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    In fairness, the OP of this thread has asked for practical hands on assistance "on site" and has said he is prepared to pay for it. It does raise the question though - are we taking business away from professionals by giving away "trade secrets" on the forum? We all bemoan the loss of boatyard businesses on the Broads, which makes it difficult to find services, even though there are now very many more private motor boats than hire. So should we be saying that if you want to find good service, then you should "use it or lose it"? On the other hand, Gregg is quite right, in that there will always be those who will wish to do their own work and a forum like this is a great place to find help, as it has many members with the "knowledge". This still can't make up for practical experience though, and there are several jobs which just cannot be described on the Net. For instance, do owners of Fibreglass boats realise how vital it is to check the alignment of the engine to the prop shaft, after the boat has spent a time laid up on the hard, or been transported by road? The PRM gearbox (which Smitch has) is one of the best, but it does not contain its own thrust bearing (so a Plummer block must be fitted on the shaft) and it is particularly susceptible to stripping the splines off the inside of the output coupling if the engine is not properly in line. Alignment is definitely a job for a trained marine engineer. Another example - the BMC 1.5 (which does indeed come from London black cabs) can be difficult to start and needs a lot of pre-heat and battery power. It can be made a lot easier if you advance the injector pump a bit but if you do this too much, it will make white smoke when running at slow speed. This is a simple job which requires no special tools or gauges, but I certainly couldn't show you how to do it on the forum! Anyway, I shall be on holiday in Norfolk for a couple of weeks in May and if Smitch is available I will gladly come and spend an afternoon looking at the boat and the engine. Don't be surprised though, if I end up suggesting that there are a lot of jobs to be done which he would be better not to try for himself!
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    Mind you it sounds like when you got to Barton you were thinking, Should I stay or should I go now?
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    Hmmm, I need to check this out. Had some mixed messages about the place. We will be back shortly so I'm going to investigate. I think it was run in the past commensurate with the clientele and location. I am a bit concerned in case the target audience proves to be unattainable. We shall see. Having said that I am, and will remain, a keen supporter of Broadland hostelries
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    We both finally shook off the horrible virus that laid us low for a month or more and managed to get to the boat on the Thursday before good Friday and had a lovely few days on board. Did we go anywhere much? Of course not! It's cleaning time this time of the season and although Tony had given the boat a good wash last time we were there, this weekend was polishing time Although to my great surprise my patience was rewarded with a short cruise to the Postwick viaduct and back which with the glorious weather that was in place was a real joy. We're back again tomorrow for a long weekend which even though the weather isn't promising to be very accommodating will be lovely I'm sure. Tomorrow we're celebrating our Pearl wedding anniversary and I can't think of anywhere I'd rather be than on board, Although we will be having dinner at one of our favourite Norfolk venues The Wildebeest at Stoke Holy Cross. Carole
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    Another pic from our journey home , Horsey Mere
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    Onboard at 0105. 2Hrs 40 mins to do 162 miles inc a quick stop. Nice to see both Fwd and Aft Bilges dry on arrival. Planar fired up first touch as it should Time for bed, said Zebedee Griff
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    Yep it turns out the system didn`t like the space bar lol Pumpmedic now renamed as OldBerkshireBoy, thanks to all.
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    I remember that, wasn't it a song by The Clash from the early 80's went something like this, Shareef don't like it Rockin' the Casdah Rock the Casdah
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    Perhaps both owners and hirers need it to be drummed into them that is an offence to walk away from an accident that is of their own making.
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    I think some perspective is needed here, even though Mark's "earning a living" comment was undoubtedly made tongue in cheek. This is a great forum, but even if one took the total number of people who belong to Broads forums you would find it to ber a small minority of those who own boats on the broads. Not everybody likes computer forums. Even facebook probably only covers a minority. No, Calls for advice or assistance will have a minimal effect on broadland businesses with plusses outweighing minuses anyway. Were this not the case certain things would be different. J Packman would be quivering in his boots. Businesses would be fighting to get Forum patronage, and local Councillor's would be securing their re-election by replacing waste facilities. We are but a very small voice in a very large choir. An enjoyable voice, a constructive voice, even a wise voice, but still just a small one!
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    I'm all right. All my Michelin road maps are still working perfectly.
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    Jay - bit of advice - stop playing hard to get.!!!!!
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    Just a note to say that I am unable to make the meeting with the Tug o War guy due to a flat out rotten cold. Given that we had less than wild enthusiasm for getting dragged about Salhouse, I am calling it quits for this year. There's still a good plan so I doubt it will be much missed.
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    No BR black hard as nails
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    A quick google and I got this Hands to harbour stations Task order officer (not sure on this) Rig of the day Clear off the upper deck Nuclear, biological and chemical defence state 3 (could not find what state 3 means) Watertight upper hatches closed
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    I think Neatishead may be a bit more than a 20 minute walk, especially coming back.
