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    Hello Griff, Sadly we have had more than our share of owners that have had disabling medical conditions, life changing events or simply work has prevented the use of allocations. Needless to say none of the shares for sale our mine. I will be calling on family and friends to crew for me. Regards Alan
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    I think that idea that the boats were too heavy is correct. Rafiki weighs 18 tons. Its like a super tanker on the canal systems. 1. the wash is substantial especially in narrow water ways and 2 the screw / engine isn't powerful enough to stop the boat at all. As an owner its quite rewarding as you really have to think ahead, plan everything your doing. Entering a lock, it may appear the boat is going way too slow and cautiously but its the only way to not over cook it. And when it goes wrong it can cause quite a bit of damage, not to the boat, but to other boats and property (and people, my wife badly broke her arm trying to push off against another boat). On the plus side, it's extremely stable. Staying board during rough weather or when other boats go past, she's rock steady. You may see light weight GRP boats bobbing about when Rafiki barely seems to be moving at all. And its surprising insulating. Staying aboard in the winter isn't a problem at all. Even though it doesn't have a fancy diesel heater. As for repairs, I haven't had to repair anything.... yet. The comment about screwing into it or modifying the hull in any way is valid though. So the weight issue is probably the reason it didn't take off, especially for the rental market.
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    Glad to hear your going to continue boating Alan. Im sure it will be tough for you, but you seem to love your boating. and Ranworth Breeze is always kept looking smart.
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    The so called ***** button as you call it is because my wife is disabled and no use at all when it comes to mooring up, and my balance is at best questionable since an infection damaged my inner ear, it's pretty much to ensure we are safe and don't put ourselves or others at risk when manovering in tight spaces, like lots of things in life if it makes things easier and safer that's got to be a good thing, would you call abs on bikes like triumph tigers scardy cat brakes , no of course not , they are not essential but nice to have , thanks for all the other advice we have had a couple of quotes and are progressing with our purchase , sorry for not replying or updating thread sooner but we are surrounded by boxes and busy busy sorting stuff out for the house move..
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    Scored one. She is a dog! Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
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    James has said elsewhere that to continue would cost him thirty thousand pounds. Twenty or so years ago I was in a similar position with my local authority and I was then told that it would cost me twenty-five thousand pounds and even if I won, as I probably would have done, there was no guarantee that I would be able to recover my costs and that it would tie up related matters for not less than two years, I suspect James is now in the same or a similar position. In my opinion James has made the right decision. PS, by the way, I won the 'related matter'!
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    We had Caravelle 3 and my brother had Constellation not sure what number about 1977 had white hulls then
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    I was being kind...
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    Sorry, can't agree with that as a general comment. The hire boat business has been looking into this equation for several decades. Surely it is in our own interests that our boats should be able to stop when they want to? A displacement hull on inland waterways does not need a big engine. Not even on a 400 ton barge. What it does need, is a suitable match between the engine, and the size and pitch of the propellor.
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    Not to mention the cost of all that lot Griff
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    Hi Griff I have one similar mines tubular twists and swivels had it over ten years it WORKS a treat it uses a ten amps so you only want to use when engine running, i don't need it often so i haven't fixed it permanently but keep it in dash pockit, very handy and clears my 3ftx2ft screen nice and clear, can't understand how others dont get theres to work, warm air blown onto damp/wet glass car heaters do exactly the same thing, give it a try i can't believe it wont work. John
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    Fog-X It's Rain-X's mate and works nicely. Then again my mum always cleaned her windows inside with neat vinegar and swore by it for keeping the condensation down on the glass. However, she never has the heating on, preferring a thicker coat, so what's there to condensate?
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    John / Vanessan Tks again - another good recommend. I just so appreciate this kind of feedback / recommends - You can't buy this kind a help. That Ballade looks good. Not to big and easily stowed when not in use. I will need to fashion a aluminium pole for it that will slot into the top of 'B.A's mast. Plus B.W's is on Robins doorstep and we can get the NBN 10% discount too Griff
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    Oh lordy they are so sexy, well done Mrs N Hey who's birthday is this anyway???? Grace
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    After spending a small fortune on various omnidirectional aerials we finally ended up with the one shown above, which if you look at the majority of hire craft now seem to have them, and they work fine now that the digital signal has been boosted to a satisfactory strength, yes you will still get places where there is no signal, the same places your mobile phone Won't work,life is like that :-)
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    Help! Mrs Nog is in the Clark's shop trying on THREE pairs of shoes!
