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    Porter & Haylett's yard at Wroxham in its Connoisseur days, Sept 81.
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    Very fond memories of wonderful family holidays and always being terrified when dad drove over the bridge to unload our luggage!
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    I think a suitable punishment might be to make them attend the meetings of the club and assist in the repair of the damage they caused, then they would get to know the people they have caused suffering to, they will gain an insight into the amount of work that goes in to a model railway layout, and on top of that they may also gain a new interest that would keep them off the streets.
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    Having set quizzes for the last 35 plus years. Most of them for local and national charities. Gauging the intellect of an audience you don't always know, is the hardest thing. Are you asking questions to people of low or high IQ.? Are you going to just ask questions, that everyone knows the answer to? You will always offend one party which ever way you set the questions. But with most audiences, people will come up to me afterwards saying. " Thank you for that it really got my brain working". Next time how about the winning team of "Regular quizzers" split up and join other teams ?
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    An updated BBC report of the vandalisum https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-england-lincolnshire-48348512 Just a note , some papers have been "emphasising" the maleness of railway Modelling. One of the clubs that had a layout destroyed was St Neots MRC, whose Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary and Exhibition Manager are..... All women.. We have several women in Broadland MRC.
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    I've been slow at updating this. I've been enjoying myself so much I haven't want to waste minutes by staring at my phone. Sunday 19th May We said goodbye to the folks at Salhouse and promptly messed up what should have been a simple departure. I forgot to switch over the steering from lower to upper, delayed by going downstairs to correct and then by the time I was back at the Upper helm the boat was pointing firmly towards next door. Thanks to Pauline and Cambridge Cabby for helping us correct. Today we were Great Yarmouth bound to head south. In the morning we made the journey as far as Acle in one hit. Those paddle boarder types were at it again around Thurne mouth but this time they'd turned away from Great Yarmouth when they reached the Bure. At Acle we needed water and so made a stop in Broads Boating Company basin. There were only 3 BBC boats in there and I've seen none on the river as I write this so I hope things are OK. We chugged around to the Bridge Inn where there was plenty of space and I'd booked a table for lunch. The food was lovely as always. We set off just after 3pm. This was on the early side given slack water wasn't until 1825 and sure enough we were in GY in no time with the outgoing tide but turning on to Breydon was slow. At full throttle on Breydon we made about 5mph. We moored for the night at Berney around 1815. It was very peaceful there, even though I continue to lament the loss of the pub. Rollie really enjoyed his 3rd walk of the day and seemed set on going as far as Great Yarmouth....
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    I look at the meet quiz as a bit of fun. We didn't do very well as we know nowt about snooker and films and next to nowt about at least one of the other topics but for me it is all about being there and the banter. Whether you get questions you can answer or not is just the luck of the draw.
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    Hi again, just tidying ends up here. Cators changed their policy between last year and this and they now require payment in advance. The knock on effect this year was that the non-attendees, excluding 3 medical emergencies, were paid for at £10 each. Next year we can adapt to this by paying for Salhouse to the Forum Paypal when we sign up then the money is sorted ahead of time.
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    there goes the neighbourhood
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    day 6, sunday, and it was packing away time, an invite for a Malanka cooked evening meal tempted me back up to coltishall common, where a wonderful evening was had.
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    day 5 saturday dawned, and it was cruise in company day, this went well apart from 1 boat that decided to overtake 3 others right on the corner by the swan as we came up, breath in everyone. I have noticed that 1 of my cameras has a smudge on the lens, please excuse this, s that I too could dress ship, Malanka's boathook was borrowed and the mount tube of my telescope was called into service to support it. as we passed the ferry inn, something unusual in pink was occurring. we passed water rail moored up.
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    day 3 was through potter heigham bridge, all the way to Wroxham, under the bridge and up to coltishall, then back to horning. passing wroxham broad there was a dayboat with a photographer and a swimsuit model. Wroxham village has a free mooring for a couple of boats.
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    day 2 pictures, up to catfield staithe and horsey
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    Additional photos from day1
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    Lets hope the judge is a model railway enthusiast. I know this won't happen but I'd like to see all their tech,I.e. PlayStation,Xbox, mobile, bedroom tv and laptops sold at auction, with them watching so they see how little they will fetch, and then, after commission of cause, made to hand over the money to the club at one of the meets. These kids lack values and ambition. Everything they have comes ready to use strait from the box once plugged in. No effort required. I was lucky enough to have a father teach me how to tap a thread, cut a tenon and solder a joint when about ten. Later to watch him scratch build a 5" gauge Britania class live steam loco. Sadly, I doubt, the parents of these lower life forms will be able to pass on anything of value and the social worker will say it's because they come from a deprived background. Deprived, my ar5e. Bring back borstal Colin
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    how about you doing it next year then?
