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    Anyone remember that rather grubby old Mamod steam engine that I posted about last October? Well it has undergone what I would call a sympathetic restoration. All parts removed and cleaned, painted parts stripped, repainted and then all reassembled. Here is the result. Not too shiny, because some of the bits were too far gone for that, but a huge improvement on what it was nevertheless.
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    Have booked "Juliette" for mid June and really looking forward to renewing my aquaintance with the Nelson Head, Pleasure Boat and the hostelry at West Somerton that escapes my memory (Maybe another Lion??) plus any ports between!
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    Great result against France.Once again England played well.Took there foot off the gas in the second half.Next up Wales in two weeks time.Will I am sure be a hard game for both sides.
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    Thanks Simon, i must confess, i did`nt know that. As Howard says above, I would also recommend Bridgecraft as we`ve hired from them in the past, and had great service from them. I know they`ve already refurbished and relaunched some of their fleet, and that Howard has hired from them in the winter months, so definitely give them a call. You never know, they may appreciate having the odd boat out, as this would give them more space while moving the boats around for refurbs etc.
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    Alas Neil, I know for sure Herbert Woods don't allow solo hirers. Indeed they set that policy many years back, long before Richardsons moved the goal posts. On the North Broads, as has already been mentioned, those that will hire to solos are Barnes Brinkcraft, Bridge Craft and Martham Boats. Maycraft may do for their one small boat but I've not asked them.
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    Personally, I don't think that you can beat a centre cockpit cruiser with easy side access if travelling solo. Any regulars on here will tell you this:- With the fore and aft mooring ropes both brought together at the central stepping off point (to take ashore with you), mooring up is a doddle even in windy conditions. That is, as long as you don't take too long getting ashore in an offshore wind (as opposed to an onshore wind). A central side cleat is handy too with a short mooring rope attached, so that you can quickly secure it to an adjacent mooring post on the bank (ensuring that the boat will now stay put), whilst having thrown both fore and aft ropes onto the bank for securing afterwards at your leisure. Leaving the bank single handed in a strong onshore wind is a different matter. There's a reliable way of doing it with help from someone on the bank but it's tricky single handed. Steve
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    I've tried that, but it's a bugger when your self employed,
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    There was a plastic dustbin full of it in the loft, and now our grandson has graduated from Duplo, it was time to get it down and cleaned up for a new generation. The sinks are full, the bowls and buckets likewise so now the technic chassis is having a bath!
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    Hi, I'm hiring a boat for the week beginning the 9th of March on the Southern Rivers and would really like to go down to Geldeston Lock. I've checked for low tides at Beccles old bridge and with an Air Draft of 6.ft 9, I think I should be fine, but I notice clearance listed refers to the Summertime tides what are the chances of maybe getting under and not being able to get back? Does anyone know the highest low water expected at that time approximately? Anyone ever been stuck the other side of a bridge? only happened to me the once at Thorpe but only had to wait for a few hours thankfully. Sorry if this should have been posted in the Bridges section.
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    Marina and I just got back from seeing the Band in Dartford. For those that don't know it followed on from a talent show a few years back to find Five boys to form a band.The show is a light hearted musical. It is the story of five girls following Take that,back in 1993.It's very funny,also sad at times.Then it jumps forward twenty five years,sadly one of the girls had died.The girls meet up again.It was a great night.We saw the show last year in Norwich. If you like Take that and good entertainment you will like this.Next up for us Take That in May at the o2. Ian
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    Please tell us of your experiences at the Locks. New set-up, it's certainly not the Locks as we know it.
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    Brister was our favourite yard and it was a blow when Mike Brister told us it was their last year of hire. We haad Yare Sunrise - the one in the brochure pages, followed by Yare Twilight a couple of times before taking the newer version of Yare Sunlight (a Haines 28 mould?) in it's first season. It was the bees knees with a cocktail cabinet, oak finish kitchen cabinets and smoked glass windows. When they finished hiring, we followed the boats to Summercraft. David Brister is still with them as an engineer I believe. The images below are the boats with Summercraft - the oldest I have now - from 2007.
