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    Well, it has taken long enough but finally here is a video of what Trixie, a 24ft Sheerline Aft Cockpit from 1992 is like. I rather like her, cosy, warm and 'cute' with everything you need albeit in a very small space. These boats come on the market every now and then, and vary a lot with internal fit-out, some have a fridge in the cockpit area, freeing up space down below for more cupboards, others have a more open plan layout but they make ideal boats for a couple and can get into moorings others cannot. Cheaper to moor, insure and toll I think they work well and have aged well too.
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    https://awards.classicboat.co.uk/classic-boat-awards-2019-winners/ Scroll down and you will see that Countess of Light's restoration won last night! Personally thrilled as she is the big sister of WR. Well done Paul and Heidi! Liz
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    Never owned a camper van but always had an open mind, I do however love motorbikes and boats, so we have just ordered a race van, sleeps 4 people and has a garage in the rear for two bikes. Somewhere comfortable whilst working on our boat and a nice old motorbike to potter around Norfolk, bliss !
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    Finally managed to get a little video uploaded. Looks rather grey for a lot of the time as we only had one sunny day, but hopefully you will enjoy it anyway!
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    We're visiting the Broads, for the first time ever, in mid-June. We're both approaching 60 years of age but I've always wanted to have a boating holiday on the Broads and have finally got round to visiting. We're hiring from Richardsons in Stalham, and I've read this thread with interest, and have watched several YouTube videos including nearly all of the excellent and informative Captain's Blog ones. I fully intended to cross Breydon Water and will still do so. I'll be following the helpful tips on this thread and am really looking forward to it, but will also treat the waters with the respect they deserve. Steady as she goes seems to be the overriding message.
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    Growing old is compulsory Growing up is optional Griff
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    Each to their own KaptinKev, thank you for your reply. The first time we went in March we had some clear sunny frosty mornings. This year it was more grey skies than blue and admittedly we counted ourselves as fortunate not to have any rain and only one breezy day. I guess it's about being prepared for all eventualities and for us the joy of the quiet rivers outweighed the extra layers required. :)
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    Have to say that our recent experience with Richardson's was very good. I noticed that in their skipper's manual they have a sheet with the air draft of all their boats listed. And when we returned to the yard, the young lad who refuelled our boat also asked if there were any issues. He had pen and paper ready to write down any problems so as to pass them on. That's good customer service in my book.
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    Hi, I know that this is not everyones cup of tea, but for anyone on holiday wanting to "boogie on down..." The Dog Inn at Ludham Bridge will be hosting a retro Disco evening on the 2nd and 4th Thursday of each month, starting 9th May, from 9.00pm to 11.30pm. More info at Love Shack Disco and http://www.facebook.com/loveshackdisco The pub serves food until 8.30pm. Kind regards Richard
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    Sorry to steering things away from two wheels, back to four..But today I took an impromptu trip with my phone to record the cars sounds, transmission changes and general performance. I think it all sounds and behaves fine, other than that relentless whine of the AC Compressor (pretend it is a Supercharger lol) I am now becoming concerned I have another issue with the X5, the steering. Having been assured by the garage it is normal, and what I had before was abnormally firm, I can't help but wonder if it is. It is simply so light my little finger can turn the wheel lock to lock with hardly any resistance whatsoever when stationary. I mean there is light steering, but this is on another level and vastly different to how it felt prior to the water pump going. It does 'weight up' considerably at over 40MPH so there is some electronic goodness going on and working but it just feels horrible and vague below this speed. Maybe it is just how it should be, but it has kind of ruined the driving experience and turning into side streets or out of them is like learning all over again how much to turn the wheel and when. Oh well all first world problems I guess.
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    No spirit of adventure! A sunny day can warm a boat up in no time (assuming it has reasonable sized windows) and a good heating system sorts out the evening and early morning chills. Empty rivers and moorings have a lot going for them. (A 9.5tog duvet is quite enough for me out of season and a 4.5tog otherwise.) We were moored in Fleet Dyke a few days ago when a hire boat arrived around 3pm. On went their heating immediately and it was on until late into the evening. Then on again first thing in the morning. We left and toddled slowly round South Walsham Broads, the heating was still on when we passed by again. Yes, the weather can be hit and miss but, as long as you cater for the bad stuff, there is so much to enjoy this time of the year - particularly the lack of anglers.
