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    Yes, I hadn’t spotted that. But I would have expected that anyone with the slightest degree of integrity, having so humiliatingly lost the confidence of their electorate and their participating Authority, to resign immediately. A forlorn expectation in this case, it appears. That the CEO of the BA hasn’t taken steps for his immediate replacement further erodes the remnants of public trust on the body, if any actually remains. My heart sincerely goes out to the honest, hardworking employees of the BA, who have to work in the shadow of such ... words fail me, or would be turn into *****
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    I don't often do holiday tales, but having been accused today of ratcheting up pressure on the BA, apparently in a pompous and dogmatic way, that and seeing the water clarification project thread, I thought it was time to turn my hand to a holiday tale, partly by way of an explanation. Just over two weeks ago I headed to the boat with a friend to spend a week aboard. After spending the first day catching up with a few jobs and spending the first night in the marina we headed out on the Sunday to travel North for the week. Sunday night saw us nestled on The Bridge Inn moorings and a few pints and a very enjoyable meal, whilst we discussed plans for the rest of the week. Now normally at this stage we would discuss a route that involved a trundle up to Potter to check the bridge height in the hope that we might get through and plans for when we didn't. My boat is an ex hire boat, and was built to pass that bridge on occasion. Since it has been in my ownership it has passed that bridge about five times, but not for about four years now. Anyway for some reason we made our plans and never even considered Potter bridge and beyond. The plan was for Coltishall on Monday evening and to try out The Rising Sun which is now in the hands of Colchester Inns. For those that don't know, the same group that run The Recruiting Sargant and The Ship South Walsham. Monday morning see us up early as we knew the noise from the road bridge would mean little chance of a lie in. Coffee machine on and cast off and head towards South Walsham to drop the mud weight and enjoy breakfast. A thoroughly enjoyable breakfast done and it was time to cast off and continue our journey. The empty moorings outside The Ferry and it being lunchtime meant it was rude not to stop and part with some cash. Ever mindful of our final destination we didn't spend too long there and cast off to continue our journey. A very pleasant cruise towards Wroxham and as we headed into Wroxham, we were absolutely gob smacked and couldn't believe what we saw. 7ft7in clearance under Wroxham bridge! Yes that's right 7ft 7ins! We both looked at each other and at the same time said, "we never even consider Potter bridge this trip, what clearance is there under Potter?" My boat only needs 6ft6in under Wroxham, slightly less if I'm feeling really brave. My record so far is 6ft 4.5ins and never again at that. Any way we continued to Coltishall and enjoyed a thoroughly good meal in The Rising Sun. Perhaps not quite the standard of their other pubs, but given it's mass market location, still very good. A definite improvement and we shall be going back. The next morning dawned and so did a phone call to the pilot. Low water is still a few hours away and we have 6ft9in clearance. Give the pilot the name of my boat when it was in hire and he confirmed we need 6ft 9in. Wahay! I know that Pat took it under at less than that, but I'm happy when there're happy. Weather is looking fine for the next couple of days and we deliberate on whether to alter our plan which was for Tuesday night in Wroxham and give Liberty a chance in it's new disguise, or head straight to Potter. Wednesday had been planned for going up the Ant, but that would definitely be Potter if we didn't go Tuesday. Tuesday morning dawned nice and sunny and we had remembered the EA gauge at Repps and clearance was still holding good and potentially improving slightly so we opted for Wroxham Tuesday night. A very good meal was had in Liberty and I can only say that it really doesn't compare to last year's meal. Not sure if it is still the same owners as rumoured, but they have done more than just try to bury the bad reputation. The food and service is chalk and cheese. Sitting at the table just finishing dinner and talk turns to heading to Potter the next day for that bridge! We are moored at the Viaduct moorings and we could stay there, or perhaps take a night cruise to a more peaceful mooring! The trains do rumble through quite early. It's dark outside but little alcohol has been consumed, the bridge clearance is still really good at Wroxham and the thought of passing the bridge whilst it's quiet and without the day boats etc, buzzing around is just too appealing. TBC
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    Within the Brundall area we have, A partially burnt boat that has been abandoned on Surlingham Broad since last summer. A yacht left on Church Fen 24 hour moorings since before Easter, the local yoofs have taken an interest in it, i chased them off and photographed Saturday evening. These two untolled vessels will be more expensive to refloat than they will be be tow away. Two areas of the river still substantially obstructed by fallen trees. A collection of boats that have obscured reg numbers and no tolls, again. However, these things cost money to rectify, no point in pursuing boats that are continually untolled as the costs will never be recovered, far better to spend a considerable time and effort sending rangers out to check if reg numbers are displayed in accordance with the authority's latest whim, not the bye laws but a recently interpreted 'guidance' leaflet that is now the third version in a few years. How to win friends and influence people. NOT.
