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    Here's a simplified version of what you should have. The chances are you have an accumulator tank somewhere but may be isolated. Possibly because the diaphragm in it has perished and adds a funny taste to the water. Colin P.S. Whoops, just got home. Had forgotten to add image
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    I only spotted this a couple of weeks ago but I think @johnsherz had to re-upload because there had been some problems with the original music he'd used. Others have said it and I'm with them - Sherz and Linz are my favourite of all the Broads Youtubers and yes I think the length of the videos, the editing and general format is spot on.
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    Seem to have missed this but it's Sherz and Linz's video of their boat hire last year. Well recommended and just surprised they have not been on here to tell us it was available to view.
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    I wasn't there but don't think it wise to cross the bow of another, especially when turning. That overtaking boat stays clear of those being overtaken is well worth remembering. In this case a simple interpretation of the port and starboard rule, e.g. give way to boats on the starboard side would seem to apply. However, if in doubt then get out of the light! Probably 95% of Broads boaters are clueless when it comes to the navigation rules!
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    The only hose operational at Brooms at the moment is bythe boat hoist, which is extremely difficult to get to as you have to navigate amongst privately moored gin palaces to gain access. The hose at the fuel kiosk has thoughtfully been turned off, however we were able to top up with water this morning at The Ferry House, Surlingham, which is free to customers.
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    It may well be the case Hylander but if so, in my opinion, either the definition of "public place" or the "law of the land" is wrong. I see no valid reason why the inside of a hire craft is more public than the outside (where smoking is legal). Either the government should outlaw smoking altogether or make sensible decisions as to their definitions as to where and when it can take place. Personally I see the smoking laws as they stand as a massive crushing of the freedoms of people. I further believe that if not countered, there is little to stop governments of any party making other restrictions that a free society would be less than happy. Using Diesel engines for leisure activities springs to mind!
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    I understand what you are saying Paul, and agree with some of it, other points we shall just have to agree to differ. I do however question the point I have quoted where you seem to go along with a popular belief. I'm not so sure about that. For quite some time now I have felt that large businesses these days rather dictate what the customer wants as opposed to pandering to it..
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    Seriously though, (me serious?...well, yes I can be now and again). For me the joy of starting off from Wroxham, which we’ve done a couple of times from the NBD/Faircraft Loynes Yard...can never remember what name they go by, is an early start through the bridge and up to Coltishall. Lovely and quiet above the bridge! That would be our ideal start to our holiday. We managed to get up to Coltishall Locks at the start of our March-April 2018 holiday. Not always possible though as it depends how high the river is. Check out our account in the holiday tales section of the forum. We were on Fair Regent, which is what I put in the title of the blog. If the river levels allow, just above the bridge is also a lovely final evening’s mooring.
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    Just watched this from BBC IPlayer (it's available for the next 4 weeks). If you have not seen it yet, this colour newsreel style film using actual movies from the First World War is an education. From the encouragement and bravado of joining up to fight, through the devil's cauldron conditions endured in the battlefields, the meaningless loss of life through to bewilderment as to what it was all for, this is a very sobering film. The participants endured so much and came back to be met with high unemployment and in some cases being discriminated against for work "Ex-servicement need not apply". I have seen Schindlers List, and at the end of the film nobody said a word as they were leaving the cinema such was the shock. They Shall Not Grow Old has the same effect. See it if you can. It disappeared for a few months from IPlayer so it's not always available. https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/b0brzkzx
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    at sea give way to vessels on the starboard side.
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    Perfectly put, couldn't agree more.
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    No obvious rights or wrongs I don't think. Its always best to pass behind another vessel where possible. My approach is to throttle back and wait if I'm in any doubt. Possibly a case of rushing and a bit of impatience maybe? Its a shame some folks don't seem to appreciate that its supposed to be a relaxing holiday without getting involved in river rage!! Another advantage of winter cruising!
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    I would think that the main river had the right of way, so if you were heading towards the Thurne then give way. Must admit I've seen alsorts of goings on at the Thurne mouth, I tend to slow down and give everyone as much room as possible with a smile and a wave.
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    simple - its up to both skippers to avoid a collision. probably by making their intentions clear to the other well in advance
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    I remember seeing the two wherries there (as houseboats) when we used to hire a half-decker from Martham (my parents used to hore a cottage either at Repps or Ranworth (Malthouse Broad). Likely to have been the early 1070s.