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    Maybe so but I’ll keep trying to support British jobs rather than french ones Griff
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    Whatever it is, Robin will get the parts, one of us will see to it during ‘B.A’s forthcoming AMP Of course the real issue with Trixie’s engine? Yep, it’s french - nuff said Griff
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    For a Woods build she looks pretty smart actually. Looks like there's a lot of fittings out of the Broom parts bin, although clearly a much more hire-focussed fitout.
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    Sound great to me, if you have a permanent mooring in a marina and a home address I don't see that as residential at all, just a long holiday or a well used boat.
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    On my engine, its not shown on the picture, but off to the left where the second fill point is, there is actually a second plug fitted. The bleed nut has been removed and a 90 degree elbow fitted and then a rubber hose leading of to a header tank where the pressure cap is fitted. I have attached a picture taken of a sister hire boat to mine. Where the yellow highlight is shows the arrangement I'm on about, except mine is actually attached on the other outlet. My expansion tank is actually fitted behind the area shown in green and access to the fill point is therefore outside the engine bay. I'm assuming this was done to provide extra capacity of coolant as well as allowing the hirers to check the water without entering the engine bay. The reed filter setup is such that it would never have needed checking by a hirer during the course of a hire, and certainly could never have been cleaned out without at least some hand tools. You can see the filter bowl, which has the top bolted down, so a spanner at least is needed to open this and clean it out. This is actually the secondary filter. The raw water intake is via a very large diameter pipe topped off with a very large nut as shown in red. Inside this tube is about 2ft of gutter down pipe which some one has painstakingly drilled hundreds, if not thousands of tiny holes. This acts as the primary filter and has such capacity that it never gets blocked. Very rarely do I get anything get as far as the swirl pot. In normal operation my engine from cold will get to 60 degrees fairly quickly in a linear fashion and then stay there for about 25 mins, then continue on again in a linear fashion to just under 80 degrees. I assume the pause is where the thermostat just starts to open and the calorifier is then put into the loop and acts as secondary cooling until the water gets up to temperature. Once the hot water reaches 60 degrees then the whole system continues to warm up further and the thermostat continues to open more until it maintains the ideal operating temperature. If the engine Is started an hour or so after a few hours of running then the temperature gauge goes in a linear manner all the way to 80 without pausing at 60 degrees for a while, presumably because the calorifier is already hot and unable to provide any secondary cooling.
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    Notice on ECIPA's photo that "your" pressure cap has been replaced by a threaded plug, as the pressure cap is not necessary and tends to dribble, as you can see! The main pressure cap is on the heat exchanger, where you also top up the system. On the permanent plug is a smaller nut, used for bleeding air when topping up with coolant. Peachments will supply you with one of these plugs, or another solution is simply to buy a pressure cap of a higher setting (perhaps 10lb instead of 7lb, in the hope of stopping the dribble. These early Nanni engines will always run cool unless they are running under a load. If you are just running it in neutral on the quay, then a temperature of 50 is no surprise.
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    Another video from Monday. This is leaving Womack Dyke
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    Thanks Norfolknog. Makes sense now. Been upT Potter Heigham a few times once in a boat thought could have got under but pilot gave good advice and said no. One or 2 craft coming from other side think they were Martham boats, hope I got that correct. Thanks again all, any answers to the rest of my questions would be appreciated.
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    No such thing as bad weather, just the wrong clothing
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    Sometimes the way our weather goes, we could have deck chairs out on Christmas Day.
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    Yes weather can be hit and miss we had great four days mid March, last year same time was the Beast from the East but I have to agree with V and SR right clothes and heater of needed
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    I was being serious as our weather can be hit or miss really anytime of the year. You can get some lovely weather this time of year and believe me, when you wake up on a bright sunny morning, you do wish you were waking up on a boat on the broads. But then this morning we had 0 degrees centigrade on the outside thermo and the heavens did open up today. That is not for me broads or biking weather.
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    Many thanks, we'll certainly let you know how we get on, can't wait for June to come.
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    I used to ride my bikes 52 weeks of the year, the best was the bmw r80 rs that with handlebar mitts and heated grips kept your hands warm, your feet were right under the cylinder heads, and the rest hid behind the fairing, I once rode it 20 miles home on sheet snow and ice, got all the way home then dropped it outside the house on a drain cover that was clear, when the front wheel dropped into the hole in the snow as I turned into the drive. many a time I have removed the snow breastplate an inch thick after arriving at work.