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    Marshman, to use your own parlance from earlier on in this thread, Why is it I sometimes get the impression that some people really cannot have a lot to do in their life??? other than to constantly belittle other members comments. It is after all quite a nice day outside where I am so I'm now going outside to potter around the garden. I'll be back when politeness resumes!
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    The Rangers and the Authority should be spending their time and energy pursuing the many regular non toll payers who year after year flout paying. This would at least increase income. The ability to identify a vessel has not changed, the Authority's wish to speed up the process because they changed the issuing of the toll has. To call the new toll system paperless is a joke. I get two envelopes with separate receipts and two lots of additional paper in addition to the two separate reminders issued in March. They have my email, why not use it.
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    Almost a repeat of last year but Tuesday to Tuesday this time. There will be a link to the video added later (lots of editing to do). Saw plenty of wildlife, goslings, duckings, one coot, Grebes nesting, a few Marsh Harriers and plenty of Herons. This was our third time with Swan Roamer, next time is June and then we have her booked twice in 2020 (we do like this boat). We did see the Irstead Ranger about quite a bit, probably far more than in previous years. Weather was rather mixed ranging from sunshine through rain and then hail, chilly most of the time but still enjoyable, if Easter hadn’t been so late this year we would have had the glorious sunshine that earlier visitors enjoyed. Tuesday 30th April Left home far too early really but I was unsure what the traffic would be like on a weekday but once we cleared the Milton junction on the A14 it was pretty much 70mph all the way (except roundabouts!!) As usual we stopped in Hoveton (Wroxham) for the toilets (parked in Roy’s car park), proceeded to Womack for sandwiches and coffee then made our way to Richardsons at about 12:15. We knew that checkin didn’t open until 13:00 now but it gave us chance to have a wander around the yard and locate Swan Roamer. Noticed a new sedan boat outside the build sheds, not sure if it is the long rumoured one or not. It looked as if there were a lot of boats not out (or going out) which tended to confirm what I had seen on Hoseasons web site and the general rumours that trade is down this year. Once checked in the instructor showed us round the boat, we asked for an extra rope, blanket and lump hammer (we couldn’t see the latter two on board but subsequently found them, we were glad to have two blankets most nights though). Once signed off (no trial run since we are regulars) and the boat loaded we left the yard at about 13:45. We headed down the Ant with the intention of mooring at Irstead if possible (no such luck) or continue to How Hill which was to be. Good mooring near the cottage and then a walk up to the grassed area where some some photographs of the vegetation were taken, I had been hoping for a few early Damselflies and Butterflies but no such luck, I guess the chilly weather has delayed everything. Once back on the boat we finished unpacking and then thought about tea of Chilli (brought with us frozen) and rice. Hoping for a good sunset but again this was not to be so quite an early night (as is our wont on the Broads) at about 21:00. How Hill staithe stayed quite empty all night, in fact we found that all moorings were half empty every day and the rivers very quiet until the weekend. Wednesday 1st May Left How Hill just after 08:00 and decided to head for Womack with the intention of having the Carvery at the Kings Arms this evening. We made a detour down to South Walsham to Russell’s for water (still only £1), some dredging going on down Fleet Dyke and Russell’s quay heading not good. 9ft under Ludham Bridge. Arrived at Womack to find plenty of room and moored alongside Swan Rapide, two boats away from us on the other side there was a large blue boat that I initially thought was private but in fact it was one of Broom’s large new ones, very smart it looks too. Got talking to the couple on Swan Rapide who were not happy about the foot of the beds having restricted space and being freezing cold plus a very deep step as you entered the boat, I have subsequently looked at the layout of this boat and it really doesn’t look good. Noticed a Grebe’s nest opposite and spent the afternoon mainly watching the male tidying the nest up which the female was sitting on, at this stage we weren’t sure if the eggs had hatched or not. Later in the afternoon the guy on the boat now moored in Swan Rapide’s spot came up to me to say he recognised me from our videos and was looking forward to this years. In the end we decided not to eat out this evening. After the problem getting the mud weight up last year I had decided that it wasn’t necessary with the wind being so light. The staithe was pretty much full but most boats were a little spread out so there would have been space for another one or two but no arriving boats seemed too concerned. Thursday 2nd May Topped up with water and left Womack at about 08:15 having decided on Neatishead for tonight. Once clear of the staithe we very slowly approached the Grebe’s nest (not too close) and took some video and photographs, it was now apparent that the chicks had hatched but probably only just, we did keep well clear so as not to disturb them which is more that some boats had done yesterday when they must have gone quite close at speed without noticing the nest. Saw a few Kingfishers up the Ant and when on Barton Broad I checked (again) to see if any boats were following me and didn’t see anything but as we were about three quarters the way across a Broadlander came past us at what must have been full throttle, he then disappeared into Lime Kiln Dyke. It always amazes me when people complain that they use a lot of fuel (over and above their fuel deposit even) but have been