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    Last weekend Broad Ambition got her first real outing since a bunch of work had been done during her bi-annual out of water works. Friday 21st June: Shiela and I would crew up on Friday, cruise to Wroxham in the evening and the following afternoon I was expecting 4 guests to arrive who would be staying onboard until Sunday afternoon, plus possibly 1 or 2 others who were coming for the day. Just as well Broad Ambition is 40ft long, because what actually turned out was including Shiela and I, we had 12 people onboard - 4 of whom were children. Firstly we left Stalham and I helmed, while Shiela did a through clean through - this meant every glass and mug got a wash, all surfaces wipe down, all berths and seating vacuumed - once se gets stuck in if you stand still long enough you will be dusted! Then she mad the beds, then she cleaned all the exterior windows and then she finally got around to sitting down - were passing Salhouse by then! The funny thing is I have not been on the rivers for a good while either, so being on Broad Ambition and not just out for a bit testing a new aerial, or making checks on things was nice. However there was that little issue that I had to get her under Wroxham Bridge and I have not done that for - hmm perhaps 8 or more months and as fate would have it we would be arriving at almost the top of the tide. As we were passing Barnes Brinkcraft I got the binoculars out and spied the height gauge - just on 6' 6" - this was going to be a tad tight. In fact I (and someone else I've since spoken to) now feel the height gauge at Wroxham is very much 'spot on' where for years before it was on the conservative side - a bit like Ludham Bridge's height gauge. Well we went under fine but I'd not want to be going under at what out safe minimum air draft is (6' 4") because I am pretty sure our mast would get crazed. We have a new one, and the 'tear drop' at the top is slightly longer, this causes it to lay slightly higher - just a tad - but let's just say be nice to keep it looking new for as long as possible. Once through the bridge (and hitting my head on one of the chains) it was fenders down and my Bowlady was off doing her things, straight into a very public stern mooring while people sat on their boats sipping wine and beers. Those on Gold Gem must have rolled their eyes when at gone 8:00pm we turn up. Still, we moored up flawlessly, shut down and having put the wheelhouse canopy up was straight off to the Kings Head for food. Now, I am not here to 'bash anywhere' but to have run out of clean wine glasses, and to have produce the food they did was very poor. The veg was the left overs from the carvery - minus being heated up. Long story short we ate half of the food, drunk our drinks and literally headed over to McDonalds. Back onboard we opened up the locker - Shiela's new love I introduced her to is Malibu and Coke, the issue is 'coconut flavored coke' can go down a little too easily lol. We had an early start the following day so it was off to bed pretyt early all things considered. Saturday 22nd June: We had guests coming from London who had never been further than away from the capital than Hatfield so getting them to change trains and get to a little station called Hoveton & Wroxham was not going to be a smooth process, especially when their connecting train broke down and they were sent onward from Norwich in a Taxi. We moved the boat back under Wroxham Bridge to the Hotel, this was a mistake on my part. I did it because I was anxious to be the 'correct side' of the bridge for our little tour we had planned and thought we could all meet in the Hotel, have a drink and introduce everyone and then move to the Boat. However by mid day, it was clear this was peak bridge shooting time and the Pilot had his work cut out. It also meant that everyone who were wanting to go under the bridge would arrive, find the Pilot collection mooring full and then expect their boat to stop and sit like they had stopped a car. The breeze gentle brought them alongside Broad Ambition - a few wise words from me got them on their way without incident, until a 42ft forward steer arrived. It had 5 or 6 chaps onboard, but they were all inside the boat and as they went to move forward it was a case of full throttle, left hand down a bit. The stern and the galvanized steel rubbing strake came right for our stern quarter, doing what you are not meant to, I fended off best I could with my right foot and though they squeezed our fender flat, thankfully the hard edge of the metal avoided our delicate wooden hull. Phew, I thought, where is everyone? Shiela arrives telling me there was a change of plan, we had 4 kids coming, and a couple who had only been together a short time and would be their first outing together with all their kids - oh and nobody had ever been on the Broads before.. Slowly they came, picnic items, booze, bluetooth speakers, cameras you name it - what a scene this was causing outside the