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    Today of course is the 75th anniversary of D-Day.Just spare a thought for those that served and the many that gave there lives. We will remember them.
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    my parents were brought up during the war, and can remember rationing and being sent away from the kent coast where they were both born, my mother can remember being strafed by german planes whilst walking to school, and my fathers school was bombed while he was in class, older acquaintances and grandparents never did talk about what happened during the war, there are many stories that could be told that never will be, I think this is probably the reason that more hasnt been made of the events - because those who were there dont want to remember or talk about what happened and what they saw. My father has written down some of his memories from that era, but we see them through the eyes of the child he was, memories of his mother (my Gran) having to go to the school and identify the bodies of children, being asked if a body was her son because he was wearing glasses, to respond that her son had a different colour jumper, then only later finding he had survived and been evacuated the length of the town in the smugglers tunnels under Deal. These were not nice times, and I feel a lot of the survivors dont want to remember, maybe in guilt that they survived when others close to them didnt. Yes we should remember, we should be thankful, but we shouldnt force those survivors to relive any of their thoughts and experiences, we should learn from their sacrifices never have to repeat the events of such conflict, and that a peaceful solution must always be better.
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    Thank you Chelsea14Ian for the post. The fact that we have today is because these men gave their lives for us. Let us enjoy this beautiful June morning and make the most of every day.
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    Evening all, Here's the Denham Owl, a Harvey Eastwood 37 photographed at Bowling, on the Forth & Clyde Canal last year. She was transported up there from Shepperton in 2017 by a lady who wanted to live aboard. Previous to that the boat had been on the Thames for a few years where it must have acquired the name. In wondering how far it may have travelled: at some stage an auto pilot has been fitted! The lady didn't take to living aboard and if I hadn't bought it last October she may well have sold it to a student. Denham Owl is now berthed at Brundall Gardens. I would love to find out more about the boat's history in due course and there is still an advert online offering the Owl as an "air B&B" for Harry and Meghan's wedding!
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    A business meeting in Lowestoft wouldn’t be complete without a dash to Oulton Broad for fish n chips before a dash back to London Sent from my iPhone using Norfolk Broads Network
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    Hello SwanR, It is often that men who served in the first & second world wars who indeed were in action rarely speak of their time or involvement. Tan's uncle Neil and all his brothers were in the forces and he would never speak of his time over there. Friends have said the same with their loved ones. Regards Alan
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    OK my day last Wednesday. Moored at Norwich YS Tuesday.Out of bed at five am weds, quick shower to wake up and make myself look professional. Kettle on for a mug of tea, get dressed, blue slacks, blue sports coat ( blazer) black church shoes,ivory shirt, grey tie. Collected my folder and headed off to the railway station to catch the 06:24 to Liverpool street. Train was there when I arrived. Parked my bum in reserved seat and waited for the off. Arrived in the smoke, walked the 3/4 of a mile to the venue and waited for 09:45 for the right time to arrive politely early. ( interview was 10:00 am) Interview ended at 12:45 and then walked back to Old street tube. Tube back to LS then off to Norwich. Arrived back, walked back to boat then filled up with water and headed off to Hardley mill at 15:45. Arrived in a hooley, moored up and started to cook my dinner. Ate dinner, glass of wine then hit bed and crashed for sleep. Long tiring day but fun nonetheless. Back home in Switzerland now M
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    Hey im a Norfolk Broad Virgin, heard so many great stories and also reading some of the experiences on here too, im looking forward to coming to the broads next year, boat is going to be booked soon. Dont panic i have experience of boating as i used to drive one of the original dunkirk ships as my auntys family has kept it in the family through the years.
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    Welcome to our friendly corner of the web , and I’m sure I speak for many others when I ask please could you post some pics of your family’s Dunkirk veteran
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    We went to Langley Staithe for a walk in the fresh air this morning and I noticed when we passed Rosie's Tea Shop she had a board outside saying Lest We Forget.
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    I have been somewhat disappointed, considering that over the past five or so years we have been living through the 75th anniversary of the events of World War II that generally very little has been made of it. I am pleased an effort is being made for D Day at least. I was born twenty or so years after the end of the war and grew up in an era when the memory of it was still very fresh for many people, although by that time much of the inevitable anymosity had faded, at least until we joined the common market and boat loads of Volkswagens started to arrive on our shores. Buying one, for a while at least was seen as akin to treason. Many on this forum predate me, one or two might even have direct memories of wartime. We use phrases like "never forget" and "we shall remember them" and to many of us that is so true, however as a society I fear that brave generation of which many gave up their lives is, slowly, and inexorably slipping from our social conscience. The 75th anniversary was a chance to reverse at at least delay that process which I think has been missed. I for one shall not forget that the freedom I enjoy today was bought for me by the lives and freedoms of people I shall never know.
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    1 That's a code of practice not law, 2 The gas safe regulations (or what ever they want to call them) are for people working on other peoples property, as put out by Capita a company with a poor reputation running the Gas safe register to make money. 3 if you seriously think every engineer with his apprentice /s is going to do all the work himself with them just watching, you are very misguided..