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    When I hired from HW and when it came to advice about the boat, I did wonder if the chaps that were assigned to give me advice about the boat, were actually brought out of retirement. He didn't seem to know the air draft of my boat and when I commented back on issues with my boat, I got nothing! Unless you have praise for them, you are nothing. Barnes on the other hand were good, even when the cleaner came out with a weird look on her face because my niece had blocked the toilet up 2 days before hand!
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    Think I`ve seen 3 on travels between Norwich and Bracknell, Berkshire. Do we need a Bike talk thread?
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    And cut some moves.
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    At least it's the finished article though. When people write software they "Beta" test it first and iron out all the problems before releasing it to the public.
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    A friend of mine has 3 originals, beautiful bikes. My bike gets so much attention, a lot of people ask what year it is... Thinking it’s 1970’s! People recall trips they had on originals in the 70’s & 80’s... People that have walked past my house for years and never spoke will stop and engage in conversation about the bike. Bikers are a friendly bunch.
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    Looks very nice and I do like the side door next to the helm seat on that design. My reservations would be the curved shape of the bed would mean a foot hanging over the end for taller folk plus the twin cabin is very tight on floor space.
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    Great stuff, I'll dig my Lionel Blairs out Excellent pub too
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    Despite my Dad always having bikes I had absolutely no interest until last year when the appeal suddenly hit at the age of 32, so time for you yet Rob! I done my CBT, Theory, Mod 1, Mod 2 Tests and got my license in May 2018. Like you I do not do things by halves and I’m now on my 5th bike! A Kawasaki Z900RS. I really enjoy riding but also enjoy looking at the pros and cons etc of all the different biking kit - leathers, textiles, helmets, gloves, luggage etc.
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    Most marina's that don't have any official residential berths require you to have a home address, which you would still have. In truth there are no limits on how often you can visit your boat, or how many nights you stay on board, in or out of the marina. So whilst you intend living on your boat for long periods, I think you would just fall into the "very" frequent visitor category for most marinas, rather than a liveaboard.
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    Agree entirely Steve, which is why I have ended ur with a 'composite' . Poppy's hull and deck mouldings are fibreglass, whilst coamings, cabin sides , spars etc are wood. Best of both worlds, but even the varnishing can be a pain. Another coat was going on today..
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    Lovely! That made me want to head straight out to our boat this minute!
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    I can't say I have ever really been taken by Motorbikes Probably because you have never tried a 'Proper' bike? Need to get you astride the Tiger as a pillion one of these days to experience it Griff
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    Or maybe a mighty TIGER Robin and Griff as easy riders.
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    Hi Alan, we are not entirely sure, sales site said 9'3" but we have the original build book which says 8'6" both with mast lowered. will measure accurately one weekend. which means cant do wroxham to coltishall, but used to keep our old boat in porter and hayletts yard so have been up down there a lot, and probably cant do ludham bridge, but again spent a few years at wayford so have been all over there. we spend nearly every weekend in spring,summer,autumn, on our boats as we have a love of the water, and love fishing bird spotting, wildlife and obviously the odd beer or three. cheers mark
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    One thing I would add to that is that when you go through the 'dreaded stretch' between Stokesby and Yarmouth it is noticeable how much more you see on a high-level dual steer than even some centre-cockpit boats (and obviously bathtubs, therefore) and it really does make the landscape considerably more interesting. The other benefit is that because you can see for such a long way ahead it makes taking the 'racing line' on corners just something that you do and so even at a sensible speed (before anyone picks me up on that!) you make better progress.
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    Perfectly valid point of view (see what I did there? ) Whenever people seek advice on buying a boat, especially a first boat, the most general comment is "try as many types as you can" This helps ensure a good fit for needs as well as wants (and avoids conscription into the Three Boats in a Year Club ) All on one level boats are not for everyone but no type of boat is, otherwise we would not have the pleasure of admiring the ones we like as we cruise. In praise of the all on one level I would like to say that the helmsman is the only one who can't be on deck while cruising, everyone else can be just as high and see just as much as from similar sized aft and mid helm boats. A couple sharing a boat are alternately helming or sight seeing. Also in poor weather everyone is warm and dry while cruising. In good weather the amount of sliding canopy, doors and windows you can open in different configurations leaves you feeling as much "outside" as any style of cockpit. Finally that low level view lets you see things easily missed from higher cockpits, especially in terms of wildlife, it's not a restricted view, it's an extra view! I could go on... the point I wanted to make was not that they are better or worse than higher helm positions they are just different and the idea that you just see reed beds either means you haven't tried it or if you did then it wasn't for long enough to appreciate the possibilities. Of course they're not to everyone's taste but sometimes being able to see over reed beds just means you can see the top of reed beds!
