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    Sorry Marshman, I can't agree with you there. I'm sorry but I feel you are far too fast to blame the BA for anything and everything that goes wrong in Norfolk.
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    I felt very old when someone offered me their seat on the underground in London yesterday. But I can honestly say that I don't remember Muffin the Mule. Mine was the era of Spotty Dog Woodentop, Andy Pandy, and Bill and Ben. Not that I'm calling people old who remember Muffin ... *note to self, stop digging the hole*
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    Oh Jean please. Will you stop taking threads off topic
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    Ooops https://www.edp24.co.uk/news/politics/waveney-district-council-pakefield-beach-hut-damage-1-5845550 Damn, it hurts when you shoot yourself in the foot!
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    Like checking the tide tables and weather forecast?
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    With so many of the attendee's of the Beccles Wooden Boat Show being active NBN members I thought you might like to see what some of them got up to on our pre event cruise last year. These piccys have just been released by Richard Johnstone-Bryden who covered the event for the Jan 19 issue of Classic Boat Magazine. http://www.richardjohnstone-bryden.co.uk/beccles-wooden-broads-cruiser-show-p1/ http://www.richardjohnstone-bryden.co.uk/beccles-wooden-broads-cruiser-show-p2/ http://www.richardjohnstone-bryden.co.uk/beccles-wooden-broads-cruiser-show-p3/ http://www.richardjohnstone-bryden.co.uk/beccles-wooden-broads-cruiser-show-p4/ http://www.richardjohnstone-bryden.co.uk/beccles-wooden-broads-cruiser-show-p5/ http://www.richardjohnstone-bryden.co.uk/beccles-wooden-broads-cruiser-show-p6/ http://www.richardjohnstone-bryden.co.uk/beccles-wooden-broads-cruiser-show-p7/ In other news 'Countess of Light' – our 2018 show winner – has been nominated in Classic Boat Magazine's best restoration of the year award. I am sure you will all join me in wishing Paul every success as well as popping along to their website and voting at http://awards.classicboat.co.uk Enjoy...
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    That's something that happens all over the place, and bloody annoying it is too. The same thing happens with "Diverted traffic" signs! You arrive at a junction without diverted signage and have to give it your best shot. More than once I've found myself back to where the diversion started.
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    COAST - Concentration, Observation, Anticipation, Save Trouble. All needed more than ever these days.
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    Never heard it called that before! But that's a feeling I know well. !!!
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    at least they had the forethought to change the name of the cabin boy from Roger to Tom.
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    The NDR’s signage travelling from Wroxham back to the the A47 is absolutely terrible , If someone is simply following the signs to Thetford they will be sadly disappointed as they suddenly stop mentioning it. Its ok if you know roughly your route but if relying solely on signage then you will most likely be directed into Norwich city
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    My claim to fame was winning a fancy dress competition with my twin brother as Bill and Ben when the world really was black and white
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    Ahh thanks Mrs V. You enjoy my tales do you? Having googled Captain Pugwash, (I'm far too young to know about those stories seeing as they are from 1950, but I'm glad you remember them fondly ) I resisted the innuendo to the above line which would have no doubt fit into one of the stories of that Captain you seem to love so much. But then, if you love Captain Pugwash so much and you're calling me Captain Pugwash........ahhhhh, thanks Mrs V, I'm touched
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    I remember Muffin the mule but no-one has ever offered me a seat on public transport, admittedly the last time I was in a bus or tube was 40 odd years ago
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    I take it that being a council department there was a thorough Risk Assessment done prior to moving the huts on to the beach !!!!! Jeff
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    Thanks Mr Nog Could I be honest and change the habit of a lifetime and be a little bit selfish for a moment. Whilst I love how people get to see the broads and maybe become addicted like I am, I'd be very pleased if the hire yards didn't hire out in the winter. I know I know, completely selfish of me, but it's just so calm and peaceful I wouldn't want it to be spoilt.
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    Another aspect of JF's blog has been to highlight just how magical the rivers are in winter. Its just so peaceful and the rivers are all yours. I do hope it might inspire others to venture out too. Not too many mind! Apparently Herbert Woods had quite a few enquiries about December. I suggested to the very nice lady on reception that she might have a word with the powers that be. you never know, we might see a change of policy there!
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    Do you want me to say it for you Jean?
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    And it didn't matter if you couldn't afford a colour telly!!!!!!!
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    I've been addicted a long time Mrs V, it's just when I can get the chance to get back to the rivers. Fortunately for me, there was a week no one else could make and so I've been lucky enough to pick it up
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    Cheers everyone. Will be up to the boat Monday after work and will remove one ( I have obtained an anti tamper screw driver set) and get the size from it. Then order replacements from which ever of those companies that have the closest or same replacements. Cheers once again to you all for the help
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    the New ting dene Winter Olympics ski jump!! thats our very own Ranworth Breeze in the background. the water should be dropping soon - I think. The rascal is safe. Seen in his wellies just 10 mins ago.
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    I have only once wished for winter tyres, and that was last year driving to work when the beast from the east hit, there was snow and ice on the motorways which made it difficult and the car was recording -13, but I still got into work (to find they had shut the office for the day due to people not being able to get in - I made it - all 61 miles, so why anyone more local than me could not get in makes me wonder, in the end there were just 3 of us in the office that day. that one day I could have used winter tyres, for the rest of the year standard tyres were fine, and in fact as I proved, the standard tyres did cope with the bad weather, but only just.
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    Lovely photos again, especially the evening shots at Oulton Broad. We've ventured down Oulton Dyke a few times but never gone right across the Broad. What slightly scares me is exactly where to go once I get that far. Are there any rules, especially when the sailies are out?! Last time we were down that end of the Waveney on holiday it felt a waste of the slog through Reedham, down the New Cut and the Somerleyton area where the currents are stronger, to just go down to Beccles and back. So we moored at North Cove for one night, then the next day went back to Oulton Broad then back down to Beccles for a second night. I just need that new river to be dug out from Loddon to Geldeston ... then we'll be fine. :)
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    I come from one of those "difficult periods" and I know what you mean! Thanks very much Carol, I had never seen that film before. I have been sitting here making a list of all the people that I recognise, but I won't bore you by listing them here. The only one of the "old school" that I never met was Roy Clark and I very much wish that I had. Some others that were not in the film were Nat Bircham and Ewan Anderson, well known skippers of Albion as was Paul Bown. And of course Dougie Blewett, who was chairman of the trust before I was and could do things with the wherry under sail, in the dark, that I would never have believed possible. At 20 mins 44 in the film you will see Mike Fuller, who I was honoured to have working with me on my yard at Womack, in the days when she used the yard as her winter base, before the present premises were built. He did his apprentice-ship under Jimmy Turner at Herbert Woods. I see that he is now a president of the trust, so next time I see him I shall have to call him Sir! But the one we must all remember is Lady Mayhew. When I was chairman she was the "Queen Mother" of the trust and guided us through those difficult times with her few, well chosen, words. Back when the trust was first being formed they had a "save the wherry week" which involved a publicised fund raising cruise around the Broads and ended with a big charity dinner, which I think was in Lowestoft. The story goes, that Lady Mayhew rose to give her welcoming speech and said " Ladies and gentlemen. I would like to welcome the Lord Mayor of Norwich, the Mayor of Yarmouth, the Mayor of Lowestoft, the Mayor of Beccles - and any other old Mayors who may be present."

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