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    Run by the Worstead Guild of Weavers, Spinners and Dyers, Woolly Worstead, is coming up on 15th and 16th of June 10am- 4pm. At Dilham, NR28 9PT, their hall is on the recreation ground. A display and demonstrations of all things woolly. There are tea / coffee and cakes, and on Saturday "The Occasional Ceilidh Band" I'd Like to be there supporting SWMBO, but I'm told I'm on Dog sitting Duties.. The above is probably why I found six sheep had been in the tin shed, How do I know they had been in there? They left their coats behind...
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    Bet he'll be telling the same jokes as #1 though
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    I know I'm a 'youngster' so to speak but so grateful for the freedom we have today because of the brave men and women who fought for that freedom I've just watched some of the coverage of todays events on the news, it brought a lump to my throat, what the Veterans must have witnessed and been through doesn't bear thinking about, bless all their hearts Grace
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    He was a bit clever at dodging the strike!
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    Was nobody handy with a bucket of water then ?
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    ah woolly weekends - I did one of those a few weeks back at the early may bank holiday at a local railway museum, my meccano buddy asked me along to do some spinning, so naturally i took my spinning wheel, but also made a meccano one too. I then got into discussions with the ladies who were also there and have been back several times to assist with getting a 4 shaft table loom set up for one of them, and to teach naalbinding to another.
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    Some very moving coverage on the tv. I’m sure that many of us have or had family who fought in World War II. My Dad wasn’t at Normandy but was in the Royal Marine Commandos. Sadly he died while I was still a child so I never got to talk to him as an adult to an adult. But now more than ever I am proud of what he did and remember him on all these kind of occasions.
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    Thanks it will be back in a week or so. It should have been back last week but my daughter isn't very techy and flicked the wrong switch 😃
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    Second that! A carefully framed poster from last year graces the wall in my lounge and impresses everyone who sees it!
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    Err.... Wrong, for houses at least. We have already established that pleasure craft on inland waters not hired or loaned or used as permanent or temporary residences are excluded. A valid point has been raised about what consitutes a temporary residence, an overnight stay, a week, two weeks, a month? The Gas Safety (Installation and Use) Regulations do indeed state "competent person", but then in the Code of Practice defines competent person as (a) a person who has successfully completed an industry recognised training course followed by assessment of competence. Training that leads to assessment of competence in safe gas work should be recognised by the industry’s standards setting body; or (b) in the case of a currently or previously registered person, where they have proved competence through a certification scheme; furthermore in the guidance notes it states 83 Anyone who does work on a gas fitting or gas storage vessel must be competent to do so (whether or not they are required to be a member of an approved class of persons). Therefore, do-it-yourself gas engineers and those performing favours for friends and relatives all need to have the required competence. The level and range of competence should match the full extent of work done, but needs only to be sufficient for and relevant to that work. The regulations do not refer to the Gas Safe Register directly as it did not exist at the time they were written and could be replaced (as CORGI was itself replaced by Gas Safe). It refers to the industry standard setting body which currently is the Gas Safe Register, operated by CGRAS under license from the HSE. It was appointed on a ten year contract in 2008 with a five year extension in 2018. It is also not permitted for a non competent person to install gas fittings or appliances and have them certified by someone who is competent. In this case both the person making the fitting and the person certifying it are breaking the law.
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    Fair point, probably best to get used to the boat first. Yarmouth will be busy - but Woods do provide good information folders including detailed advice on crossing Breydon. Also I'm sure we'll all be happy to give any advice on this subject if it would help. Another point I forgot to mention is that on a hire boat you can moor in just about any other hire boat yard. Most will be have the majority of their boats out in August so that is another option.
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    Come South onto the Waveney & Yare for one thing but please don't tell everyone!
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    No need to apollogise, we know you guys and girls a re very busy.
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    That's why I asked to phone Ivan, because I don't know exactly. It is likely to be one Sunday. Maybe next maybe one of the two to follow. So sorry!
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    Yes the boat in the photo is 'Goodnight Irene' currently up for sale. She is a Jack Powles Star supreme class. the Bourne 40 hull of course. Link to website where she is listed for sale:- https://www.norfolkboatsales.co.uk/used-boat-sales.asp Hope this helps, Griff
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    so the teak was cut for the top rubbing strake across the transom (why did I say mahogany before) and its been fettled and fitted in place, glued and clamped.
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    As EC IPA says above and here is the BA declaration itself from their web site insurance_declaration.pdf
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    Hi, the BA do not approve, or disapprove of insurance companies or policies, but instead expect you to agree to a declaration about your insurance when you apply for your annual toll. The declaration which is basically an extract from their byelaws states the following, "Insurance policies must be issued by an insurer authorised under the Financial Services and Markets Act 2000 in the UK, or an insurer authorised in a similar way by the laws of another EU country. Firms authorised in the UK to sell insurance should be regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority (FCA). Firms authorised to sell insurance in other EU countries and who do so into the UK market, should notify the FCA." Which basically leaves the onus on you to make sure your insurance meets their requirements, however if you use a UK registered company who is listed on the FCA website you should be ok. Be wary of cheaper overseas "EU" registered companies, in particular those that purport to be registered in Spain, but are actually non EU based in Uruguay I use Navigators and General and they meet the requirements. If you want to pm me, I will let you know the name of the one company I know about that does not meet the requirements..
