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    This was the most interesting ex-hire for sale - R644 sister to Broad Ambition and also ex Star Supreme/Superb Gem. Yours for £29950. It's flanked by Alpha's 42 foot 2 berth Jaguar and Teal 1 which has been brought back from hire life in Scotland.
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    I think the two new members have put some excellent posts, and should be encouraged to keep with us. Not just for the NWDC issue, but also to add their input to other navigational issues. To have two such members who are dedicated to restoring an important historic part of the Broads, and a wealth of knowledge in what`s required to deal with legal issues etc, it must surely be beneficial to the forum, and us members. Welcome to forum chaps, and please stay and get involved in other discussions and even NBN meets and gatherings.
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    I am Graham Pressman. I am boating Officer for North Walsham and Dilham Canal Trust and a trustee. The Trust is concerned that in due course, the canal can be re-opened. Until that time can come, we are working with owners and the public to slow or prevent any further deterioration of the structures and to repair structures where we can. An example of that is the work currently underway at Ebridge lock, where we are replacing the top pai of lock gates. The section roughly between Ebridge lock and Swafield bridge in owned by The Old Canal Company. That company have de-silted the entire length between Ebridge lock and Bacton Wood lock and Bacton Wood lock itself is nearly completely restored. It has been a huge undertaking and the section, despite being private property has been opened to the public to use at their own risk for the first time in history (this has always been a privately owned canal with some certain, but limited, rights delegated to the public by Act of Parliament). There is more to follow in the foreseeable future. In the mean time, the un-navigable section is available for the public to use, once again at their own risk, for walking, cycling etc. I sincerely hope that all this effort will be appreciated by forum users and would invite any and all who have an interest in the canal to join The Trust to help in it's maintenance from hereon in. As to the section between 100 yards upstream of Old Wayford Bridge and just downstream of Honing Lock, that is owned by Bindwell Ltd. (Luke Patterson). Luke gave me permission to take my tug along his section on the single proviso that he asked me to drop a Toll in his Honesty Box. This I was delighted to do. The Act of Parliament allows the canal owner to charge a Toll and I believe, quite rightly so. The canal cost £32000 to build and costs mint to keep open. Bindwell have cleared a huge number of trees already as can be witness by anybody travelling up to Honing lock. This clearance is expensive and Luke is hoping that if people want to use the canal, they will pay their tolls so that he can continue maintaining things for the benefit of users. He is very aware of every single thing which needs to be done. It is my view that he should be lauded for his efforts, and certainly not criticised. Only by travelling the length will the results of his efforts been seen to be appreciated. I urge boaters to make their deposits in his Honest Box, as he so politely asks. One last thing on that section. There are under water obstacles still and much care must be taken by delicate craft. Navigation is strictly at the boaters' own risk. Speeds must be kept VERY low and there is a high likelihood of meeting a young and inexperienced person in a canoe in a very narrow waterway, coming the other way. PLEASE TAKE CARE! The upper section of the canal was abandoned by Act of parliament around the turn of the 19th century, between, roughly, Swafield Bridge and Antingham. Part of that is now simple farm land. This would be the most difficult and expensive part to restore. The last part that I should address is the section between Honing lock and just below Ebridge lock. This section is owned by North Walsham Canal Company. The Trust is always ready to help them to maintain and repair their walk ways and structures and have done so periodically. Our Wildlife Officer has conducted plant survey for them. The NCWCo. highly values the ecology of it's canal. Anybody wishing to join The Trust can do so at a very nominal fee. our web site is currently undergoing improvements (to be seen some time soon), but the site we already have is incredibly informative. We provide a monthly magazine for members and there are regular Work Party Reports on the web site, so that readers can see what we are doing from the safety of their own armchair. The way to get improvements is to join the North Walsham and Dilham Canal Trust, discover and check the facts and volunteer to do the work. In particular, our brickie is on the verge of emigrating. Any qualified and/or experience brickie (any adult age), ready to invest some time over the next couple of weeks would be very gratefully welcomed as we pursue the restoration of Ebridge Lock. For those after a more sedate experience, yet still informative, our trip boat runs regularly from Ebridge on a Sunday (Also some Saturdays and BH weekends). Just call to reserve a place or see: https://www.facebook.com/events/1697798087031841/ for a Film Evening or the poster below for boat trips. Our membership form is at http://www.nwdct.org/membership.html
