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    Cheapskate! Rather than a massage from Morrison’s, you could at least have splashed out and got one from Waitrose on such an occasion.
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    Some translations I have found useful - Would you like a plate = stop dropping crumbs The washing machine / hoover / TV isn't working = I've broken the washing machine / hoover / TV How do I use the tyre pump at the garage = I have a flat, fix it. The grass is getting long = cut it I think the dog may need to go out = take the dog out It wasn't me = it was you I distinctly remember = it was you Who left the light on = it was you I don't know how that happened = it was me
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    This is gonna sound so sexist but it is the truth and I can only put it as it happened Chaps - Those of us that have wives / partners / girlfriends will know only too well the phenomenon of when our ladies make a statement / question in plain English but mean something totally different. It must be cos they just ain't wired up correctly. Over the past 34 years that I have been with my Mrs G I am quite proud to say that most days I do have the correct daily crypto installed and fully understand what she 'Means' not what she says, having said that I still get caught out now and again. Earlier this evening I got caught out, not by my MrsG but by one of the girly staff at our village Fish-n-Chip shop. Friday teatime for us at our hovel is Fish-n-Chip night from said friary. I know the owner, he is one of our restoration crew of 'B.A' and has been on a Lads Week before now (His liver told him not to go on another one) Auckley Friary is normally busy but always on a Friday. So I got to the front of the queue, Miss lashes (She has fantastic eye lashes) takes my order then asks me 'What kind of chips do you want'? My answer after a moments pregnant thought at being asked such a stupid question 'The potato kind, cooked and still preferably hot' She then stated that I was in danger of having them thrown at me. I took umbrage at this and stated with some volume that if she tried that they would be returned at a far greater velocity than she could ever manage. The boss overheard this and intervened immediately and gave her a public chiding at talking to customers in that manner. She pleaded innocence saying I was being sarcastic. Really? The boss quite clearly heard her question and my answer and asked her just how was I supposed to answer her plain English question? Yes dear reader, then it came to light, what she mean to say was 'Do you want small / medium or Large' FFS! - Say that then woman! not something you think us chaps will translate into what you 'Meant' No end of arguments are caused by us chaps not listening - Its no wonder! Griff
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    Misty morning at Salhouse, same place but greyer.. brightening up soon hopefully.
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    It is my wife’s Birthday soon. A couple of weeks ago She had a two hour massage as her present. Coming out of Morrison’s I said I have to go and get your present. Don’t bother she said you got me the massage. what do you think she meant? 34 years married this year and I would like it to stay that way, I went and bought her something to unwrap on the day.
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    the problem is that us guys do listen, we answer the question put in front of us, we have no concept of sarcasm or subtlety, ask the question you want the answer to, not the one you think might get the answer you want without actually asking the direct question.
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    I would guess that an unlimited supply of free cooling water just outside has something to do with it. water cooling is more efficient than air cooling, so can be done in a more compact space.
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    A late start to work today so had the girls out for a walk around Salhouse broad. I thought it would be fairly busy as it’s half term but lovely and peaceful. The calm before the storm in a few weeks. John
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    so Burmese teak isnt as kind as lime when milling (not such a close grain). but after several attempts I finally ended up with a result I was happy with, a few extras added and we have a mast. its been a few hours trying different things until I was happy.
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    Phone reception is bliss on the North Broads.My wife and I are moored at Horning and are on the EE network. Very poor reception, usually nothing at all and similar throughout the region. Ban any more transmitter aerials, we go on board our boat to get away from it all. Don't call us. We'll call you !!! Ha Ha Paul and Sharon 'Bon Bon'
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    You did right, congratulations you have passed Advanced Level Marriage
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    Last one for this short outing, I took this photo this morning just downstream of How Hill. I've made it black and white because it looks like it could almost have been taken any time in the last 100 years!
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    I can! lol It's fitted out inside with solid mahogany and has all the gizmos and gadgets you could ask for. I only mention this to put the price in perspective. Asking price was £34,950 and we agreed on £30k. It came with a full recent independent survey and the seller was a trusted source. I really couldn't be more pleased with her :) And thank you for the compliments
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    I fully agree with you, we all tend to keep a look out on most of the marinas. Regards Alan
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    That is a very tidy and attractive looking boat Ray!
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    If you are actually buying a mooring, i.e. freehold, then yes you probably would be responsible for dredging , but off the top of my head I can think of few moorings that come up for sale other than at St Olaves. Elsewhere you would be leasing them, from a landowner and that would be the responsibility of the Lessor - otherwise he is not leasing a mooring but for half the time a pile of mud !! In a marina its pretty obvious as you don't actually own anything other than the right to moor there for a stated period - and its obviously the marina owners responsibility.
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    I would think (though not sure) that you were misinformed. If you`re buying a mooring from a marina, boatyard, or even a land owner, i would say (again not sure) that the land owners, be it the marina operators or boatyard owners etc, would be responsible to see said mooring is up to a usable standard, and is fit for purpose. Unless it primarily states it`s a drying mooring, then it`s reasonable to assume it`s deep water at all times?. It`s worth asking if this is their responsibility possibly in law?. I think you would be very wise to investigate this, and see what the law is?.
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    "Do you want a tissue?". = " Stop that bl**dy sniffing!"