Hotel. All aboard I calmed everyone down and spoke about safety and what to and not to do and let Shiela cast off and deal with the ropes and fenders while I spun Broad Ambition around and headed off to Salhouse. We past the big trips boats, numerous day boats who were all behaving themselves, even if they drove as if in a car on the left for a while until they figured why is everyone on the right hand side of the river..The suneshine was glorious, but we had a nice breeze so it was not too hot. We arrived at Salhouse, public stern mooring number 2 complete the kids went exploring in the 'forest', the girls sat on the grass and gossiped and drunk some Pimms and the men talked boats as I showed them the restoration book, and talked through all the upgrades and changes since that had been produced. It was a lovely time to be on the water. A couple of hours later we were back underway to Wroxham to drop our day trippers off - outside the Cafe were several hire boats stern moored, we were almost stern to when we were told we could not moor. Baffled I asked why - dropping off point is down there' came the reply, I said that was the Pilot's moorings, and the reply of "yes" came back. I asked again why we could not moor here - "Dropping off point is down there". Well we could have played this game all day, so I proffered money - ah now we might be able to moor. Simon, a chap I had only met hours before told the chap in no uncertain terms we were not going to negotiate to drop off 4 kids and two adults and we'd head down to the 'dropping off point' for free. So I did. Having dropped off the day trippers it was now 6 onboard and all adults - but not a bit quit - it was party time, though I was 'on duty' so declined in the dancing and drinking too much. Now where were we going to go now? Thurne, Acle? Acle there was bound to be a mooring somewhere - we headed off around 3:45pm from Wroxham. Arriving at Acle I was shocked to find everything taken - the moorings which have been improved along ther grass bank on the Pedro's side, the moorings on the opposite side and of course outside the Bridge Inn. We carried on for Stokesby. Upon arrival, it too was all full. Not good. We spun around and then I hear "Robin..Robin" and a couple on their Alpha 35 were asking if we wished to come alongside them? Oh what a generous offer. I came in against what was now a very fast running current and we tied up. I had never met them, but they had followed me on You Tube for years, and it was a chance to get to talk to me and Shiela. In more recent times I have had some rather unkind comments made among comments on You Tube and Facebook Groups. The amount of people I met and chatted to - and this couple and their kindness made me see what a small minority negative comments and people are, and what the Broads is really about is an open mind, being kind and helpful. The food at the Ferry Inn was not only good value, but first class. Even if there was some oddities like get your own cutlery and sauces, but the staff were great and we all had a lovely evening. We got back to Broad Ambition and the rest of the party went onboard to watch a DVD while I was collared again and spent ages chatting to Mal, a former National Express coach driver and his wife about everything boat..and life..Proper good folks they are. I was pooched and hit my sack, we had to be up and away before 6:30am the following morning as our neighbors were off over Breydon Water with three other boats to catch the early tide - if we were not gone we would be off to Yarmouth too lol. Sunday 23rd June: Another cracking morning, warm and sunny - we were up and underway before 7:00am and made for St. Bennets. When we arrived we got breakfast on the go, very posh it was too - smoked Salmon, toast, scrambled egg, fresh fruits and juices and I had to do nothing but enjoy. After we ate, it was off for a tour of the ruin's and we walked to the Cross. I never knew, or had seen before, the amount of coins - many clearly hammered into the cracks in the wood of the Cross. It was beautiful, and as ever so quiet here. Back onboard we took a slow cruise with everyone having their times on the helm - Mohamed who works for BA driving a tug - moving planes - was able to pick up the delicate art of boat steering as if he had done it all his life, his wife on the other hand had no idea what hand, eye and boat was doing so try as we might it was always a zig zag - the other ladies were as bad, but since Shiela is good and as I now say 'qualified helmsmadam' I cannot be sexist and say women cannot drive boats lol. We arrived at Wroxham in very jovial moods, and once again under the bridge. Dropping off our guests for them to explore Wroxham in their own time before they train, Shiela and I took Broad Ambition back under the bridge and headed for Stalham. It was strangely quiet onboard - but nice to be just us on the rivers and taking out turns at the helm. Back to the Wet Shed, clean through and off for home it all seemed to have gone so quickly.
