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    Hi All, I don`t know whether any of the forum members have Sunseekers, but i saw on faceache this morning that former owner, and i believe, founder of Poole Powerboats, later to become Sunseekrs, has sadly passed away at the age of 75. My father in law worked at Sunseekers for over 20 years, being instrumental in helping the company grow from a small local speedboat builder to one of the biggest supper yacht builders in the country, possibly THE biggest, and also possibly in Europe. Robert Braithewait was always a great boss to work for, being of the old school, who knew about building boats, and always looked after his employees who worked hard and went the extra mile for him, unlike the money men who eventually took over. My father in law used to be a good friend as well as a dedicated employee, and upon his retirement, Robert Braithwaite was more than generous with his retirement gifts. R.I.P. Mr Braithwaite.
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    Got these in my weekly news letter from The Nancy Blackett Trust. Hillyards of Littlehampton certainly built them to last. She looks as good for the 2019 season as she must have done when launched in 1931. This refit was by Robertsons of Woodbridge.
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    Spoil sport! I've had one or two quite fruity p.m.'s over the years from new members!
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    Wednesday 6thFebruary I was up at about 06:00 as usual and followed my usual routine, kettle and immersion heater on and a quick inspection of the weather from the windows of the saloon. It wasn’t raining and it wasn’t as cold as the previous morning and is it became lighter it became apparent that it was cloudy. Still, it was early February and we hadn’t been hit with a repeat of the atrocious weather that started 2018. Debbie took the dog for a walk and I cooked some toast for my breakfast and ate it whilst they were out. Being the caring sort of guy that I am, I even cooked her some when she came back!! She told me that we would have to go back into Beccles as she had decided that she needed some wool and a pattern to knit a jumper for our grandson. Why she couldn’t have decided that when she was in the shop the previous day, I don’t know! Showered and dressed, I called into the harbour Master’s office to pay for the mooring before we headed back into the town, where I spent another fifteen or twenty minutes patiently waiting outside the needlework shop before Debbie emerged with a bag full of wool, needles and stuffing for the cuddly toy that accompanies the jumper she intends to knit. It was only as short walk back to Greggs, where I managed to get a London Cheesecake – one of my favourites and a quick wander around the town before returning to the boat. Whilst we were out, the cloud had broken and it had become sunny, not the strong sunlight, but the watery veiled light that we frequently see during the winter months. I filled up with water and had a cuppa before starting the engine and casting off, destination Loddon. The river was quiet as we headed back along the Waveney, although we did follow a small cruiser for a while, although whoever was at the helm had little regard for the speed limit and had soon disappeared from view. By the time we’d reached the junction with Oulton Dyke, it had clouded over again but the sun did try to break through at odd times for the rest of the journey. A small wooden aft cockpit cruiser pulled out of the boatyard just beyond the bridge at Somerleyton and we followed it all the way to the other side of Reedham, the crew resolutely helming with the canopy down. Just a bit too chilly for me, though. Reedham Quay was deserted as we passed, but I did have to slow a little as we approached Reedham Ferry as it made its way across the river, wary of the chains and the potential for disaster that could be caused by passing too close. We turned onto the Chet and soon arrived at the basin, where I moored at the end away from the road. We both got ready and took Harley for a walk (yes, really – me as well!!), turning left out of the car park to the church, then following the lanes and road to Pyes Mill, returning to the moorings through the field to the side of the river. I’d only taken my small camera with me, but still managed to capture some acceptable shots of a heron stalking about in the field, before arriving back to the boat. With the aerial set up, we watched TV for a while, the wife did some knitting and I did a crossword or two, until it was time to start cooking the dinner, nice big pork chops purchased the afternoon before in Beccles. After our meal, with the washing up done, we watched TV for a while and as ever, headed for bed at about 22:00 with a hot drink. I was slightly concerned about the threatened strong winds and was thinking about what we might do if our concerns proved to be warranted as I drifted to sleep.
