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    Friday 4th January Waking up to a grey morning at Oulton, it was yet another relaxed morning as every one continued to knock out the zzzzzzzzzzz's as yours truly was up and about making himself a coffee. By the time 0900 rolled around, it was time to take the reluctant dog from her bed out for her walk around the park and then, after starting the water off to refill the tank from almost empty, walk over to pay our nights mooring fee. I was inside the office for around 15 minutes with the very friendly harbourmaster, talking about the plans for Beccles Yacht Station, the Waveney River Centre, the old Topcraft yard and what it all could hopefully mean for Oulton and the yacht station. Once I walked out of the office, I made up the water hose and after refilling my coffee mug, set off once again, under a grey sky at approx 1040. The weather didn't really change all day, a cold and dark gloom over the rivers as I moved along the broad, to the dyke and then along the River Waveney through Somerleyton. Passing along the New Cut before joining up with the River Yare, where I fought against the tide all the way back to Brundall. We were planning on getting fuelled up and pumped out at Brooms, and then heading across to Coldham Hall for the evening, but by the time we had reached our home mooring it was decided to just moor up and head off to The Yare pub instead and then walk through Brundall to The Ram. We had a lovely relaxed evening out from around 1600 before returning back to the boat at about 2200. As we sat down for a last drink we heard a knocking outside. The kids were somewhat lost as to where it was coming from, however having heard it many a time previously on our mooring I took the kids out to the aft well, to point out the swans that frequent our boat regularly looking for food. After feeding them for a while it was finally time to head off to bed, the following morning I had the task of getting the boat back up to standard and refilling the water tank, before the return journey home, and immediately back onto nights for the weekend. What a great week it was once more, and I can't wait to be back again soon. Cheers Jay
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    Or perhaps lack of dredging (MM sneaks into a corner giggling)
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    We use 'Auto' greasers. Two fitted, maintenance free and only have to be topped up rarely if you regulate the flow down to a minimum Griff
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    I’ve been posting updates today on the NBN Facebook Group but here is my videos edited into a single one for you HERE As I type, the tide is once more rising with high water in Brundall expected to peak around 2:00am. Hopefully it won’t be too awful when it does.
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    Three latest Denham Owl vids: Part 3: Part 4: Part 5: Nothing much doing in the January sales and I ended up with an Ecoair Simple. Next trip over will involve experimenting with a Sonoff TH16 with temperature/humidity sensor to control it. It works here at a distance of 3 feet via my home broadband; just need to add 142 miles....
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    Yep, I understand the driving techniques, but what if you're doing everything right and some numpty forces an emergency stop on you? I can't see a space saver contributing to good control under those circumstances!
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    We have the similar system / hatch in the well deck on 'B.A' Ours is a loose fit with currently an aluminium dressing strip to cover the gap.(It will soon be a polishes S/steel version) The s/steel ring pull - I usually have to replace them about every five years or so but next time will put beefier ones in. As has been previously stated, candle wax, and good for drawers too Griff
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    What the hecky pecky are you all talking about...
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    Something that's "Verrrrry interesting!
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    Hi Jay, A bit before your time. Regards Alan
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    Just to digress a little - how would you stand if you had an accident whilst using a "space-saver" get you home spare? Really, these things make a mockery of all we're told about mixing tyres and tread construction, surely?
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    It’s been great to enjoy your trip with you Jay. Lovely write up and photos as always. Hope your night shift on getting back passed off ok.
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    I would suggest said car going far too fast. Roundabouts are sign posted, I did notice that one of the road signs was missing but generally speaking although laborious with all those roundabouts it is a good road.
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    Have zipped an email over to the company. I'll let you know if they can help. Cheers Ray
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    Agreed Vanessan. Beccles is another of our favourite trips out when we’re at the caravan.
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    Oulton Broad is always worth a potter around, you can stay fairly close to the sides of the Broad much of the way. If you’re not bothered about the yacht station to stop at, I reckon the Dutch Tea Garden moorings in Oulton Dyke are much nicer anyway. I think the meander right into Beccles is lovely, whether you stop at the yacht station, the Lido moorings or go right on up to Geldeston. I love wandering through Beccles itself, it’s a great little market town.
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    I wonder if I might offer a different perspective on this, as the subject of the thread is "thoughts"? I have a lifetime (literally) in the hire boat business, so I know how much it costs to run a hire boat. In May this year we have hired a 10 berth cruiser from Richardsons for two weeks, for about £1400. This includes the fuel deposit and a damage waver (which is optional). This is a large boat just for Susie and I but we have hired it for 3 reasons : 1/. We like to have plenty of space when we are living on a boat in comfort. 2/. We can invite family and friends to join us for a night or two during our holiday. 3/. It can be used as a clubhouse for impromptu cocktail parties if there is bad weather during the spring meet! Meantime, we have a great boat, maintained in top class condition and the hire price includes winter moorings, maintenance, servicing, upgrades including a new engine, damage repairs, insurance, river tolls, "management fee" and free car parking for our camper van. We also have the protection of a full breakdown service which is 24hr if necessary, we are provided with bed linen, we don't have to clean the boat in more than a cursory fashion (although of course, we do) and we don't even have to pump out the toilet tanks before we give it back. Depending on the speed that we have been driving it, we might even get a few quid back out of our fuel deposit! In late October we might well book a smaller boat for a week, which will still bring our annual costs for 3 weeks on the Broads to no more than £2000 - total. In addition, we have the choice of whatever boat, from whatever yard, we wish to book it. Personally, that is a deal that I am very happy with.