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    And this morning I am delighted to report........ they are busy sweeping the bridge by hand!!!!!!
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    I have to take issue with that! For those who are prepared to look there is just so much to see, from those ruined windpumps to the masses of wildlife.
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    I have just loaded the new season's listing of Live Music and other events to my site. Currently it lists April and May and includes all the usual gigs, quizzes etc and during May we have a Spiritualist Medium event at the Norada in Potter Heigham and a Comedy and Magic Show at the Lady of the Lake at Oulton Broad. If you are out on the Broads over this period take a look at what's on HERE
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    From our very first time as hirers in the 80s it wouldn't be a Broads holiday without crossing Breydon. Had a very exciting crossing once when a storm came in as we were passing GY, turned to starboard to head south and the boat could hardly make way at full revs, canopy was down felt like I was drowning in the driving rain, bow going up and down like a YouTube video of a rough crossing in the North Sea. Could hear the contents of the cupboards crashing to the floor.... God it was fun!!!
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    Southern Adventure Day 1 Saturday 22 September 2019 Late in posting life got in the way ! After and easy drive up from Essex imagine our surprise to find the road closed at Wroxham first stop for breakfast Roy’s and of course the all important fishing tackle shop a detour around some very country lanes we arrive back in Wroxham via Coltishall 35 mins later than planned. Parked and off to the Wherry cafe for breakfast lovely view of the bridge especially when a HW craft decided to go through without a pilot and got stuck it took them a few tries to squeeze themselves back out and through all of this I did not think to take a photo ! After a rather nice breakfast I headed to Roy’s for a few fresh bits and fishing tackle shop for himself onwards to Horning where we visited the lovely butchers now all stocked up it was on to Brundall and broom captain 8 that awaited us. We had told the yard we would arrive at 12 noon but we were running late and arrived about 12:30 the boat was ready for us and moored at the bottom of the basin so we parked up right behind and loaded up shortly after a chap came onboard for our induction / instruction asked if we had previously boated which we have several times always on the northern broads he went over the finer points of the captain that we needed to know and was happy to let us go so onto the river we headed about 1:20 with no real plan in place we turned left out of the yard and set off towards Reedham we got used to how she was handling and took a lovely slow cruise for about an hour before turning around and heading for Bramerton common as our first night mooring ,the weather was warm but overcast only passed 3 other boats all heading upstream to Norwich and a couple of yachts tacking so different from the same week last year on the northern rivers. At Bramerton there were about 4 spaces left so we quietly and slowly did our first mooring, him on the helm me on the ropes all secure time to finish the unpacking sat out on the rear deck until it became a little chilly then inside with great view out of the saloon windows saw a rush of kingfishers all diving into the bushes opposite and a beautiful marsh harrier came right up the centre of the river right passed us.Time for supper a busy day and we were feeling the Norfolk broads sleep-sickness we found the front Island bed a little small and my husband has decided he will use the saloon to sleep giving us both a bit more room. Day 2 After a good nights sleep we are up it was just about 7 and the forecast has changed for the better the thunderstorms and high winds are no more however it was pouring with rain and is set in until late afternoon with this in mind we decide a slow start today is in order and then a leisurely cruise and a mooring with a pub for Sunday lunch, after a lazy start we finally headed off about 10:30 it was raining quite hard and visibility was not the greatest the wiper on the drivers side only did a third of a sweep, cruised south again toward Reedham for about an hour until the rain became really heavy turned around and slowly made are way back having decided we would try Coldham Hall for lunch did not pass hardly any other vessels in the time we were out. Got moored ok and I went in and booked us a table for 2 o’clock it was very busy back on board and we both showered and charged our various appliances then went into the pub for a pre lunch snifter ,well we are on holiday both ordered the rare roast beef it came with a huge amount of veg I counted 8 different plus a Yorkshire pudding far to much for me but himself managed it all , back on the boat and soon after about 4 it stopped raining and brightened up really quickly so a fishing opportunity could not be missed apparently and rewarded with the largest perch he has ever caught he was very pleased I sat in the sun on the rear deck and enjoyed the river and my book until it suddenly rained again quite heavy so we both went back inside and it finally stopped about 7 when the moon came up