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    without wanting to complain at what was after all an excellent quiz, and tricky even for the quizzers team, it would probably be better with some easier questions such that every team scored 50-75 percent, with maybe just a few tricky questions to sort out the top few places. That said it is always tricky to set the level of the questions, I have got it wrong on the quiz a couple of times, when I set questions that could only be answered with google. that and splitting the quizzers would seem to be the solution.
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    Someone who doesn’t quiz should set the quiz. We aren’t on the chase or pointless or tipping point and all teams bar one ( the regular quizzers) didn’t get anywhere near 45%. That’s not an inclusive quiz. Sorry to be a grump but it’s suppised to fun it’s not Friday quiz night. Whats the point of setting a quiz where only one team gets over 50% correct answers and everyone else is nowhere in sight? M
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    So they can learn how to use guns and sharp knives properly you mean?
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    Timbo, All things being equal (which they never are) I hope to get up to Nyx on Thursday.... Oooh, that's tomorrow... For a couple of weeks. If you're on the water, give me a shout, we need to do some urgent hostelry quality control.
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    Next year? The date is now in the Calendar May 15th to 17th 2020. We usually start the sign up thread around New Year.
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    Timmy I’m not sure I can handle anymore phone calls when I’ve said don’t call just concentrate on getting better 😍. I love you like a brother and you’re a great guy to know and have as a friend but Jesus please stop frightening the bejesus out of me✅. Just have a few days weeks or months without the boat being sabotaged , tools nicked and you being admitted to hospital twice in ten days. You’re as mad as a box of frogs but wouldn’t be without you for a moment. STAY WELL YOU BL***Y loon. M
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    day 7 the last full day, and its going to be a long run, 7am start to get back above potter for the tuesday hand back. for those who say use a speed app, that would be fine, but out in the sun, with the tablet flat on the roof, its barely readable.
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    Day 4 was down from the new inn at horning to South Walsham broad, then back up to Ranworth island for the following days cruise in company.
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    Maurice Mynah, while i was up at the pleasure boat yesterday I caught a miscreant defacing Nyx, yes she was cleaning the name and numbers.
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    Bryan, that was me on what used to be Grenada Girl. We haven't moved her to Horning those were "celebratory drinks" following that mornings completion and out on first cruise, and passing the New Inn. Didn't get the impression that anything much is happening that doesnt happen at other yards when it comes time for one reason or another to sell a boat on, although I,ve not seen any replacement boats. Howard: Grecian was indeed the drop nose and was sold via NYA last year at end of season Mr Cabby: Correct and she will be out of the water after the bank holiday for the livery to be removed and new paint job on the roof (She is in her original gel coat ) and some small changes (anti foul colour and bootline added) to help emphasise the now private nature and also for us to officially rename her - it was a very quick sale and completion !
