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    Not posted on this thread for a while so decided to update it. Nipper was lifted at the beginning of November by Martham to spend the winter under cover. After a quick survey it became apparent that I was going to have a busy winter. In the end around 170 feet of planking fitted and around 8 ribs that were either rotted or broken, cabin sides scraped back and revarnished as well as 2 coats of varnish on the hull. I knew from last time I had a bit of rot in the chine so off with the rubber then the chine plank then the chine rail, that certainly challenged me and took 2 attempts to get it right, also had some damage to the stern tube chock so repair carried out as well as fitting a stainless bracket to hold the tube new cutless bearing also fitted while the tube was out. Next up was to scrape off all the tar varnish (worst job carried out) and rake out all the old seams and recaulk all the seams and then fill with inseed putty. New antifoul and boot top along with 2 coats of tar varnish finished the bottom off nicely. As the list of jobs grew so did the launch date and we finally got her in yesterday, taking up well and only a couple of areas still to go.
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    I couldn't get far back enough to get the whole boat in but this is on the River Lea with West Ham stadium in the background.
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    Mainly available around October time, there are better pictures on the holiday website. https://www.richardsonsboatsales.net Enjoy!
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    Yes she is Romany, a Robinson boat, and has just changed hands to a good friend and fellow Beccles attendee. She is about to be moved from Martham (may already have been) to her new owners facility so her future is looking more certain. Sadly she has lost a lot of her original fittings so the search is on!
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    Obviously an early Three Rivers race. No wind, so favours called in.
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    lots of work, 60 holes and 6 drill bits later
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    Hi Dan, If you want one i could put the price up a bit...
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    I rook this a few weeks ago on Ranorth. we get out on her a fair bit.
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    The W on the sail is a Waveney One Design and the W distinguishes it from the Yare and Bure One Design, known as a White Boat. There is also the Broads One Design, known as a Brown Boat, which races mainly at Oulton and also at sea off Lowestoft. They are indeed Gunter rigged. I would guess this photo was taken at Oulton and shows the day moorings for racing dinghies on the jetty at the Yacht Club. I think you can just see the corner of the clubhouse behind the Waveney sail on the left. Coltishall was still operating Whirlwinds on SAR duties in the early seventies and I think they converted to Sea Kings in around 1976.
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    This thread and of course the models was started before I became a forum member and somehow I didn't catch it! Over the last 3 days I have read all 80 pages from beginning to end, like a book and I'm in total awe!!!! Bravo Grendel, Bravo
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    Hi all, 1st timer here who just want's to say hi and to tell you all that I'm mad about wooden boats, particularly Brooke boats! On that note there is a meeting/Rally planed for late September on Barton Broad. Anyone interested please get in touch. Look forward to postings.
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    Must have been pretty breezy with the downwash though. Original in Norwich Air Museum - Whirlwind HAR-10 out of Coltishall at .... ?
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    Hi Davydine, We don't replace as many as we remove
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    Nipper looks stunning. Amazing work Doug
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    You weren't too fussed about the varnish this year then?
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    On the Blackwater last week
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    Very tiddly, Andrew through and through!
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    this morning the first 4 fender plates were started, just got to drill them and shape 8 more.
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    The 34ft Tropical's look particularly cheap/ideal private boats and I'm sure will go quickly at that price Dan
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    We honeymooned on the Broads in 1972. Happy days though our craft was just a tad smaller! Have a wonderful time.
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    http://www.broads.org.uk/wiki2018/index.php?title=Boat_Details&BoatId=10025&BoatHistory=16137 Hopefully the link will work, if were not to work she is called Romany ans appears to be a Robinson boat.
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    First off welcome to the forum. It's nice to see more historians! The experts may be able to confirm or not but there is something familiar about the roof line and hull of the boat in the second to last image. It reminds me of one currently outside Martham Boats, on the left of the picture, or was last year. Poor picture as it's a screen grab from some film footage. I think it was Doug, possibly Dave that told me it was an Oulton Broad boat?
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    Brooke marine sold boat kits so they were not all built at the yard. Phoenix Yard in Potter Heigham have recently taken a mould from a Brooke and put a keel on it, there is a Brooke launch for sale on Facebook market place
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    Oh dear! Poor woman. There's nothing worse than a slipping clutch for the ladies (so I've heard)!
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    Hey im a Norfolk Broad Virgin, heard so many great stories and also reading some of the experiences on here too, im looking forward to coming to the broads next year, boat is going to be booked soon. Dont panic i have experience of boating as i used to drive one of the original dunkirk ships as my auntys family has kept it in the family through the years.
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    Straight jpg.
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    and then the stainless steel plates to be cut out and drilled, the important thing I have found is for the chuck to be perfect when holding the drill, if there is the slightest wobble, drilling stainless, the drill will break.
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    I don,t know if anyone is still about regarding the conversations relating to Robinsons, did you know they bought out another boatyard in Tewkesbury "Bathursts". This has been started by my own gt gt gt grandfather in the 1840, s, went into voluntary liquidation in the early 1920,s but still continued under their name until it closed in the 1960,s . I believe that Robinsons purchased it just before ww2, hope this helps
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    For those with children in primary school, National testing (SATs) commences on Monday 11th May and the GCSE and A Level programmes traditionally start in the same week as well.
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    Yes, Matron. Pass the lubricant and the Marigolds!
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    I know someone who deliberately gave Facebook the wrong date for their birthday, because they didn't see why they should hand over that information. The problem is that Facebook then sends out messages on their not-birthday. I expect (or at least hope) there is a setting somewhere to prevent Facebook from doing that sort of thing. Whether you like Facebook or not, sometimes it's the only practical way of getting information you need.
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    Nice boat Good and spacious for two
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    I was puzzled by that. A D reg puts it as being first registered here in 1997ish (obviously not new), and a mid W as circa 2014. It's possible she came and went, then came back and has gone again, of course. Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    Thanks Dan. So it was on the Boat Database all along, including a photo of the boat with it's current name "Harmony" and it's current livery. The photo when the boat was "Kingfisher Elan" takes me back. Kingfisher were a decent operation I think in their days at what's now the Freedom site. Then they became Line Azzurro and everything went downhill very quickly.
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    It's this one - last with Line Azzurro http://www.broads.org.uk/wiki2018/index.php?title=Boat_Details&BoatId=7709&BoatHistory=13252 Dan
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    Ah, thanks Howard. I remember it well. The Anchorcraft boats were always turned out well in their distinctive light blue. Even though the boat has always been white since it's been in Bristol I think Paul may well be right as the 32 centre cockpit is so rare relative to the 35. I remember Bridgecraft acquired one of the Forth Bridges from them (possibly others?) but they didn't take Crystal, probably because they already had Tower Bridge. So when you hire Tower you must wish it was 3 feet shorter 😊
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    Clive. Have read your price promise which I find reassuring and encouraging. You may just have won a new customer.
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