and shone upon the river very atmospheric, still both full from the late lunch just a light bite and a glass of vino whilst we settled down sleep soon invaded again and we got ready to turn in , there is promise of sunshine tomorrow fingers crossed. Day 3 After a great nights sleep unusual for me we awoke to a very chilly morning heating on quick this was very efficient although for us another outlet in the main saloon as opposed to the front cabin would have been better, decided to have a cooked breakfast today and with only 1very small frying pan it was a case of cook and keep warm in the oven until it was all ready sausages and bacon from the butchers in Horning were super. Breakfast done and cleared away the sun was now shining and showing signs of warming up, after the usual ablutions plenty of hot water available it was decided to head to Loddon today a place neither of us had ever been so cast off around 9:30 we were on our way. Nothing much on the river going south a few heading north I will say the reverse front seat on the captain gives the navigator a wonderful view, after about an hour first one then another boat came storming up behind us we were just poodling along they overtook us a disappeared into the distance, nothing much happened along the Yare we were just enjoying ourselves sharing the helm and watching marsh harriers kestrels, cormorants and herons along the way. Turned at the Chet mouth so narrow after the Yare and even the Ant slowly along and after the first 3 or 4 bends we see a couple of boats heading our way slow right down breath in pass without incident a few bends further on another boat storming towards us centre river going way too fast we pulled into the reeds almost stopped and he flew past no wave no acknowledgment no thanks, Pyes mill moorings only had 2 boats but we carried on up to the Staithe where there were at least 4 spaces moored nice and simply plugged into electric post which kindly had 47pence still on once settled I hopped of and went for a walk around the village and bought a couple more electric cards and some delicious Portuguese custard tarts from the coop bakery. Back on board the afternoon was spent sitting on the front seat on the captains bow whilst I read / watched / chatted the afternoon away and himself enjoyed his fishing although I have to say the cormorants were catching more than either my husband or the guy on the boat moored next to us. After recommendation from the forum members posts we ordered a curry from the raj duly delivered right to the back of the boat and also delicious, settled down for a coupe of hours reading and a little tv then bed tomorrow’s adventure to be decided. Day 4 Awoke to a very vey cold morning ice on the boat roof and a mist on the water truly beautiful heating on and a hot drink before breakfast , showers and tidying up done we filled up with water I popped to the coop for a couple of forgotten bits back to the boat an off, first destination after a very pleasant cruise back up the Chet passing only one boat was short dyke safely moored we had some lunch the weather now glorious t shirt and shorts weather after lunch set off and cruised onto the broad thought of going to the Staithe but had found Loddon a little noisy with some light pollution so thought we would find somewhere a little quieter, back on the Yare slow cruise up passed Brundall and thought we would try the church fen mooring however this was full so moving on at postwick Staithe there was only one boat a privateer however he was moored dead centre and with his dinghy left no room for our 35 foot craft,onward again and to Bramerton where there were several spaces as it was mid afternoon already where do these days go we took the mooring just up from where we had stayed a few nights earlier, all safely tied up out came the rods and the book I decided to go for a walk around up to the pub and down the lane just to have a look back on the boat the early evening sun gave us a beautiful sky and the wildlife flew in abundance, eating onboard tonight left over Curry lovely. Watched a little tv turned in read a while and although not as cold as the night before I had a really bad night woke at 1:45 and could not get back to sleep tossed for a while then heard himself put the kettle on so I gave in and got up I think it was about 5, Day 5 After a slow start as I felt very tired we decided to had a quiet day so once breakfast was done and cleaned up we sat and read and fished nothing much caught we had an enjoyable couple of hours on the river , decided we would like a pub mooring to eat out tonight and had heard again from the forum good things about the Surlingham ferry Inn decided after a little cruise this would be our destination, however once we got there and tried to moor we discovered it was really windy must have been sheltered at Bramerton we did moor up but it was too windy to sit out in for me and even fishing was not happening , we made a call and decided to leave and head of to find somewhere a bit more sheltered back passed Brundall and passed Coldham Hall we could see quite a few people sitting out there enjoying the sun so we did an about turn and moored up , went in to pub for a couple of beers and booked a table for dinner later , by the time I got back to the boat the fishing had started, I got my fold chair out and sat on the grass in the sunshine happily reading and watching