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    Howard, here is one to be going on with, when Ron Wilkinson was the landlord.
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    Was there really ever such a thing as a 'good old Watney's pub, back then or ever? I personally enjoyed both their Stingo and Cream Label but their Red Barrel was dire and I'm not alone in that thought. I was joint licencee of the Waveney Inn back in the 70's and because Watneys paid to resurface the car park we agreed to feature Red Barrel in the most prominent position in the bar. Despite that it was our worst seller by far, mind you, it was up against the likes of Courages Directors, Adnams, Scottish Newcastle, in all fifteen top brews of the day. The only thing that folk seemed to like were the Red Barrel key rings, we gave hundreds if not thousands away, mainly to go on dog's collars. Mention has been made of Blakes Pub of the Year, we kept winning that, indeed other pubs eventually complained, saying that it wasn't worth them entering thus the competition regretfully became history. Good old days, a time when there were scores of boatyards down South and North Rivers boats thought it an adventure to come South! We regularly had fifty plus visitor boats moored for the night.
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    As an aside to that, that ferry (or the remains thereof) can be seen in the reedbed just upstream from the dilapidated boardwalk moorings, now taped up and marked as unsafe. IMO, the Ferry isn't doing itself any favours with it's increasingly decrepit moorings.
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    Another Broads pub, again back in the 70's. This was the Ferry Inn at Reedham. Still a fairly basic pub without being smartened up as we see today. Like the Swan, a very basic frontage in a contrast to what it is now. A different ferry then too! The ubiquitous Tolly Cobbold brewery being featured. Memory is a bit blurred but I seem to recall it was somewhat maligned as a beer although this may well have been down to the way it was kept rather than the beer itself. It was sold in several pubs and of course gave some relief from Watneys at the time. As an aside, the Watneys name has been revived and beer is being brewed under the Watney name again although it is a far cry from what it was then. It is very good from what I can gather but not found its way up to flat cap land just yet.
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    Stick and flick beats the idiots that leave bags in trees any day, the river is tidal and turds are natural. Just enjoy your swim, a d don't eat the fish.....
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    Got to agree, we hired Tower Bridge in May and were very impressed. Carol has hired Dawn too. Alan's is indeed a cracking looking boat. I think Mrs Nog's overtime might take a while to accrue, so back to the lottery
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    The info is 100% reliable I asked Robert from SSBY who sold it and he told me. I have owned an Alpha 35 centre cockpit for 24 years now and I can honestly say I would not change it for any other boat- it fills all our needs and requirements which is all I could ask Boycee
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    This link shows the Ferry and Swan Inn back in the 1930s..and back in around 1910, including shots of Horning regatta back then.. http://www.broadlandmemories.co.uk/1900to1949gallery3.html
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    ....just realised if I keep posting my usual rubbish I'll soon hit 5,000 posts. Do I get a free pint??
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    Hi folks I'm fishing for Crew! Despite some Health problems my love and Desire for Boating isn't diminished I'm thinking for Hiring a Boat in September and I'm looking for a Crew Member to help me out. I'm not as fast at leaping on and off the Boat ropes and some time's need a bit of help getting on and off. I hope to go out for a Week from the 14th September and will be meeting up with Andy (London Lad) at some point while He's on Evening Shadow If anyone would like to join me for a Cheap Holiday then please get in touch Yours Andrew.
