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    Spoke to Richardson’s, fortunately the hirers held their hands up and admitted the incident, the Richardson’s are going to call me at some point today to sort out repairs. Closer inspection there are 1000's of scratches all the way down the hull a broken fender eye, broken window hinge in the head, a burst fender and a great big dirty black mark from the rub strip hitting us not to mention a very shook up wife who had me checking the bilges all evening for water ingress. BA have also spoken to the helm and given them a blue book warning. For anyone reading this remember this, if they had not stopped after I had called them back the BA were prepared to prosecute them for leaving the scene of an accident, so if you should hit another boat please don’t just drive off, stop and exchange details.
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    Enjoy your Roast Beef, Steak or Burger today!
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    Don't worry Mark - there will still be business for you, once they have got the threads crossed on the fuel connections, put the fuel filter back on with the gasket cocked and wonder why they can't bleed the air out, snapped off the head studs in the thermostat housing, failed to align the raw water pump pulley and wondered why the gearbox rear oil seal is pouring oil because they failed to check the shaft alignment after launching the boat (or didn't know how to). You still can't beat practical, hands-on experience, especially with old engines.
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    Different version Never ask a man if he's from Yorkshire......if he isn't he will be insulted and if he is he would have told you at least ten times already.
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    Why does a (so called) entertainment programe have to tackle "important issues of the day"?. If anybody wants to hear or see things about "important issues of the day", watch the sodding news or read a paper. Having said that, i`l NEVER watch the crap no matter what "important issues of the day" they show. Total and utter garbage, just the same as ALL crappy soap operas.
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    Part of the problem is the BA executive area. How can it ever be right that you can live in the BA executive area and have any planning application decided by the BA, when you cannot vote for any representation on the BA? I guess similar problems exist if you were to give votes to people who have boats on The Broads, whether they live in the area or not, what then happens to people who live in the area, who do not own a boat? Shouldn't they be allowed to vote as well. I suspect it wouldn't be seen as a popular choice but I would fully support the BA executive area being reduced to encompass just the boundaries of the rivers and broads. The remit of the BA being reduced to just maintaining and policing the rivers and Broads. All the properties, commercial and residential that were in the old executive area be allotted back into the neighbouring parishes with all planning functions returned to the local councils. I really don't care whether the BA were left with two or three of it's current remits, as long as it only carried them out on the river and Broads and left the land based functions to the existing parish and county councils. If the above could ever become a reality then it becomes very simple. You own a boat, you get a vote, it doesn't matter where you live because the BA (or as it should be, Navigation Authority) only manages the navigation and not the land around it.
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    You are starting on a Friday which makes me think you may be on a Friday to Monday break. If that's so then your advantage is that the standard "release" time is 2.30pm as opposed to 4pm for week breaks. The advantage to this is that you will leave the yard in the first flush of boats, and therefore have more chance of getting a mooring on the popular Sutton Staithe. If you are on a week's stay I would have a plan B of, as Ray has said, just staying on the Richardsons moorings. The cruise between both is around 15 minutes journey time so nothing would be lost by returning. If you specifically want to visit the Sutton Staithe Hotel, you can walk the road between Stalham and Sutton in around 25 minutes. June has light nights so you would not be walking back in the dark (probably). Just to add that we hired Swan Rapture for a fortnight's cruise a few years ago. What a boat!
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    You do so with my blessing Jayfire old chap, as long as it's a pint of good British beer and not half a litre of Eurofizz.
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    All this free info dished out online, I dunno, some of us are still trying to earn a living!!
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    More likely he's into Last of the Summer Wine!
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    We had and are still having a marvelous time out on the old lady “in the flesh”. Weather has been super. Off up to Coltishal tomorrow and a slow pootle it will be, really enjoying cruising at 3.5 mph this weekend after our engine service. We met Doug and Hele in Wroxham Easter Saturday and took them for a trip to Ranworth and back with a spot of lunch thrown in. We even made the BBC website as they posted a picture of us emerging from Wroxham bridge which my brother in South Carolina noticed and sent us a text. Gosh Malanka on the BBC whatever next! M
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    Well ... do I dare to say that I'm a regular viewer?! And maybe it's you good folk north of the River Colne who talk all funny. Love the Suffolk and Norfolk accents when we venture across the border out of Essex!
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    Eastenders? - I remember watching it once, nearly lost the will to live - Never again Griff
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    Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    Guess she'll float a bit lop sided then...
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    One side finished !
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    Very wise words from Gretzky above. If you do get hit by someone who drives off, get the boat details, try and get an independent witness and report the incident immediately to the hire boat yard (if appropriate) and the BA. If you are the cause of damage to another boat, do the decent thing and take responsibility.
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    Rundon Plide still good Blitish pint.