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    Would be interesting to know Griff as you have the only sort of private syndicate boat I know of whether what I stated for the expenses is anywhere near what it costs yourselves to run the boat. Obviously I didn't put down the costs of winter maintenance or things like gas bottles and valets. 'B.A' annual running costs as of 2018/19. Moorings (Wet Shed), River toll, Insurance, 24 x Hr breakdown inc prop insurance come in at nigh on £3k per year. There are five shares in 'B.A' but only four shareholders - mysen, Bro', Capt Chaos and of course LondonRascal. (Capt Chaos - Both me and Bro have known him since 74-ish). There is a fifth share left over from 'The Admiral' mine and Bro's Dad who sadly left us during the five n a half year restoration. Myself and Bro' took on that share between us. So in Yorkshire speak (Straightforward stuff) that means that for every £100 that each share holder invests into 'B.A' then me and Bro' have to invest £150. The both of us do not get any benefits from owning that fifth share between us, no more extra time on the water etc. What we do have is an extra vote between us should we as a syndicate ever have differing views we have to put to a vote. In the sixteen years we have been 'B.A's custodians we have never to date had to use the voting system. If as a group we ever sold 'B.A' then we would enjoy a slightly larger return as her sale price would be split into five equal shares. Whew, that's got that lot explained. Back to that £3k = £600 per share for the year. Yes that's all she costs per share. For me and Bro' she costs us £900 per year each. BUT that is before the key is turned, mooring ropes onboad and she sails forth. Diesel is each ones burden - you pay for what you use. She is always returned to the wetshed with emptied black tank and full diesel tank. Cleaning / turnaround - NOWT - We do it oursens whilst cruising back up the Ant, finishing off inside the wetshed. We each bring our own bedding with us, the duvets and pillows stay onboard. Gas 13kg propane we take it in turns to replace but it costs us pennies and who cares if we go slightly out of turn now and again So we are still on £600 per share plus running costs, these cannot be pre determined. 2018 saw 'B.A' Crewed up for ninety one days. Not all of these days were spent out on the rivers some of them were maintenance weekends. You bend/break it - You fix it. That is, any damage whether the skippers fault or not is down to the skipper onboard at the time to make good on behalf of the other skippers. If you have to use the insurance - Do so but you will be responsible for the loss of the no claims bonus to make up the shortfall. Maintenance - Minimal due to the painstaking not skimping or cutting corners during the restoration. However there is of course some to do, this is split 5 x ways. Upgrades - A blasted kings ransom when you have a young ambitious techy called Robin with his finger firmly on the pulse! We are sensible about upgrades and only really do them if it will benefit 'B.A' and the crews Every two years 'B.A' undergoes an 'AMP' - 'Assisted Maintenance Period' the assistance comes in the way of whichever yard we are out of the water at and our long suffering 'Associate Members' (Press ganged mates) This involves her being out of the water for ten days max and we go bonkers, 12 Hrs + each day. Lots of planning beforehand and yes it is open wallet surgery but only every two years (April this year at Sutton Staithe). Even if we spend say £3k it's only £600 each (£900 for me and Bro') The main points with a diy private syndicate. Someone has to be the 'Senior Skipper' to make decisions on all our behalf. which is of course me, but nowadays less and less which is a good thing. You need lots of skills to. Mine are woodbutchery / engineering / 12 and 240v / Gas / cabinet maker / painter / varnisher / surveyor and all rounder. Bro' is better than me on electrics, he is ok-ish at woodbutchery rubbish at painting and even worse at varnishing, he is right up there with electronics. He is v.good on metalworking and could do the engineering but leaves that to me. Robin - Is the tops on tech / upgrades / research / bargains / ideas. He is also a damn good listener and will turn his hands to most things if shown the way, a real bonus in his locker is that is not afraid to ask for advice / help. Capt Chaos - is well, just Capt Chaos, would put Frank Spencer to shame. Proper good at doing as he is told and is keen to have a go at most things. He is also our financial safety net should the sh1t ever hit the fan (It never has) Th weakness is our syndicate is the amount of time we each spend 'Hands On' during maintenance or upgrade weekends. It isn't fair, never has been and probably never will be. Life is like that some times and we just have to take it on the chin Hope the above helps Griff Edit - P.S The biggest two savings imho any syndicate can make is not paying for management services and labour on any maintenance and upgrades. Do it yersen for a fraction of the cost
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    Thank you David for another enjoyable read and great photos. Four hours to clean the boat, blow that for a game of soldiers! I'd be tempted to pay someone else to do it as I do effectively when hiring.
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    Used the NDR yesterday, left Stalham at 1630 - It was dark of course, straight through Wroxham and onto the NDR, right through to the Western end then onto the A47. It was at that time of day the busiest I have seen it, yet no problems it was fast moving and a pleasure to be on. I had no issues with the much talked about roundabouts or lane markings, neither did anyone else that I could see Griff
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    definition of an expert - ex - has been spurt - a drip under pressure

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