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    It was a glass of Minervois Rosé actually. Note the emoticon, for Broadscot's birthday. Its hard to tell from photos but that does look like an AF hull and the windows are what you might see in a steel boat such as a Pedro. Again I am guessing but the superstructure appears to be in plywood which, hopefully is of marine grade. In which case I recommend a survey to make sure that the ply has not started to delaminate. It all looks a bit "new" to me, so hopefully no damage has been done but when plywood delaminates, you are too late. There does not appear to be a canopy for the upper steering position so that plywood varnished top is totally exposed to the weather, as is the instrument panel itself. Nothing wrong with a BMC 2.5 diesel. Indestructible!
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    What I would say is that be very aware that this boat may well have a wooden superstructure, and if that's the case then you're looking at wooden boat levels of maintenance on the exterior. An all-fibreglass boat will cost you more, but will just need a good wash at the start of the season and ideally a polish and to then be kept clean and sensibly looked after. Any wooden boat really wants to be kept in a wet shed, and that will cost you more every year than just a regular mooring. You can of course put a cover on it, but then you've got to keep that maintained and keep taking the thing back on and off every time.
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    It will be interesting to see what happens in respect of mooring fees when WRC hire craft visiit other boat hire yards. Under the the arrangement at Ferry Marina, hire craft from other hire boat federation boatyards moored free of charge at Ferry Marina and boats from Ferry Marina moored free of charge in other hire boat federation boatyards. Under the new set up, as boats in the hireboat federation are currently charged to moor overnight at WRC, l assume it is possible that hire boats from WRC may be charged to moor overnight in hire boat federation boatyards.
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    All year round when we get the chance . I'm up at the boat every week as I work nearby two days a week so stay on the boat overnight. If time/weather allows I like to get out of the marina and on to the rivers but even if not, love just spending time on board.
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    Yes they are, and this is the normal way of dressing them. The tradition comes from making planking repairs to a wooden boat. The boat may have been built with copper roves but repairs are usually done with brass screws. The boatbuilder leaves all the slots horizontal when he has planked up and before filling the holes with putty or with wooden dowels. That way, if the plank ever needs to be replaced again, you can clear away as much putty as possible and push your screwdriver in horizontal, to find the slot and remove the screw. This tradition is carried on in the fitting out of interiors, so that all the screws in a window frame, in cupboard hinges, on the piano hinge of folding tables, and even on the "feather edges" of Lino covered floorboards, are all "dressed" in the same direction. It is one of the marks of a high quality boatbuilder.
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    I miss him. He was very supportive to me in my hour of need. I still read our many pm's when I'm looking for advice. We did have plans to meet up, unfortunately it never happened , then he was gone. Im quite proud that it was my suggestion to name this lounge after him and very thankful the mods agreed. A top lad so he was .
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    Hi Russell, whatever you choose make sure its got a bar fitted, that way your sure to have plenty of err crew to erm help.Hope your still going to do your vlogs Paul
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    Two things about Iain that are impossible.... 1) impossible to replace 2) impossible to forget Jeff
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    Or may be an up to date joke book Regards Alan
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    All of the boats quoted by OG are on the BCBM website along with loads of other usefull information.There is also Lightningcruiser.com a self managed boat, they have a share for sale as does Ranworth breeze. Other syndicates are, Southern Crusader, Blue Mist and even Broad Ambition,though you will need to own a Teak forest to persuade griff to release a share lol. Good luck. paul
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    Hull wraps are becoming pretty common, We did a few via a dedicated contractor in my last place. It's quite an investment though as it really only last 7 years (if the correct stuff is used), in terms of scratches though, it can be repaired and will look good from a distance.. I'd probably say it's quite tough stuff and will probably withstand gentle knocks etc.. It really is something for the pros though as it's a very skilled thing to do.
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    Hello Russell, As you be aware the forum has a wealth of forum members from most if not all of the boat syndicates on the Norfolk Broads. The syndicates are slightly different in the way they are managed, some are by owners committee's, others are managed by a Management Company. There are single week, 2 week allocations,or 4 week dependent on the type of syndicate. My advice would be check out all the styles of boats, look in detail at the contracts, your commitment with regards to the management fees, winter service fees or sinking fund(if applicable). If you want any advice by all means contact me. Regards Alan Alan Hood Chairman & Trustee Ranworth Breeze Boat Syndicate
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    Me too, the forum is just not the same without him.