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    Yer average hen pecked husband who can't 'B' well win no matter what he does to please his woman!!
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    Well then you can have one of these too
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    Hi Chris. As you cruise into Sutton, the moorings are on the left. The first one you come to just has a path and a hedged fence. you then pass a small private moorings dyke before arriving at the other 24 hour mooring on the meadow. I can't remember which is Sutton staithe 1 and which is 2, but those are the moorings you asked about.
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    Back then a black and white portable television cost over forty quid which, in today's money, is over five hundred & sixty pounds. It was luxury back then! Getting a good picture was worse than getting a mobile signal at Horning. Aerials balanced on stools balanced on cabin roofs or mop and boathook lashed together to form masts. You could always tell the Yorkshire boats, the wife would be standing on the roof, even on the stool, clutching the aerial so the husband could watch the darts or snooker! Those men of Yorkshire trained their women well!
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    I think, although a bit Draconian, it's the only way we will get them to stop producing it. Last week I found a black bag floating in the river just above Wroxham bridge. Of course it split as we tried to lift it out of the water and made a right mess. We managed to get most of it before it floated away but it was mostly plastic from which the manufacturer was easily identified. It's easy to say that there should be more bins but boaters need to be more responsible as well and not perch full rubbish bags on the rear decks, think about packaging when you buy stuff, unpack shopping and get rid of the packaging before you.leave the yard etc. We know this isn't going to happen because people are inherently lazy so we need to hit them in the pocket. Manufacturers are the only ones to go after. Obviously they will pass the costs on to the consumer and people will have a choice. Buy sensibly packed stuff or pay more for the convenient, packed in plastic, already peeled and chopped stuff but pay well over the odds for it. The price difference has to be big enough to really make people think. Sorry for the rant. I'm not some tree hugging crusty but this really presses one of my buttons. Anyone mention rough sleepers? Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    We are staying in Drakes Dyke which is the 3rd house on the left as you enter Wroxham. We have a day boat as well and cannot believe our luck with the weather! Quite entertaining watching the day boat rush hours! Including the Richos day boat at 9pm last night navigating by a mobile phone torch and sounding well lubricated. Feel sorry for any Richos staff having to stay behind to deal with them!
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    Woke up to glorious sunshine in Womack water. Mud weight opposite the staithe. Cooked a delicious breakfast of local sausage and smoked bacon with French toast cooked in the bacon fat. After third mug of tea, hauled up the front mudweight then hauled the stern one out using the momentum of the old lady and hauled it onboard. Top down we cruised up the Ant to drop off Charlie Dolphin in Stalham to go home after her Easter afloat with us. Quick zip about in Millie off to tesco, then cruised back down the Ant. Moored up at the upriver wild mooring looking down towards Johnny Crows Staithe. Glorious sunshine and not too windy. Drank wine listened to some bangin tunes and then cooked dinner in our newly purchased wok. Yelled at a few idiots surging past us like the start of a powerboat race then all was calm. Just watched a film now snuggled in bed next to F. Doesnt get better than this. Night everyone..... M
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    I did in 2007 on an ex Broads cruiser that was running in Scotland.... Not very likely on the Broads where the boats generally have fuel for 2+ weeks
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    I’m glad to hear that you avoided being hit over the weekend, unlike a certain boater on another site. Not wishing to be too controversial, I thought the standards of boatmanship were pretty good on our trip out, apart from the usual speeding. We did see the rangers warning boaters of speeding at How Hill. Roll on our next trip out!
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    Hello from down here. Still a new boy on this block. Erindoors and I are coming over from NZ towards the end of June for 3 weeks on the Norfolk Broads, one of our most favourite places. We have a two berth boat (Swan Rapture) and we are meeting up with family members for a bit of a reunion on our first weekend. They will be on a 10 berth boat, also from Richardson's. We are trying to work out what may be potential moorings for our first night (Friday). Sutton Staithe seems a possiblity, but from memory there are not too many moorings there. When I checked the information on this site I found reference to Sutton Staithe 1 and Sutton Staithe 2, both with (approx) 11 moorings. I would be very grateful if some knowledgeable member could explain for me where each are as we have only ever moored alongside the footpath. Very many thanks. Chris
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    Sigh - Tiger didn't happen. Today however feeling much better, not 100% but I hope to be by tomorrow. Due onboard late this evening for few days through to Friday, attending to a few finishing off items Griff
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    I can’t talk and eat cake
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    It wasn't meant as a dig at anyone (I admit I had just scanned through the thread rather than reading properly), keep sharing your experience and knowledge, it all helps.
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    I've got fed up of being treat like something a woman stepped in, so don't even bother trying to please anyone anymore
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    A recored written warning, sort of like caution, but from the BA not the police.
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    I thought I made that quite plain in my post. Incidentally after spending about fifteen minutes putting that post together did I get any thanks for it, no, just criticism. I will keep my knowledge to myself in future.
