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    Overstaying in the winter months. Imho live and let live. But don’t hog the electric point, some boat owners and hirers cruise out of season and may want to use the shore power / water points Griff
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    It's all about demand Bigbream. When there's little demand for space, then there's room for all. When demand is high then the rules have to apply... to ALL parties. There was a post somewhere a while back about a boat trying to moor at Sutton staithe and an angler refusing to move. Allegedly this incident took place in February. Now, it seems to me that it was unlikely the whole mooring was taken up with either boats or anglers at this time of the year so I reckon someone was spoiling for a confrontation. There are bad apples on both sides of this fence.
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    It will be close season after Wednesday so they will not get in the way for a bit! And equally we should all remember that any costs for doing any unnecessary enforcement falls directly on the toll payer - there are no fixed penalties and like speeding on the river require a court case to pursue and what with one thing and another, costs quickly accumulate. Rangers have better things to do than enforce relatively minor infringements, indeed in the winter can often be found clearing trees and river banks. It not that I condone any infringement, but we have to remain realistic!
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    Theres now a sign on their front fence It appears to have opened on time.. https://www.theinghamswan.co.uk/ The cremated Swan is no more, welcome the Pheonix Swan..
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    So here are the final pictures from last years maintenance that turned into a saga. No job yet but still working on it, but here is something to cheer us all up. The pictures are two angles for the new galley and the new window from inside showing the new window and underneath that the plank well fitted in and varnished to match already existing wood, great job Roger. View from the stern well: View from the saloon: New window and new internal planking: I hope you will all agree that the guys have done a magnificent job. We will be (me and Fiona no doggies unless Brexit rules sorted for pets) out for Easter, a few days before, then Easter, hopefully with Charlie Dolphin (if anyone wishes to say hello), then a few days after depending on the weather. If it's glorious we will stay longer, if rubbish we back on the Harwich ferry pronto like. We look forward to seeing you all out on the river and thank you all for following the continuing restoration of our old lady. I really do hope Clive can do something with the roof over us in the wet shed after all this expense. To watch it dripped on and the new canopies discoloured will be a PITB to say the least. Hopefully this year we can forgo the major hull dents too...lol. Malanka's poor port and starboard bows, starboard side and transom took some battering last year, almost exclusively from boats with bow thrusters and also stern thrusters. This year we hope for less. We hope not to be broken into as well, oh and less sinking would be good too. Without a job I will have more time for Malanka tales and so will write them up in 2019, until work drags me away. Best Wishes to everyone except southern Jessie Drascomb sheet danglers....Go northern monkeys go......lol More later Martin..
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    The escorting police motorbikes would have sunk , obviously
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    Norfolk Calendar, at least it was the right week.
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    Forward planning does seem to have been lacking.
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    If the darn thing is to big and more land needs to be bought then why not build it smaller or choose another, smaller design? This whole farcical project just can not have been thought through.
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    I believe I pointed out at the time of the competition that the BA / council didnt own all of the land they had shown as available for the project, plus if the parking is on site it doesnt surprise me that they would need a lot of visitors as there is barely room to park a couple of coaches on site.
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    Not seen that before. Thanks for posting it NN. IMHO this Acle thing needs to be knocked on the head before it gets any more out of hand. Costs are bound to rise even further and I can see funds from the nav account being used to top up the budget on the basis a few moorings will be provided and possibly a water point. A debAcle it certainly is.
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    Usually no it doesn’t. I did read elsewhere of someone arriving at Neatishead to moor up and found the moorings taken over by anglers. I gather they felt intimidated enough not to ask anyone to move. That’s not on.
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    Quite surprised at this time of year that there is any real pressure on moorings!!! Does it really matter too much??? No of course it doesn't!
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    Sometimes I tell people I am going to the far east when they ask where I’m off to. Well, it’s East Anglia and Potter’s quite far over to the east isn’t it? Living on the South coast, you’re all northerners to me!!!