cruising all day and at speed, keep the revs down and these boats are very economical. We proceeded through the narrow section meeting several cruisers and Nancy Oldfield boats coming down and arrived at the staithe to find plenty of space, went in forward and moored one boat length in from the end. Shortly after our arrival three Barnes boats approached (2 Rhapsodies and one Lullaby), they were obviously together and all got safely moored, it transpired that they were a party of Germans (with a couple of English) who were on a company outing, presumably a team building exercise. By late afternoon the three Barnes boats left and then others came up until the Staithe was full again. Beware, there is a very grumpy Swan at Neatishead (we also saw one at Sutton Staithe, could be the same one) that will try to eat your boat, ropes and shoes, even tried to get on our bathing platform. We went to the White Horse for dinner which was good, as normal, Claire had the battered fish while I opted for the ham with eggs, there was far too much ham for me although I did eat it all. I do wish though that they didn’t serve Coleslaw with most dishes, I hate it. Friday 3rd May Rain was forecast for all day and after I topped the water up and left Neatishead it started. We were going to go to Ranworth and/or Cockshoot but decided to go back to Womack since it is cleaner there when wet than either of the other two. Nothing else to report this day. Saturday 4th May Once topped up with water again we left Womack, destination Sutton Staithe. There were a fair number of boats about now being Bank Holiday weekend and we met a few coming down the Ant with children standing and dancing on the top of them, some with lifejackets some without, really makes you wonder sometimes. When we got to the last corner before Ludham Bridge I could see a boat on the other side with his stern partially blocking the opening with another boat waiting upstream of the bridge to come through as soon as there was space, once the other boat had got through we then proceeded and found that the current through the bridge was quite strong (combination of wind and tide) meaning plenty of throttle was necessary. It was now quite windy and Barton Broad was fairly choppy with some white horses, Short sharp showers of rain and then later very heavy hail, I was glad that we had demisters for the windscreen. There was plenty of space at Sutton Staithe and we moored well down the first section where it was fairly sheltered. A lot of heavy hail showers throughout the afternoon making the decks treacherous if you ventured out. Met our grumpy Swan again (if it is the same one). Sunday 5th May This morning was pump out day even though the indicator light said it was still ok so it was a trip round the corner to Richardsons for this and to fill up with water. We were unsure where we were going today but thought Irstead would be nice but space availability was doubtful. As we went back down Stalham Dyke a Kingfisher was spotted so it was a quick stop of the boat and Claire managed to get a short piece of video before the bird flew. Irstead was indeed full so we went past, then a short way down stream of Irstead two Otters were spotted swimming straight towards the boat but they dived before Claire could pick up a camera. We carried on cruising down well past How Hill and then turned thinking we will go to Gays Staithe. As we approached Irstead again we could see it was completely empty so we moored in the inner section and pulled the boat as far forward as possible in order to give space for another 30ft boat behind us (Roamer is marked at 35ft but I think it is nearer 36). Shortly afterwards a private boat moored on the outer section and then another small private boat moored behind us for an hour or so. A whole bunch of canoeists arrived and had a bit to eat and a rest, it transpired they were from a London canoe club and were up for the weekend camping near Dilham. Later in the evening a 42/45ft bathtub decided he was going to moor behind us, he tried and ended up touching our stern with his stern on the quay heading of the private house next to the staithe on the downstream side, I had a quiet word with him and advised that there really wasn’t enough space after which he gently edged away and went towards Barton Broad. Monday 6th May Having left Irstead we went to Barton Turf for water and then had a gentle meander up to Wayford Bridge where we stopped for some lunch. Although I was tempted with Dilham we didn’t make any attempt to pass under Wayford Bridge because it was only reading just over 7ft and Roamer is marked as 7ft and when having the pump out the day before Richardsons said they had had a boat stuck under the bridge on Saturday. On our way back downstream we had to avoid two large pieces of tree mid-stream just down from the boatyard. Went on down across Barton Broad again to Gays Staithe where we moored for the afternoon. Orca came in for water so had a short chat with Alan & Dave (JawsOrca). About 15:30 we unmoored and took a slow amble up to Stalham, getting on to Heron Quay was a bit of a challenge with boats going out but finally we got onto the quay, there were an awful lot of boats in so maybe business is slow at the moment. It rained on and off all evening again. Tuesday 7th May Woke up early again and it was still raining, once packed and everything back in the car the boat was refuelled and we went to the office to checkout. We got nearly £110 back from our £150 Fuel Deposit so just over £40 worth of diesel used, ok, we had only done about 4 hours gentle cruising each day at less than about 1400 revs but the heating had been on every evening and morning (no engine started, batteries good) when we got up. Just shows, with no speeding and taking it easy how little diesel is used. The drive home was uneventful, Sat Nav (not needed but just in case diversion was necessary) was showing heavy congestion on the A14 at Cambridge but by the time we got there it was clear. I will add a link to the video in a week or so and then our next visit is in June, hoping for better weather then with Butterflies and Dragonflies.