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    I still ain't deaded! Although it does seem that there's an ongoing plot or at the very least a concerted effort to rectify that situation! You know there is a theory that dogs start to look like their owners or the owner starts to look like their dog? Well Dylan the starboard beagle, he who sniffs out strokes and heart attacks in me...has been very poorly indeed. He started having seizures several months ago now. He was being monitored, we had barbiturates to use should a seizure last for too long. Sadly he had a seizure during the night. I was woken by the sound of my little lad banging his head against the wardrobe. I had no idea of how long his episode had lasted. He came out of it quite quickly once I got to his side. Unfortunately, he suffered some brain damage in the process. He is recovering well, now on medication daily with additives in his food...he eats better than I do. So we are now left in the position where both master and dog walk with a limp, both of us have a slight sag to our faces, both of us have discovered a childish streak...I tend to laugh and joke, Dylan has rediscovered the joys of playing like a puppy. Meanwhile, Toby has taken to looking after us both. This means that Toby, who snores louder than Uncle Albert ever did, has taken to sleeping curled up on my pillow at night. Last night I was woken by Dylan pawing at my face and then he pawed at Toby who was fast asleep and snoring loudly. When I shook Toby awake, Dylan dived back into bed and went to sleep. As did Toby...and resumed snoring. I got up knowing I would have no chance at sleep now as both port and starboard beagles started sawing logs! As many of you will know, history is a passion of mine. Time recuperating from the latest bout of pneumonia has been spent researching the history of another passion of mine perfume. To be exact, a 3000 square yard area of London and the perfumers that lived and worked there. During my research, I have discovered a new joy in life. The assorted diaries of 17th and 18th-century inhabitants and visitors to London. I started with the diaries of Pepys, moved onto those of Evelyn and I'm now busily chasing down some 300 unpublished diaries held in county records offices. It's fascinating. Better than any soap opera, far better than Game of Thrones. Talking of things fragrance and perfume my collection has been rapidly growing. It seems almost daily that new fragrances arrive. Every week we sit down for an hour and catalogue new arrivals into what will remain in the collection, what will go into storage and what will be donated to the various charities we support. The photo below is somewhat out of date. The latest additions to my collection are from Atkinson's a company started in London in 1799. 'Pirates Grand Reserve' is one of my favourites of theirs, rum, coffee and spices! I'm looking forward to getting out on RT in the next week. Ellie has been dangling a week's cruising with her and our granddaughter Gracie like a carrot to get me to behave and get well. I'm really looking forward to it as it will be Gracie's first visit to The Broads. I want to make it as special as my Mum did for my first visit. So Pirates ahoy! Treasure maps and exploring and fun and stories and...just everything Norfolk Broads and boating! Grace has already decided that I am 'Big Captain' and she is 'Little Captain'. She tells me I'm in charge of steering the boat she is in charge of 'solving clues and beagles'. Grandma is 'in charge of everything else when the boat stops moving'. Grace is looking forward to buying her lifejacket. Please let there be a light blue lifejacket for sale in her size! I don't know who is more excited. Grace or me? Once I'm feeling a bit better I will be starting work on the new curved roof beams for RT's cockpit. I will see how the first one goes before trying to make all four at the same time! Hopefully, I can get the new canopy on RT before the Beccles Wooden Boat Show this year! I have a list of jobs that need doing and will tackle them one by one...with one hell of a lot of guidance! So...I still ain't deaded and neither is the beagle and we are both looking forward to catching up with everyone on the water over this next year!
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    I was last out cruising the rivers enjoying them and ''B.A' on 13th OCTOBER 2018, the last day of the lads week. It is now 20th May 2019. By my reckoning that is now over 6 months. SIX months! Now when one owns a boat (Well - Part thereof to be precise) and has the use of her 24 x 7 x 365, six months is plain and simple W A A A A A A Y too long. Yes of course I have been onboard since October but those visits have been upgrade / maintenance weekends. Then there was a ten day visit to Sutton staithe for her bi-annual AMP, spent all of 40 mins transiting her there and back to the wetshed on that one. However June 7th - that'll change. Four days afloat with MrsG, Son, his new partner (Just wait till you see her lads, proper stunner and top class deck totty) and hopefully at least one grandson, plus one if not two dogs. I intend to get 'B.A' out of the wetshed that fast after boarding we will probably still be plugged into shore power, wonder if I can get 10mph whilst still in the wetshed? No idea where we will be visiting / staying overnight, nor do I care. Counting down the days then once again Griff
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    I'm hitting the road early in the morning for the long drive to Wroxham and then a week on Brinks Jazz 5. Rollie is our 3 year old Lhasa Apso. He's a rescue dog we've only had since January hence this is his first trip to the Broads. I'm sure he'll enjoy it, even though it means him putting up with a long car journey to get there when he's not the happiest of travellers. I'm excited as always and trying to sleep tonight I'll be like a child on Christmas Eve. Even better this time, I'm meeting my son Cian in Wroxham tomorrow and he'll be with me until Monday, his first visit since 2015. We'll head off to a pub somewhere or other tomorrow night and then those of you at the meet we'll see at Salhouse on Saturday. I'll write up as we go, connection permitting.
