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    Im the owner of Rafiki that is a windboat tradewind. I saw a picture of her on a thread on this sight about broads boats away from home so Ive joined the network. I bought her in 2007 when she was in windsor. At the time I was looking for the a floating digs and pretty much bought the first boat I saw and liked. She had been on the thames for a few years before I bought her. When I bought her she was in a very reasonable condition. I had no idea about concrete hulls. I didn't really know about boats in general but she had an authentic period feel that I found very attractive. She had all the period features including the original cooker. Since I bought her Ive fallen in love with her. Ive spent a fortune keeping her in a reasonable condition. The woodwork obviously needs constant attention and Ive done full revarnishing every 5 years, Interestingly the hull is amazing. If anyone wants to know how the seacrete has lasted after over 50 I can vouch its incredible. I stripped the hull a few years ago. I started with extreme caution not wanting to damage the hull. But in the end I could chip away at the paint but the hull would never show any marks. After 50 the hull is a solid as the day she was set. Ive now have Rafiki in bristol harbour. Last summer we hired on a boat on the broads and went to Woxham and I wandered into the windboat sheds and spoke to a few of the guys, trying to find out more about Rafiki. I've learned lots but I'd like to know a lot more. If any one has more information about Rafiki, archives or any anicidotes Id love to hear them . Her original number was T395.
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    True Fred, and like anything else if your mind is otherwise engaged and you are not concentrating on what you are doing the results can be just as bad, good driver or not.
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    Unfortunately while experience is important it doesn't make a bad driver good it helps a good driver to get better, there are far to many people on the roads that learnt to pass the test often after to many attempts but have never learnt to drive, to many don`t even know the size of their vehicle, living in London I come across them every day, also there are a lot of drivers who don't have and have never had a license. Driving is a mental skill and like everything else not everyone has the right level of ability, I and anyone else can learn the mechanics of most things often enough to pass a test or exam that doesn't mean I have the necessary ability to perform the task in practise in the real world, I know how most things work but I don`t have the skill or ability to repair most of them and driving is no different, passing the test doesn't make anyone a driver it just shows a minimum level of knowledge in controlling a vehicle. Fred
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    They are the best aren't they Helen? Don't worry there's more to come, if he can tear himself away from his new telly and watching the Simpsons Sorry babe Grace
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    She has just come out of Rico’s shed and is moored alongside us again. Looks immaculate. Silver Cloud’s turn in a fortnight. Fred
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    If I could I'd be at it 24/7, but she insists we stop and have a sleep in the night ready for the next day
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    Ranworth Breeze was lifted today for its Winter Service, it is currently in the old BMS workshop now run by NYA. Currently the boat is being compounded & polished to highlight any gelcoat repairs that need doing and the bathing platform rubbers are being replaced. A powered winch is being fitted and the heating replaced because of cracks in the heating casting made it too costly to repair. Regards Alan
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    Nah I’ll still go
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    That's how he used to sign off -"This is your quiz inquisitor Michael Miles saying Goodnight". Not forgetting Bob Danvers Walker with his gong in the Yes No Interlude. "So you're Bert Bloggs from Basildon?", "Yes", Bong. Next!!!! Oh, how we laughed! No wonder I'm a bit simple now, our brains were addled with this nonsense.
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    I know an ex police driver who always turns his radio off when driving in town and tells his wife to shut up as well!!! To all those who cannot read signs, in the Advanced Driving Test, the examiner had a habit of asking what the road sign was you had just passed! That sharpens your thoughts!
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    On the matter of driver distractions I have a small observation to make (and wonder if Cambridge Cabby found the same) I used to have a CB in my car, and at a later stage I have been a cabby with a radio. I had no problem speaking or listening to either of these two radios without loosing concentration on driving, but for reasons which I do not understand, I found using the phone while driving far more distracting, even on hands free. Anyone else found the same?
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    Thank you Helen. More nonsense to come soon
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    The smart money is on NOT winning, because if you do, you write the next one.
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    The road was closed past the cremated Swan yesterday, as they craned the scaffolding roof sections off of the adjoining building. They have at the moment still left all the vertical scaffolding and the traffic lights in place..
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    http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ Can I declare myself as clever?
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    I notice that the current bids are at zero bids, much as anything in life the true value is what someone is actually willing to pay which obviously isn’t the inflated value the vendor is after .
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    It’s so lovely to have a winters tale. I do so miss all the holiday tales in the depths of winter. Thanks Jay!
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    Postcard answer - Opportunity Knocks with Huey Green ? Griff
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    It was me. I won last night. I was deemed to have won by half a point that had been previously awarded for a wrong answer The delightful Lynsey will be running next week's quiz on my behalf so I will make sure she has some really dodgy questions to ask!