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    Hmm. I’m thinking of changing my boats current ID marks to make them a tad larger- I’m worried with the guidance I may not comply. They are fine in terms of contrast colour (white marks on a navy background should suffice?), they are fine with placing on the stern and on each side near the bow, but perhaps they should be a bit bigger. I think 6 inch high marks would be better. Oh, and whilst I am at it I think I will put the chinese symbol for each letter and number instead of the current alpha numeric ones. Whhaaaaat??? They will be placed correctly and very conspicuous indeed- I doubt many would miss them..... Its a nonsense. Huge numbers of us have seen Broad Ambition either on photos or some luckily up close and “in the flesh”, exactly who’s first thought has been “oh but there isn’t an ID mark exactly there where it should be to comply with guidance”? No, the vast majority think what a lovely boat, how brilliant that she has been saved and restored for the future, and what a lot of time, skill, love and money has been put into it. Ultimately, it will be for Broad Ambition’s owners to consider what they want to do, and this may well be to comply with guidance. It may not. Quite simply it is wholly their call but I, for one, would wholly understand either decision. What I do not and will never understand is BA grubbing around and making an issue when there isn’t one- there are lots of far more important issues to address. If grub they must for reasons only known to themselves, then ECIPA is totally correct-there are ways and ways of doing things....
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    I hear alarm bells here. I usually do when I read gobbledygook. "Now a new “bio-manipulation” project aims to restore clear waters to Ranworth Broad and Barton Broad," … Didn't Barton Broad have an awful lot of money spent on it doing just that? "paving the way for the return of osprey, common terns and rare aquatic plants currently thwarted by the murky depths." ….And just how will the RSPB treat boating activities if Ospreys are seen on Barton? "Predators such as pike can no longer hide among the plants, leading to unnaturally high populations of roach and bream. Roach feed on the zooplankton which would ordinarily eat algae" … Ahhh so Roach are a good thing. :-) "Predators including pike and osprey will reduce the impact of the grazers – zooplankton-feeding fish – by moving them around more." … ahhh so Pike and Osprey are a bad thing? :-( "Forty years ago, conservationists closed off one of the Broads’ freshwater lakes, Cockshoot Broad, from the main river system to restore its water. Cockshoot’s water is still clear," Hmmm, So it's boats that are to blame. Well, you all know I just love a conspiracy theory, and I smell a whopper here. They want to reduce the roach and bream population. They want to increase the Pike population. They want an Osprey population and Little Tern population. Well those alarm bells just keep on ringing.
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    Perhaps that's why the byelaw needs to be rewritten to be more specific. At that point allowances could be made for historical, or certain other categories of boat and after that everyone could be made to comply with the byelaw. I do agree that it may be an easier approach to do what the rangers ask, as long as that remains a voluntary action, and not something incorrectly forced with the threat of prosecution. Consider this, if Griff takes his marks off and moves them to the bow, it will leave holes that need to be filled. I can see that would really upset him. Now how about this for an approach. The BA identify boats that do not satisfy it's "guidance" leaflet and then write to the owners politely and explain the problems that have been created since the abolition of the toll plaque. They enclose another set of registration marks and ask the owner whether they would mind applying the new set of marks in line with their guidance leaflet and also explaining that they have no problem with the owner leaving the existing ones in place as well. I doubt if many people would have objected to that! A right and a wrong way springs to mind. Or is that just too reasonable for this Authority?
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    I suspect the vast majority would like to see a speed limit on Breydon Water and would possibly comply if the Authority issued guidance to their Speed byelaws that any body of water not specifically covered by their byelaws has a top speed limit of 6mph. However I can see that would upset a few. Complying with guidance, rather than the byelaws, sets a dangerous precedent, especially given the current administration at the BA. Give an inch and they will willingly take a mile.
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    Pic taken in 1982
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    You've got it Jeff. Yes, Gracie and Jay there is a pub. Here's one from another angle.