the world go by and chatting to other boaters, one who came into moor single handed it seemed on a large private boat he had just purchased and moved up from Essex , where in Essex we said Canvey Island he said where we are from small world, lovely day today sun out and really warm packed up fishing nothing much caught showers had and we went to the pub sat out in the garden in the late sunshine until time for dinner which I have to say neither of us enjoyed we both had the fish and chips again for me far to large a portion although the waiter on removing my plate seem to think that’s a good thing but not only was it too much it was not very nice over cooked fish batter almost burnt and some raw chips tinned garden peas mixed with some mayo not for us, back on the boat feeling tired so head off for and early night. Day 6 A great nights sleep awake refreshed and happy beautiful morning promises to be even warmer than yesterday , decide we will head to Rockland Staithe today and if we can moor we will have lunch in the pub the new Inn, breakfast showers all done we set of about 9:30 we have been quite late getting going this week for us we normally up and going much earlier lovely cruise down the Yare it was so still and peaceful hardly passed another vessel passed the fleet dyke entrance carried on passed short dyke and on toward the Beauchamp arms where we turned around headed back up to Rockland via fleet dyke never been to Staithe before and was surprised how short the dyke is from the broad itself the end mooring looking back up the dyke was free so we stern moored there leaving a space between ourselves and the private boat in the corner , plugged into the electric post which had an amazing £1.22 on it thanks very much , fishing gear out already on bow of boat I jumped off and headed out for a walk it was a beautiful day so warm for late September, I walked to the bird hide and then on to the end of short dyke spoke to a couple moored there and just enjoyed the peace sat at the seat overlooking the broad and wow how wonderful wildlife sunshine peace. Back to the boat we headed over the road to the pub sat in the garden and although by the road it is quite quiet had a couple of drinks then ordered lunch again both chose the same the calamari special did it come with chips or salad I asked as was not clear on board both was the the answer on the main course one or other on the starter we both had main course size it was delicious squid lovely spicy but not too much hubby thought portion a tad small on the squid I thought just right for me salad was delightful a real mix of different lettuce toms cucumber carrot onions with a nice dressing portion of chips and a chilli sauce on the side when asked if all ok we were offered more chilli sauce all in all it was great and at £11 we thought value too , one we would like to return too. Back onboard more fishing I sat / laid on the back sofa but it was scorching so I moved up top on front now seat and watched him fishing a few small roach and perch but nothing of any size although a passing guy said to fish in front of the sluice gate for big bream we did not see any !!! Stayed outside until after sunset the road behind completely quite it was truly a wonderful day light supper of ham salad as still both full from lunch glass of wine on back of boat and to bed . Day 7 During yesterday we had thought what to do on our last night and had phoned the waters edge at Bramerton for a table and a mooring , with that in mind we were in no hurry this morning the weather was overcast and a little cool quite early several guys arrived and set themselves up fishing I think they were after pike , saw them catch about 4 or 5 within a few mins , himself did not bother to fish again here and after breakfast we slowly headed off a turn around the broad out via short dyke turn right cruise along slowly after about an hour of quiet meandering we turned around and headed back towards Bramerton, again not much river traffic in fact most of the way we were centre river slowly going along the boat handled beautifully stayed dead straight with little or no adjusting will not want to give her back pass Brundall pick out lottery win boats saw half a dozen kingfishers all together at what I now have named kingfisher corner just after last house boat at Brundall, continued up passed Surlingham on passed Bramerton and continued up river as far as postwick viaduct turned around and moored back at Bramerton as mooring at pub was from 4:30 fishing gear came out and I did the packing and cleaning which did not take very long after quite a few boating holidays I have finally learnt to leave the kitchen sink behind , showers had and then we moved up to our allotted space out side the pub young guy came out to assist and very soon after 3 other boats all came to moor up table was booked for 7 so a quite hour or so before heading in for a pre dinner snifter. The meal was lovely we had starters and main course my husband again thought portion size a little small but for me it was perfect I had mushroom pots to start followed by chicken supreme this was small with dauphinois potatoes huge spinach and mushroom sauce lovely Mick had pigeon breast salad very small followed by calves liver and bacon on bubble mash only 2 small slices of liver but all very tasty washed down with a lovely crisp white not cheap at £90 but very enjoyable would