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    Welcome aboard! Be interested to hear more about the Dunkirk ship and it's history.
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    An oasis in a busy day!
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    Hi Gracie, I have not seen any of the news coverage but I have been told that the opening sequences of Saving Private Ryan are not far off of the mark for the 4000 plus soldiers that died on the beaches. Regards Alan
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    Is that the interview for Conservative party leader? Every other Tom, Dick and harry seems to be going for it! Good luck, Martin. Malanka looking immaculate, as usual, BTW.
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    I think we've already established that, although the phrase private leisure craft does not appear in the regs, it is fair to say that such a boat is not subject to the GSIUR, unless of course it is used as a primary residence, so liveaboards would need to comply.
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    last night was prep work for the mahogany transom top rubbing strake, the piece of mahogany was selected, cut slightly overlong, sanded down to a tight fit, then with a pencil the inner and outer curves were marked from the transom. tonight these will be cut out on the band saw, and sanded to shape ready for installation. Then it will be on to the stainless steel parts (once my thinner sheet arrives today or tomorrow)
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    Please don't blame Horning for a company based in birmingham. Company address: Vintage Inns Mitchells & Butlers plc 27 Fleet Street Birmingham B3 1JP UK
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    Probably so, bearing in mind Swan Royale is up for sale for 33k with a more modern engine and bow thrusters. . It does look like a genuine 32 as well. I don't think very many were made in that length, loads of 35 and 42 of course. I wonder what its history is?
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    Foam alone is a science. Basically if the foam stays down when you press on it then it's dead and will need replacing as it will only get worse. https://www.efoam.co.uk/ - do good foam cut to size (And they are very good at cutting to size) Use Medium foam as the base but for the last inch at the top go for a softer foam or a memory foam (so if the cushion is 4inches thick, do 3 inch think medium, then 1inch thick softer) it will be super comfortable then. Order 1cm larger than the cushion type to get a professional finish plumped finish. Obviously you can find a cushion to fit but you may find most cheap cushions are just that and the foam isn't really the best standard.. as everything you get what you pay for. (P,s a little off topic, I've finally put in a new helm seat into Orca which my past work did for me one day.. it's hand stitched in a 3d Bentley pattern (similar technique as used in Bentley and other such cars).. it took the seamstress 2 day to do .. but looks amazing :) ) Good luck.
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    boy am I glad you didnt use the first 3 letters of the first word with the last 4 of the second, I would have hated having to moderate your post
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    The race attracts a number of visiting competitors who appear to have a scant understanding of what 'close quarters' sailing as we do it on the Broads really means I've criuised with sailing friends from 'ampshire and there abouts who regarded normal manouvers here as 'mental '.
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    Actually, it's not - it is the "end game". These regs are all about preventing fire, explosion, suffocation or poisoning and in the event of any of the above, the insurance assessor (and maybe the coroner) will want to know why such an accident happened. As ex CORGI myself I am perfectly happy with gas on a boat. It has served us well over the decades and there is still no practical alternative - whatever Barnes BC may say! But it has to be installed and maintained to the correct standards. I would always strongly recommend anyone to have work done by a qualified fitter.
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    Sorry Griff but I suspect the "temporary residence" part will also refer to a week or two weeks holiday. After all, we are living on the boats when out.
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    Same thing happened to us ages ago, I had already taken precautionary measures to my garage - Stopped them getting in but ruined the door, as a result of that I upgraded the pedestrian door physical security. Then a couple of years ago fitted a 4 x system cctv round our hovel. Never had a murmur out of the dogs since. I fitted the cameras in plain view but out of reach. Can't put a price on the peace of mind it gives us. I can view the cameras from my phone anywhere around the globe with a 4g signal Griff
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    Enjoyed seeing your piccies and reading your holiday tale as always JF Incidentally I'm in 100% agreement with you re dogs. In my experience dog owners who go in pubs are invariably responsible people with well behaved dogs. Why Wetherspoons are happy to accommodate bored, screaming ill behaved kids running riot yet don't allow dogs baffles me. We don't have a dog ourselves but Mrs N always has a few gravy bones in her bag (or a box for the Ferry) Pubs that don't allow dogs are missing a trick I think particularly in a tourist area such as the Broads. Incidentally doing food is not a valid reason to ban dogs eg the Bridge as you mentioned
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    Get a proper broads sailing cruiser with a pop top, head room, sailing and you can easily get under all bridges..
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    I'm not an avid sports fan but I love it when there's a cricket match on the village playing field overlooked by the church steeple. Something so timeless and peaceful just makes me glad to have been born here There's a breathless hush in the Close to-night— Ten to make and the match to win— A bumping pitch and a blinding light, An hour to play and the last man in. And it's not for the sake of a ribboned coat, Or the selfish hope of a season's fame, But his captain's hand on his shoulder smote 'Play up! play up! and play the game! ' For the uninitiated this handy diagram of fielding positions should help
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