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    Why does this strike me as having a great potential to go horribly wrong? - even if it does achieve its goal, it seems a little too close to playing god for my liking, surely the correct thing to do would be remove the root cause (they mention fertilisers draining into the waters, rather than playing around with the eco balance? a lot of other factors have changed since they closed cockshoot broad and cleaned that, dredging practices, etc was cockshoot ever open to boaters? and is it still open to boaters? hmm that could be a bad precedent to follow.
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    Admiral 7, South Walsham Broad, August 1982.
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    Early Bank Holiday 2019 Saturday 4th May. All threw the week I was really hoping on getting up to Norfolk on the Friday after work but in complete comparison than the Easter bank holiday the weather sadly was looking to be typical bank holiday weekend weather, so we abandoned that idea and planned to get up for Saturday instead. The weather as we left home looked perfect with lovely blue sky but fluffy white clouds, the temperature had also taken a kicking and it was below 10dc with that strong and even colder north wind. As we entered east anglia though the heavens did indeed open and the hail let rip, it was a bit random with hail one moment then blue sky effectively all the way up the A11. Thankfully as we arrived at the boat the rain has stopped but the wind was strong and we decided it was a little too strong to really get away from the berth whilst its that windy, I noticed the forecast hinted that it was due to slowly reduce into the evening so we decided to do a few things on the boat and head into Norwich for some dinner. Dave got straight on and repaired the port airhorn, easy fix a blown fuse! The starboard truck actual air horn, the motor had died, I had brought a new one up but it was too much work to replace being an electric replacement so that's for another day! I'd grabbed a transom fender for the swimdeck so Dave sorted that out. I found some little flags for our new masthead including a little Norfolk county to proudly fly and also a Kent county as Orca is registered here in Rochester. Also after some time of not having a NBN burgee I put that on. We also got a new action camera (like a gopro) so I scratched to work out where to mount that, kinda settled on the masthead just below the anchor light. Dave quickly installed some new mooring rings on the pontoon and a cool big soft fluffy corner fender for the pontoon which I wanted so I can look forward to that when we get back to the berth. All sorted needed food. We wasn't sure what to do, I had an old mate Greg (Dave, John, Bob, whatever his name is ;) )on speed dial who is a tractor loving local and I'd hope can offer some recommendations, he started with the Fur and feather but no thats a "boat pub" (only visited when we are on the boat), next was a Mexican in Norwich which sounded funky, then finally he mentioned a quirky fish and chip restaurant in a pub but you get to sit in the vaults below.. That ticked the boxes, we aimed for there. It was already late afternoon when Dave crashed the car into the tiny bays in St giles carpark, bang in the central of Norwich but around the corner from FSH at the Grosvenor, we ordered two cod and chips at the bar and ventured down a dark set of steps into the vaults of the pub, the food was fab and the place very quirky indeed, top marks to Greg for the tip! We had a quick wander around, sadly most places were shutting up for the evening but we headed to a little shop which is my favourite, it's just infront of the forum and is a shop selling all movie and game memorabilia, very quirky again and we grabbed a Fallout Nukacola cup for Orca ;) It felt like the wind had started to calm down so we waved good bye to Norwich. For some unknown reason Dave wanted to check out the Horsey beach and have a quick walk, I must admit it was bitterly cold and sounded like a stupid idea to me but I could do with some fresh air. Entering the Car park there was no other souls about, the car door almost blew off the car when I opened it and the sound of an unhappy north sea was deafening, We've really not heard it that loud before Dave went up onto the cliffs and I went down and yeah the waves were huge and breaking pretty much right onto the dunes, it was pretty scary to watch the power of the sea but thankfully the wind made for a short stay. Back to the boat at last, the wind had indeed dropped right off here and allowed for us to leave the berth without too much fear. Engine on and indeed no contact made at all we was soon on the River heading south. I wasn't sure what to do but it was gone 8pm and kinda fancied heading down a bit as to make the most of the weekend. As we crossed Barton broad the sun was starting to dip below the horizon and the fluffy storm clouds now pestering further south just looked pretty cool. Irstead had a Gap but didn't quite fancy spending the night there, I had How hill in my head and then we could have an early morning stroll in the morning. Indeed I spotted a gap right at the end just beside the windmill and with the last bit of sun just setting behind it left for some neat pictures with Orca all lit up. A busy but productive first day but a better day than expected with the pesky bank holiday weather.