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    think it must be your end its ok on mine
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    I get the impression that Barnes are ultra-cautious about taking boats under Wroxham bridge at certain times. We were upstream of the bridge last October when we had some heavy rain. Barnes were apparently refusing to take any of their boats under while the pilot was happily shunting boats back and forth. The gauge was showing 6’5” and I saw Broadlander and Broadway come through with room to spare. It did make me wonder if that gauge is correct but I know that’s been discussed many times. Incidentally the downstream gauge was showing 6’7” when we passed it a few minutes later so there is definitely a discrepancy!
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    This is why some other yards publish a price, and that's the one you pay other than an early booking discount which is clearly shown on the website when you book far enough in advance. With that system, you know you've paid the same as anyone else and although you may have missed the early booking discount we all know how to qualify for that.
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    Hi Robin. I think you will find the small tank on the hot is an expansion tank not an accumulator. I suspect you will find a non return valve in the cold feed to your calorifier cylinder. Don't remove it ( the expansion tank ) otherwise every time the system heats from cold the over pressure valve will dump water. I would try fitting a large accumulator tank just after your pump and things should work fine. Hope this is some use. Colin
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    My mother smoked, my father never did. I had a 60 Marlboro a day habit which I stopped in the mid 90s but I have never objected to others smoking around me. The people with whom I'm staying, she smokes about 10 a day (She's 90) and her son smokes a pack of Amber leaf every 3 or 4 days. I feel it should be the choice of the hire yard as to whether smoking is allowed on their boats as long as they clearly state whether it is or not.
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    I remember many years ago, I went to the record department of a store in Norwich and asked for a single of The Free Electric Band, by Albert Hammond. It was a catchy song which was being played all over Radio 1 at the time. "Is it in the top ten?" "I don't know" "Well if it's not in the top ten, we don't sell it." "So how does it get into the top ten, when that is based on record sales and you are not selling it?" She couldn't answer that! I am also convinced that when you go into the big chain bookshops in city centres, you will only find the books there, that they want to sell to you.
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    Nothing wrong with popular beliefs now and then, some of them are popular for good reason. I'm certainly not going to disagree with your other point though. Clever marketing teams are very good at telling we, the gullible consumer what we need and what we should buy, and even how we should buy it sometimes. I-phones are a perfect example of that. Apple's marketeers were very clever ar creating a fashion brand which imposed great peer pressure on people to be seen with an Iphone. If consumers made informed choices about smart phones Apple would never sell one.
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    I seem to remember reading that she broke her back whilst being hauled out for maintenance at Martham at some point in the 1970s - perhaps someone else can confirm? Carol
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    There was a craft I think called "Water Gypsy" that was duel steer, and I think it pre-dated Wishing waters. Perhaps someone can say for sure.
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    That's about 5 inches by 9 inches then, I reckon. Even all those many years ago I was only taught metric at school ... but I still find myself converting centimetres back to inches to visualise things.
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    Hi Andy, if you look at the top of the home page you will see a heading "handy information" click on that then look at the mooring tab it may be of some use. Paul.
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    I think Paul has it...parking. So many councils see it as a cash cow and are squeezing their towns into oblivion.
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    Brilliant response Jean, though the Broads01 post did make me giggle. The more I cruise on the Broads, the slower I get, and the more I appreciate the Broads, and the more I prevaricate about mooring!
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    Hi all, Nobody on here will know, but Karen used to teach ballroom dancing years ago, she has actually won medals for it. She`s an avid Strictly fan, and never misses a show. So 4 years ago, she said she would like to see Anton and Erins travelling show down here at the Bournemouth Pavillion, but did`nt know whether anybody she knew would want to go. Now, i`m no dancing fan, and i look like i`m dancing with three left feet, but seeing as i knew how much she wanted to go, i offered to go with her. I absolutely loved their show, and we`ve been every year since, being the last 4 years. Yesterday (earlier in the year than usual) was this years regular visit to Bournemouth, and we went to the afternoon show (matinee), and although slightly differnt in format, was as usual, a truly brilliant show. This time, we decided to wait by the stage door to see if they would come out and say hello. They did, as well as Lance Ellington, who regularly sings on Strictly, and also the lady singer "Lauren Emmett", and the back up dancers. We got to say hello to all of them and had some pics taken with them.What a great bunch they were, very down to earth and friendly, and always had time for those who waited by the door. Karen was absolutely made up, and yes, we will be going next year. I also told Anton that it`s about time the gave him a partner who could win lolol. It really was (and always will be) a great show, and i would always recommend anybody, dancing fan or not, to go and see it if you get the chance. I would be very surprised if you were disappointed.