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    Hi Chris We had Swan Roamer twice last year (have her again this year) and I think you will find Rapture is identical apart from the stern where Roamer has a low boarding platform. If you check out my write up and video on this forum "A Week On Swan Roamer: 21st - 28th April 2018" under Holiday Tales you will find a section at the beginning of the video showing the interior. Paddys Lane is a lovely mooring but you do have a security light on in Cox's boatyard on all night. Sutton Staithe is one of our favourite moorings but can get full, especially Sunday lunchtime when there is a carvery at the hotel also a lot of Richardsons boats use it as a last night stop so Friday especially can be full quite early.
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    Of course MM, I should have realised, the Worlds satnav system has been reprogramed to show the Broads as a full fledged National park. Who on earth could have committed such a dastardly deed ??!
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    Crazy, NE - All the gear and no idea Ban pigeon control = no longer worth growing Rape = The Bee population suffers You couldn’t make it up. I take it NE have taken this into account? Or are they just using this exercise to cash in on issuing pest control licenses? Increasing production costs - Great move NE - Richard Craniums Griff
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    Welcome to the Forum OBB
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    What actually surprised me was the lack of Broads Attractions in the Awards let alone as finalists. That's despite there being some superb attractions in the Broads area.
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    what's that peter?
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    I managed to get one from the Lowestoft office, which I believe still has a small stock. 01502 500505
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    We don't allow those, either, also with good reason. I'd suggest using camel case ie 'PumpMedic'
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    capture them all and send them to Chris Packham?
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    Brilliant. Don’t know how you do it Griff
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    Whilst I couldn't agree more, the nearest parallel we have to this is a collision on the road, and everybody knows that you have to either stop and exchange details, or report it to the police. So what makes anybody think it would be any different when dealing with items that in a lot of cases are worth a lot more than your average car? Try drumming it in as much as we want, but in our hearts we already know that the people that don't stop, know they should stop and don't give two hoots about other peoples property.
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    Usernames can only contain letters or numbers, those are the main rules. Spaces and any special characters cause problems hence they're not allowed.
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    I dont think the software likes spaces, or certain punctuation items either, if you put the username you wish to use in the search it should find any other instances, otherwise pm me the username you wish to change to and I will see if I can find why it wont allow it.
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    I have to wonder if businesses make more from putting someones feckup right than doing the original job as it always takes twice as long.
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    I note that 'dog treats' are on offer. Presumably Grain are hoping for a better class of dog, at least not ones that cock their legs against the legs of restaurant tables! Fully agree with Nog's assessment.
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    If a fair way of electing members can't be found for a body with "powers" then the "powers" should be removed. A simplistic view which would leave the job of devolving "necessary" powers to pre-existing democratically elected bodies. Not an impossible task though I have taken holidays all over the UK and never felt that I should have a vote in their local elections even though as a visitor planning decisions, fees, access etc. would affect me.
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    Yes just follow the path and it will come out at Barton Turf. You can walk to Neatishead from there about 20 minute walk.
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    My suggestion was directed towards reforming the Navigation Committee. Direct election votes for all property owners within the BA Exec. area for the main authority perhaps? As for anglers and twitchers, they pay nothing directly to the Broads. I've long held that they should!
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    Hi Graham. I was not previously aware of Paddy's Lane moorings until I saw reference to them on here. I had worked out they had to be somewhere around Barton Turf, so thanks for confirming that and for the helpful directions. To help correct a little confusion I may have caused, Lyn and I are there for three weeks. A group of siblings and nephews/nieces are meeting up with us for the first weekend, Friday to Monday, which is why I am researching possible moorings for two boats on the Friday evening. I think on Saturday we will be mudweighting on Malhouse Broad (Ranworth) which has special memories for us all. Cheers Chris
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    I can’t talk and eat cake
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    Isn't it just! :-)
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    Now where did I put that darn violin?
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    I always liked the look of the Sancerres but never hired one. I know there is one moored at Thurne (or used to be) but they do seem to have largely disappeared from the Broads. To the fens clearly!
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    A warning written in one of these!
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    An alert to sexually explicit material in a book.
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    I'm pleased both Richardsons and BA have responded positively. What's a blue book warning?
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    Spoke to Richardson’s, fortunately the hirers held their hands up and admitted the incident, the Richardson’s are going to call me at some point today to sort out repairs. Closer inspection there are 1000's of scratches all the way down the hull a broken fender eye, broken window hinge in the head, a burst fender and a great big dirty black mark from the rub strip hitting us not to mention a very shook up wife who had me checking the bilges all evening for water ingress. BA have also spoken to the helm and given them a blue book warning. For anyone reading this remember this, if they had not stopped after I had called them back the BA were prepared to prosecute them for leaving the scene of an accident, so if you should hit another boat please don’t just drive off, stop and exchange details.
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    Don't worry Mark - there will still be business for you, once they have got the threads crossed on the fuel connections, put the fuel filter back on with the gasket cocked and wonder why they can't bleed the air out, snapped off the head studs in the thermostat housing, failed to align the raw water pump pulley and wondered why the gearbox rear oil seal is pouring oil because they failed to check the shaft alignment after launching the boat (or didn't know how to). You still can't beat practical, hands-on experience, especially with old engines.
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    One side finished !
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    There might be a demographic issue regarding a yard's targeted customer base, who knows. Could be headed towards deep water on that one !
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