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    Dear All Please find attached Notice No. 1 of 2019 regarding navigation restriction due to dredging operation on the River Bure and Fleet Dyke. Kind Regards Laura Milner Administrative Officer Operations Broads Authority Tel: 01603 756035 Broads Authority, Yare House, 62-64 Thorpe Road. Norwich NR1 1RY 01603 610734 BROADS AUTHORITY NOTICE TO MARINERS No. 01 of 2019 Navigation Restriction due to Dredging Operation on the River Bure and Fleet Dyke Notice is hereby given that dredging operations are programmed to commence from Monday 4 February until Friday 31 May 2019, during the hours of 0800 hours and 1600 hours daily, excluding weekends. The works may restrict access to South Walsham Broad via Fleet Dyke and the passage of vessels from the south of Acle Bridge (Marsh Farm) to ‘Oby Mill’. The navigation will remain open but mariners must exercise great care whilst proceeding past the works. All equipment will be lit and signage will be in place to warn of restrictions and delays. Adrian Sewell Rivers Engineer Broads Authority 62-64 Yare House Thorpe Road Norwich, NR1 1RY 11 January 2019
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    Something a little strange just happened. I'm having a tidy up here at home, and dug out some old auto lifejackets out from a cupboard and put in them next to the dehumidifier which it's on and running... It may be coincidence but one auto jacket just went off itself!?! I know you guys love a challenge can anyone work out why this went off itself? Clearly these things should go off when they are wet not perhaps when being dried? The cartridge is way out of date (2014), to be honest I didn't know they was in there. Also does anyone know how I get the bloody air out of it now??
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    Same one I've just replaced last year as my internal display kept sounding alarms when it wanted, I need to sort that but replaced it with a Aercus unit which uploads direct to https://www.wunderground.com/ Down side is I can't get the data onto to my server from it like the maplin version so my own weather webpage is down and just use Wunders site now. I brought a 5 section flag pole last week so I can mount the station higher and an aerial for aircraft (beside the Yorks flag) but came home and saw it in the door way thinking ear bashing on route but got away with it.
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    I think the Hughie Green quote may have originated on " Double Your Money" Carole
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    "Remember folks - the Clap-ometer is just for fun!" (Opportunity knocks).
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    Those prices might keep the riff raff out though
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    Now Hank I do vaguely remember!
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    I've always popped my head into reception and asked if I'm ok to moor up there and they've never charged me a fee, looks like that may now be changing. Still I like the quiet moorings at Potter Heigham, it's a great spot for watching the swans and ducks being fed over the side of the boat
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    Cheers. I'll update when I'm away although I've no idea what I'll be up to yet...
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    ray , that was michael miles on take your pick
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    Keep the holiday tales coming Mr Fire, they are enjoyable indeed and we don't even know if we'll be afloat this year at all so if anyone has a tale to tell I shall be reading to get my fix
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    Anyone else been watching this new series fronted by Tom Kerridge? I love it. Great to see people who have a real passion for creating unique ‘artisan’ foods showcased. So much dedication into what they are producing and real effort involved. Helen
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    Seriously though, Alec Hampton did, I'm sure, have badges so you might be lucky.
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    No, but I'll start saving anyway :-)
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    to be fair I think a sat nav is also a distraction from driving (though at times they can be helpful too, but they are still a distraction)
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    According to Google it seems to have run from 1950-1956 I believe
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    Totally agree. I actually think the act of holding a phone when driving is no more dangerous than lighting a fag, eating a sandwich, or having a drink. The danger is what it does to your concentration. My last four cars have all been bluetooth equipt but if a call comes in I reject it and call them back later. I know that talking hands free is somehow completely different o talking to a passenger and I will not do it.
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    I'm glad you are enjoying them gorgeous, seeing as I would have stopped a long time ago if not for you. So everyone has you to blame for my ramblings So after my 48 hours grafting each week, marathon training and spending every second available with you, I'm now not even allowed half an hour a day relaxing and watching someone yellow who is almost as daft as I am???
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    Oops, Friday (today now) evening in the chatroom 20.30hrs Can someone clever put the chatroom link in for me
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    Always used Tony Irwin from Banks boats at Wayford really good guy to deal with John
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    I have one - I have not got a working indoor unit but it worked wirelessly to it which then connected via USB to my computer using Cumulus. It may well work with your unit, and better than going into the bin. If you are interested send me a PM - I have it in London but has temp, wind speed and direction, rainfall and humidity - this is the unit it originally came from Maplin:
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    She is still Merlin and belongs to a forum member. I shall let him reveal himself should he so choose. He owns three wooden boats so tends to keep a low profile to avoid the men in white coats
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    Timbo, this is my first post in months, so glad to see your on the mend, many happy returns and happy new year. Cheers
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    That's right Jean, nothing to fear. Just head across the Broad, there is a slight dog leg to the right and look out for the Wherry Hotel in front of you. Just head straight for it and you can't go wrong. Yacht Station is on the right at the head of the Broad. Well worth a visit and a quick train ride to Lowestoft or Beccles as well.
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    Robin, when in Norfolk do as Norfolk does!
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    Robin I hope you’ve informed your insurance company that you have removed your run flat tyres... And fitted them with normal tyres... Insurance companies would make your policy void.. And MOT failure... Technically you’ve made a serious modification to the car with out informing them.. Your wheels are built for run flats... where the run flats take the stress on the side wall normal side walls won’t... There for taking stress on the wheels what could cause it to crack and disintegrate causing total failure... If your insurance company are happy with your modification they will adjust your policy and quote it that you have made a serious modification to the vehicle..
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    Oh No It's Dodgy Dave's Questionable Quiz and Query Quest By Loveable Lyndsey
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