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    I really believe.... really, the only research suitable is to get out and try it. We have a cheap lab periodic ariel from screwfix and we have not found any where that we can't get a signal. Trees on a wild mooring haven't been a problem. We do have it on a pole. We have hired boats with "tracvision" you know , the ones with a big bulbous thing on the fo'c'sle and whilst they maintain a signal whilst cruising with all the twists and turns, (great for the kids!!) once moored, close to trees, they failed. Now I,m not saying what we had was typical but at salhouse with "tracvision" we had a picture until we got within stepping distance of the quay......then it went. Happened all holiday, mid river, fine, moor close to a spiders web, no signal. So, I would say, if getting a tv signal on the move is important then listen to recommendations (I have none) but if you just want a signal when moored , https://www.screwfix.com/p/labgear-log-mast-periodic-aerial/67576
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    That interior does look rather lovely. I really like the design, it's just the idea of never being able to pass under Ludham that's always put me off Ranworth Breeze. For all you South Broads lovers out there she'd make a brilliant investment for the next new owners.
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    We`ve had our share in Lightning for nearly 5 years, and have no intention of selling. There`s also a great many other shareholders in Lightning and other syndicates who have had their shares for a fair number of years. Yes, we do get share sales regularly, but these are only to be expected. Some people use syndicate ownership as a stepping stone to full ownership, some after getting rid of their own boat to have more affordable boating with costs devided up to 12 1/2 ways. Some think it will be cheap boating, but realise there`s more to it, and decide to sell. There will always be shares for sale in all syndicate boats, but most (if not all?) syndicates have long standing members who are more than happy to keep their shares. In fact, i did say elsewhere, i`m hoping to retire in 4 1/2 years time, and when i do, i`m seriously considering buying a second share in Lightning to give us more time on the Broads, WITHOUT the sheer expense of having to pay ALL costs, running costs, moorings etc etc etc all myself.
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    And there's a very attractive large day boat hidden between the two. Silver Dart which according to Craig was still around in 2017.
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    Chumley & Hawke's Constellation 2 and Caravelle 3?, September 1966.
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    Not just hire boats that use their bow thrusters for steering. Some of the tales related to me by the OB HM of private cruisers, especially ones coming off Lake Lothing, have had me in stitches! The scream of a protesting, abused bow thruster can be quite impressive!
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    Can I plead the 4th here.
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    Well I`ve only been here 2 minutes however as Vaughan has said "Most enlightening", horrified about the changes to precedures as have had much the same happen to me with an employment issue many many years ago.
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    I wasn't there, but I do know an individual who was. As I have written before, in the context of that pesky pike, no smoke without fire and, so I'm reliably told, once again absolutely right, if you can make head or tail of it!. http://www.broadsnationalpike.com/2019/01/back-to-school-for-planners-fisticuffs.html?fbclid=IwAR1trQruBK0q8BIzLQpfhzNq8MuR7VyybRqe04F28oEqdmqWVK0,MI5wXiYU
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    Griff This like the mast we have. https://www.visionplus.co.uk/shop/telescopic-4-section-mast.html It is fixed by brackets to the bow rails when lowered it is only about 6 inches above the cabin roof. paul
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    I bought all three pairs, Grace (by the way, happy birthday honey xx) one pair is the twin of a pair that I got in Norwich in December, but half the price. The other two are a bit of mish-mash. Patent leather black court shoes and black leather summer wedges. Absolute bargains
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    We used to do the extended aluminium pole system ourselves, still got them. It worked too. But it was a right pain / time consuming affair erecting and then stowing the ensemble, plus having room onboard for the poles and too large aerial. Clambering onto the aft coach house roof to then plug the coax in. I'm trying to clean up the whole affair going minimalistic while improving performance. There is already a coax under the aft coach house roof, this will eventually go up inside the mast to a flush not to be seen socket. Then a short coax into the removable aerial that will slot in the top of the mast with a pole so the aerial will have plenty of height, I'm guessing it will be about 15ft above the river Griff
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    I believe that they can be something of a handful.
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    Fair enough if that works for you, I'm kinda wary of naked flames onboard (We do use various candles if bbqing on a bank) plus naked flames tend to produce moisture / condensation adding to the issue. Electric fan heaters produce no condensation that I'm aware of Griff
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    I think you mean ‘ballade’ which we have too. http://www.brianwards.co.uk/audio-tv/televisions-aerials/ballade-tv-antenna.html We have it on a long pole and have found it brilliant. Reception does seem to have improved over the last few years anyway.