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    Its just struck me - when I try something and it works, I get re-enthused to do more, when I have a failure, I tend to take a break and think about things which slows progress considerably. its only when I get something right that I proceed to the next point, hmm- also with the weather warming up, the workshop is more comfortable temperature wise.
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    He is well he has lost a great deal of weight recently and is continuing to do so he swims regularly to get in better shape. We saw a lot of him last year and he is a lovely man. Geoff’s friend Steve is a lovely man too, he does a lot to help out. We always drop in for a wee drop o summat when we see them. M
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    If only - in the space I was working in today / tomorrow? It's at the Holiday Inn Express here in Donny. I could see the hotel staff being well chuffed with sawdust all over the room not to mention the noise for the adjoining guests Anyroadup Tomorrow should reap rewards as long as it is dry during my opportunity window Griff
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    Hi all as to seeing that beautiful Cottage in the picture that you can Hire I went to one in Catfield last year October 2018 called Violet Cottage as its Thatched Roof as well . As I do like Boating on the River but had to settle for being on Dry Land due to me having two Operations with in the Space of Three months One for my whole Left Knee replacement Two having this New Hearing Aid called Cochlear as I did want to see Griff at Sutton Staithe as he wont have to shout at me any more lol with perfect Hearing now while they where there on the Lads week but my Lady friend had put her foot down upon me going to seeing him as I really do apologise to Griff for not turning up that evening in October 2018. A part from that I've booked up again this year. 2019 Andrew Cook
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    The only thing that may be guaranteed at this stage is money is being wasted on a project born from one mans ego that is most likely unachievable under the guise of a competition! Earth calling Broads Authority...........
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    And certainly no guarantee that anyone is going to like it!
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    In Suffolk proper (Lowstuff don't count) anywhere North of Diss is ''up there".
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    There is an on going historical problem here as with other moorings with electric points with nomad livabords nothing to do with anglers or the boatyard, the problem is the BA have limited powers. Fred
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    No god came along and said, higgy baby where HAVE you been put that down and get home Now. M
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    Nah, They tried all sitting round a Higgs Boson particle, but it went out.
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    TQuite right John it is a mater of give and take out if the closed season. And unfortunately for some whether they like it or not when it comes to fishing the BA is set up to maintain the navigation and that means boats have priority on BA moorings, so give and take yes but at the end of the day why should anyone with the bye laws on their side and perfectly within their rights even have to ask an angler to move. They shouldn’t and certainly they shouldn’t feel intimidated into moving somewhere else. IMO anyone feeling intimidated should immediately call the broads beat. Without miscreants learning the error of their ways when they know very well they are in the wrong we have chaos or should I say Brammerton. On the issue of overstaying I was at SS this last October ( solo) and had to use my extension cable to give me sufficient length to get to the electric point, the reason being two boats overstaying, the ropes had algae growing on them! After I arrived they both left the next day and the space was taken by two brinks boats. Two lovely families enjoying their holiday. Overstaying should be clamped on as this may prevent someone having an enjoyable broads experience in season or otherwise, be that fishing or boating. Making a comparison between overstaying and occupying a mooring as a fisherman is silly. Both are in the wrong, one can be easily remedied the other less so but to equate one one with another to justify the latter is the route to chaos and anarchy. Rant Over M
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    so its have a dig at anglers even in this post, so its ok to have lee-way for a 24 hr mooring for boats to stay for 3-4 days but an angler cant place his gear for 4-5 hrs oh dear what ever next
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    Or even on the 14th! Like 23.59.59!
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    I don’t think SSBoatyard would leave boats moored across the water and electrics though MM. I believe the BA rangers are pretty reasonable during the winter months allowing longer mooring but there are a few owners who do take the proverbial. These are the ones that need reporting.
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    I can appreciate leeway being given for craft waiting for work to be done if there is plenty of space left free; and the same for occupied boats to stay an extra day or two in the winter if there are no other boats wanting to use the moorings. But under no circumstances, with the exception of a medical emergency, should any boat stay on electric or water points for more than 24 hours at any time of the year.