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    I totally disagree that it`s also down to us. All we do is pay our taxes and get less for it. Yet all the local authorities still have their "twinning meetings" in their twin towns in europe, and furthermore, host them in return, which is all funded from council tax, ie, OUR money. The council hierachy still get their enormous expense accounts and bonuses, the cost of council tax goes up, yet the level of public services goes down, and on top of that, gets subbed out to dubious contract companies who then give "donations shall we say?" to council officials who pull strings to satisfy themselves financially. And guess what, WE, the electorate, have absolutely no opportunity in law to take them to task and force them to do what`s best for all concerned. Government, be it National or local, will NEVER represent you and i, it does`nt benefit them one bit. Listen to their speaches when canvassing, they always say what "they believe" and what "they`re going to do", yet they NEVER ask, what would you like me to do if i get elected. No, they`re all there to represent a party, and NOT the electorate.
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    Yes well that's what I thought...but as I said above, it's left me a bit wary of anything else I might read on their web site. I wonder why they would write such a thing. Mind you, given when first light will be in August, even if I was happy to get going at dawn I'm not sure how much of an awake crew I'd have...
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    Planning application here: https://planning.broads-authority.gov.uk/online-applications/applicationDetails.do?activeTab=dates&keyVal=PEXDV3TBH7400 Doesn't look like it has been decided yet.
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    Horning Regatta 3rd – 5th August 2019 Saturday 3rd August 2019, Club event, members only around 50 boats competing, The Racing is on Black Horse Broad (AKA Hoveton Little Broad) from about 14:00, so boats will be commuting up to the broad from the sailing club from around 13:00. There is likely to be a rescue boat or two towing small dinghies and maybe the odd keelboat up to the broad. The boats are likely to be returning from 16:00. Sunday 4th August 2019, Club event members only competing, The racing is also on the broad, boats are likely to go to the broad between 09:00 and 10:00, returning for lunch 12:30 to 13:00. Then back for the Afternoon session in time for the 14:00 start. Most boats are likely to return to the club after 16:00. Monday 5th August 2019 to 9th August 2019, an open Regatta on the River, up to 150 boats competing. Anybody is welcome to compete, or come visit the club and see what's going on. We will be wrapped up in our event, there will be a lot of strangers around, so if you visit and want to ask questions please do. Someone will point you to a person with the knowledge. 09:25, 09:30, 09:35, Racing starts, so boats will be on the water from about 09:15, the first series includes the beginners, so hoards of small children from 8 years old in their first regatta event. 1 hour race for each start. 10:30- 11:05 at five minute intervals The bigger boats join in, 20ft to 25ft keelboats. 1 hour race for each class 12:00 Most will pack up for lunch, however, there are a few boats out for special classes, THE TIME TO GO THROUGH IF YOU WANT TO AVOID THE RACING, though there will still be to odd sailing boat out. 12:45 – 12:50 The Big sailing cruisers up to 40ft, maybe a dozen boats have their lunch time 2 hour race (Thursday the big boats go out at 13:15-13:20 but there is a smaller race still at 12:45) 13:45- 14:05 The afternoon Series of starts, the absolute beginners are not encouraged out, because it's too busy, but there will still be a fair amount of dinghies, keelboats, and the slower sailing cruisers will still be out. 1 hour race 15:15- 15-50 second series of starts..1 hour race 16:15 -The afternoon Main series should begin to finish. 17:00-17:05 two starts reduced Numbers in a couple of races for special trophies. 17:30 we should be finished but there may be the odd straggler about. After racing, social events at the club, for club members, invited guests and competitors 3 Aug Sat 7:00PM Platter & Natter Clubhouse 4 Aug Sun 5:00PM Berry Shield & Cream Tea Clubhouse 5 Aug Mon 6:00PM Games Evening & Chips Clubhouse 6 Aug Tue 7:00PM Quiz night Clubhouse 7 Aug Wed 7:00PM Murder Mystery night Clubhouse 8 Aug Thu 8:00PM Disco Clubhouse 9 Aug Fri 7:00PM Themed Dancing & Food Clubhouse
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    Andy was husband to Mike, Mike was my fellow licencee. Mike was without doubt the best manager that we had there, a bloke that I both admired and liked. It was a sad day for me and Mike when my fellow shareholders decided to sell up and invest their money elsewhere. We could see that the South Rivers holiday trade was peaking, as indeed it did, and I suppose it was a wise move but both Mike and myself had a real passion for the place.
