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    Wroxham Friday evening in early September 81 - mixed bag of weather the last couple of days. Some of Loynes fleet of woodies. Can see a couple of Lock Ness class; maybe a Loch Tulla or Arron class. Is the nearest one Loch Sandy?. The nearest boat sheds are Loynes - can't remember if the newer sheds next to them are Loynes as well. Would the sheds in the distance on the left of pic still have been Ernest Collins at this date? Pic is very grainy as scanned from a slide that has deteriorated.
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    Hello, Ive been reading posts for a while on this forum now and thought it would be nice to join as I’ve much to learn about boating! Ive always had an interest in the broads and owning a boat myself. I’ve lived in Norwich my whole life and spent a lot of my childhood in Wroxham. My great great Grandfather was Earnest Collins of Wroxham. I wish I could buy one of his later boats that my Grandfather would have worked on. Around this time last year we (myself, my wife and our two kids aged 10 and 8) bought our first boat. A lovely Seamaster 27, this boat had been beautifully built and kept. I really did love Theodore 11, we all did! But unfortunately we realised relatively soon that she just wasn’t big enough for us to comfortably spend as much time as we wanted on the water. the Seamaster sold earlier this year and has been replaced with a Princess 30DS, not quite as classically charming as the Seamaster but does the job we need it to do perfectly! It’s everything we hoped a boat would be and has enough room for our kids to grow. we are moored at Brundall and love spending time on Surlingham Broad plus the fine selection of pubs towards Norwich and Reedham. This summer we hope to venture onto the Northern rivers for a few days. Our old boat is now that side so we plan a reunion with it’s new owners plus other friends are moored at the same broad also. Anyway that’s enough introductory rambling for now! Hopefully pics of our previous and current have loaded up.
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    Got any copies of Mayfair?
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    I always thought FSO Polonez used out of date Fiat lumps. That was another car I had for a while a Fiat Supermirafiori twin cam Sport. Like someone said about their Alfa! When it ran and was on tune it was fantastic. Sadly that was not too often.
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    Samsung Galaxy - Made In China iPhone X - Made in China Pixel 3 - Made in Taiwan (China)
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    Lol Sent from the Norfolk Broads Network mobile app
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    Following from posting a video of the roundabouts on the NDR - separate thread - I noticed how nicely the engine note had been captured on the footage. Before dinner I popped out again to film some acceleration runs, and this was the result.
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    Spent early morning at Gayes Staithe then a short hop to Barton Turf before leaving the wetshed at 13:00 so to get home to see my children , boys got me malt whisky and some beer , sadly daughter and grandson were unable to pop over so will catch up with them later in the week
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    Hi all, Karen and i will be aboard Lightning for a week from the date above. Is anybody else about then, if so, please come and say hello. It`s always great to meet fellow forumites and put faces to names. I`m not sure where we`ll be going yet, although Loddon is a definite, and more than likely Oulton Broad, as my Brother and Sister in Law will hopefully be on their boat by then. Otherwise we`ll be doing it the right way, point her somewhere and see where we end up. One other point, we have a share for sale in Lightning, so will probably have the signs in the windows, so if anybody see`s us, and is considering buying into a syndicate, we`d be happy to give you a guided tour, and explain how the syndicate system works. Anybody about that week?.
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    Hi there. We are new members and already finding the information and forums of great value. Wish we had joined 17 years ago when we first bought our boat on the Broads. Happy boating!
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    Publication ended Oct 2014. I used to buy the odd copy and have various months issues between 2004 and 2014 (totalling 35 issues), if anyone wants them as follows:- 2004 - June 2005 - October 2006 - Jan / Oct / Nov 2007 - April 2008 - Jan / Feb / July / Aug / Sept / Nov / Dec 2009 - March / Apr / July / Aug / Nov / Dec 2010 - Jan / March / June / Sept / Oct 2011 - Feb / May / July / Aug / Sept / Nov 2012 - Apr / Sept / Oct 2013 - Sept 2014 - Sept It's all or nothing, as I want to make space, so they're all going to recycling unless anyone wants them ALL. Available either for collection in Kent or by arrangement on the Broads. Rgds, Steve
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    Too true.... I guess that’s what came of cutting my teeth after leaving school working on these things at a Rover dealership. Funny how you remember things, that are no use to no one . Things are a lot different now, I can boar most folks to tears with container refrigeration and shipping....