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    Is it really that time already? With the 2019 season racing into full swing it has come as quite a shock to realise that our little event is now weeks rather than months away! Yes, plans are all in place and our entry list is full for this years show. I think the most important anouncement is that we have moved the date of the event. The old VWBA had always run their event to coincide with the Beccles Carnival weekend so when I resurected the show I mantained that date. However, with the need for more space as our events grows, everyone who attended last year were given a vote as to whether we stayed as before or moved our event to the preceeding week which offered more space and the chance to enjoy the Beccles Harvest Moon Festival. There was overwhelming support for the earlier date and so this year will see us at Beccles from the 9th to 11th of August. As a by product of our earlier date we have also moved sides at Beccles. We will now be on the Harbour Masters side as well as along the main river front giving us a very desirable 42 moorings, yes 42! More good news is that, because there are no other events within the yacht station that weekend, the 35 moorings on the other side of the marina are available for visiting boats to come and see the event first hand. The yacht station have decided there is no pre booking on those moorings therefore giving everyone a fair chance of being able to just turn up and moor. So whats going on? This year we are starting with an informal gathering in Oulton Broad on Thursday the 8th August. We are expecting around 20 boats in Oulton Broad Yacht Station itself with more mud weighted in the bay or generally spread around as their mood takes them. Thursday evening will be a wine and cheese party at one of our owners pads overlooking the broad (will try not to keep you awake Peter) . Friday the 9th is our cruise to Beccles. Somewhere around 30 woodies will leave Oulton Broad at 12.30 in convoy to Beccles Yacht Station. What a sight! In 2018 we filled the Waveney with beautiful varnish, gleaming chrome, polished brass, scrubbed decks and magnificent examples of boats from most of the finest builders on the broads. Last years cruise was featured in Classic Boat magazine (as some of you will remember) and they liked it so much they are coming back again!! And then 20 odd boats suddenly all arrived at the yacht station at the same time... formation mooring at its best! Saturday the 10th is show day. I say it every year but it is such a priviledge to be able to have a look round some of these craft. Many of the owners open their boats up and you get to appreciate the sheer amount of work that goes into these vessels. Of course its only by talkng to each other that we also get those bits of inside information on hard to do jobs, upgrades, good sources of wood etc as well as that absolute wealth of hands on experience to draw on. Saturday evening is Maxines bring and share evening. Most of the boats prepare a plate of food - everything from curry, chilli, pasta, salads, sausage rolls, you name it - which they bring along and then we all share it. A more enjoyble and varied meal you will not find! Sunday the 11th. Sunday was going to be just a chill day. Some people are off catching tides for the long trip north before work on Monday whereas others will stay till Monday or beyond and just enjoy the place. Anyway, Tim, the Harbour Master, thought that what we needed on Sunday was something to replace the carnival and wondered about a boat jumble... so he is organising one! Yes, details below but there will be a boat jumble on the quayside at the Yacht Station from 10.00. Last year the boat show raised over £300 for our nominated charity which was superb. This year we will be raising money for cancer research. And there you have it. And here's this years entry list... I cant help but drool every time I look at it! Admiral Jack - Broom Boats Lady Helena - Sanderson Zephyr - Broom Boats Dawn Star - Powles Brookwind - WindBoats Broom Robb (sorry, not got her new name yet) Maggie Jane - Martham Boats Water Rail - Herbert Woods Telescombe Judith - Martham Boats Chloe Jane - William Overy Malanka - Broom Boats Broad Ambition - Powles Judith M - Martham Boats Emily B Countess of Light - Herbert Woods Luna Aurora - Broom Boats (this years photographer ship) Royal Tudor - Royalls Fairstar - Broom Boats Chameleon - NBYC Nipper - Moores Panther - Aston Boats Tabitha Rose - Herbert Woods Finale - Porter & Haylet Kingfisher - Herbert Woods Missouri Star- Powles Lady Helena - Herbert woods Phoenix - Bell Boats Mystic Melody - Andrews (Thames) Highlight 5 - Herbert Woods Manxman - Herbert Woods Georgia - Chris Craft Merlin - Alpha Craft Golden Cockerell - Wilson 24 Anglian Queen - Pegg Marine Cornelia - Broom Boats Iverna - Mona's Queen - Herbert Woods Sandpiper - Sandersons Isabel - Powles Jayne - Martham Boats Star Premier - Powles And finally - thanks Ian and Timbo.