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    another shot showing as ja says a mk 1 consul granada
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    And the mk1 Granada is a Consul... The front grille, hub caps and lack of vinyl roof (though this an option) confirm it.
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    Could that Avenger be a Hunter?
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    Its tenure is freehold, free information from land registry
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    We bought our Springer from a breeder who made sure we were aware that we would be expected to clear up after our dog whenever it fouled in a place regularly used by the general public. That was back in 1993. I reckon all dog owners should know the score by now.
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    Ah yes that's informative. I have just asked them anyway. I suppose you could argue that as one should make sure the engine actually starts before untying, for a short period then the engine will be running at the mooring.... But then again the fob only says "Please avoid", not "Don't"
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    Thanks for that JM - looks maybe 60's? Can't see Ron on the Norfolk Pubs data base although it's listed as being owned by Fowlers of Oulton Broad by 1975 and Michael George Whyles being landlord 1975 to 1978 when a Terence Abbot took over. The pub was listed in the Good Beer Guide from 1977 to 1979 although it had gone by 1980. No mean feat as there were very few Norfolk pubs listed at that time. Coincidentally the Yare was listed in 1980 with an impressive range of beers for the time. Also is the slide I was looking for, probably late 70's
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    Caught a bloke peeing off the side of his yacht into the river on Sunday morning, don't think he expected anyone to catch him on his quiet mooring spot at 7am!
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    Ive said before that I think the reason there is so much plastic in the sea is not just because it blows off seafronts and beaches but because its been dumped there on a commercial scale by unscrupulous countries and its probably been going on for years.....
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    Herbert Woods are talking nonsense. As others have said the rule refers to running engines whilst moored, not for setting off. Having said that, if I was moored right next to somebody I wouldn't feel comfortable starting up as soon as dawn breaks for fear of disturbing them.
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    If the sun is up then you can cruise , the gumph in the paperwork they used to give you clearly stated that the permitted cruising hours were between sunrise and sunset , I find the above HW quote to be most misleading , when we used to hire we often set off at daybreak to travel back to the hire yard .
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    I thought it was fine to start off at dawn...just not to sit on the mooring running your engine.
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    I believe some will.
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    It does amuse me a little when ex-hire boats are sold as "Professionally maintained from new" They never seem to mention "Driven by a succession of amateurs..." Not exactly "One careful owner"
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    If you are in a suitable area like the middle of knowhere stick and flick is the best method, I would'nt do it in a park or popular dog walking area so use plastic bags. Sadly plastic is casuing far more problems than dog poop, the so called bio degradable bags are even worse as most just degrade to smaller pieces of plastic ! Most of the smelly poo in our area comes from foxes, sadly our dog has a liking for rolling in it !!
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    If you are not slightly embarrassed by your first offer then it isn't low enough.
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    It wasn't. We looked at her (now called Base Camp) and although it was tempting, there was too much that needed to be done to get her to the standard that we would require. The current owners are the same ones who bought it from Swancraft originally back in 2014. If 26k is the price it sold for and is correct, it will give the new owners some money in hand to get her back into shape, but there is about 2k worth of work to do to the canopy alone so the back canopy windows will close correctly. It was in better shape than an Alpha 35 that is currently under offer at another brokers though. We viewed that one too and couldn’t wait to get off.
