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    The Broad is in the ownership of the Blofield estate, Back in the 1949 they tried to close it entirely as they did Hoveton Great Broad, Lead by Herbert Woods, about 30 men reopened the broad . The police were involved, and eventually compromise was made that the broad would be opened for the summers. Sadly no one forced the reopening of any other broads that were closed. Blofield Estate hold the Keys and control the water, however for safety and other reasons I believe BA hold a set. Recently we had a club member who had a terminal illness and he requested a final sail on Black Horse / Hoveton Little Broad. We are greatful the The Estate for allowing us in and quite a few Yeoman went up there for a final hours sailing with him...
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    One of my " make you smile " finds today, who needs a back door anyway.
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    Hoveton little broad is the proper name for what is known as black horse broad. It gained the name of black horse after the pub that used to be on the Hoveton Horning road on the other side of the road from the broad. The broad , bewilderwood and that section of road down to the dip with the stream is in Hoveton parish. Then programme shows horning sailing club, sailing on the 21st on the broad, IIRC it's open both weekends. It's not the only broad to have become known by something different, what is known as Sutton broad used to be called Stalham broad..
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    To be honest, I doubt it is as precise as the OP would like!! This is Norfolk after all!! My guess is it depends on whether a Ranger is about, or in the area on the day in question!! Lets not get too precise about these things but it is the Rangers who do it.
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    Black Horse opens Easter Saturday for 1 week. It then opens again Spring Bank holiday Saturday. Finally closes for winter on the 31st October. Hope this helps
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    I used to get the right hump when my guys turned up and the agreed prep works weren't done, they are always advised what must be done and what we will charge if we have to either do the prep or abandon the day and how long they will have to wait until we can reschedule the work. It never ceases to amaze me how some customers insist on start and completion dates but do nothing to help meet them Since we have put it in bold print on the acceptance forms that they have to sign to book the work we have not had a problem. A deposit that we can charge delay costs to also focuses the mind.
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    Insurance quotation questions. Question 5. What sort of security locks do you have on your back door? 1. Multi-point 2. Key operated BS 5 lever locks 3. A sink.
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    That`s what happens when `erindoors changes her mind!
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    Got any more? I thought I was a bodger, but that . . . !
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    Preferring whippets to sheep for example?
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    We also have a good sense of humour fortunately
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    2 or 3 years ago I decided to have a cruise round there on the Saturday morning after easter. On arrival there was a BA launch at the entrance. They told me I could have my cruise before locking the gate and they closed it as I came back out and locked it.
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    Thanks AEJB, but what does that actually mean in practice? It opens on Easter Saturday, but does it close on Friday 26th (1 week = 7 days), Saturday 27th (1 week = 7 nights) or on Sunday 28th (might as well include the weekend)? This sort of makes sense, but does anyone know for sure? Is the BA responsible for its opening and closing? I think I will give them a call and ask.
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    I have spent a second weekend decorating the hall stairs and landing. 20 litres of emulsion for the walls, 10 litres for the ceilings, 5 litres of undercoat and 10 litres of gloss. 15 doors and acres of walls. I didn't think it needed doing but Matron had other ideas. I hate decorating, everything hurts and it is a waste of boating time. I have now booked a decorator to come in and finish it.
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    I just looked on the Broads Authority website where the information was as vague as that which you already have. Maybe worth contacting them to ask?
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    ooh, its a while since I updated this, truth be told its been a tad cold out in the workshop, and I have been a bit busy, as one of the next steps was a coat of paint on the hull, I need a decent outdoor temperature for that. That was until Charlie posted pictures of the new mast, ah I thought - a challenge, am I going to be able to reproduce that now. well after some playing around I figured a method and yes I can reproduce that, the weather has brightened and from single figures we are up to 14 degrees in the workshop today. I used a 3mm milling bit in a pillar drill as a router bit to cut the holes and make the rebate. the stalled progress has restarted. as for the painting, yes that will have to wait, but I think I can find a few of the simpler jobs to keep me busy.
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    Eeee, Bah Gum. Apparently that is what some clubbers are doing in Yorkshire nightclubs. Injecting 'E' directly into their gums. A practise known as 'E by Gum' Griff
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    Paul! You posted my pitiful score, so embarrassing!
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    The screed was actually a self levelling compound, there are a few reasons why it would fail. Bad mixing, Not cleaning the concrete of dust, applying outside temperature parameters, not priming / wetting if that particular levelling system needed it, green concrete etc etc I didn't have enough rubble buckets on the van so had to go home to get some more. I filled 11 of them, then had to go dispose of that lot. Pick up two stop ends as they had not taken out the pedestal / sink for in the w/c as they said it was glued to the wall tiles - it wasn't, it was silicone so had to deal with that too. By the time I had cleaned everywhere up etc it was 1630. I should have been laying tiles from the off first thing this morning. I then got set too planning out. By 1830 - 'My 'Ed urts' and I called it a day, All 14 x Hrs of it. There are 14 edges to consider in just one dimension on that blasted floor, It would have been a darn site easier if the tiles were a sort-of standard size but oh no, they are 195mm wide plus a 3mm grout line (And 1200 long). If the skirting had not been present that would have helped too. I think I did get it before I departed, there are more chalk lines and pencil marks down than Clapham junction. I will check it again tomorrow then at last start laying tiles. A full day behind. That's Pretty Flowered the work diary at the very start of a week, working Saturday again here I come. Griff
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    Brilliant, just brilliant. Arrived at clients. It’s all ready to go, that is a 20m2 porcelain floor tiling job. They have removed everything including laminate floor coverings. Only slight snag. The finishing screed is debonding from the concrete sub floor. This property is just two years old. (RAF camp at Hayfield) I reckon at least 4 hours to remove / clean / dispose. Plus increased invoice for clients. First thing Monday morning and I’m behind on weekly diary already Griff
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    Yesterday I spent all day at our local community centre for the dress rehearsal for our pantomime Goldilocks and the Three Bears, it is our first night this evening. Sadly today we are attending my Father in Law's funeral in Manchester.
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