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    I have just happened across the Authority's recruitment policy (Human Resources Policy No. 16 - Recruitment and Selection). This covers recruitment at every level. Paragraph 5 reads: 5. Selection and Appointment of the Chief Executive 5.1 The selection and appointment of the Chief Executive will be made by a panel of Members in consultation with Natural England. The panel has the opportunity to seek advice on the process from the HR Team, as they consider appropriate.
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    Hi Everybody, I am a newbie to this site, but not to boating on the broads, having owned 3 different broads boats, 1st boat 16foot birchwood day boat got me hooked, then we bought a viking 20 "wookie" lovely weekend cruiser, and our last boat which was sold last October a 30 foot bounty which we renamed "sally's dex". So we are now boat less, and i'm not happy, can't find a replacement for the bounty 30, I am wondering if anyone on this forum may be able to help? I am looking for an aquafibre pearl 38 or aquafibre diamond 35 or something similar, any idea's welcome, I have cash waiting for the right boat. any suggestions would be most welcome, I am missing having a boat badly, and its only January. thanks mark.(newbie)
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    Hi David, it was`nt a critisism, i just thought people would like to know for future reference.
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    Personally I'd say thunder is too big if the majority of the time you're solo and to be honest all you really gain on thunder is two singles on the side at the back but you don't feel the benefit really of the extra 8ft in comparison to silver cloud. Unfortunately not enough of this style of boat were ever made to have a luxurious layout for 2 couples or any other kind of layout that may have happened if more were about. I should say I am a very happy owner on thunder and absolutely love her but the first boat I ever went on was the same style Greenway marine ran and have always had rose tinted glasses on regarding this design ever since. Also you'll definitely save money on a syndicate instead of hiring a couple times a year just make sure you find out what's been done to the boat, what's planned, if there's any funds in the bank already for big plans etc etc.
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    HI, All I want is a nice boat of almost any manufacture, however if the seller is making a claim in effort to get a higher price then I need info to negotiate the price towards what I might pay for it. It is broads compatible as far as I am aware yes and do I need to say where I might use it in this post I think not however I have taken your points onboard.
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    Hi Russell, To give you an idea the Ranworth Breeze management fee in January was £700 for a two weeks share, all in no sinking fund or charges for winter service , I believe Moonlight Shadow & Lightning is around £1450 to £1500 for a 4 weeks share. Regards Alan
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    Indeed hull wraps.. I think the adhesive can break down and it can start to peel. It may last longer although I suspect the warranty you will get will state this.
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    Yeah I think they're perfectly correct in their stance. I've seen an Aquafibre Pearl 38 on the Broads to which the owner has added 'Broom 38' badges because Broom fitted it out. It's a Broom fitout, but that boat will never be a 'Broom 38' because it's not a production model. There is a Broom 38, and that's something different entirely.
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    Hi Admiral, I own a share in Lightning, and like you, decided if we were going to hire several times a year, i was better off buying into a Syndicate. I chose Lightning as at the time, her shares were cheaper than Thunder, though they are comparable now. Unlike Thunder, Moonlight and Evening Shadows, and Silver Cloud, we are self managed. If you`re interested, i can contact our chairman to see if we have a share available, if we have, i can give you his details so you can contact him direct. DAVIDH, we had an owner that regularly cruised Lightning as a solo crew, and he never had any problems.
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    do you get a blue peter badge for using so much sticky back plastic?
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    I wonder how many rolls of Fablon it would take for a 30ft boat?.................
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    Yes they could buy all or part of the mouldings. DIY was a thing back then. No! If it was BUILT by Broom as a production model it's a Broom, otherwise it's an Aquafibre. Even technically if it was a non-production model built by Broom it's an Aquafibre - ie if it were a Crystal 37 built by Broom (I don't think they built any of that design, but you get what I mean).
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    Thanks JA, wasn`t going to pay anywhere near the asking price based on something else I know about the owner, that said I agree with you on the other points. Thanks for the heads up re Perkins.
