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    Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    The escorting police motorbikes would have sunk , obviously
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    A Wherry at Ellingham Mill on the Waveney. I've printed this one on fullscap, looks good on the wall, amongst other wherry pictures.
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    Heard that it opens today in the old children’s clothes shop ,opposite Mc Donald’s 🤗
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    Their online brochure tells us that it is one of the oldest marinas. However I wonder if Lowestoft's Yacht Basin, 1890's, might be even older, at least in the context of purpose built pleasure boating facilities.
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    Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    Gosh that was a long holiday !! Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    When our boys were young we used to offer an ice cream as an incentive to wave at us from the tower when moored on the Staithe ,gave us 30mins of peace
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    Fender free, deck tools stowed down below, arms waving, life ring top dead centre, just as a brochure shot should be, no need for photoshop! Only thing I’d add is a bigger pennant.
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    Beccles to Loddon is a cruise we have done a few times. Always lovely to turn onto the Chet after the New Cut and the Yare through Reedham. Great photos. Enjoying seeing where you went
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    Got these in my weekly news letter from The Nancy Blackett Trust. Hillyards of Littlehampton certainly built them to last. She looks as good for the 2019 season as she must have done when launched in 1931. This refit was by Robertsons of Woodbridge.
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    No need to apologise Neil, that's interesting stuff for hire boat geeks like me. I hadn't realised the 38s pre-dated the 42s, I always thought they were built around the same time. I'd also forgotten the later design (Pacific Imperial etc) was related to the earlier one.
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    Richardson's have I believe 5 A/F 38 of this design in total. 2 Major Gems, 2 Ibiza's and 1Broadland Mercury however only 2 are Woods built the rest are former Super/Superb Gems of which 10 were built cc 1975. Certainly an enduring and popular design which started back in 71/2 with the Dawning light class and still looks good nearly 50 years on. It was more less replaced by the 42 in 1976 which was built on mass featuring on the Thames, Loch Lomond and across France. I believe Richardson's Supreme Gems were the first built in 76 (Beaver fleet had some at the same time) of which three stalwarts remain on hire renamed Superior Gem after the sister class of which 2 remain. Indeed Richardson's had until recently a large fleet of 42's including Thames and possibly French examples and Loch Lomond craft. Between 1981 and 1991 various modified 42s appeared many to slightly different variations such as Glistening Light (originally Flash of light) and the mainly Thames boats Rickos have 2/3 (Corsica) and Hamptons built 2 Majestic and Imperial Safari (Pacific Imperial) in 1987 and 1991. The Brinks Symphony class was probably the last 42 built in 1991 which briefly morphed into the huge 48ft Brinks Emporer class. Sorry I do carried away when I start to think about these things. Neil
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    I think the last straw was when they put a weight limit on it. Then the Sugar Beet lorries had a choice of Wroxham via Potter, Ludham old bridge or Yarmouth Vauxhall. I think Wroxham, Potter and Ludhams bridges, must have groaned every time a lorry went over them.
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    The first and last time we'd ever been under Potter-bridge that was the side we went from, and collected four of five strangers to put the boat far enough down in the water to get under the bridge, happy days
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    It's just a holiday chalet - Herbert Woods side (opposite side from where the pilot is these days ) Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    Thats the Broads Bug you can' t get away
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    Great place to visit,not keen on going up to the top.Not good with heights, plus COPD can give me a problem.
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    Here she is from Blakes brochure of 1974. In later brochures they still use the same photo. Reg number appears to be F205? I was at Port Cassafieres in south France in 1982 when they had AF boats that had been fitted out by Woods. The 44s were called Fleur du Midi and the 38s were called Fleur du Sud. When Crown Cruisers bought the yard from Rank, the 44s went to Castelnaudary and were called Flamingo, while I believe the 38s were sold into private hands.