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    Not really seeing as 60% of the population does too. Fitting battering ram to Malanka’s bow as I type. Peculiar looking sailies beware......he he Ramming speeeeed
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    Quick update on this. Thank you to everyone who commented and/or sent corrections, or just had a look at the book. We have made the decision to print an actual paper book and this will go to the printers in the next few weeks. I have now changed the website and there is a sample chapter on there incorporating all the latest changes. Nigel. Webmaster, Ludham Community Archive Group
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    Hi All Just to let you know that the Ludham Community Archive Group has finally finished the book about Ludham in the 20th Century. It has been over 10 years in the writing but now it is here It is still subject to changes and corrections, but if you would like to read it, it is available on our website now. Just go to the website and click on the button. The full book is on there and there is no charge for it. If you see anything wrong, please let us know. Once upon a time there was going to be a printed version of the book. I am not sure this is actually likely happen, but you never know. The website has also had a makeover and there is now a section on Ludham memories both written and on video. I am still adding videos slowly to this section and a new one from Dolly Grapes went on yesterday. www.ludhamarchive.org.uk I hope this is of interest. Nigel Sunny Ludham
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    We watched the rise of Sunseeker in the 70s and early 80's. Before we moved to Ridge Wharf up the Frome towards Warham we were in Holes Bay at Cobbs Quay. In those far away days Martin Sadler (son of David of Contessa fame) was building his first Sadler 25s at Cobbs and he would rope in Rodney Patterson the Olympic Flying Dutchman gold medallist to help with demo sails. Happy days, The Poole scene was great to be around, very different from today. Sadly a drying marina coupled to a bridge lift, that did not happen in very hot weather , a young family and a 120 mile drive home sent us up the river to Wareham. Tides we could cope with, but not getting through the bridge until late Sunday evening was too much.
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    He's never off it, You're never on it, hell this is a confusing place for a temperance supporter like myself
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    Is that a low fat 16 ounce one?
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    A birthday treat at Brands saw myself behind the wheel of Lotus Elise and then a Nissan GT-R and going at 120 mph the fastest I have driven 😊was an awesome experience ,but satisfied a long standing desire to drive a race track.Thoughorly recommended.I surpose a bash round Oulton Broad. In a power boat would be an equivalent water based experience!
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    Apollo update. From an initial plough of the understairs cupboard this could be it or a sister ship. It was my brother after all and my dad wasn’t helming for this photo. Registration number F2 somthing... the flagstaff looks to be in the same place! If this isn’t your baby it’s a sibling for shore! This is at Broadshaven for deafinite!
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    met the crab boat on the way to Norwich this dinner time about 12, 4 police motor cyles a police car and an escort vechicle!, heading west on a 47,thought it was overkill!!
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    I had a 38 foot Hillyard centre cockpit jobby for a few years. Grand sea-boat and comfortable but I did need a thick skin! 'Humorous' comments about her dated appearance were legion! Pretty she was not but she was sound and very well built. Her electrics were a disaster though! I couldn't giver the time that she needed or deserved.
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    Thanks - to be honest, the night time shots were taken with my phone. It's nothing special, just a Samsung S8, but the camera isn't too bad. There are a few daytime shots from the phone too, but in general I use a couple of cameras. I'll give the butchers a try when we are next there. I like the butchers in Ludham and despite the fact that Rodney has retired now, the quality is as good as ever it was. The rest of the tale should be completed over the weekend, with a bit of luck.
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    Their centre cockpit yachts were very popular and built across the the range of their larger yachts at 6, 9, and 12 Ton. I suspect their refered tonnage to be "Thames" which is in feet, length - beam x beam squared divided by 188. Never did understand this rating but maybe someone here could explain. PS.. Birdham Pool..very much my old stomping ground along with Bosham and Itchenor as it was JM's.
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    I am not sure, I just remember them afloat opposite the quay with guys working on them across the way from the old Truckline terminal. They seemed absolutely vast as we passed them in our Centaur.
