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    I understand that a slightly revised planis being held in reserve in case the Blessed Authority cannot obtain the required land and/or funding ....
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    http://www.broadsnationalpike.com/2019/03/wheels-fall-off-pikemans-folly.html?fbclid=IwAR18e2rZdQd_HgcGR2rWKgVrMZvFGXtLaFWv-6E4FyQzYJULSRuMWMo3f7Q Some very close to the knuckle comments from the Pike. Clearly some information from inside.
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    Nah, I'll still visit regardless I'm afraid, there's too many pubs to pop in to in Loddon and Chedgrave
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    come off it Jay, nobody could be as daft as you look.
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    At least, Paul, that would be inside budget and being nearly all recycled materials, much greener than the proposed structure. Colin
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    My word, how unusual. Blame Cap’n Jay. This topic was all quite straightforward until he came along!! Bless him, he is so innocent and naive. But I suppose we must continue to indulge and educate him.
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    It’s when life was a little less complicated Cap’n Jay. No mobile phones (which you could carry in your back pocket anyway!), no social media (which meant people talked to each other face to face), no YouTube (so embarrassing images of your helmsmanship weren’t displayed for all to see) and you could sit and fish and watch kingfishers without a boater demanding you move because he/she wanted your spot. You’d have liked it I’m sure.
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    Probably because most Lady friends have heard about you!
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    I have put several questions to the BA in recent years and have received definitive answers if appropriate. MM, I thought even you accepted that not all BA employees behave like their lord and master? There are some great people in the BA offices, quite human and helpful. I would have thought that if local businesses are concerned that charges may be applied to Loddon staithe moorings, they would contact the local council in the first instance for clarification.
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    see what I mean .....
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    Who will police this? Even if there's a pay & display machine someone will have to check on who's paid and who hasn't. That someone will want paying. No-one wants to see widespread charging introduced, but moorings must be maintained, and a reasonable fee won't put off people. But it's becoming an extra expense to holidaymakers, that isn't spelt out when they book their boats."Plenty of free moorings" is the line, but that's not going to last for long, I think.
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    I Have images that may interest you -- they have something in common and are on my office wall.
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    thats what you had kids for.
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    so after getting far too many points in the star trek round and gaining a bonus point for loyalty by answering Timbo to all of the questions in the Tim's round it falls to me to be question master for this Fridays quiz. after racking my grey cells for some topics I have settled on the following Round 1 Nursery ryhmes round 2 - Out of this world Round 3 - Royalty mid quiz break Round 4 - watching the detectives Round 5 - science fiction authors and round 6 - leftovers (or all those questions I couldnt fit into the rounds above) as usual the quiz will be in the chat room at 8.30pm Friday http://www.nbnquiz.co.uk/chat/ enter a name and log in (no need for a password)
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    A 1960, now what the hell does that mean? Life was more colourful in a 1980? So do I want a 1980? Is it better than a 1960? I use the word colour all the time and never worry I've said something wrong. I say lots of things that I should worry about being wrong. I'm doing it right now I like pigtails. And ponytails. They are very useful I remember plenty of lines, although I think we are talking about 2 completely different things here Wheres the ruddy remote???
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    Good heavens no, life was more colourful then! (You could use the word colour then without worrying you’d said something wrong!!)
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    Hi all as to seeing that beautiful Cottage in the picture that you can Hire I went to one in Catfield last year October 2018 called Violet Cottage as its Thatched Roof as well . As I do like Boating on the River but had to settle for being on Dry Land due to me having two Operations with in the Space of Three months One for my whole Left Knee replacement Two having this New Hearing Aid called Cochlear as I did want to see Griff at Sutton Staithe as he wont have to shout at me any more lol with perfect Hearing now while they where there on the Lads week but my Lady friend had put her foot down upon me going to seeing him as I really do apologise to Griff for not turning up that evening in October 2018. A part from that I've booked up again this year. 2019 Andrew Cook
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    They would give themselves the power to retrospectively give themselves powers. Pelican would time travel to be exempt (retrospectively) Parish Councils will blame an EU directive... Oh, hang on...
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    What power would the BA have to enforce a mooring charge? How could they police it? If all "24 hour" moorings were charged for, What could they do about "Pelican"? Edited to add, same question goes for parish councils.
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    Yes, and often it`s us. We like to alternate between the White Horse, or the Raj Indian. Both could lose a lot of custom if they were to overcharge for moorings, but i think a fiver for overnight is acceptable.
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    I recognised it straight away, but missed the chance to answer because we just had a power cut for 3/4 of an hour. As for the terrible moorings, yes, i totally agree and would NEVER recommend anybody moor there .
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    I don't mind paying a reasonable fee for mooring, it seems to be inevitable just like car parking. At some time in the future I wouldn't be at all surprised to find all BA 24 hour moorings subject to a charge and no longer free. Even though "free" is not exactly the whole story if you are a Toll payer. What I would expect for a mooring fee is at the very least rubbish disposal points and No Fishing at any time!
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    The whole idea of asking a government quango a straight forward question and expecting a definitive answer only goes to show what a fantastically optimistic outlook you have on life Vanessan.
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    Langley Dyke?
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    As marshman has said, Loddon Staithe is a BA 24 hour mooring. The BA took over Pye’s Mill last year (?) from the parish council. Maybe put the question to the BA by email if you want a definitive answer?
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    Both Loddon and Pyes Mill are shown as BA moorings - perhaps they believe that they will earn more by turning it into a parish Staithe like Womack?
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    Loddon is a parish staithe, I'm not convinced that there is a right to charge. As at both Oulton Broad & Beccles there is free mooring, if you know about it, I believe it is the same at Loddon.