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    Oops, missed this bit... lol Beccles Wetland Trust are pleased to announce the Beccles Boat Jumble Sunday August 11th 2019 Beccles Yacht Station to coincide with the 40+ boat Beccles Wooden Broads Cruiser Show Tim (Beccles Harbour Master) 01502 712225 Free Admission (though there will be a Wetland Trust collection pot out on the day, donations gratefully received)
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    Cian and I enjoyed the quiz, albeit that both of us are keen snooker fans so we benefitted from the first round but we struggled afterwards somewhat. It was a nice length - I've been to quizzes before that take about 3 hours and become a bore after a while. I like the idea of multiple choice.
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    £3 donated to forum paypal from me too for mooring fee.
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    And that’s a hammer squarely on the nail Martin. The weekly quiz for me hasn’t been fun for ages now which is why I no longer participate not being a member of Mensa Griff
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    So... next year!! CinC. I suggest we either convene at the free moorings at St Benets or raft up on Malthouse Broad, which could be fun. Sally and Richard have promised an evening music slot and we have a growing band of Forum’s Got Talent to draw on too. Quiz for sure, can we have some multiple choice answers to aid the wild guesswork, Google being a bit slow in them parts? Any more ideas?
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    if you are on a pc the donate button is on the right under the adverts, on a tablet using a browser that will be at the very bottom of the page, not sure about if you are using the apps. lets see if i can copy the link here, nope I can copy it, but then it doesnt work.
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    Bluebell, Very happy to meet you as another kindred spirit. Very happy to warm up some dead cow, very pleased you liked the onion rings ( an experiment) and the twice cooked chips ( an extravagance) To everyone , what a wonderful weekend. Was lovely meeting old and new loons who like boats. To Grendel and Mirage, what a great trip to Coltishall and a good evening on River song. Red is a cute pup. To Judith M so many thanks for your offer of help. Friends indeed.... See you all again soon M
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    A true Legend. Whether an F1 fan or not, the film 'Rush' is well worth seeing Griff
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    there may be a glimpse of a kingfisher in one of the videos, as I saw one, but it came up the wrong side of the boat for the camera.
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    Coltishall to Wroxham I ended up using 2 cameras and missing a section in the middle
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    I think all youngsters should have to give a year of compulsory national civilian service. This would help them grow up, teach them respect for others - people and property, help to integrate them with the rest of society and get them used to working. It would also provide a useful source of low-cost labour for everything from caring for the elderly, to fruit and veg picking, recycling, cleaning dirty road signs, cleaning beaches and keeping our streets clean. What about their human rights? Human rights should be earned and should be coupled with human responsibilities. Eligibility for any and all benefits should be predicated on people completing their national service. Timing should be after leaving school and before taking up full time work or further education. I'm not saying it would stop all the nastiness that is going on at the moment, but it would go a long way towards it. There should also be a military option for those youngsters interested in later pursuing a career in the armed forces.
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    bad eggs provided! Preferably hard boiled with shells still on Griff
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    A fitting punishment would be for the “scum” to be dressed in bright orange boiler suits (as in some US states) and have to spend every weekend for a year performing tasks such as cleaning hedgerows of rubbish , sanding and painting of railings in public parks , removing gum from the pavements and whatever other tasks that would keep them in the public eye until they felt a modicum of shame and regret for their senseless actions . the added bonus of this would be a financial benefit to the local council and allowing the council workers who normally do these menial jobs to concentrate their skills where best needed
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    Saturday 18 May First up we chugged up to Potter and a quick visit to La Tharms for a couple of things we'd forgotten. Then it was time to head towards the meet at Salhouse. As we left Potter, we happened to time our setting off to coincide with a paddle board event going on. These were athletic types standing on boards and paddling along with a canoe-style paddle. We kept dead slow and watched them overtake us one by one - quite entertaining. The sun was shining by now as we turned right at the bottom of the Thurne and watched the paddle boarders head towards Great Yarmouth. There was less river traffic on the Bure than I expected, quieter than when I came two years ago at this time. Cockshoot provided a short break and doggie walk stop before we arrived at the meet around 2-30pm. It was good to chat to those I talked to and we really enjoyed the quiz later on. I'll add some photos when I have WiFi.
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    Where better for our first night than my favourite Broads pub (also includes a free wind pump)
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    Strangely enough I noticed that above the bridge at potter nearly every third boat had numbers placed within the regulations, but not the guidelines, one boat that just about complied with the guidelines had the numbers within 2m of the bow, about 1m from the stern of the 3m boat.
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    My normal browser has frozen so I have had to use a different one. I am in fact springsong but it insists on calling me Bubble? go figure. Thank you anyway Peter.
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