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    Thanks for all replies much appreciated and a proper survey will/ would of been done as my head rules my heart lol. Anybody want to take a guess at the asking price based on 1982 Broom, thorneycraft 2.5 engine, bsc march 2020, strong bank of batteries, hot & cold pumped water, meaco dehumidifier, inverter, vetus 1.5kw thruster, 4 burner gas cooker, full size 12v or 240v fridge, all singing bells & all microwave, electronic safe, trumatic warm air system, 240v/ 12v lights, usb sockets. Looks like solid wood fit out everywhere and a large folder of receipts / paperwork.
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    I'm not sure I agree.... but pomp and tradition of being with the brand, I suspect it will change though considering the sad end of production. Let me know, it's more of a social club/group though than a knowledge group, I suspect we have more knowledge on here but certainly worth a shot if needed.
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    lol, read about the BOC and being "True Blood" from another thread on here. I`ve sent them a few photo`s and fully expect a "Nay" in response tbh. Might take you up on the facebook offer.
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    As a single person cruiser, I find the biggest advantage of being in a syndicate is that your options to hire are not being choked off by the number of boatyards now not hiring to us. I think Silver Cloud is a similar boat to Royall Oak but don't know if they currently have shares available.
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    I think Vaughan may have just spat his tea out at that one... I'm no marine surveyor. I have a reasonable knowledge of Broads boats but not in terms of the technical detail you'd need to inform a purchase.
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    By very definition, she can't be a Broom unless they built her. If the builder was sold a full or partial set of mouldings for fitting out, then it's an Aquafibre. A lot of stuff gets listed by brokers as 'Broom' because a) they don't know any better and b) it sounds good. The hull does look like it could be Aquafibre, certainly, and I'd agree that the superstructure looks to be DIY so it'd need to be very carefully surveyed.
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    I'm sure that he can be but the harsh reality is that it appears that he isn't. DEFRA has certainly made it clear that it won't interfere with the running of the BA. Thankfully three of our local MPs are on side, acknowledging the democratic deficit of the Authority. However, if 'he' is answerable to anyone in the civil service then I can't tell you who that is.
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    I would always be worried about what lies under the vinyl.
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    Which is why I try to get hold of ‘old’ teak planks and store it for future needs Griff
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    MM the problem is that due to those leaps in modern science the seasoning of timber is no longer done the traditional slow way, so the new planking may well not last as long as the original.
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    Looks like a diy superstructure to me.
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    I bought one of these last year to use on the boat 1byone ariel very impressed with it considering we leave it in the cabin while watching tv, I just bought another to use at home on the spare room tv to save messing about with a proper ariel.
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    Hi Kezolah and welcome to the forum. It has been said that if you have a slight mental issue there are two things you can do....1) buy a boat, and 2) join a very friendly forum. Congratulations on doing both. Jeff
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    We have a chugger! Wouldn't know where to start with a sailing boat!...
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    You took the words straight out of my mouth there Polly, which just goes to prove... I don't know what I'm talking about!
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    Happy New Year To All and some tips on cooking veg …
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    Not a security issue, I'm sure! It is just a shame that the Authority had to be dragged kicking and screaming into dredging. Once it was realized that there were conservation advantages, reedbed re-creation and an increase in the flushing factor, the Authority pulled its finger out and now appears to be doing a good job! Surely you remember the hoo-ha from the sailing fraternity over the reluctance by the Authority in dredging The Sound? Anyway, a welcome change of heart. Ten years, are you sure? How time flies!
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    I've only lived in a small village once, for about six months. No shops, a handful of houses and a pub which luckily was right next door to me. One Sunday morning I woke up about 11.00 and I'd run out of cigs, knowing the landlord would be about I wandered into the pub about 11.20 in my dressing gown to get some cigs from the machine before they opened (a regular occurrence), I walked in to a bar full of people, the clocks had changed overnight. Doh!
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    I'm told it's like a coach, but with fewer horses.
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    For the first time I find myself worried. Paladin, does that mean that the mighty Dr cannot be controlled/disciplined ? Is he really answerable to nobody (within the civil service?
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