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    I love the centre cockpit Alpha's, bt the layout isn't right for me. There are a couple of them where the aft cabin is as it says "aft", and the saloon midships. The downside of this layout is the lack of visibility through much smaller windows. Another option I thought of was to have the aft en-suite repositioned on the stbd side opposite the cabin, but then this would mean making the galley a bit smaller. Then there's the other option of having a high level central saloon under the lowering canopy. They say life is about compromise, boats are a classic example.
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    Then again it could be a Vogue.
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    Went for circa 26 000 Boycee
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    May not be as good now as you remember Howard.
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    With all that Paul you’d better check the cats not peed in your slippers 😂 John
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    Hi Howard, Yes, small yards can definitely carry on, look at Pacifics and Freedom. The reason why they carry on is because of the complete package they provide. If a yard has fantastic, up to date, and well presented reliable boats, they may lose a lot of bookings through poor customer service and attitude etc. There again, it could be the other way round, A really friendly and welcoming attitude, yet the boats are not in very good condition, and have higher than average number of breakdowns, again losing customers as a result. That seems to be the scenario that AJR above alluded to. When you look at Freedom and Pacifics, their boats are always well presented, with a very friendly and welcoming attitude, result, they get lots of bookings which they well deserve. Andy from Freedom always posts up plenty of film clips on facebook of the continual upgrades and refits etc, which inspires confidence in people who wish to hire.
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    Headed for Dieppe on Saturday’s race.
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    Hi Simon, I would be very surprised if any syndicates do not have breakdown cover. There are differences in the way we all run our craft. Even on the BCBM managed fleet it is up to the owners how we finance our boats. I would be surprised however if at the end of the day we did not end up with a total outlay similar to each other. Agree with 'oldgregg' about the cleaning can vary although on Silver Cloud we are lucky enough to have a local owner who is superb and does the job at a very reasonable charge. To get back to the thread, although I have never been on board, Moonlight Shadow always looks beautifully presented and is a credit to her owners. The price Steve is offering for a 12% share is the bargain of the year! Fred
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    Hi Simon If you look at the breakdown of costs, there are more budgeted on Moonlight Shadow. MS is valeted at the end of each week, taking the responsibility away from the owners and call outs and breakdown cover is also included. In my opinion, the Northern Broads provide a more popular starting point than Brundall, where Moonlight Shadow is based, which is why the shares sell more readily. To be honest, when we bought into MS, I would have preferred to have been based North and was looking at Evening Shadow, however the buy in cost was far less for us on Moonlight and we jumped at the opportunity. Having now experienced starting from Brundall, we have chosen it as the home mooring for our own, recently acquired boat and are happy with our decision.
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    Grrrr... 3 quid. That's quarter of a fender (ish) Only one thing for it, an extra shift at the mill for Mrs Nog
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    Anyone got a spare £32,800 they could let me have? I purchased an extra lottery ticket as promised. Both of them performed as per the norm - Nowt - Sorry Griff
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    You could set up a syndicate of 12 owners each paying £4000.00 which would get 4 weeks allocation and at £4000 per share there would be enough money in the pot to deal with all the running costs for the first year. If anyone wants advice on how syndicates work do not hesitate to contact me or look for advice on www.boatshare.co.uk Regards Alan
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    I'll purchase an extra Euro lottery ticket on Tuesday. If the jackpot comes my way, then you will have your tupperware Alpha 32. There, I've said it and it's in writing Griff
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    Believe me at the end of the day a boat is a darn boat. Talking 'stinkies' here. Be it from the Top End version to the basic , they all go wrong , everyone of them has its negative and positive points. I have yet to be on a boat that is absolutely perfect. Depends on a lot things, time of year especially. Hired early in the season to find that you get told , " well its early season and these things show up when the boats first go out" , to "well it is the end of the season what do you expect". Oh yes and that was from a top end establishment. Personally speaking I think the industry has shot itself in the foot trying to make the boats into floating hotels which they are not and never will be. Top or bottom end they all need 'pumping out' 'water' and fuel. Gadgets and gizmos are just something waiting to go pear shaped. People's perception of a boat now is really not a boat in the true of the word. Smaller yards need good support and good publicity. The Agency that has dropped this yard speaks of standards. People in glass houses should not throw stones I believe is the saying. No one is perfect in this world. To end on a light note - the funniest thing I think I ever heard was a conversation repeated from a customer to an engineer when the customer enquired as to whether the boat got Sky and he replied yes 'open the roof'.