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    You could set up a syndicate of 12 owners each paying £4000.00 which would get 4 weeks allocation and at £4000 per share there would be enough money in the pot to deal with all the running costs for the first year. If anyone wants advice on how syndicates work do not hesitate to contact me or look for advice on www.boatshare.co.uk Regards Alan
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    Back in the day when the lads were small we all went to work on the Tapton Lock on the Chesterfield Canal. We emptied the lock that was half full of mud and grime using a barrow hoist, the water seepage was pumped out until we had an empty lock. We had to replace some bricks but the lock needed pointing we were only allowed to use lime mortar and pointing irons many we made ourselves out of mild steel to a template. It was a great day when the top and bottom gates arrived and were fitted by the Chesterfield Canal Society volunteers, I have a picture somewhere of me and a another volunteer sat on top of the bottom gates planing the gates to fit. After Tappon we moved onto two other locks paving the way of opening the stretch of canal from Chesterfield to Staveley. I can well understand the situation and at times the frustration that the North Walshaw/Dilham Canal Society must be feeling. Regards Alan
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    Other points which to me, have not been clarified include if the Canal Co own all the way to Wayford, then how can an individual own another bit and charge a toll - why is the toll not going to the Canal Co? Marshy - Sigh, the Canal Co don't own it ALL the way to Wayford, just some of it, as stated earlier there are currently FOUR owners of sections of the waterway. That's how an individual owns 'A Bit' and why would he give his voluntary toll collected to another owner of another section? From what Graham told me Luke is keen for the waterway to be maintained / improved when funds allow (Why am I repeating mysen here?) Whilst Griff you have cleared some things, legal issues now seem more blurred but I am not discussing my thoughts on an Open Forum but I am not entirely convinced! I'm not trying to convince you or anyone else for that matter. You can remain unconvinced or otherwise till your hearts content I'm just doing a bit of digging / research and in the process myself discovering some rumours and a few interesting facts, learning and reporting back for forumites to read / discuss as they see fit. You take it or not - Your choice. You are of course welcome to collect further information and enlighten me and the rest of us anytime you wish. Sources should of course be verified so they just ain't yet more rumours. I enjoy being educated / informed / enlightened especially with regards to Norfolk waterways I intend to contact Luke sometime in the near future but have to get my approach nice and friendly - That should be easy enough? Griff
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    Often whilst out and about, whether at home or abroad, I see something in the landscape which makes me think 'old railway' and sure enough get home, check the OS map or other map and there would have been something there. As we get older these clues are slowly disappearing............ even when in India in November, being driven I suddenly saw the remains of an obvious old railway bridge - the track bed long gone and now just a track for pedestrians and cycles and the odd cart
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    The Alpha centres were 29, 32, 35 & 42. One thing that puzzled me was that one boatyard (Anchor Craft I think) advertised theirs as 34ft. Possibly length at waterline rather than length overall, but I would have thought there would have been more than one foot difference.
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    What they said! With only a week, and hiring on the south, I wouldn’t be desperate to go north, especially at the end of July. My favourite moorings on the south are Langley Dyke, Beccles, Loddon, North Cove, Brundall Church Fen, Reedham and Bramerton Common. Once I started the list it kept growing. So many lovely places on the south and very easy to spend a week there.