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    Fining the manufacturers will not solve the problem. The whole issue needs looking at again from start to finish and people all along the chain need to be made accountable. A recent news investigation showed pink recycling sacks from my local and a neighbouring local authority containing fully recyclable waste in a land fill in Indonesia of all places. It would appear the local residents had done their part by dutifully sorting and packing into the right coloured bags and containers items for recycling. The local authority has then been going around and collecting the waste and boasting about how they are meeting their recycling targets and aim to recycle even more in the coming years. One would assume they then recycle the waste into a usable product, but no they don't have the facilities. Instead they pay a private company to accept the waste at their facility and effectively claim they have met their recycling targets. Turns out this private company sorts the waste and takes the most valuable and easily recyclable waste and makes a profit from it. The less desirable waste which could still be recycled but at a higher cost is then bundled up and another company is then paid to take it away. This second company put it into large containers and ship it half way around the world to third world countries for them to dispose of it in landfill. Meanwhile the local authority give themselves a pat on the back for having met their recycling targets. These are items that are full recyclable and have been marked as such and sorted for recycling. It is so disappointing to see them end up in landfill. The government needs to put together national standards for recycling starting with standardising the containers and bags that are used for recycling. They then need to put together a national public infrastructure for dealing with the processing of recyclable waste that the local authorities can send the recycling to. There should be a chain of responsibility for the waste from collection to final recycling and it should stay in the public sector the whole time, not allowing private companies to milk off profits along the way and then dump the unprofitable waste. Why is it that every local authority has a different list of what they can recycle, different targets and different coloured bags or containers. As a resident of the UK I should be able to move anywhere around the country and know immediately what items go in what bin.
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    Happy St George's Day everyone. If nobody minds however, I will skip the traditional English tea and celebrate with a fine pint of beer. What, what, tally ho old chap.
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    Jean I am a regular viewer too. Coronation Street as well. I always feel that Coronation Street has a sense of humour running through it but poor EastEnders is doom gloom misery and more misery from beginning to end. Still watch it though. So yes Guilty Me Lud.
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    Yes there were 3 Escorts I think with grey tops and a Consort - the orange top one. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    Likewise to you John. Best go fly my In-ger-land flag, once I've rinsed the lager stains out and ironed it!
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    Fining a company for the actions of a third party would make for interesting legislation. Especially if said plastic got there by the acts of a government agency. The government fining itself, very interesting times me thinks. M
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    I assume the boat was a San Marino.... The name has been changed for the piece but actually it still seems to have the old red 'RICHARDSONS' ident with drop shadow aft below the rubbing strake visible.
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    No getting away from it, those good folk from South of the River Colne do tend to 'talk all funny'!
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    Spend the day cruising with my youngest and his girlfriend , ended up at Womack Water for lunch at The Kings , Ludham . Dropped them back off at Ranworth where they had parked up , pleasant journey to tonight’s resting place at Gayes Staithe again , off home in the morning .
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    They most definitely are not, but I probably cannot say more than that!
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    Hmmmmm, Eastenders?. Always was, still is, and always will be the biggest load of UTTER CRAP ever put on television.
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    BMC 1.5 are a simple engine but can be a pig to bleed after changing the fuel filters, the oil filter is normally inside a canister unless it’s had a spin on conversion it’s easier to remove the canister from the block and change the filter on the bench than try to do it in situ. A normal service would include oil and filter, fuel filter ( mine has two) and a new raw water pump impeller.
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    Hi Troubridge Yes easy when you know where it's just across from ASAP which is handy, best value i have ever found, there lunches are special to just like you nans proper cooking, no fancy stuff fireman, police, learner cars all use it has to be good as no passing trade except the local businesses, shame it closes after lunch time, John
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    Yes well done indeed. Not so sure that Richo's would be the only yard to step up to the mark and 'Do the right thing' though. Bit of a sweeping statement is that one. To date 'B.A' has been bashed where repairs were required about three times now. Each time - Yes is was a Richo's hireboat. Each time Richo's have sorted it immediately, well to be perfectly honest they sorted it just once as I fixed it mysen the other times but Richo's did offer. Just remembered a fourth - a Martham hirecraft snapped our ensign staff whilst we were moored outside the Pleasureboat inn at Hickling. I dropped off the staff as we passed their place going back to PH. By the time we got under 'That' bridge, got moored up, put the kettle on, repaired ensign staff was back with us - Proper quick service was that, couldn't have asked for more Griff
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    Computers do have their uses! My fishing licence used to run from April to April, it now runs from the anniversary of the previous purchase. If the EA can do it then so can the BA. I agree that the basic format is about right but there is nothing to stop the current system evolving with a little bit of help from techknowledgey.
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