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    Because Grendel my friend they have absolutely no idea what will actually result. A few questions first of all. 1.why is there a presupposition that clear waters are preferable? 2. Who decided 1 on the basis of what? 3. As clear and or murky waters have completely different micro ecologies why is it a good idea to suppress one in favor of another unless in an attempt to provide a habit for species not YET resident in the area is the goal? 4. What is the goal of all these projects to introduce apex predators into what are artificial however reasonably stable ecosystems. Sea Eagles to the Isle of Wight, Ospreys and so on? Maybe someone doesn’t like how successful the otters have been or maybe they didn’t figure out how successful they would be. For an Apex predator anything that’s within its weight capability is a target, lambs, small dogs, otters, geese, ducks, wildfowl in general. It wasn’t long ago we were talking about where have all the wildfowl gone and now more raptors ? If as the article claims the initial causes of the algal population levels have now been removed or as they say controlled then why is this necessary at all. Leave it alone it will clear in its own time as anyone with a large pond can tell them, unless there is another reason? Who knows.. Oh well who am I to question? Better to just keep my head down in “open forum” and let my betters decide eh? M
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    Pally mate your sentiments here I believe are in complete concurrence with the sentiments of not sticking to the law highlighted in the Rangers Purge thread. Compliance to the law when convenient otherwise, well just overlay our own guidance documents to suit our already made decisions. I have seen this personally in many business instances of dealing with people who don’t expect and don’t really know how to deal with people who say NO you’re wrong. The usual appeals to pseudo authority follow, followed by bluster and threats implied or inferred then complete silence after referring back to head office to be told or reminded that guidance is non enforceable and that they’re wrong. Even if that’s not what they were told five hours before when they left home base. Electric posts anyone? M
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    Why not place new marks on a nice hardwood plaque and use 22mm push fit pipe clips to mount on the pulpit. That way they can be easily removed for shows, photo opportunities etc. Everyone should be happy with that. I do wonder why one of the ten most well known boats on the broads needs further marks added so the BA can recognise it. Out of interest just where were the toll discs displayed on Broad Ambition before the BA went 'paperless'. Colin
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    That question is irrelevant, as I was responding to a totally different suggestion that was being put forward. My point was that guidance on legislation is very common and, while the guidance cannot be enforced, it can be, and is, used to support enforcement. In the case of Broad Ambition, it is my view that, if the issue of the Notice of Contravention is not challenged and expunged, should a prosecution be brought at a later date, that notice could be referred to as evidence of the awareness of the owner that an alleged infringement had been committed, and that the lack of a challenge might indicate acceptance of that allegation. If I was in that situation, I wouldn't be taking to social media, I would be taking this up directly with the Head of Ranger Services to try to come to a solution.
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    On the wider issue of tolls, don't they have a database? Instead of looking at every boat they could just seek out boats that haven't paid that are flagged up by the database. I don't know how widespread toll avoidance is but a list of non reneweds should surely be printable and able to be carried by rangers. Checking doesn't then have to be high tech, the question then being not have they paid but are they on the much shorter list of non payers.
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    However, see also 5.—(6) During his term of office the chairman shall continue to be a member of the Authority until the appointment of the next chairman at the next annual meeting of the Authority. The effect of this is to extend the Chairman's appointment as a member of the BA until the AGM, which is 26th July.
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    I don't know the details of Mr Thirtle's position, but, if he is a local authority representative and that authority has given notice to the BA that he is no longer their representative, then he can only stay in post for one month after that notice was given. Broads Act 1988: Replacement of members 2.—(1) The appointment of a person to the Authority by a participating authority shall end if he ceases to be a member of the authority. (2) The appointment to the Authority of a member of the Navigation Committee (under section l(3)(c) of this Act) shall end if he ceases to be a member of that Committee. (3) Where a person's appointment ends by virtue of sub-paragraph (1) above, the participating authority shall as soon as practicable give notice of that fact to the Authority. (4) A participating authority may at any time end the appointment of a person appointed to the Authority by that participating authority and appoint another person in his place. (5) Where a participating authority exercises its powers under sub-paragraph (4) above— (a) it shall give notice of the ending of the appointment to the Authority; and (b) the new appointment shall take effect, and the previous appointment end, at the end of the period of one month beginning with the date on which the notice is given.
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    Admiral Seven passing trip boat Regal Lady at May Gurney's? yard, Thorpe, river Yare, August 1982.
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    I'll have to find the time to read through, although quickie.. Malanka is gorgeous, I know we've seen her a couple of times and she's certainly a head turner.. I can see she's flying a Broom flag too :) Thanks for being her custodian and keeping her looking amazing.. The broads is so much more with these woodies.
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    A slightly stressful outbound journey today navigating through the sailies but a lovely return journey
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    Definitely BA, hence last years damage to my window.
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    Did the BA make an issue of this, or did we?
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    I think I have figured a solution that would satisfy the bylaws to the letter at least.