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    Sony still manufacture everything in Japan. I believe some Samsung Notes are made in South Korea, as are some HTC phones, otherwise it's China or Taiwan, which is China by another name.
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    Not as many as a lot of people think. There is a lot of Daffodils shuffled around the internet about the K series engine. In fact it was very good, which is why it found it's way into such legendary cars as the Lotus Elise and Exige, Ariel Atom, GTM Sabre and the FSO Polonez. OK, there has to be an exception to every rule. They were very revvy and offered great performance and economy for their time. A lot of people drove around in Rovers thinking they were driving a Honda engined car when in fact they had a K series. It was fun looking at Autotrader ads saying "Honda Engine" when in fact the model in question was only ever fitted with K series. I had three cars down the years with K series engines, never a problem with any of them. They were generally very reliable as long as they were serviced properly. The MG Montego used the Austin O series, a development of the B series introduced in 1950, so very old tech but it was developed and upgraded, and as you suggest it's simplicity helped with reliability. It did eventually get 16 valves, and Lucas electronic injection. With 150bhp and 0-60 in under 8 seconds it was quicker than a Golf GTi. Just a shame that bits kept dropping off it.
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    Totally correct it had the biggest SU I think I have ever seen feeding the turbo. This gave the car a bit of a funny trait. If you dropped a cog or two to set up for a corner as the revs rose the car would accelerate for about a second, I think it must have been some sort of residual fuel and the turbo thinking it was wanted. My following car was a Rover 825 Stirling which was a really lovely car for it's day both took me down to Port Leucate twice effortlessly
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    Having lived in MK the design of the MK roundabouts is much better than those on the NDR..
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    All I can say is that anyone who has a problem with the NDR had better not move to Milton Keynes!
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    Father's day...well, the 'kids' outdid themselves this year! First they organised a Clarins hand and arm massage and pamper session for me yesterday. Today they have given me a gift of all of the Clarins oils, potions and hand creams used the day before along with Clarins shower foams, 5ml samples of all the latest fragrance releases and a 100 ml bottle of Montblanc Legend that I was missing from my collection. With promises of more gifts to come this afternoon I'm amazed they managed to organise and pay for all of this when they've been having a hard time getting their beagly heads around 'there's a kid stuck in the well' and paying for their own dog biscuits. It's no wonder they are tired and worn out! Thanks 'boys'!
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    We use the Postwick to Wroxham section regularly and, whilst undoubtedy convenient, neither of us like using the road. Every roundabout seems to be different in layout and number of lanes . People drive too fast on the roundabouts and many of those travelling along the NDR seem to think they have right of way over drivers who are already on the roundabout but are turning off across their paths. We have had a number of "near misses" , none of which were our fault and it is only a matter of time before there is a very serious accident on that stretch of road. For my money, the roundabouts should be reduced in size and limited to 2 lanes - the same as the road itself. This would slow things down at the exits and make the driving experience safer and less of a free for all.
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    I think a lot of reliability issues rust aside are down to how it is driven a classic example was the Viva HA which if you kept your foot on the clutch when stationary would wear the small thrust bearing which then allowed the crankshaft to move forward and tip the pistons which then caused bore wear and high oil consumption and then engine failure, leaving front wheel drive vehicles on full lock caused gaiters to split then wear to the joint. John
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    Thought those three words excluded you Timbo
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    Are all these people who cannot take a video or 'photo without turning the phone, retards?
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    Yes Neil, there were still plenty of wild moorings in those days,
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    Looks like it`s wild moored to the bank. It seems to have been more popular back then.
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