's permission of course, could it not be put in the web cam section of the Handy Information at the top of the front page? Grace
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    Lightweight Canopy roof ? Vinyl Griff
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    Oh Helen you have no idea how much of a rascal Jay can be But an absolute loveable one. He doesn't take things too seriously but by god if you need him he's there. He'll be along soon to update you all, hold onto your hats Grace
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    I would disagree with this, because to stop things being blown up and away, it will only need to be strongly and correctly secured. There are many lightweight materials available, i work with them every day in my job. The only problem is they`re modern day high tech materials, and can be expensive. They can be made to look good on a traditional boat, but might be detracting from the boats integrity by some die hard traditionalists by being modern and high tech rather than traditional.
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    I just clicked on it, and what a lovely clear picture, and continuous running to. We can`t see Lightning which is moored about 100 yds upstream on the right, just behind the boats in mid frame. But as Roy says, come saturday lunchtime onwards (today) i`l be glued to it.
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    Must admit when I first looked at this,did not get much of a view.Just checked again.Very good.Dont know if it's still on line,a few years back Marina went on the NYA web site brought up there there web cam and up came Sweetkingfisher. There camera was viewing cove.
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    This was such a lovely surprise. Thank you. Will be good to watch.
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    I finally got my Christmas present today, well ‘presents’ really. Graham took me to Tempsford Stained Glass store in Bedford. We bought a starter kit for making copper foil stained glass containing all the essentials...glass, glass cutter, soldering iron and lots, lots more, also bought a grinder. Father Christmas has excelled himself despite being a bit late. Helen
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    Guaranteed to be stuck in your head for ages
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    You can certainly get “in hull” depth transducers rather than the thru hull type. Im not sure if the existing fishfinder transducer would be compatible with a seperate depth log (i would guess most likely not). The speed log may be more tricky, they are usually a thru hull paddle wheel device unless you opted for a gps unit instead.
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    Just been watching the Portsmouth camera again. It really is interesting. Can even see a murmuration of starlings flying around http://www.hmswarrior.org/webcam
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    It's a big saving that can be re-invested, for sure. I know of a syndicate where three individuals offered to take on the management duties in order to keep everything realistic and spread the load, and in recognition for their time and effort they'd get a reduction in their running costs. This would mean the boat was run by people with an interest in maintaining it well, and would save the syndicate over £4500 a year which could instead be spent on the boat, include winter maintenance etc etc. The consensus was that anyone taking up the role should be doing it for the greater good and not getting anything back for their vast amounts of time, emails, phonecalls, handovers, turnarounds etc. Funnily enough, the offer was withdrawn and the vote taken to carry on chucking money at a management company.
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    Am I missing something here as I can’t see any air or water temps?
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    Well Phil's guys at Simpsons Boatyard have been hard at work in the cold weather and new photos have arrived showing what they have done. As well as the boards there are some remediation maintenance activities going on with the toe rails the cabin top grab rails and the wooden bit on the bow. Here are some more surgery photos, so those with weak constitutions please read no further. More pictures showing the finished articles to come. I have a video of the large bow bit being chiselled out but it makes me weep so i didn't add it. Happy New Year to you all. For interest I have interviews coming up in January so maybe news on that front soon too who knows. Martin and Fiona
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    Simon,thanks for that,added to my list of Cams on the Broads.interesting to see something different from the boatyard cams.Roy
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    Nice clear picture, I just happened to try it as a Hampton cruised across the screen which was lucky. It made me wish I was out there so I'd say you've done a good job Simon
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    I see two forms of syndicate boat. The syndicate boat that people buy into, perhaps not knowing the other members, or a syndicate of friends who buy a boat between them. I can see also the advantages and disadvantages of both concepts. The minefield of the group of friends buying a boat between them can be pretty horrendous. you might be stretching old established friendships beyond their limits. I can't help but feel that the BA's group is the exception that proves the rule. When my parents owned a boat on the River Stort, there were several occasions where two families would pool their resources and buy a narrowboat between them. I am not aware of any occasion when this didn't end in tears, serious tears mostly ending in broken marriages. I often heard both sides of the story on these occasions, and ignoring "love triangles" etc. I did see why things went wrong. Mostly it was very small problems, which over time grew out of proportion. Often those issues were because "unwritten rules" were broken for one reason or another. I don't know if some of BAs rules are in black and white, but in my opinion they should be, I believe that resolves many problems. Things like "Oh I'm sorry but we had to get away early and didn't have time to do a pump-out" are the sorts of issues that can get out of hand. Minor bits of damage or wear and tear not addressed... "Oh why is it always me who has to clean the fridge?" Everything needs to be in black and white, clear to both/all parties and agreed from the start just what is expected. This is where "Syndicates of friends" are often vulnerable with one party relying on the "old pals act" more than the other. So, all those thinking of going down that route beware. It can be the road to milk and honey, or, if precautions are not taken, the road to hell.
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    I’ve been a bit under the weather this week and was disappointed not to be able to make it to the class yesterday, especially as it was the final class for this term. Still, I’m looking forward to next term’s classes that start up mid-January. Graham popped to the Education Centre after work today and picked up the two pieces that I made last week. There was the ‘inclusion’ which was a copper foil bird and cherry-red frit...and also my first attempt at ‘kiln-carving’.
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