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    It has been a while, but some news on the 'fleet': Firstly, I am taking the X5 into a place in Norwich called BA Wheels where the alloy wheels will under go quite a refub. I am having them all taken off blasted (its not sand but that sort of thing) and then they will go through a fresh diamond cut to make the edges of the inner design have a larger cut surface and better shine. The insides will then be power coated in a sparkly grey, which is apparently the same colour some Aston Martin wheels are covered with. This will help hide the brake dust. I'll post some photos once it is all done Secondly as you will no doubt know the SLK I bought has steadily got worse and worse. What a lemon it has proved to be. The issues began when I bought it when the drivers door mirror and lock failed, followed by a new coil pack being needed. Once that was done and I got the car the heater blower motor began to squall terribly, the air conditioner compressor made a terrible whine which has got worse over time. New issues popped up when the transmission would stick in 3rd gear - only very occasionally. Now it will get stuck in 1st or 3rd and it is pretty much every drive. I now also have quite an oil leak down the back left hand side of the engine, it drips onto the exhaust manifold overnight - start the car up in the morning and it smokes like hell for about 20 minutes. Well it is not like I can just sell the car in that condition, and to fix all the above I have been quoted more than the car's value. It therefore came as a great surprise that despite this a dealer has agreed to part exchange the car and valued it at £4,500 - and I am taking delivery of a 'new' SLK on Thursday. The new car is a late 2008 model, with 650 improvements over the previous model, the engine now producing 306BHP, 5.4 seconds to 60 means this is close to the previous AMG V8 in out right acceleration. It has had 2 owners, the previous an old gentleman who could not use easily get in and out of it, has only been serviced by main dealer Mercedes and has done 55,000 miles. It has a lovely (tarty) all red leather interior with a silver exterior. It is having an MOT and service prior to me getting it, and this one comes with a proper warranty. I am hoping second time round will be lucky. I had thought about a BMW Z4 but finding a decent one with the similar performance as the SLK would have seen me having to spend close on £14,000. I looked into a larger Mercedes SL but that would be full of issues, they just do naturally go wrong because they are complex cars and they cost a lot to sort out when they do. I then considered an Audi TT, but it would need to be a TT S to compete with the SLK on performance and again would cost many thousands more. So something small, with a V6 or and a lot of go you can't really beat the cheapness of the SLK's. They ride really well too, and the more modern SLC is being discontinued so these small rockets will be the things of history. My only issue with the R171 model are the seats, they look good, and are made with Magnesium frames for lightness but they just lack lower back support. I have to say I love the comfort and softness of the X5, but I can suffer a stiff back for the experience of the low down roadster. It also makes you actually part of the drive and need to be more alert to what the conditions are and car is doing. The X5 will just go come what may, the SLK even on a 30 MPH twisting road can be a bit twitchy in the wet from the back end. I'll post some photos come Thursday.
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    Yes, where the boat has also been moored for the last few years! If in doubt, why not go and have a look for yourself, and make your own comparisons? You also may find it a wasted journey.
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    Thanks, I'm a Trustee too of the NW&DCT Really? - Bargain, two for the price of one then Griff
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    Two new members on the same page? Welcome Graham P and thanks for joining us. Proper chuffed we have a member of the NW&DC trust onboard, especially as you will be able to put many rumours and myths to bed Fenland Skies - Proper good name imho, welcome onboard too Griff
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    you have far to much time on your hands!!
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    Marshy - the answer to your questions is simple - I don't know! I can only guess as to why no progress below Honing Lock - Maybe it's a manpower thing, the volunteers concentrate on one section at a time? - Maybe its a money thing? maybe it's bank access to get to a fallen tree? Maybe the canal owner wants to tackle it himself once he has funds to do it? Maybe it's lack of a suitable workboat to get to the tree, maybe it's where do the put the thing after cutting it up? Maybe you could find out? The toll is as explained earlier to pay for clearance / maintenance as it is currently a private waterway I could of course ask Graham but it's a bank holiday and I have only just met him over the phone and don't want to be a thorn in his side from the off. SpeedTriple - this map may help Griff
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    Extending your swim platform would create some problems when stern mooring , your current set up seems perfect and obviously stable when stern moored . on Cerise Lady we have to use a couple of suspended fenders to protect our platform BUT that means we are unable to tie up tightly so are prone to movement with the wind etc even when using mud weight . also I find difficulty in seeing how an enlarged platform would make it easier for elderly to gain access as your current platform means they can grab the existing rail on entering which they wouldn’t be able to do if a longer platform was used
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    Went up to East Ruston many times from the late 60s up to about 1990. Last time in a Safari mk3. (Golden Realm). Largest boat I got up the canal but only as far as Tonnage Bridge was a Broom Skipper. Wharfdale mid 70s Broadsway II early 70s Salamander III in 1970 Fred