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    I am sure the BA would never give planning permission for such a structure - after all it cant possibly be pretty enough and I doubt you would get it through even under the auspices of a traditional eelmans hut, even though that is probably more what they looked like than anything else.
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    Ohhhh dear, Marshman ain't gonna like that. :-)
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    As does MM Fred
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    well its very close to touching on politics, but having met Boris, I can safely say he isnt the buffoon he acts, he gets away with a lot more with the buffoon act though.
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    But occasionally they can be (No sleight intended towards Jay, and if contravenes site tos please delete)
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    the word inept springs to mine, getting the scale right is a fundamental in CAD.
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    I believe Bridge Road Oulton Broad will be closed at the level crossing by Oulton Broad North Station from 2300hrs Saturday 16th - 2000hrs Sunday 17th, the railway again disrupting the local economy. For the last 2 days the lifting bridge in Oulton Broad has been down to one lane with filter lights causing more disruption. Traffic is backing up for a good 1/2 a mile each way. It looks like Barrier repairs which in my opinion could be carried out at night easily. Dont think there was any prior warning for this one either.
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    It’s a miracle. First time I’ve found the Pike funny.
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    That's a TV??? I'm not sure about watching Netflix on that weird rounded HD screen, but let's be honest Mr Nog....you've been trying to fix this 'TV' since this 1960 thing that everyone is talking about haven't you?
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    Nah, this is a proper TV Mr Fire Sir For the record 625 started in early 60's (64 I think) with BBC2 405 transmissions were finally switched off around 1980 Dual standard TV's with complicated and unreliable switching systems See we've gone off topic again!
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    No, that was earlier - 1960
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    That does explain your post, must admit it had me confused!
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    Thats now Fred I'm talking about 1980
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    There are two posts at Sutton giving 6 points and 2 hoses, Fred
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    Just an update to those who might be in the area about my experience with STR Services in Norwich. I duly arrived at the allotted time of 8:15am and having left the car, signed a form and confirmed my details headed off knowing they would have the car for the day. It had a full service, transmission fluid and brake fluid change, all new brake pads and tracking carried out. Around 4:30pm I had a call to say they were almost done and could I come to collect. Nothing was found to be wrong with the car, the discs all within their wear tolerances, the only issue I may have is a control module failing that runs the daytime running lights. They work, but every now and then it will throw a warning that there is a problem with them - even though they are illuminated. Later that issue will go. Coopers BMW were unable to shed any light on this warning, despite £100.00 being charged to investigate. Now, I found them really genuine, helpful and easy to deal with but the customer ahead of me had understood the tracking on his car to have cost £80.00 - so he said he was told on the phone, but it is £89.99 plus VAT and he was most unhappy. When I went up the emailed quote I had been given was indeed the price I paid, the car was clean with no 'greasy fingerprints' inside it and I was impressed with the big list of items they inspected, and not to forget this was over £300.00 less than the main dealer's estimate for the same work. While I have to be gentle for the next few hundred miles braking, after the initial rubbing off of the surface, I can already tell the new pads are very sharp and the peddle feel is firmer too. Next oil change now is not for 19,000 miles - though to be honest I'll have one done well before then since the cost of that is not excessive. So I think I will be taking the car to STR in the future as I was not left feeling like they were trying to up sell anything or tell me 'oh you need to have such and such done' when perhaps it is not actually required. I am also pleased to see the car is in good overall order with nothing on the horizon to worry about. As an aside when I got the car I had to change the wipers, and opted for the now very common ''aeroblade' style, which has no metal linkages to help spread the blade on the screen. I was not that impressed to be honest, the passenger side did not seem to have enough 'pressure' on the last inch of the blade and so always missed a little at speed, they were not cheap and Bosch made but I got so fed up with this I opted for some Hybrid versions. These have a more traditional style blade assembly but are covered with an aerodynamic plastic outer. They weight about twice as much as the aeroblade ones they replaced, and the difference is remarkable. Super silent, streak free, even pressure. They did not cost as much as the Bosch ones and were easier to fit too so just something to consider if your wipers are up for change - not available in most shops but if you do a Google or Amazon search for Hybrid Windscreen Wipers you should find suppliers.
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    Norfolk Calendar, at least it was the right week.
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    Overstaying in the winter months. Imho live and let live. But don’t hog the electric point, some boat owners and hirers cruise out of season and may want to use the shore power / water points Griff
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    Sutton Bridge??? Sutton Staithe is the line as far as I'm concerned. My bit of pedantry.... That isn't "Irony"
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    This may be a better resolution.
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    Here she is from Blakes brochure of 1974. In later brochures they still use the same photo. Reg number appears to be F205? I was at Port Cassafieres in south France in 1982 when they had AF boats that had been fitted out by Woods. The 44s were called Fleur du Midi and the 38s were called Fleur du Sud. When Crown Cruisers bought the yard from Rank, the 44s went to Castelnaudary and were called Flamingo, while I believe the 38s were sold into private hands.
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    Easy, as you might expect! The Rangers could be equipped with Dragon Boats, they are long enough to get it all in!
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    JP needs to get some longer craft for his troops, then he could sign write "National Park Rangers"
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    What a magnificent machine she is and was! I first flew in one, a Mk1, XA 901, on the 15th August, 1963 at the Vulcan Operational Conversion Unit (OCU) at RAF Finningley. After I completed the OCU, the crew I joined was Ken Clarke (Capt), Ian Wormald (Co-Pilot), Jack Frost (Nav Plotter), Andy Ades (Nav Radar) and myself (Air Electronics Officer). We were later known as "Clarke's Five" on No 101 Squadron at RAF Waddington...................
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