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    "Areas of both freshwater lakes equivalent to the size of 24 football pitches". My alarm bells started to tinkle as well. The entire area of Baron Broad is a statutory navigation, NOT just the marked 'channel' and it is widely used, not only by 'saileys'.
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    Which does rather beg the question, what accident is likely to happen if the reg numbers are not in line with the guidance?
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    Another solution to the 'problem' ( if indeed it really exists outside of Yare House) would be to re introduce toll stickers. Nobody seemed to object to those.......
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    We are going round in circles you have your opinion I have mine we will have to settle for that, it just seems unreal that a few cannot accept what the vast majority are happy to comply with.
  33. 2 points
    I agree, Paladin, that the expected response under the circumstances would be to resign. But if such a resignation is not forthcoming, then the law is clear - he carries on until the AGM. I can’t see how JP could circumvent that even if he wanted to.
  34. 2 points
    It occurs to me that the rangers might be hoping that they will be able to read the numbers on a line of stern on moored boats from one of their launches at Salhouse or Womack for example. If this is the case they are chasing their own tails as the objective should be that a boat should display it's numbers in such a way they can be read from the land or water however it's moored. This would be impractical, also god help us if the BA start using drones! It is further my guess that the BA hasn't tried to update the bylaws as it doesn't employ anyone sufficiently articulate to word such a law. Writing rules regulations and instructions in an unambiguous manner is the minefield that keeps those in the legal profession so well heeled.
  35. 2 points
    This boils down to two points for me: 1) it is either a law, or guidance. One can be enforced, the other cannot. I feel sure I could write some very detailed guidance for how the BA should operate and things that’s they should do, and even get it published and circulated. With much regret, my chances of ever enforcing my guidance on BA in a court of law are nada.... 2) the point of the law is to ensure that vessels can be identified easily and accurately, which allows BA to do so for checking that they have paid tolls, allows other vessels to identify them in case of any issues/accidents etc. The point of the guidance appears to be similar, to aid easy and accurately identification from the rear and from either side. I suggest the current placing of Broad Ambition’s identification mark would allow easy and accurate identification from each side and the rear. If m’lud has no further questions, then I shall rest my case....
  36. 2 points
    Good Friday morning gently and calmly announced itself with a ballet of reflected sunshine dancing across the ceiling in our cabin, it was the most gentle of awakenings and a beautiful start to the day. Fiona and I had mixed feelings over the day to come, sadness that we had to say au revoir to Christian, but great pleasure in saying bonjour a little later to Charlie Dolphin who was going to join us for the Easter break. There was also some annoyance that we would be revisiting the Eber at the boatyard. Salhouse broad was bathed in the most full glorious, not a cloud in the sky sunshine and it was time to get up and feed the browser who had announced his arrival the previous afternoon with the familiar sound of the fridge door opening and the immortal words, “what have you got in the fridge?” ringing in our ears. Such is the life of a parent methinks. Soon the frying pan was sizzling to the sounds a major local happy pig products breakfast coming together. Oven bottom muffins prepared, bacon crisped, sausages browned to perfection and split up the middle the fully laden steaming muffin was delivered to the wheelhouse and the awaiting ravenous twenty something. Christian wanted to be on his way back to Norwich mid-afternoon and I had agreed to take him in the car as this would be way more convenient that the train which he had used to get to Salhouse station the previous day. We had intended to drop him in Wroxham but as we had to go and revisit the heating that no longer made sense so a leisurely trip back up to Stalham it would be hopefully to meet with Charlie, this however wasn’t to go as planned. We were receiving updates from Charlie and we soon saw that she had set off from her house which is nestled a beautiful village in Essex some 80 minutes or so up the A12. We planned to go shopping on Good Friday to pick up those essential things one forgets the first time one goes shopping for a weekend. So fully fed, watered and content accompanied by Ken Bruce on Radio 2 we set off on our return to Stalham. The weather was breathtaking and so we had dropped the top prior to setting off and liberally applied sun screen to our exposed parts, or rather my exposed parts as both Christian and Fiona were still wrapped up like they were about to leave Captain Scotts tent for the last time. We passed Ludham bridge in full sun and continued our bimble upriver. After a most enjoyable bimble where I did eventually get to sit and let Christian helm, we arrived in Stalham where Phil had already contacted his boys and Roger set to investigating the heating. We also at this point received a rather tragic update from the Dolphin by way of a picture. Oh dear we thought, that doesn’t look good. It turns out Charlie was having some car difficulty and had requested the assistance of a very nice AA man who was doing his best to fix it at the roadside within 30 minutes. Stuck