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    I think there is a general policy of a bit of leeway given over the winter months on the 24 hour thing. but the emergency ladder should be left clear at the very least.
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    My investigative talents came up with Staffordshire! That's North of Kings Lynn, isn't it? Apparently the load's width in itself was safe & exactly spot on as declared but apparently an extra mirror and rear facing camera was needed.
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    Errrrrrrrrrrrr, not true. Go to the centre of Birmingham, draw one line from there due east, and another due south, and in that south eastern quarter lives 65% of the population of Britain. And that IS a FACT.
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    that is a thing of elegance, and probably a lot lighter than the one it is replacing.
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    Mrs G has Mr G to warm her bed lol I do too, only thing there is, she is like a furnace. One evening I thought I would wake up with 3rd degree burns! Griff
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    When I've got people on the boat that haven't been on the Broads before or for a while it's good to take them up the tower. It's always a highlight of the holiday and works up a thirst ready to go in the pub afterwards.
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    I remember the old Acle Bridge. Was it eventually deemed so unsafe they had to build a new one?
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    When we had Canada Goose from Whispering Reeds in 2009 there were about 10 people recruited to get us through.
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    Been there done that twice fantastic view but an exhausting climb, if I can't do it any more I know I'm Getting Old or there is no Space to moor the boat which is the more likely eventuality
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    The first and last time we'd ever been under Potter-bridge that was the side we went from, and collected four of five strangers to put the boat far enough down in the water to get under the bridge, happy days
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    Just beat me to that. We went up a few times in the 70s, as you say no railings and a sloping roof. Took my wife five years to get up the two ladders
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    Good photo of the rail Bridge particularly, rare to see one in colour and of that quality.
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    Old railway bridge Potter Heigham and Acle bridge
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    Not really seeing as 60% of the population does too. Fitting battering ram to Malanka’s bow as I type. Peculiar looking sailies beware......he he Ramming speeeeed
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    They come from up North, is that a good enough excuse?
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    For me combi boilers are a pain in the back side, and customers and other plumbers have agreed with me on this one. Having a basic boiler with gravity hot water system and pumped central heating with a header top up tank, is the best way to go in my opinion.
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    Enough money to buy the kit to do the job but obviously not enough brain cells to carry it out safely and within the law. No excuse really is there
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    Thank you for all your replies, it is very much what I thought although I like the suggestion from Jayfire to use full throttle. Poor Seranade… So I guess the plan will be to go South for a few days instead and use it as an excuse, but who needs an excuse, to return later in the year. The Martham Boats are how I remember them from my childhood, so it could be good for my son to see a proper boat rather than the luxury of Seranade. Anyway, what a friendly bunch you all are. And as for Speedtripple asking if the 1050 in my email referred to a Triumph the answer is no, but in fact an aircraft a Jodel 1050. Sadly sold two weeks ago after 25 years together!
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    The Community Charge affected the majority of the country, I doubt that a few hundred (if very lucky) Broads enthusiasts would have that much effect on Government!
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    That's interesting, never knew that That's quite understandable, I've had a hire boat parked in HW yard for 8 hours while we went through the Bridge. Not good economics, I suppose it just depends how keen you are to visit the 'other side' We didn't do it last year and probably won't bother this year. I begin to wonder if the harder it is to get through the more folk are desperate to do it! I think the hire yards are a bit naughty, there is very little that stands a remote chance of getting through these days and statements like suitable tides would be better qualified by twice a year if you are very lucky!
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    Sigh - There's just now winning wi some folk. It may surprise one to know that between now and then I have to try and earn some serious coinage! As of yet we have not received LBBy's invoice and if MrsG gets to it when it arrives before I do . . . . Then there is our foreign holiday to finish paying for too (Which I might add I had no say in the matter either) http://www.pinnacleyachts.co.uk/thalassa.html AND we are to be made Grandparents for the first time come November - Sheesh Anyroadup enough of all that. Onwards and upwards in the normal manner then Griff
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