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    There are four present owners of the actual canal from Wayford through to Antingham. Yes they do own the actual canal between them. Bank side ownership is not an issue on navigation of the canal itself. There are two big obstructions to getting the waterway operational, one of which is one of the canal owners whom I'm not going to name. The other being funding of course The lower section is owned by Luke Pattinson. An act of parliament in 1812 gives him the right to ask for a toll to be used on maintenance. He is sympathetic to maintaining the waterway as a navigation but its expensive. He actively encourages canoes / dinghies to use the section of the waterway up to Honing lock. He charges a voluntary toll of just £4:00 and seeing as it's a couple of hours paddling there / back it works out at just £2 per Hr. I would suggest if you do use the waterway - Stick more than £4 in the box! All monies raised he uses on maintaining the waterway. There is an honesty box by the jetty at Tonnage bridge. If that honesty box was to start generating more income then Luke may be able to spend more on tree clearance and the like. The issue with hire company is that they discourage their customers paying the voluntary toll. This has resulted in Luke being non to welcoming with craft from that yard - To me that is wholly understandable. A machine for the day - Just the machine costs £350 then on top of that there is men, tools, reducing down the offcut material, stacking / drying / burning etc. That needs a lot of £4 donations! Not mentioning any business names here please peeps as that may lead to legal difficulties. Luke has a glamping / camping site near to the banks of the waterway on his land, he encourages clients to use dinghies / canoes to use the waterway I am informed that the waterway is navigable to just past Tonnage bridge. However this is at your own risk and you must proceed very slowly / cautiously. Just north of Tonnage bridge is a large tree which is causing an obstruction. However dinghies / canoes should manage without difficulty. Some above and underwater obstructions near to the banks have already been cleared Griff
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    Something i`ve wanted to do about the the area ajoining the top of the Ant to the NWDC where there are a lot of trees overhanging, and blocking access, is to simply form a group (call them activists or freedom warriors etc if you want) and simply go there in dinghys / open boats, or whatever, and start cutting those overhanging brunches etc right back. You would also have to check for underwater branches / roots / obstructions etc, but i imagine they would need to be cleared by a professional operation (could someone put me right on that?). But as for the foliage above water, that would be easy enough to do. I know some people would`nt agree with it, but in reality, all we`d be doing is maintaining a level of navigation, but on a volutntary basis, and the BA are always on the lookout for volunteers are`nt they?. I`d even book a weeks holiday off work and join the party, and make it a working holiday. Certainly be a change from building aircraft interiors in a noisy factory. As for the branches etc that you cut back, simply put them on land (elsewhere if need be) to form a habitat for wildlife. How environmentally satisfying would that be?.
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    Comparing it to any other Alpha 32/35’s ive looked at in the past condition wise it looks like it easily puts them to shame. When you look at some of these ex hireboats which yard they came from really makes a difference in overall appearance and condition.
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    Back on topic (We need another thread re Catfield/Waxham) The shuttering is due to be removed today at about 2pm. Then the new concrete drop cill can bee seen in all it's glory. Of course, one the gates are in, it will not be seen again for some years, all being well. This drop cill and the stop planks which go with it have been placed there to avoid the need for there ever needing to be a bund again. Future maintenance work can be performed behind the drop planks, in the dry. Griff
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    Warp (David) and Jessica are talking part in the 260 m RORC Myth of Malham Race from Cowes to the Eddystone and back. This is a qualifier for the Fastnet so I hope all goes well. Marine Traffic is showing them in Cowes at present, they start in the morning I believe. Flying Fish sports a logo by our very own Timbo.
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    This is a very interesting little booklet published by the Museum of the Broads. It's packed full of photos, many of which I've not seen before. The book concentrates on the former M&GN lines between North Walsham, Yarmouth and Lowestoft. There's no mention of the Beccles to Yarmouth line. None the less a very interesting book and very reasonably priced at 2.99. Well worth a look.
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    No need, just thought it may be helpful to note It's never a wasted journey going there, I moor there and live 20 minutes away!
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    I've found a couple of photos which show the slight difference in roof profile which I mentioned earlier. These are Tower Bridge (35) and Swan Royale (32). The 35 slopes upwards right at the back of the roof. The Royale photos were taken in 2014 in the last year of hire with Swancraft. I appreciate the comments made - if anyone is in the vicinity of Sutton they could maybe pop in and have a look!!! I was kindly alerted of the sale but didn't get chance to have a look when we visited recently.
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    will this be adopted by the other extensions to Broadland rivers such as the Waveney and the Bure or are they different I wonder. Who knows? Extensions to the Waveney and the Bure are currently not undergoing restoration as far as I am aware as of yet? - But we can live in hope Griff
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    Saw this old woody on the Lea Navigation just south of Bow Flyover. No name.
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    Those nice people at Whelptons, Upton Dyke, have a few seagoing sailing boats converted for Broads use, worth a call. An alternative is to come South, Waveney and Yare, lots of sailing without having to bother with bridges. I have lowered the mast on a Hurley 22 using the spinnaker pole and jib sheets to brace it.
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    Everything is possible, Brooms or Richardsons perhaps. Got to say that I would leave well alone though.
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    yes Griff, thats the plan, I just needed to get the correct curve for the two pieces, one either side, with the teak rail in the middle.
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    Sorry I don't have photos. The base of the mast wasn't a tabernacle either. Try the A frame first. I will try to draw it a bit later.