definitely return. So back on the boat last few bits to tidy in the morning planing to leave about 7:30 to be early back in brooms read for a while before heading to bed for our final night sleep onboard. Day 8 the Return Would you believe it there was thick fog this morning cannot possibly sail in this will have to keep the boat , honestly it was really thick , had a coffee and tea packed away last bits and waited as the sun rose the visibility improved slightly and himself decided to make a move a very large private boat was moored right in front of us and very close too but with the bow thruster and skill out we popped and set off the only real worry was that Mick had watched 4 sets of rowers and their coaching boat go downstream before we set off very aware having seen them from Bramerton that they would soon have turned around and be heading our way in the fog we took it very slowly both on the look out for them all going well until a broom skipper came flying up behind us to undercut us on a bend we pulled over and let them steam ahead sun was trying to break through but it was still very foggy, made it safely back to brooms but had a bit of trouble mooring being directed by 2 different guys as to where to put her finally secure we are pumped out topped up and a fuel deposit refund of over £65 was returned which almost paid for that nice meal last night boat moved down little dyke to spot where we had loaded her from so car was still there unloaded packed up and disposed of the final rubbish into hand over the keys and collect car key we have a spare so we can pack the car and we were free to head home how fast the roads seem after a week afloat. In conclusion We loved the southern rivers although on this trip did not venture far it was a learning curve about where to go tided moorings etc we loved everything about the boat apart for us the sleeping arrangements we have lately hired Barnes concerto and both used separate cabin I sleep badly and we like a lot more room than boat beds supply , the steering ,living area inside and out were superb for us I guess in the heat of last summer driving in the inside with no sun roof opening would have been very hot but in late September sunshine it was perfect , would we visit southern broads again oh yes would we hire from brooms yes definitely great service hand over boat ready at 12 even though we weren’t. Would not eat at Coldham Hall again but would definitely return to the New Inn and Waters Edge. This year we have hired Silent Emblem from ferry marine a first with this yard for us that’s for the first week in September and feeling that was a long time to wait we have just also hired Aqua Emblem from them for the last week of June and were given a 5% discount on second hire this year. I hope if you have made it this far you are not bored senseless I will endeavour if I do one to make any further tales a little more interesting. Susan
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    Id agree and also say be very careful with anything thats showing evidence of leaks. Windows/Hatches/Cleats/Deck Fittings etc that are poorly sealed and have been left to let water through really can do a lot of damage which may not always be immediately obvious. Things can be resealed (some things easier than others) but spending your time chasing rainwater leaks on your boat will very quickly get annoying, theres also nothing worse than wet bedding. There is definately something going on in the fwd cabin on the NBS sedan (from the pictures) If interested I would proceed with caution. The water under the floors may be less of an issue, (so long as its not at the floor bearers!) It could be where the topside leaks are gathering or it could be engine/domestics/stern gear related. I would be more concerned by anything leaking in from above. As far as your onboard experience goes that might be your the biggest PITA! You will quickly find that boats are not trouble free and definately in the 30k area theres bound to be things that might end up need doing. If its direct from a hire fleet you could be in for a bit of a unpleasant surprise. (I speak from experience!) But some of us call that fun!
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    Interesting. Checked out Herbert Woods site and found that the description for this boat includes "Will not pass under Beccles Old, Potter Heigham, Wayford or Wroxham bridges. Will pass under Ludham bridge subject to weather and tide conditions." That's the first time I've seen any of the hire yards include Wayford Bridge in their list. And they've added a warning about Ludham Bridge as well. Checked out one or two other sites and found similar on Norfolk Broads Direct. About time they added Wayford Bridge to the list really.
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    Just a quick note to say that I have updated the "Live Music and other Events" page to include what's on for the months of April and for May. https://www.norfolkbroadsboathire.biz/Norfolk_Broads_live_music_guide.asp Not everyone wants to go out for a quiet drink so if you want to know where to find live music, quizzes, karaoke and even bingo take a look at the page which will be updated monthly. If anyone wants an event added- bars, vocalists, duos, bands etc just message me and I will include it. There is no charge. Regards David
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