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    Went out Monday afternoon in the boat to give her a run. Moored up for the night at the Acle Bridge Inn for a lovely dinner after our trip out. A few phone shots from Tuesday morning at the Bridge. IMG_4562 by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr IMG_4567-Edit by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr AdobePhotoshopExpress_2019_02_05_08:16:35 by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr IMG_4590 by Jeff Cranwell, on Flickr
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    The majority of broads boats were presumed to be used in the hire season, no point in the yards spending money on insulation. When they pass into private hands they are more likely to be used out of season. Partial insulation can cause problems by concentrating condensation formation on uninsulated areas and in extreme cases it can form on areas that were not previously affected, such as under beds and stored leather items. The most effective cure for condensation is ventilation and constant moderate heat. Sorry to ramble but this time of year I spend half my life talking to people about it.
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    Whats wrong with pampers?
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    yes we have all learned to steer clear of you and your little tooter
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    I thought Dazzling Waters etc were built by Fowlers of Oulton Broad and went to the Ripplecraft fleet later. Possibly my memory playing tricks.
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    Buy a spare charger off fleabay, cheap chinese junk is fine as you wont use the power adaptor, cut the lead and graft to an unused usb cable, black to black, red to black with pale white tracer. I did it as an experiment as the charger says 5.5v output, I guessed it would be dropped to something like 3.7v in the vac so gave it a go. The green light flashes while charging and stays on when full, my usb socket shows amps drawn and drops to 0 when charged so charging regulation must be inside vac, I stayed on board and checked temperaturee first time and all was fine.
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    I did the bow V berth area as that is where we sleep, I used 1/2" celotex where I could and the foiled bubblewrap stuff where it needed to be flexible, I did foil tape all the edges so the condensation didn't just collect behind it. We did get water running down the vinyl panels in the berth in winter but that has gone now, it will be there somewhere but not in my bedding. I'd like to do my cabin but not going to take down the old vinyl unless I'm replacing and that will have to wait due to lack of bearsedness. (there's a new word for you, feel free to use it but royalties are payable in beer!) The airmat stuff is good under mattresses but not cheap, it gives a bit of air flow under them. Windows are a lost cause. but a karcher window vac is great only downside is you can't use it upside down for steep angled screens or the water comes through the motor, I also made up a lead so it could charge via a usb socket instead of being reliant on mains for charging.
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    Well, we wouldn’t dare going under Wroxham Bridge after a lot of rain or even with rain forecast, especially after our Dilham/Wroxham bridge experience last April, when there was a lot of rain overnight and we had engine problems in the morning. We were lucky on that occasion, as it takes some time for the rivers to rise following rain. It was stressful though! However, Coltishall and Dilham are still our go-to places if the bridge clearances look ok and there hasn’t been much recent rain. Even better, on a Hunter’s boat (and a deceasing number of motor boats) is getting through Potter Heigham Bridge. Bliss! The bliss bit being how quiet it is, even in high summer. Worth getting a day boat to explore if your boat can’t make it through. 😀
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    So here we go with the Tomato Sauce it really is so good if you make it once you will make it again and again plus its so easy to make enjoy.
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    It is important to maintain ventilation when introducing a heat source if a dehumidifier is not used, the warmer the air, the more moisture it will hold, the air will lose the ability to hold moisture as it cools, such as coming into contact with windows or uninsulated panels if the temperature drops. When using crystals, except when in in a cupboard or closed area, don't have ventilation as you will be drying the external air and not properly reducing the internal atmospheric moisture levels effectively Hope this is useful.
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    Onboard Independence the best trick to cure damp has been to remove moisture from the air. I was going to invest in a dehumidifier but instead just bought more tube heaters - just one 135w heater left on in the forward cabin has removed the condensation that would form on the wood panels, and has also taken away that terrible 'damp feel' to cushions and carpets. Despite their low power consumption, they will heat the air just enough - and as the air passes over the heated tubular surface it creates convection currents and that in turn causes a constant, slow movement of air. Where I did still suffer dampness was under the foam mattress. I bought from Amazon some Dry-Mat which cost £55.00 for a double and has completely eradicated any dampness under the mattress. So good it has been I am getting another for the rear master cabin. While nothing will beat a De-Humidifier in actually capturing moisture in the air, doing what I have has taken a cold and damp feeling space into a much dryer space. I have had no condensation issues or any dreaded mould/mildew appear.
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    With all these goings on I would have expected Mr Nudd to have stepped down as a Parish Councillor. Its 6 of one, no smoke without fire and for things to get out of hand in this manner I would be calling for his resignation. They may well be both as bad as eachother but it takes two to tango and a man in his position ought to be a bit more careful. Do we know the size of the offending purple cucumber purely out of interest?
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    Look forward to seeing you there.
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    Hope to come and meet people I am a new boat owner on the southern river boat name Blue Spirit Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    Webntweb, You could right be there, I had read somewhere that Ripplecraft had bought some Fowlers boats, I am sure somebody can confirm. Thanks Neil
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    That’s a great idea, could you share your method for this Smoggy?