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    Hi I use a Ballard from Wards it's the best reception i have ever got after trying several different types of aerials and it's so small and inconspicuous it can be left on roof only removed when very low bridges , John
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    You go girl Grace
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    Hello Broads01, The interior does look better than the pictures because these pictures were before last years winter service where the forward and lounge upholstery was replaced by a almost similar fabric by Jeckells. We also replaced the bow thruster that year. Last years and this years winter services were part of a two year plan of improvements on the boat hence the price of last and this years management fees to pay for this. Regards Alan
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    Imagine you have a conventional torch strapped to your movie camera. Firstly, the centre of the image is where the majority of light will be focussed (so brighter there) and second, the beam will travel with the camera it is attached to. Does that help?
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    If these professional managed syndicate boats are as good as what I'm lead to believe (And for those that dress that way they do seem to fit the bill) Then how come there doesn't seem to be a month that goes by without seeing someone wanting to sell their shares? Griff
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    Ooooh a pu55y stick. What ever will they think of next?
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    This is a definite factor when trying to "retro-fit" a bow thruster to an already built boat. Anyway, where I grew up, the "bow thruster" was the boat hook!
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    Tower of London & Traitors Gate for you mate if Lynsdey has her way.
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    We had the great privilage to meet up with Alan and Tan at Loddon a couple of years back, and they invited us aboard where we enjoyed a nice cuppa and a good chat, so i can vouch for the fact that Ranworth Breeze is a really lovely boat, and that Alan is dedicated to running a very efficient and friendly syndicate. As always, Alan, you will always be welcome aboard Lightning whenever we`re aboard. I would imagine other members of our syndicate would also make yo welcome.
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    You forgot the underwater camera, to check it's all clear to operate.
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    A huge number of assumptions here. Older traditional boats weigh double or even triple the weight of “modern boats” whatever that’s supposed to mean. Usually have bigger prop diameter deeper keel usually made of Iron and a much bigger rudder. All of these individual items contribute to not needing a bow thruster. The problem if that’s the phrase needed a solution and bow thrusters are it. The reason wooden boats aren’t in the majority is simply cost. Maintenance costs building costs and so on. Not innovation or anything else. Costs drove the problem and a solution was found. There will come a day when I can’t access our boats high freeboard. When that day comes I will go for the alternative “modern craft”. My children will then be custodians of the old lady. Until then I will continue to poke fun at those extolling the virtue that is a solution to progress caused issues. 😇
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    ...and I still ain't deaded! A happy and prosperous New Year to all! Christmas was a quiet affair here at Timbo Towers. I was excited to see 'Madness' would be performing for New Year's Eve...then cringed every time they went off key. I had my usual moan at the crap music they play to accompany the firework display. The whole of musical history to go at and they come up with computer-generated drivel. Just shows how old I'm getting! Talking of which... ...woke up on New Year's Day to open birthday presents....and thanks for the birthday wishes much appreciated! Warm socks, good wine and fragrances from Creed and Tom Ford to add to my ever-growing collection. I'm not so much slipping into my dotage as running over the cliff of senility shouting 'yippee' on my way down. My floppy eared ginger nursemaids have earned their dog biscuits over the last few days as I slowly succumbed to another infection. Dylan, number one beagle, is always the first to react and he camped out on my lap for two days before Toby his twin joined in. 'Oh crap!'. Forty-eight hours in bed with the ginger hot water bottles taking it in turn to babysit me. By lunchtime yesterday, I had both of them cuddled up as I shivered and shook although I was burning up. On a normal day, I feel as though I have the worst hangover you can imagine, but yesterday... Five thirty this morning and I woke up. Toby pottered off to the living room and Dylan climbed off the bed and crawled under it. I checked the obituaries on my phone. Let's face it, if I had carked it in the night there was no way I was making the effort to get out of bed...even if Ian does email me on forum business two hours before dawn...but as my nursemaids had left me to my own devices and the BBC had not reported my demise I got out of bed and put the kettle on. Old Brown Java coffee freshly ground helped the morning tablets slide down. Annoy Ian on the phone, take Ellie to work, sit in the Tesco carpark to write this missive (without internet at the minute thanks to the cable being cut) and I'm heading back home. SSS then choose today's fragrance. Today I will mostly be wearing...Zadig & Voltaire. Vanilla, incense, grapefruit in the top and sandalwood in the base!
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    Nooooo Jean, go buy more shoes.......don't forget Cinderella is proof that a new pair of shoes can change your life Grace
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    By the way, I had the chance to return Chloe Jane (now back in my ownership) to the broads last week. A damp and misty Monday greeted us at Windsor a few days ago where she was carefully loaded and secured for her return journey to familiar waters.
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