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    Cheers Vanessa. No I didn't eat at the Fisherman's. I walked up to it and externally it looks completely unchanged but I didn't go in there.
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    I would say exactly the same as everybody else, if your good lady has never been on the Southern rivers, and you`ve hired from Brooms, stay south, the extra relaxation will be so much more enjoyable, as you won`t be waisting up to 2 days going from south to north and back. Those 2 days will be extra relaxing cruising, so you can cut your speed and not be in a hurry, or tide punching to get places. As for places to moor, as others have said, Beccles, DEFINITELY Loddon (with breakfast or lunch, or afternoon tea in Rosie Lee`s tea room, Caroline is a real gem), Langley Dyke, if Cadet can get under Beccles old bridge at low tide (which i think she should, but check) then Geldeston Lock definitely, Rockland staithe, Reedham quay. If you wish to go to Norwich, you could moor at Reedham or Brundall and get the train. If you like, or are interested, Oulton Broad on a Thursday afternoon / evening, and Waveney River Centre. There are so many excellent places to stop on the Southern rivers, and if you don`t waist 2 days going from South to North and back, you should be able to visit most of them. Whatever you do, ENJOY.
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    The old coast railway that went to Hemsby then branched off to Martham, Potter,,Catfield, Stalham and onto North Walsham Town. So many stations that the train spent more time stopped than it did running. You could change at NW by walking to the Main station, but the line finished there for the Yarmouth trains.
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    WOW, I've just spent about half an hour on the phone with Graham from the NW&DC Trust. Marshy - The post you put earlier re the landowner being difficult is way off the mark, so was my reply too - Could really do with deleting both of them entirely. I've leant loads, written a stack of notes and now need to put it together is some sort of order. There are so many bad rumours / untruths about this canal out in the public media - makes your eyes water. (Pun intended) I'm going to have a cup of tea, then start to try and get what I have learnt in order. I had to stop Graham and stop taking notes about the upper sections - that's for another day - Hugely interesting stuff though Griff
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    Yes I know he cannot but he can make it unpleasant for people..... Those 'People' can in return make it unpleasant for 'He' whilst legally exercising their navigational rights. It's ages since I went up from Wayford to Honing lock in a dinghy with an outboard on it. We managed the trip there and back no problem. (Got some photo's somewhere of the trip) I wonder what the water depth is now? 3ft or more and I could take 'B.A' to Honing lock and back. That would really upset 'He' Btw Marshman - does 'He' own the land both sides of the waterway? does he own the land right up to and next to Honing Lock? Griff
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    Totally agree with Alan , stay south, so much to see and do. Much quieter and loads of good moorings on 24 hrs and pubs and yacht stations, you will spoilt for choice.
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    The wind forecast has changed, it's back to a traditional south westerly 10mph with 22C forecast, suntan cream is required.. That direction makes it easy to sail up the ant to Ludham bridge if you can get to Ant mouth before the tide gets too bad against you. The cameras round the course on the HSC website are all on except Hickling sailing clubs. I'm sure that will be sorted soon.
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    Looks very Quiet and Peaceful at Loddon!
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    I'll purchase an extra Euro lottery ticket on Tuesday. If the jackpot comes my way, then you will have your tupperware Alpha 32. There, I've said it and it's in writing Griff
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    Comming back north today across Breydon I estimate at least 50 boats where comming across heading south. Here's just a few of them. I cant ever remember seeing many when I've come across
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    any little gaps will be tightened up and disappear when this is glued down.
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    joining the two deck sections with staggered joints, just fettling the joint
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    They are pretty much mid fleet at present and headed for Portland Bill. The winds are light and there is a lot of tacking about in Weymouth Bay going on.
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    I may have posted these before but my brother took these one holiday shortly before closure at Beccles. For years I used to think I dreamt seeing this train until he sent me the scans. Liz
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    I was talking to an old sailing friend yesterday evening and he had been out in the Solent on a 60s Folkboat that was home built on the Great Lakes USA. I remarked that it was interesting how boats from the Broads turn up in Spain etc. To this he replied "Well, you have sailed one in The South of France" "Have I"? Says I. "Yes, when Nick let you use his Essex Smack, that boat was built by Martham Boats" I can't find my photos of that holiday but this is one off the Net, can anyone tell me more about Matham and these? It was a lovely boat although it did look a tad "out of place" with its tan sails against the sparkling waters of the Cote d'Azur.
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