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    Greedy money grabbing land owners !!! Hmmm, is it? I wonder ! Imagine this. you own a riverside field. You allow people to moor there in the knowledge that there is a shortage of bins on the broads. Choice 1. Do you supply bins (and swallow the cost) or accept that there will be a small proportion of boaters who will fly tip their rubbish there. You supply the bins (which out of the goodness of your heart, a service you pay for.) Also, You have to take out insurance in case someone hurts themselves. These days they WILL sue. So you decide to lease the property to the BA. They don't supply bins (It's not their job nor in fact their responsibility) So you supply them anyway (at your own expense) then you find you still have to take out insurance in case someone hurts themselves using the bins. As the expenses build you decide to recoup your costs from the BA. Thus far, you have provided a facxility at significant cost both financial and time and not received a brass farthing, so you decide to make some money from this facility. You are then accused of being a greedy money grabbing land owner. You close the lease, take back the land and stick up "Private, No Mooring" signs. Sound familiar? Most of us take our rubbish to proper facilities. Most of us use barbecues responsibly. Most of us take responsibility for our own actions. BUT Some do not. so moorings close.
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    I back up on what Charlie has said above - I really like the whole experience of arriving, by boat into the heart of a large city. It is unlike anything else you will experience on the Broads. I've been to Norwich many times now, though I have not only spent the night there as a group of other boats during our annual 'Lads Week'. There really is a bunch to see and do here - and I have so far only touched the surface. The Cathedral is simply amazing, as to some of the old streets and buildings close to it. You've got some very pretty walks in the city, but if you want to rush of the place there are malls (and a classic covered shopping arcade) plenty of choices for food and drink and much of the above is all a short walk from the Yacht Station. I live in London, so the noise of the traffic and area generally does not bother me - and the scare stories do rather pee me off because as with so much it is more the fear than the reality and while there have been cases of a boat being 'set adrift' this has been reported at Neatishead staithe too, so you simply cannot judge a place just because its a busy city and 'what if'. I've filmed a few videos where we come into Norwich on a boat, but the below I like the most as I give my personal take on the city:
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    Well that was a holiday that went wrong! I don't normally write a tale. But, this is a tale of what went wrong. We arrived on Tues 11/6 for a few days on the boat before venturing far away. A new leak from the windows had soaked the bed area, worse it was on Jill's side, anyway turned the heating and hair dryer on and it soon dried out. It RAINED. Wed, Was going to head off for a couple of days. Then I got an email to say our cruise to Iceland was cancelled, Columbus had run aground in Amsterdam and the repairs were not going to be completed for our cruise to Iceland. We had a few trips out on Zimbi but the weather was not that good. So we decided to have a few days in Whitby on the way home, the weather was lousy and the apartment clean but not even a tea bag for hospitality. Had a really excellent meal in the Marine hotel, likewise in the Magpie Café. The Italian on the first night was unforgettably bad. Arrived home today, turned the water back on ran the tap to get fresh water for a cuppa, water not draining away! Tried several things but tomorrow it looks like I will have to take 3 units out to change the whole sink drain system ( it has never been good since we moved in). The previous owners had the kitchen fitted by MFI! To make things worse the fish tank is thick of hair algae. The first beer I open poured flat and smelt a bit iffy. yours, Sick as a parrot paul
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