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    Thoughts from a wooden saily owner: Cover the boat, allow ventilation. You have insulated it without the trauma of taking down the vinyl lining. (I have done a re-line on GRP argh) That's why so many of the sailies have 'overcoats' . I did this with our GRP one when we had it and that worked too. Under the mattresses, I use a double layer of IKEA rug underlay, the mesh one , and have never had an issue, this worked with GRP too. Finally, don't mess with winter, take out your fabrics and put in damp crystals. Roys DIY are cheap and cheerful. we used to lift out every other year with GRP but annually with wood.
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    I've added insulation to each panel I've had off mine, not yet done them all as it's a lot of hassle if they are not coming out for another reason. Cuts down on condensation lots.
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    When my Dad taught me to drive 45 years ago the first thing he told me was to treat all other vehicles as if they were about to cause an accident. I think they call it defensive driving now. I bring the same to helming and give way at all times especially if there is an opportunity for doubt or indecision, I'm in no hurry and have made plenty of mistakes of my own in the past and will make more in future without doubt. I don't like shouty, bombastic and aggressive people... but you can find them anywhere and the majority of people are really rather nice.
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    The camera is like this the centre section, is the lens of the camera, each of the little glass dots around the lens all bar one, is an infra red LED (Light Emitting Diode). The other is a light sensative cell. You can often see the LED's emmitting a faint red glow . On a Pan and Tilt Camera this is the reason the light follows the camera.
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    To use a school physics explanation which technically isn’t true but works for illustrative purposes. think of a rainbow all the light wavelengths we can see spread out by raindrops. ROYGBIV. The frequencies go much higher and lower than this central range. The red end it doesn’t stop just cos we can’t see it, neither does it at the violet end , we can only see the bits in between. Digital Camera sensors can be set or designed to see whatever frequency you like. With less sophisticated ones just stick a filter on the front which removes everything but IR and fannies your Antie. Video cameras are good at this and are the reason they are banned in swimming pools as they see the IR radiation emitted by the body through the costume. Many people rightly arrested and prosecuted. IR emissivity is a great topic to discuss as the current fascination with carbon dioxide is predicated on it. M
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    The rules really are very simple... Restored woody gives way to scruffy GRP Clean gives way to dirty Experience gives way to Novice Intelligence gives way to stupidity Gentlefolk give way to thugs and finally … Everyone gives way to me.
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    Effectively, both boats were altering their course at a junction, so there was no stand on vessel. How about both boats giving 2 short blasts on the horn? "I intend altering my course to port".
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    Hi all, Nobody on here will know, but Karen used to teach ballroom dancing years ago, she has actually won medals for it. She`s an avid Strictly fan, and never misses a show. So 4 years ago, she said she would like to see Anton and Erins travelling show down here at the Bournemouth Pavillion, but did`nt know whether anybody she knew would want to go. Now, i`m no dancing fan, and i look like i`m dancing with three left feet, but seeing as i knew how much she wanted to go, i offered to go with her. I absolutely loved their show, and we`ve been every year since, being the last 4 years. Yesterday (earlier in the year than usual) was this years regular visit to Bournemouth, and we went to the afternoon show (matinee), and although slightly differnt in format, was as usual, a truly brilliant show. This time, we decided to wait by the stage door to see if they would come out and say hello. They did, as well as Lance Ellington, who regularly sings on Strictly, and also the lady singer "Lauren Emmett", and the back up dancers. We got to say hello to all of them and had some pics taken with them.What a great bunch they were, very down to earth and friendly, and always had time for those who waited by the door. Karen was absolutely made up, and yes, we will be going next year. I also told Anton that it`s about time the gave him a partner who could win lolol. It really was (and always will be) a great show, and i would always recommend anybody, dancing fan or not, to go and see it if you get the chance. I would be very surprised if you were disappointed.
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    Excellent idea, just been on their website better than using old towels and making a filthy mess of everything, The oil I get in the drip tray isn't from leaks its every time the engines serviced and the filter is changed so will be leaving pads in the drip tray from now on, our last boat we had a minor flood which caused oil in the drip tray to get into the bilge what a mess don't want to go through that again.
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    Hi, our next gig following the Ludham one is at the California Tavern on Friday 22nd February - 8.30pm . I think they have started having a steak night on Friday's. The California Tavern is at Scratby, so, not too far from the Broads. Thanks for asking. Kind regards Richard An Evening With Bob Website
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    Hi All Not been to a NBN get together before so am thinking about time to sign up, so here goes: Jim (probably solo) Chiltern Lady Friday, Saturday and Sunday
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    Name, ... ... Maurice Mynah Boat name... . Nyx Dates... … … .Sat Sun Souls on board One Special needs Alcohol.
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    Something we should know? Where are you planning on disposing of them!
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    Hi Pauline, 17th is our youngests last exam for his IB. So I really don’t think we can make it this year as he and Fiona and the doggies will be in jolly Switzerland. However if I have a job by then ( 2 final shortlisted interviews in next ten days) I will be in blighty and may be able to come, either that or helping pack up the house. I escaped packing the house in Belgium by being in Switzerland. Not sure I can swing it twice without singing Soprano. I will let you know. M
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