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    Hi Apollo, Nice boat by the way, I am sure someone will be along with a photo/brochure pictures of your boat shortly. I believe it still has its original reg and operated at Richardson's after its time at Woods. Having a perusal of the Broads database and from memory suggest s Woods built around 13 of these new aquafibre design s back in 1971-3. Turnoars photo appears to be one of 6 Dawning Lights and Rapid Streams F200-5. I have a feeling these ended up in France and or the Thames at Woods subsidiary yards (Ladbrokes). 4 Gleaming lights appear to follow in 1972/3 F866-9 and finally 3 Hearts cruisers. Richardson's still have 1 of the Gleaming lights as a Major Gem and a former Hearts boat as Mercury. Good luck in getting the photos Neil
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    I have had combi boilers for years now, latest is Worcester Bosh. Never had any problems. We run one shower off the latest one and with plenty of water pressure get a slight drop in flow with no change to temp. If you spec correctly you should not have a problem. Specing properly may of course tell you a combi will not suit your requirements, but fit mine perfectly
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    Not really seeing as 60% of the population does too. Fitting battering ram to Malanka’s bow as I type. Peculiar looking sailies beware......he he Ramming speeeeed
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    met the crab boat on the way to Norwich this dinner time about 12, 4 police motor cyles a police car and an escort vechicle!, heading west on a 47,thought it was overkill!!
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    I had a 38 foot Hillyard centre cockpit jobby for a few years. Grand sea-boat and comfortable but I did need a thick skin! 'Humorous' comments about her dated appearance were legion! Pretty she was not but she was sound and very well built. Her electrics were a disaster though! I couldn't giver the time that she needed or deserved.
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    Is that a low fat 16 ounce one?
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    Spoil sport! I've had one or two quite fruity p.m.'s over the years from new members!
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    Wednesday 6thFebruary I was up at about 06:00 as usual and followed my usual routine, kettle and immersion heater on and a quick inspection of the weather from the windows of the saloon. It wasn’t raining and it wasn’t as cold as the previous morning and is it became lighter it became apparent that it was cloudy. Still, it was early February and we hadn’t been hit with a repeat of the atrocious weather that started 2018. Debbie took the dog for a walk and I cooked some toast for my breakfast and ate it whilst they were out. Being the caring sort of guy that I am, I even cooked her some when she came back!! She told me that we would have to go back into Beccles as she had decided that she needed some wool and a pattern to knit a jumper for our grandson. Why she couldn’t have decided that when she was in the shop the previous day, I don’t know! Showered and dressed, I called into the harbour Master’s office to pay for the mooring before we headed back into the town, where I spent another fifteen or twenty minutes patiently waiting outside the needlework shop before Debbie emerged with a bag full of wool, needles and stuffing for the cuddly toy that accompanies the jumper she intends to knit. It was only as short walk back to Greggs, where I managed to get a London Cheesecake – one of my favourites and a quick wander around the town before returning to the boat. Whilst we were out, the cloud had broken and it had become sunny, not the strong sunlight, but the watery veiled light that we frequently see during the winter months. I filled up with water and had a cuppa before starting the engine and casting off, destination Loddon. The river was quiet as we headed back along the Waveney, although we did follow a small cruiser for a while, although whoever was at the helm had little regard for the speed limit and had soon disappeared from view. By the time we’d reached the junction with Oulton Dyke, it had clouded over again but the sun did try to break through at odd times for the rest of the journey. A small wooden aft cockpit cruiser pulled out of the boatyard just beyond the bridge at Somerleyton and we followed it all the way to the other side of Reedham, the crew resolutely helming with the canopy down. Just a bit too chilly for me, though. Reedham Quay was deserted as we passed, but I did have to slow a little as we approached Reedham Ferry as it made its way across the river, wary of the chains and the potential for disaster that could be caused by passing too close. We turned onto the Chet and soon arrived at the basin, where I moored at the end away from the road. We both got ready and took Harley for a walk (yes, really – me as well!!), turning left out of the car park to the church, then following the lanes and road to Pyes Mill, returning to the moorings through the field to the side of the river. I’d only taken my small camera with me, but still managed to capture some acceptable shots of a heron stalking about in the field, before arriving back to the boat. With the aerial set up, we watched TV for a while, the wife did some knitting and I did a crossword or two, until it was time to start cooking the dinner, nice big pork chops purchased the afternoon before in Beccles. After our meal, with the washing up done, we watched TV for a while and as ever, headed for bed at about 22:00 with a hot drink. I was slightly concerned about the threatened strong winds and was thinking about what we might do if our concerns proved to be warranted as I drifted to sleep.
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    Between the turn to The Ferry Inn and Richos marina. The bloke in there is incredibly helpful, lives above the shop and will serve you out of hours if you ring his doorbell.
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