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    Rise and fall is quite a lot at Beccles - two feet maybe? As long as it's not high tide you should be fine.
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    I would agree with Grendel, alternatively, i`m not sure if Beccles yacht station is open this time of year, but if so, give them a call and they will be able to tell you, or alternatively, call Hipperson boatyard and ask them, the same goes for Deby`s quay, they`re 100 yds from the bridge, so they should be able to help you out. One thing i will say, if you have to wait for the clearance to be right when ABOVE the bridge, you could moor up at the Beccles Lido pontoon for a while. It`s a very pleasant spot, we moored there last June when we had an too little for the bridge. I`m really glad we did, nice picturesque spot, and some good fishing.
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    just plan your trip, start from beccles on a rising tide, then head back on the dropping tide, at worst you may have to hang around to get clearance.
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    I'd certainly give Bridgecraft a big thumbs up Very accommodating
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    Welcome from another newbie. I first went out on the broads with my parents 40 years ago, and now it's my turn to take my own children out on my boat. The Broads has changed over the last 40 years, but it's still the best inland waterway in the uk as far as I'm concerned. And, you can still find stretches of water without anyone else for miles (particularly at this time of year). Enjoy!
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    More brochure pages, this time from 1987. I particularly liked the Blakes "painted" cover. Sorry, the Hoseasons cover is a little battered, (could even be a gravy stain). I have chosen pages mostly of boatyards which no longer exist, but were "stand-out" yards at their peak. Interesting that Rhapsody in the first image below is hired by Classic Cruisers in Thorpe, and that it look similar to High Fantasy from Highcraft in Thorpe, featured in the first of the Blakes brochure images below. Were they the same company. but using two boatyard names to sell through both Blakes and Hoseasons?
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    With regard to this ongoing debate I used to smoke 40 JPS or half oz of Old Holburn a day and have no objection to anybody who wishes to smoke. In answer to Hylander`s post as I said in my earlier post you are not allowed to smoke in a lorry because other people will be driving it so the same would apply to a hire boat it is a public place and I don`t think Richardsons could say you are allowed. This said it my own opinion and interpretation of the law. As for the hospital incident, Goole Hospital has notices at the entrance saying there is no smoking allowed anywhere on the site.
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    I was here when this happened. Heard s crash looked round to see it coming to rest. Rang Clive immediately and sent him some photos. It’ll all be sorted tomorrow. Took ‘B.A out to Barton yesterday about 1600, wind was very much reduced. Today lots of rain but no wind - apart from the sprouts I had yesterday Griff
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    Hi Red, if you are staying on the North rivers, i`d DEFINITELY give Herbert Woods a call, as they do hire this time of year, one of our members, Howard, aka Norfolk Nog, is currently on one of their boats as we type. He`s not a solo cruiser, but you can`t do any worse that give them a call. And YES, they DO have bathtubs for 2, so ideal for a solo cruiser. Check out Howards thread "Quiet and Peaceful 12".
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    Tony Robinson's Hidden Britain by Drone. Just watching on plus 1, very interesting.
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    I know of Barnes Brinkcraft in Wroxham and Bridgecraft in Acle who will hire to solo sailors. In both cases you would need to ring the yards direct - not through Hoseasons. If nothing fits with them you could also try The Broads Boating Company, though I have no advance knowledge of their policy. Humber Bridge from Bridgecraft and Royall Velvet 2, or 3, or Brinks Sonnet from Barnes Brinkcraft are smallish craft with bow thrusters. All front steering which I find useful for embarking/disemabarking as a solo sailor
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    What a great result from England,some great Rugby,out playing Ireland. Well done lads.
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    Some memories their, my family hired Phoenix from potter. Seem to remember she had a green painted hull back then ? And I'm sure it's around the time of the massive investment in the richardsons fleet.
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    Green and red, with leaded paint?
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    The wind has gone today replaced by rain. Some pictures of the day boat. A few gel coat repairs and it will be as good as new.
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