on brake calipers freed up, she was soon on her way again. Well done the AA. Whilst Charlie was wrestling with her rear brakes I took the opportunity to drop Christian, pick up Fiona, go shopping and return to await the arrival of the Dolphin. We had planned to pop up to Coltishal on Good Friday evening however the late arrival of the cetacean meant we would not be in a good place for the river level and bridge height and of course the time taken to bimble all that way. The sky was blue the sun was out and it was warm enough for shorts, what more can you want from April in Norfolk, other than to go somewhere else to enjoy the evening. Roger quickly identified and then of course rectified what the issue with the heating which of course was water in the pipe from our near sinking experience in the shed before Christmas. He cleared it all and the heating worked perfectly. We had a lovely trip down the Ant and down the bure and stopped eventually in Womack Water and dropped the mud weights, one over the bow and another identical one over the stern to make sure we didn’t get too friendly with the trees and adversely effect a pair of nesting Grebes close by. Cruising down the Ant with the felties. When we arrived in Womack there were no spaces available which had been discussed and anticipated due to the early evening arrival. In fact there were no spaces anywhere, not the dyke, the island nor the Staithe. Mudweighting seemed such a perfect solution. Hence the mudweight. We all had a very enjoyable evening, catching up sitting in the sunshine, listening to music, drinking some wine and deciding what to cook for dinner, we decided on steak in the end which was lovely, cooked in butter with garlic and some home-made twice cooked chips courtesy of the new cooker in the galley. Being April, the evening soon drew in quite chilly and we put up the top and closed the sides before all falling victim to the dreaded 9 o’clock I can’t be that tired sunny day in Norfolk impact. Tomorrow we would head up to Coltishal.
  37. 2 points
    We all seem to have a degree of uniformity on our number plates on cars/bikes without a great deal of fuss, don't we? Or perhaps that is my imagination? Jack Powels all had uniformity too on the Star Supreme class, maybe other classes too no doubt. We all seemed to manage with the location of the reg numbers just fine. Port Commissioners were fine too. Fifty three years of no issue until the Ba decided to go off on one Seems to me that Tampax Towers have nowt better to do. I'm sure the Rangers have however Griff
  38. 1 point
    That’s such good news Ray.
  39. 1 point
    Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing week at that idyllic slow pace that characterises the Broads. Will keep an eye out for your video as I'm subscribed to your channel Bryan. :)
  40. 1 point
  41. 1 point
    I believe there are in excess of 9000 private boats registered. Fred
  42. 1 point
    Always delighted John. It’s what friends are, those that can’t stay calm whilst disagreeing should not hit send... LOL
  43. 1 point
    I haven't noticed that he is a stickler for observing the law, if it suits him not to. There have been two occasions when I've had to beat the BA over the head with a legal tome, to get them to comply. I'm quite sure he could do it if he really wanted to.
  44. 1 point
    I would also think that viewing numbers on the stern of the boat would be impossible as the stern is generally below the quay heading, I could see the point that numbers on the cabin sides might be obscured by the boats moored alongside as viewed from either side of the wet shed, so it could be said that the ranger could not see any of the numbers, either due to the adjacent boats, or because the whole of the transom would not be visible. Sort of makes it a bit pointless to check the boats while they are in the wet shed doesnt it. unless of course they had a target list of boats already in mind.
  45. 1 point
    Sounds like you have a fine taste in Whisky Paul. I really love the knockando 18 year old . As for your cart/bogey . why not forget about welding and do it as we did when kids, wood, old pram or bike wheels, screws, nails nuts and bolts. Then build a fancy frame round it. A block of wood and bolt for the brake was only thing that kinda saved us from injury that and a pair of trainers. Good luck and slainte mhathe.
  46. 1 point
    Do you expect the rangers to go through the database and only issue contravention notices to those vessels the name of which has been used on other vessels? I fail to see why Broad Ambition should be picked out for special treatment, either for extra attention, or exemption. It’s a boat!
  47. 1 point
    Perhaps you should read the documents to which I posted links earlier. "During the 2018/19 season Rangers issued Notices of Contravention to boat owners whose vessels were not displaying their registration marks correctly. Notices in respect of 436 vessels have been issued, almost all in private ownership." What makes you think Broad Ambition should be treated any differently?
  48. 1 point
    MM we are talking about a Yorkshireman here you know.
  49. 1 point
    surprised they have not been deploying the rangers to clear the Yare of two large fallen trees above Brundall that have obstructed the navigation since before Easter. One tree blocks about a third of the river and the other one, on the opposite side just further up river, by a quarter. They have at least put up lots of yellow posts. I am sure i read somewhere that they had a duty to maintain the navigation ??? I have also read somewhere that they have a wonderful piece of expensive equipment to do the job.
  50. 1 point
    Assume you are good for suggestions about where you should tell them to stuff said notice...?
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