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    The indications I have had from a couple of Norfolk yards is 4 - 6 hours, £50. for the bearing and £120 if it needs a new prop. As it is already out of the water for survey the lift out cost is avoided. Not quite as expensive as I thought. Thank you all for your valuable imput.
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    my irony got wet, now its gone rusty.
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    Is it a Bounty or something else, still learning here.
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    When we were looking, we saw it for sale and it really is a stunning boat. Didnt dare look inside as I know Id have been smitten!
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    I agree. Is it ex-Maffett Cruisers?
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    Hi, Was enquireing about buying a mooring this week and one thing that was mentioned was "As the owner you would be responsible for dredging the mooring". So the question is, is this correct and how easy/ hard is it too do or find somebody to do it?
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    And I repeat - hirers (and most private owners, myself included) have no idea of all that, and why should they? They're on holiday, not navigating the English Channel. Lighten up, and relax, everybody. Spring is a-coming, and all will be right with the world!
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    I would check St Olaves,the tide goes out at times fairly low.It happens at times at our moorings in Brundall. For me I would not go down the road of a single plot moorings. At our moorings we have loos ,showers, fuel etc and there is always people around to keep an eye on boats.
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    Hello my prefix is CaptDave that's because for 40 years I was Captain in the Merchant Navy and the sector I worked was the Offshore Supply Vessel where I manoeuvred vessels from 50 meters to 90 meters and lived my life by the sailing rules. The answer to this post is very simple and very clear. If to Starboard Red appears it is you duty to keep clear If upon your Port is seen a Steamers Starboard Light of Green there is not so much for you to do as Green to Red keeps clear of you. I was taught that in 1968 and it stands true today therefore the vessel coming down the Thurne should have slowed down and let the other vessel cross its bow and proceed up the Thurne on the right side of the channel. But and there is always a but as far as rule of the road is concerned the stand on vessel should have monitored the situation and if a close quarter situation was developing then they should have turned to Starboard (right) so they are turning away from the danger. If a collision had occurred with a possible fuel spill the MCA would have given a large proportion of the blame to the boat coming down the Thurne but a percentage would have been given to the other vessel as they did not follow the rules correctly. If it could be proven that those in charge of either boat did not know the rules then the insurance could be in jeopardy.
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    I think what you would need is a "River Contractor" They usually do Quay heading, dredging etc Google search maybe? Local press, word of mouth etc Good luck!
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    I suppose in a river it might be difficult turning to starboard as you dont have the sea room to necessarily do that, on the rivers common sense should reign, and people should just slow down and give and take a bit.
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    Hi Hylander Yes you do have to get a licence to save (just over a tenner from memory), however at least you know now that you can recover them. Maybe try some other free software first as mentioned above and if you have no luck at least you can use a licenced version of Diskdigger to recover them.
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    If I sit in a certain spot in the boat in the marina at Horning and do not move an inch, I get a fantastic signal (vodaphone)
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    In the list of files it can recover, select the ones you want, and it will give you the option of where to save them. Somewhere on your main computer, I'd suggest, in the first instance.
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    ok I am doing some testing on lime before I do the final mast work, I have a dual axis vice that I can use for accurate feeding, and some small wood milling cutters, so here is one of my tests. I dont have a dedicated milling machine, but this is light work so the pillar drill should cope with the side loading on the chuck, I could go up to the bigger pillar drill if necessary.
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    I am using the diskdigger at the moment and it is finding all of my snaps on the memory stick. Taking a while but I thought they were lost forever. So pleased. Have ordered a new memory stick, where do I find all these that have been downloaded please on my laptop. Thank you.
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    The other problem on the Broads is that because the base stations are usually quite a distance from where you are, the phone is working extra hard to send / receive data (which it does regularly to keep in touch with the network) and so that means more battery usage. Compare standby time at home to what you get on the boat, and it's never the same. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    And of course that can sync automatically with Google Drive or Dropbox etc while you sleep.... Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    Great to hear Howard, I do like how Sanders name their fleet, more like a boatyard than a bus depot! Hercules, Samson, Goliath etc. I think Reynolds of Caister used to do the same, if not another one of the Yarco operators of or yaers gone by.
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    Lost in translation? I worked it out no bother. Not that I am smug or anything"............
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    Whaddya doing Carrot? Mole Hunting Griff
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    £60 per hour and 16hrs of man time? Now I know I am doing something seriously wrong, I should only be working one or two days a week on that rate.
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    Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    Stunning weather for February, pootled about and have moored for the evening at Salhouse.
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    What he said, basically. Can I suggest that a USB stick shouldn't be relied on as a sole backup strategy. They're cheap and unreliable and will let you down when you least want them to.
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    Ok, where are the Moles there ought to be Moles!
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    Owls using smartphones to hunt, whatever next!! I know we all use ‘smart’ technology for such a lot these days but owls?? Actually, that was a clever shot Ray. Especially on a smartphone. Well done!!
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    I once not too long ago, probably last year, entered the Ant got round three bends and met Albion under sail coming down river, she had her sail out good n proper too. Knowing as we all do that power gives way to sail and also knowing that due defference is in order where Albion is concerned the order was given by myselt to myself - 'About turn' Only that would have been kinda awkward in the narrow confines of the Ant with the Albion bearing down on us. We could have passed but it would have been wherry tight. Only one thing for it. Astern we went all the way back out onto the Bure. Safest and easiest way to give her a trouble free passage. Now that is what's called 'Giving way to sail' Griff
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