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    I've done a couple of track days, both in cars and on the Tiger. Best fun was at Cadwell Park on the Tiger. Most dangerous was the Nurburgring again on the Tiger - Won't be doing that again in a hurry. In tin boxes did somewhere in t Midlands, first time in STi' Subura with an instructor - Awesome, I set fastest lap of the day, got awarded top driver too. Then a couple of years later in an Aston Martin - Huge disappointment, Lady instructor wouldn't let me give it any beans, I could have gone round faster in the Wife's 1:6d Focus. Wrote a letter of complaint on that one, turned out I wasn't the only one and I later heard that she had been removed from the program, didn't get my brass refunded or a complimentary pass though so won't be going there again anytime soon Griff
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    Thanks for the listing the video, When I passed my test the boss had a black B reg and didn't like it much (new to driving) but then took to it and we had a few on fleet. Having swapped jobs the boss had a H red 1.8 GLX Sapphire which I'd use during the day and loved it. So time had come to get my own car at 25 (reach that insurance bracket) i'd always had a car from work or my dads company. So looking round I didn't want a Ford or a boot and not red = yes I bought the bosses red booted sierra from the company at a price I couldn't get the escort/astra for and didn't have NCD to help the insurance so didn't lose anything there. I had that car 15 years before giving it to my mate as a run around at his pub. 20 years that car was on the road and was barbi pink in the end.
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    Way off course? No further than usual methinks!
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    Thankfully I read a few old posts on different threads before posting anything or else I might of fallen into that mindset.
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    What? Who’s Perry? Come to that - Where am I? Griff
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    Can't dispute that, Griff!!
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    Nah, it would play merry hell with your allergy :-)
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    The things that some folk do whilst in bed. That is admirable dedication to the NBN cause!!
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    A lot to be said for a pocket cruiser on the Broads. My experience of my friend's boat was that she handled very well under power and sails more than adequately. I've had a 44 footer and a 27 footer whilst also owning a 21 foot Drascombe on the Broads and it's her that I've remained loyal to so to speak. Okay, so it's oilskins rather than a cabin, no fridge, microwave or TV but I enjoy a freedom that is simply not obtainable with a larger boat. Okay, so I have a house to return to but for a Broads boat a relatively small one has a great deal to recommend it.
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    We had a cold and wet 10 day voyage on the RGO. From Ely on one of Bridge Boats Sunrays, (Alpha 29 sport bridge). Fitted with a very slim boiler heating radiators it was superb, not only keeping us warm below but drying our constantly damp clothing, towels etc.
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    I’m sure we can soon convert you to adding a nice engine so joining the rank of stinkies . joking apart , welcome to the NBN , the friendly forum
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    No need, if we need to use it, the new unit comes complete with a very posh polished 316 stainless exhaust skin fitting, silencer, and intake air silencer - use together I have been told the noise is a gentle hum from outside the boat and inside cuts down a lot on the induction noise caused by the combustion air being sucked in. I have one of these on Indy, it was a £260.00 options though, because Eberspacher. I also popped along to JPC Direct today and got a reducer that should fit out existing ducting, We need 90mm to the first vent, kit comes with 2m of ducting at 90mm for this and vent. I then optioned a Y section and from this Y we reduce down. I could only imagine the pain if we had to replace all the ducting runs with 90mm stuff. And before anyone asks, this is not me saying it is okay to do it this way, this comes from the company themselves. By the way Martin, if you want heated towel rails and hot water Plannar do hot water heaters - instead of air they heat water, then pump it off around a closed circuit much like a household system. This can then heat a hot water tank, a towel rail, radiators or matrix style vents with 12v fans behind them to distribute warm air.
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    Welcome aboard, wishing you fair days and a trailing wind. (Think that is the saying, lol).
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    Did I not hear recently that some fishing platforms had been funded from the Toll Budget?
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    So why do the 'boogers' flock to the Broads then? Anyway, the Broads couldn't win, with not being a national park !!!
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    For those who like old Fords, Rovers and Vauxhall's among others, search You Tube for ROVR (Retro OEM Video Repository) and has videos from adverts, reviews to many staff only training or behind the scene development stuff. Here is a classic comparing the Sierra facelift to previous models, how simple cars were then:
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    And coming from Cambridge , may I say that’s one hell of a punt
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    They come from up North, is that a good enough excuse?
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