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    Re bad language, wait until they have finished and then tell them that 'sorry, I didn't understand a word of that, could you please repeat yourself' often works well! One or two large motor cruiser owners from the Brundall area, for example, would do well to play and inwardly absorb both those training videos! Well, perhaps not the bit showing Capt. BirdsEye tying a cow hitch rather than a clove hitch!
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    Very good video but and a big but I do not agree with smoking on board. Very unpleasant for other users.
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    Sorry but I'm still not accepting the argument that the Supermarket is at fault. Leicester market has gone downhill since redvelopment by the city council but head west along the M69 and you'll get to Nuneaton which has a thriving street market. 100 plus Traditional stalls clad in blue and white tarps along the pedstrianised "high street" selling all the market staples plus lots more. Keep going down the M69 you'll get to Coventry, another thriving market, this time indoor. Neither are particularly effected by tourism and both have a wide variety of supermarkets from all the main candidates. The other thing they both have is ample parking at reasonable price right in the town / city centre. Supermarkets are not new, the forst one in the town where I live opened in the early 1950's. By 1960 there were three. By 1970 there were five. The market thrived well into the early years of this century, until the district council made the market car park pay and display. Then it went downhill. Now it is almost dead and thetown council are contemplating demolishing it to build housing on the site. Blaming Supermarkets is far too simplistic. I'm sure there are lots of socio-economic reasons but at the top of that list is we, the great consumer, and our personal preference, which quite simply is changing. There are lots of reasons for that. One would be the change in the social climate. In the heyday of markets, selling fresh food, lots of married women were home makers. They would shop more than once a week, they were home during the daytime to prepare fresh vegetable every day, to make a pie, roast or whatever. Those days are gone, massively inflated house prices and our ever growing need for possessions most families now have two working parents. The value of time has risen faster even than the value of property. People want ready prepped or partially prepped food, theysimply don't have all afternoon to prepare dinner anymore. At the least they want to shop where they can get everything they need in one place. That's not the supermarket's fault, they are simply pandering to what we, the consumer wants.
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    Hmm, videos ahead of time really are a good starting point. I do think though that the much maligned 'trial runs' suffer from a hidden problem. It's this : if you are nervous, or even worse scared, you can't learn, the higher brain cuts out and your basic, reptilian brain takes over. This one keeps you alive and runs the fight or flight approach to life, neither of which is great for boat handling, or absorbing what you are being shown. Tricky. We always help newbies, but treat the 'they didn't tell us' comments with circumspection, in that they may have been told but couldn't receive. Thankfully, after a few days the penny drops with most people.
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    Don't know whether I should tell this story, after all these years but the girl on the front of Hoseasons' brochure is Keith Gregory's wife Christine, who was a professional model when he married her. It caused a big laugh around the boatyards at the time, as Keith was a director of Jenners, when they were owned by the Caister Group, and were members of Blakes!
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    More images of pages from Hoseasons and Blakes brochures for those who like to see them - this time 1975 and 1976. Blakes brochure - notice Petit Barsac which at 19ft length must havebeen the shortest boat for hire on the Broads - unless you know different? Sanderling at the bottom was the first boat we hired in 1973, which in March cost us £29. Wishing Waters from Ripplecraft in Somerleyton had the distinction of being dual steer, incorporating a sort of flying bridge. Visionary thinking? Hoseasons brochures. We hired Calypso King in it's first season. Take a look at the Oulton Broad houseboats for hire - all gone now.
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    When I was there last year, I think less than half the stalls were actually open and my favourite second hand book stall was gone too. I think the problem is that you can only buy there, as much as you can carry home on your bicycle, as you are hardly allowed into Norwich by car anymore.
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    Love Sherz and Linz. I always look out for their videos too. They are such a lovely couple, very down to earth and I love they adopted a rescue dog. Always find their YouTube videos amusing and well edited. I must admit that Graham and me are a more than a bit anti-smoking though, having lost my Grandfather and Mother-in-law to lung cancer, and also Graham’s Grandad.
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